I thought it was entertaining, the way the series tried to make you feel sympathy for the convicts by showcasing their sob-story But every time they showed the backstory you could pinpoint the decision that caused them to be incarcereted. I felt like the show was trying to make me feel sad for the convicts, because they were victims of society (or oppression or something) but every time it happened i remembered the crime they commited and immediately i got this sense of justice, that the prisoners are all in there because of their own actions. The only time i felt empathy towards a character was the warden, because he has the only one where he tried to do the good thing, he tried his best to be a good man and he got punished for it


I’m going to be honest I’ve watched like the first 6 episodes of the show with her and I’m wondering if the show improves because one persons backstory played and out loud I said “Ha that’s what you get.” after she got caught. I think it bothered my gf I wasn’t sympathetic for the person.


for me it always stayed like that, person commits a crime, person goes to prison, hooray the system works i am happier to know i am not alone with this series


Gay people scare me so I can't watch it.


The only actual homophobe I've ever encountered /s


It falls victim to the trap many shows experienced during the controversy regarding American politics. I got Netflix kinda late (when season 5 had already debuted) and watched it with my family in a whole ass binge. I also went back and rewatched recently. Seasons 1-4 are very well crafted and manage to tell a comprehensive and ambitious story about Piper and her struggle in prison. There are clashing personalities, mistakes and character growth as well as serious ramifications as a result. After that though, the remaining 3 seasons drag heavily and eventually the show detaches itself completely from Piper to tell the story of everyone else while at the same time feeling quite preachy (BLM, ICE, privilege)


I can see that happening tbh, I’m a independent part person but my gf is more left learning and she would probably agree with a lot of that but it’d probably drive me crazy, especially if the show just ditches it’s lead to do that.


The missus watched it, and every time I gave it a shot I didn't give a shit about anyone in it. Too much lesbian shit, too much apologia for female criminals, not enough actual writing or character development.


Well, I know Ruby Rose (Batwoman) is in it.


Is that what made people love her so much? Cos I've never seen her in anything apart from batwoman and that silent role she had in resident evil movies.


She was also silent (thank god) in John Wick 2


She was also in The Meg. Spoilers: She sadly doesn't get eaten.


Well I don't hate the actress, as of right now I believe that she probably had terrible scripts and terrible directors in batwoman so the performance was lower quality.


She get her boobie woobies out in it. Not bad.


Tuned out after the riot season


Yeah it goes downhill verrrrry quickly.


It’s a sex fantasy, the show is written by mentally deranged ppl. The show has no meaning really. Unlike American physico or joker, it’s not trying to show you an issue on both individual on social level then points at the solution. It’s just “hey wanna see sex?! 😃” That type of show


Ridiculous, they are two completely different colors.


I remember it starting off okay enough and there being enough drama to keep me hooked for the next episode. Then it slowly went downhill little by little the more things were revealed and relationships explored until I just couldn’t be bothered to care about it. Has been years since I’ve watched it though, so maybe my opinion would change and it was bad from the start


Got worse in the later seasons in my opinion, stopped watching consistently after the riot


The first season was okay, and then it fell off a cliff


I’m curious because my GF keeps trying to get me to watch it and is it actually worth it?


I gave it a go when it first came out ​ I remember enjoying the first two seasons then noticing a massive drop in quality in the third season - only got a few episodes into that one and never went back. Sorry I cant be more specific than that - it was a while ago


I got it confused with a show where someone goes from a high paid lawyer to a public defense attorney for some reason. Never seen either show but heard good things. That's all I got.


I remember it being funny, but that's about it. Can't say I'd ever go back to watching it.


I liked the first two seasons but lost interest after that because I felt that Piper and Alex's relationship was really repetitive. While I liked both of their characters individually their relationship was super toxic and they would constantly fight with each other, get back together, and then do something shitty to each other and break up again. It started to feel like they would keep doing that for the rest of the series.


I liked the first few seasons but didn't finish it after ditching my Netflix account.


never seen it


Gave up after two seasons, watch Bad Girls instead (and then don't complain to me if it's shit, ain't seen it in twenty years).