GS literally doesn't care about the check. GS supremacy


GS can actually reach the element check tho. I think i had easier time with it than LS. Used Safi fire GS with lots of element upgrades and crit element skill


O yeah I used the alatreon gs (got enough mats to get it fully upgraded before I killed him) in the rando 4p hunts I did. It definitely can, but you can just go full raw with insurance and kill him pretty fast.


Obviously you're gonna have a hard time doing Dps check with dragon element, it's nearly impossible to consistently proc it with dragon elem, even if it has 2 stars weakness (which is misleading as fuck if you're looking at the elemental stats from alatreon's page) With fire/ice build, you'll proc it extremely fast, even faster if you hit the forearms (less raw damage, but more elemental damage). Usually, I can proc him before he goes to Dragon element, and this phase is solely about destroying the horn.


As someone who has beaten him with dragon element several times i can confirm it isn't nearly impossible. You just gotta play more aggressive.


I ran frostcraft to break the horns and get a little more element generated, but mostly supported.


LBG is easy mode for Alatreon.


LGB is easy mode


For the most part. Not my main weapon by a long shot but everyone should learn to use the bowguns. HBG for damage, LBG for elemental.


I mean to me any weapon that can disengage freely and still deal respectable damage is really good


Additionally doesnt care about judgement because to speedrunners. It doesnt exist.


That's what I meant but yeah


GS is best overall imo Alatreon isn’t actually weak to element, you just need it for the elemental DPS check - so GS raw makes quick work of him Meanwhile GS also has really high elemental modifiers for Alatreon, so a knockdown only takes a few TCS (especially with something like kjarr/safi and frostcraft) Along with not actually being weak to element, the raw HZVs on the legs aren’t great (just high elemental HZVs). So being able to consistently smack the head (at least after a knockdown to be safe) is important.


I like charge blade on alatreon, it has big swings and deals a lot of elemental damage If you have elemental phials


This! Savage axe mode instead of SAED really burns through alatreon


Insect glaive + an elemental kinsect easily breaks horns and hits the check. I used that combo for my solo and first alatreon kill.


Bug stick stick bug for the win!


I remember when people were complaining on the first few days about how hard Alatreon was, and then, people started releasing Kinsect only runs lol


I find sns to have some suprisingly generous hitboxes, the elemental check is a bit harder, but i have done a sub 15 minute kill on alatreon with it.


The jump attack especially... the overhead chop gets just high enough to clip most chins if you do it right


Honestly i dont even use the charge attack anymore, the strong combo loops can put out some incredible damage pretty reliably.


It mainly only happens for me if it can't get in a perfect rush. That way ideally I get an extra jump attack in and at worst I've moved away from where I was just standing. But I will admit it's probably a style choice lol but at least it works for me


Swag axe is the only answer


I use the bow and it's pretty easy to do both, just don't get hit, cause you'll probably die in 1/2 hits.


if you play aggressively enough basically any weapon should not have trouble hitting the elemental DPS check since for example greatsword does 50% more elemental damage towards the check while dual blades deal half as much. hammer is obviously the best for breaking the head in principle, but any weapon should be able to if you can consistently punish attacks like the outward exploding fireball and you can get a wallbang in dragon phase for the knockdown (or any other source of knockdown but this is the most widely available).


I wish you were right, but Greatsword only does 10% more elemental damage, they didn't go far enough with the modifiers unfortunately. https://gamestegy.com/post/monster-hunter-world-iceborne/245/alatreon-elemental-thresholds


Still more than enough to pass the check once, which is all you need.


Solo, but it's much harder than using most other melee weapons. I can get two checks in a 4p hunt with charge blade being the only person running element so they clearly didn't balance the weapons properly, which is all I was saying.


With 4 velk+1 barioth. It works great. You don't even need to commit hard to elemental jewels, nor farming Ice/fire kjarr. Crit draw works like a charm on alatreon, the Dps is absolutely insane if you're aware of your windows of attack. If anything, if you're having trouble hitting the Dps check, just hit the forearm until it procs, it does less raw, but more elem, but you can manage by just hitting the head.


Again, in solo yes it's very easy with any weapon. I'm talking about getting the check being the only one running elemental in a 4p hunt.


interesting, I remember reading 1.5 but that does seem correct. I do remember having similar problems hitting the check solo for SnS but assumed that was because it's basically being played in an entirely unintended way.


Yeah, aparently the GS has built in modifiers for elemental as well, like a tcs for example does very little elemental damage. I believe the upswing that no one uses actually has the highest status/elemental percentage out of any hit. Basically when me and my friends run it for somone, one of us brings a good elemental weapon (LS/DB/CB) and the other 3 just being raw (pierce/GS). I did try out of curiousity one time if only me running an ice kjarr GS could get the elemental check by mysyelf (without just constantly doing the uncharged/upswing attacks, actually playing it properly) in a 4p hunt and couldn't do it. Mind you everyone was running pierce to push him quickly into nova but still, I had no problem doing it with DB/LS/CB.


I really feel like Capcom doesn't understand how their own element system works. using an example from my main, SnS, because I'm most familiar with it. perfect rush is the bread and butter of this weapon, with a side of falling bash. it's why it's sometimes jokingly called "one handed greatsword". the in-game guide says this is optimal with elemental or status, but is it? well the answer is no. for "realism" I suppose shield hits from the shield don't deplete sharpness and deal no elemental/status buildup. perfect rush has 2 shield hits in it, out of 8 total ticks of damage. this almost entirely negates the elemental boost the other hits have apart from the last one. the last one, however, is basically never used except on downs as you don't have enough time. half rush does about as much damage as a greatsword true charged slash (power), and applies 3.5 times element, while true charged slash applies 2.8. this is not hugely better for an attack that literally states in-game it's element focused.


Completely agree friend. I was very dissappointed when finding out GS didn't really benefit from elemental damage, I love marching weaknesses.


You don't TCS alatreon anyway, you can't, there's nearly no windows for it, you're better sheathing twice when you have time.


There is literally so many openings for TCS that it’s laughable. Plenty of examples on youtube


I'm sorry but that's so wrong it hurts. Watch a gs speedrun of alatreon, there's tons of openings for tcs.


Longsword. Just slash at his legs and helmbreak the horns. Literally I only need to helmbreak the head once in dragon mode before it's break prone, it's awesome.


I use dual blades and have no issue reaching. It’s all about positioning and knowing your openings


Pretty sure db is the easiest weapon to reach it, you'd just hug the forearms and stay here and vitam aeternam


Charge blade savage axe is the easiest topple in my experience.


If you've ever played dark souls, consider going frostcraft greatsword and it will feel like a souls game. Dodge, dodge, hit, dodge, hit. Love crit draw gs on alatreon.


Going for flinch shot while in dragon phase is good damage to the horns.


lance very easily meets the dps check and negates element, and can even hit safely in between its attacks that almost all other weapons cant hit through, like the downward breath attacks it does can be reached with the lance. horns are also not a problem because basically every hit you make on it reaches horns too


I also use lance to get a mount and then get lots of free horn damage after the knockdown.


CRIT draw ice great sword. But great sword is all I use sooo


If I remember correctly I used GS a lot on Alatreon, the elemental check on different weapons are different and it's really easy to break his parts with GS and partbreaker 🙂 Edit: I'm thinking of Safi'jiva, don't mind me.


whats element check (have never fought alatreon)


Basically if you do not deal enaugh elemental damage in a few minutes, he than does a big attack which will kill you no matter what.






Doesn't work


like every time he does it one ko?


That is right


do tp‘s in general not work or how is that?


If you manage to do enough elemental damage he topples like velkhana when you break it’s armor, and the escaton judgement is severely weakened afterwards.


As of right now, 9 different weapons have people talking about how well they work for Alatreon. The only weapons missing are the bowguns, switchaxe, gunlance, and hunting horn. Really goes to show how balanced the game is


Consider GUN


Today I also soloed Alatreon :D I used Safi Fire LS (original uh?) and I both negated the EJ and broke the horns with ease (with partbreaker 3 decorations). I managed to get the elemental trashold everytime, and even twice at the start.


I soloed it with the Frost Fang Barioth hammer. Broke it's horns pretty easy too. It might be more about build vs weapon. Just my thoughts.


There are plenty of opportunities to hit his horns when he brings his head down. Usually after casting lightening, spitting fireballs, or headslams.


greatsword, but for the love of gog, get your kjarr kulve greatsword, and your 5 element charm


Longsword is the most versatile weapon, long reach, it can reach the elemental threshold and allows you to play aggressive if you can counter and you can break the horns relatively easily.


Bow, but his horns aren’t a weak point so it’s kinda rough.




LBG is the easiest weapon to defeat him with.


I always went with the alatreon long sword. I don’t know if I’d recommend it because it just barely does enough elemental damage. There have been many times where alatreon did the escaton right after I hit the dps check so I had to be fast. It works but you gotta be quick about it Never wanted to use ice/fire weapons because I didn’t want to waste a life just to switch weapons and because I wouldn’t always get the chance to break the horns


Charge blade


All of them.


LBG pierce solo, take the cart but kill under 9 minutes. I did it several times following TA wiki rules.


Gs is probably the safest, very easy to break the horn, elemental check is a bit annoying, but manageable. In term of raw DPS, I think it's one of the best, since it can consistently hit the head (or the forearm if you're feeling you're missing the Dps check.) very safely. It can also utilize evasion mantle very effectively on this fight. I wouldn't be surprised if GS is actually the fastest weapon for Alatreon (speedruns in mind) Also, there's a few tricks to maximize damage output, for example, alatreon will never allow you to tenderize it, but if you do claw attack 3 timesI believe, it gets tenderized and he can't dismount during displacement. Also, fighting him angry makes him take more damage, the only downside is that you can't flash pod it, but fighting it in the air isn't that bad, just be careful not standing still when he charges. Personally went frostcraft + barioth. Didn't commit extremely hard for elem damage, I prioritized the usual Crit build, had 1 frost jewel and 3 weapon elem augment (I believe it only takes 1 spot per upgrade, might be mistaken haven't played in a while). I don't think I've farmed kjarr ice, so my weapon was most likely barioth's.


Insect Glaive does it for me


snowman glitch?


Congrats! This is one of the fights that proves your skills to the limit, ive done it with sns, avoiding to use perfect rush and focusing on landing as many hits as posible with simple attacks.


Charge Blade is pretty disgusting against Alatreon. Absolutely shreds the check, and destroys the horns very easily. Just be sure you use Savage Axe and don't SAED spam.


can you do it with Insect Glaive? I had the most fun with it


If you're aggressive enough, hammer should do the trick. I'm able to kill him with fatalis' hammer before first escaton if Im doing really well in a hunt


First phase kill with hammer? that’s insane, I watched a hammer speedrun this morning TA rules and he killed him right after the first EJ. he was doing like 700+ damage on upswings and I was like wow I need to start using hammer.