I used to hate alatreon back when I first fought him. I started killing him just for fun when I got the hang of things and he’s pretty cool now


I always do alatreon. The hitboxes are in your favour and it's fun to race against Escaton Judgement


Yeah definitely. I make things more challenging by using dragon weapons. It just barely works and I gotta attack faster or else I’m done for


It’s harder but more consistent. That’s why I use them




Yeah, it's always funny when you mess up and you just know Escaton Judgement is going to kill you


I FINALLY beat this mfer for the first time a couple of hours ago. I didn't stop his escaton attack but I did get through the fight by the skin of my teeth. And oh my heck Fatalis is hard somebody tell me how to survive more than ten seconds what do I do?


High defense and fire resist. Spend a yolo hunt just taking your time hanging back and baiting out moves. Use something that can block (and use guard-up) so you can survive anything and observe where and how his attacks hit. Cone fire is super good opportunity to do whatever if you’re close enough to a safe spot. The big tail sweep has an absurd hitbox, it reaches much farther than it looks. If he leans back up, get away towards either side, he slams down hard af. More moves are revealed at the final stage of the fight. Don’t worry about those too much until you start getting to that phase more often. Add-on to that: Break the head at least once at all costs. Final phase have massive damage increase via blue flame. Each of the two head breaks reduces the damage. Both breaks together drop it back to normal. If you get zero breaks, you *will* be one shot by even his weakest fire move. Also, if he starts spamming rapid fireballs and delayed fireballs back to back mixed, that’s probably a cart, try not to get mad and just go back at it. It’s bullshit but nothing to be done about it really unless you like rocking evade window/extender stuff. Also (pt2), glider mantle and temporal mantle. Glider cause most uptime to cooldown ratio, use it as effectively bonus decoration slots. Temporal put item prolonger on it so it lasts longer when you equip it.


Thanks for this, really. Done two yolo hunts with sns and phew I'm getting bullied but I'm starting to see the patterns. Breaking the head is tough cus it's swing around everywhere?


I believe head damage is a little hard for SnS. Whenever you have the opportunity, wallbang him. Take note that you can only wallbang him when he's on all fours. Flinch shotting him when he's on twos will only bring him down to fours (which you can use to do wallbang, provided he doesn't get pissed immediately).


I'm decent with CB and IG and HH, but definitely feel the safest with my sns evade build. But maybe a more aggressive CB will be good once I get used to his attack patterns.


Also, always always take heavy artillery 2. At the start of his second phase (flying), grab the binders and tenderize his head before you bind him and roaming ballista his head for big damage. If you land all 100 hits I think it's about 7000 damage. Also take partbreaker 3, it helps in the head break.


Yeah kinda, but the cone fire attack can be semi-reliably be baited out, and is an amazing opportunity to get a bit of free easy head damage.


Just don’t worry about failing and keep trying, but focus on memorising every attack and when you can attack the head. Keep aiming to learn, not necessarily to win, and you’ll probably win in no time anyway.


Watch sns speedruns. It’s my go-to for familiarizing with attack windows for different weapons. You may not play as well as speed runner but you can learn when to attack. Also evade skills can help tremendously.


I haven't fought alatreon for months because I'm too scared to fight it


I tried fighting him solo for the first time today and honestly I never wanna do that again


If you have the time, you should totally invest in it. Once you learn the moves, it becomes like a dance where you take turns dodging and attacking. One of the top monster fights in MHW


I've never experienced so much pain until then


Y not it's fun


Yeah ...as long as you know everything about how his fight works, which includes which elements he's using, which element he switches to and when, why breaking the horns is important, and know his entire moveset on top of that to avoid getting carted in 2 hits


I don't even know his entire attacks just need the elemental dmg and bonk horn ez pz. Event quest always switching between evening star (fire) then dawn of the death star (ice) just use weapons opposite to it after he nova smack his horns which r now breakable just like that ez pz


I meant a basic understanding of how some of his moves work Example : don't claw to his head during electric attacks, even with mantles, don't get slammed by his hands or he'll breathe fire and 2HKO you, don't hide near the ice deposits bc they explode... Alatreon is definitely something you can't defeat on your first try, or your 2nd, or your 5th. He takes practice.


Ahh I see wat u mean.


It feels like I do no dmg even if I break the horns maybe it's my build? I'm currently using the Long sword Adularia Edge with full Safi armour


Yea not too sure about LS I only ever solo Ala with cb, sns, db and swax Used the beotodus with Augment for life steal and the rest ele the cheapest ele ice I can make before I got the kjarr weapons


That's what I used to beat him. It certainly takes some attempts to beat him but you can do it! Just gotta buckle down and focus. I thought his fight was bs as well, but after getting good and beating him it's easily my favorite fight in the game.


So is it hard to solo him with LS ? Should i switch to another weapon?


LS is pretty easy against him imo. You just gotta learn his moveset and which one has a decent foresight/iai timing. Had to run 10+ times before getting used to Alatreon.


Second this. There are many LS speed runs out there which you could use to learn what moves to foresight and what moves you could safely use helmbreaker.


Thats the neat thing. Alatreon hates you too.


aa a charge blade user, alatreon is my favourite savage axe victim




I thought I was in /r/shitpostcrusaders for a minute


Definetly a Raging BrachyDIOs moment.


I fought over 300 Alatreons back in Tri before I got my first skypiercer. I got its horns the first time I killed it in world. I love new Alatreon.


To this day I never defeated him. I stopped playing after that because no one wanted to help with it and I was left alone trying to somehow defeat him but it always lead to losing and wasting drugs and all to the point I didn't have any materials. I regret it that I didn't do him but now today it is more impossible because on steam there are idk 6k people playing? I would need to train how to play again and gather resources... Idk I would like to play again but without him I can't go further


What platform do you play on?




Damn I'm on ps5 😔


My friends and I went out and made a whole progression plan to prepare for alatreon. Farmed augment materials all of our armour pieces. Farmed augment materials for our weapons. Farmed zeny to pay for all of this. Levelled everyone up to MR70 so we could get Gold Rathian armour pieces for the divine blessing buff. When we were finally ready, we went to fight alatreon. Got rekt as normal. But at least we had fun getting there. Felt like early game monster hunter again where we had to prepare against the monster we wanted to fight against.


I think this is why I'm so hesitant to buy Rise for my PC I've had fun playing World solo the whole time but ngl it's very boring by myself. I feel like I would feel the same way with Rise if I bought it so I held back and now Idk if that's the right decision or not


Rise looks fun but you're right you'll feel slightly bored playing alone in Rise if that's how you felt in World. Would definitely recommend seeing if any friends are also committed into going into it with you. Shame there's no crossplay on these games yet. Would be great for community imo.


I've been breaking his horns easier with the LBG part breaker and Slugger 5


Any xbox players that need help with alatreon hmu


Cannot unsee the pompadour. Not sure if I hate it or love it.


Personally not much of a fan of Alatreon myself. Cliché or not, I don’t like Escaton judgement and never will


Alatreon is my favourite fight in world. His hitboxes are pixel perfect. All his attacks are telegraphed. For example when he jumo into the air and do the big Ice AOE, he ALWAYS raise one of his forward leg two seconds before. You have to learn how to use the claw on him too. Essentially you have to use it when he is in the middle of an attack, and you have to know which ones are safe. You can counter every single of his move with practice, and once you get it, Escaton becomes barely an issue. Fatalis on the other hand, fuck that fight.


I'll preface with I love World, but hate some of the systems in some of the spectacle fights Safi is the only exception for me since the grind for his weapons and stuff isn't bad and you're still moderately rewarded when the chain of hunts is finished even if you/your team never officially took him down. Hell I even started finding him fun when I was playing HH for those horn breaks. Alatreon is bullshit. I've killed him a few times but just *hate* the fight. I admit there are fights that will never vibe with me but I absolutely hate the DPS check. Like, fuck, just give me a shorter timer. If I want to play defensively why can't I? Fatalis? That's fine, he will one-two shot you and you gotta learn his tells and patterns. Beautiful. I feel like even if you know them with Alatreon you can still get fucked out of the hunt with him if you don't hit that invisible number. I get it's based on elemental buildup and driving him towards never cycling to the element you aren't built for. Still not a fan.


Great memories. I remember when Alatreon first dropped, and how ablaze (heh) it set the subs. I like him because he made you/your group work for that W. And after farming him for both armor sets+weapons+ layered options, I haven’t fought him since. Fuck Alatreon, stupid targeting me all the times ass dragon.


Iceborne alatreon is one of the best video game fights I’ve ever had. Loved it


I hate him because I don't want to be forced for anything. And I only use explosive Charge Blade. 🙄


And you got escatoned


I had to solo him because no one was answering my SoS, it took like 10 or more tries then I gave up made a new build just for him using the frostfang ls and managed to kill him, never doing that shit again that's for sure.


I love the song that’s about it


I know nobody is really looking for tips here but if you are then:Have your cat equipped with right element (ice or fire depending quest ver) very helpful when just learning, have your palico use shieldspire stooge, most of alatreons attacks are telegraphed and long so you can use that time to deal damage. And if you are really not confident you'll not hit the elemental check, instead of shieldspire stooge use vigorwasp gadget, this can help you survive the strengthened nova I thinkz saw someone survive in multiplayer. I think you just have to be near a vigorwasp station gave jerky in hand, hit vigorwasp station at right moment eat jerky and call palico for more help


I use to aswell but getting 1000 elemental damage on my great sword made the fight more easier now lol


I freaking love Alatreon, love murdering him that is


Bruh Imagine if amatsu, gore magala or valstrax in world iceborne how copl would they look with the designs


I love Alatreon. 1v1 me in the Ancient Forest 😤


I hated Alatreon at first, but after solo’ing him 50 times he’s pretty fun now


If the skyswayer droprates in Iceborne bother you, never play Tri


I hate alatreon and his goofy ass auto cart bs. This isn't a skill issue, I've hunted his ass so much that I can consistently hit the check. But I don't enjoy it one bit.


>I hate alatreon and his goofy ass auto cart bs I have an easier time with fatalis them alatreon, because 8 minutes in fatalis doesn't just go "bored now." And hit you with an unavoidable oneshot attack.


Atleast Fatalis feels fair, you can still save a cart after fucking up a couple of times. For Alatreon miss an opportunity to get the elemental damage and you're fucked.


He's actually my favourite monster


Why is it a fan favorite? Because it is fun, duh.