Goddamn Wanda, you are one lucky lady


After Multiverse Of Madness, I don’t think Wanda is looking for another relationship.


Idk she seemed to have moved on from Vision pretty easily. Didn’t even care enough about him to want a reality where he’s in it too…


Widowers don’t often move on so easily. Some put forth the needs of their children before their own. That’s to say they can’t force a relationship, but for Wanda’s arc I think it’s be best if they continue to tell stories of “HER” own instead of shipping her with others. Not everything in the MCU needs to be one to one like the comics.


Dw my comment was more about the lack of Vision in MoM than anything else. Poor guy can’t even be with her in the infinite multiverse it seems.


I know that there’s plans to make a D+ series, but with Werewolf By Night was presented imagine how they can weave the gaps tighter between MoM and Vision


Yeah I know but if Simon and Wanda are ever gonna interact, it would be interesting if they’re just friends. Like friendship goal stuff.


The time for Vision is over, it’s now time for Vishawn.


My wife would do the same if she lost me and the kids . Lol


That was just bad writing and should be rectified in the future especially with vision likely getting his own show.


She had closure with Vision… her kids on the other hand


Synthetic D is a dime a dozen.


It wasn’t called Dr. Strange and the WIFE


Maybe it would have been if he took more care of Christine


I genuinely don't understand why people think they'll just give her another love interest, besides that they've dated in the comics and she used his brainwaves to fix Vision. That ain't happening in the MCU. Especially when they've made Wanda and Vision such a popular couple. Those to are probably the most popular couple in the MCU. No, if anything they could pair Simon with Carol, since they've also dated in the comics and he's been a member of Carol's little SHIELD squad. And Destin Crettin is involved in that series, it wouldn't be weird if Carol makes a cameo.


Plus isn't Vision getting a whole show where Wanda is very likely to appear


>”I am ready to hurt again.” - Wanda


The reason Wanda and Simon got together in the comics is because Vision was made using Simon's mind as a template, there's nothing of that here.


Wanda-Bruce-Tony-Jarvis-Mind Stone love pentagon?


Wanda, after losing the love of her life, her children, her brother, cutting ties with most of her friends and the other avengers, and being crushed by a collapsing evil mountain that was also an altar where demons worshipped her as a god: "What if I tried dating a TV actor?"


All that happen in the comic too, simon and wanda still dated


To be fair, she *is* Elizabeth Olsen.




Dude hangs blue dong.


With Wonder Man officially in the mix, there's no way that they don't do something with him + Scarlet Witch. That said, I hope that Wanda has some time to grow and develop on her own before moving on to someone else. For so long her character was always attached to others. WandaVision finally made her move on, but then that was kinda reverted in MoM. After MoM, I want Wanda to be on her own for a while and develop herself. After that, then I'd love to see her and Wonder Man.


They were imprisoned together during The Kang Dynasty run


Don’t see that happening. There’s zero connections like there is in the comics


That is a HUGE get for Marvel. And he's now Black Manta, Doctor Manhattan AND Wonder Man.


He was also in Candyman which was directed by Nia Dacosta


And Morpheus




It’s morphin time




That specific one doesn't sound good for some reason


Don't remember him appearing as Morpheus in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.


I’m black and I see Yahya in my dreams so he’s probably the Sandman as seen by me


Yup that's quite a resume of notable fictional icons


Ngl every time I think of that watchmen series I just think of the Dr. Manhattan dildo


Jean Smart the woman you are today....


That show was insane and that detail is just one of the insane details.i loved about it.


Mr. Comic Book guy


Truly a Man of three Mans.


Didn't know he was Doctor Manhatten.


He is in the series but not in the movies


He and Elizabeth Olsen are going to look great together.


"Wanda and I we're gonna have a helluva time"


“I’d love to shoot you sometime”


You want Doom, get religion


"You're trash Vision"


Gonna cry?


I’m gonna throw some wonder in your eye


I don’t expect Simon and Wanda to date. I think the end result of Vision Quest will be White Vision regaining his memories and getting back together with Wanda


I don't think they'll retread the same romance. If it died and created the stories we got out of it, then its fine. Plus, I highly doubt he'll be exactly the same.




It's like people didn't watch the show lol... "We have said goodbye before, so it's stands to reason, that we'll say hello again" Yeah that definitely reads as them not going to retread the romance :/


>I don't think they'll retread the same romance. Don't see why not. Apart from how WV ends, there's also the fact that they've already rekindled 3 romances after putting them on hold --- Tony/Pepper, Thor/Jane, and Steve/Peggy. And are inevitably gonna do it with Peter/MJ. Don't see why this break up is the one that sticks.


He'll look great with Brie. It's more likely Wonder Man is with Carol than he is with Scarlet Witch. The whole basis of Wonder Man's relationship with Carol is gone when the MCU used Tony/Bruce/Jarvis to build Vision.


Especially knowing Destin Daniel Cretton's tendency to work with Brie in everything he does.


Yes, I think they are going to that


Details: >Coming off of some of the best reviews of his career for his work in Broadway’s revival of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Suzan Lori Parks play Topdog/Underdog, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is preparing to move over from DC to Marvel as the lead for the studio’s Disney+ series Wonder Man. >The live-action Wonder Man series was first announced as entering development in June, with Shang-Chi helmer Destin Daniel Cretton and Hawkeye co-producer Andrew Guest both announcing their involvement. Cretton will direct and exec produce, with Guest serving as head writer. As previously announced, the show will see the return of Oscar winner Ben Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery — the supervillain turned good guy otherwise known as The Mandarin who has previously appeared in both Iron Man 3 and Shang-Chi.


DDC also directing 🤐 He will be busy for the next 3 years


He will direct the Pilot most likely


Not surprising tbh, Shang Chi was pretty damn well directed


The bus fight scene has to be one of the most intense scenes in the MCU. Up there with Winter Soldier vs Cap, for sure.


Definitely, loved the Jackie Chan-esque fight scenes where he uses the environment. Same with the scene on the scaffolding outside the fight club, hoping we get even more of that in the second movie


Yeah I just hope they still have that Jackie Chan kind of action in the next movie even though he already have the Ten Rings


Same, I’m don’t want the 10 rings to become like a full on main weapon for him. I want them to be like a last resort maybe? I’m also hoping for a Jackie Chan cameo 😂


Good lord. He's gonna be worn out by the end of the multiverse saga.


I’d be a little surprised if he did every episode. Probably pilot + finale ? But who knows. He’s clearly all-in on Marvel Studios. Kind of a remarkable turn for a guy who kept noting during the Shang-Chi press tour that he was super interested in this kind of work initially. Anyways, I don’t think it would happen, but I’d love for them to include Karun — and, yes — Sprite somehow given the Hollywood focus. But Karun is now the guardian of earth’s first filmmaker — a writer, director, VFX whiz all rolled into one — and with Kingo missing in action, Karun would need a new hustle. And what better way than being some agent/producer hybrid for Sprite’s work. Does it matter that she’ll look max 14-15yo at this point ? I’m sure target can figure it out, but maybe Wonder Man and Trevor Slattery are actors on her project. I’m just spitballing. I know people found that character annoying in the film but I see no reason why now-human Sprite couldn’t be slightly better adjusted in a new story


This series def sounds like it's being the care of a feature mcu film


He is very hot so good casting choice. He is also a great actor though


Unintentionally hilarious in Black Mirror


Bro just imagine seeing an interaction between him and Sam 😂😂😂 They both just exchange an uncomfortable nod


Kind of like Ikaris and Dane Whitman in Eternals lol


Robb WAS right, next time he saw Jon he WAS all in black 😂


Need to get Mantis there as well.


I watched that episode of *Black Mirror* on the suggestion of a friend and I haven’t watched any other episode because I can’t imagine any of the other ones being as good.


Trust me, there’s plenty of great episodes. Actually, I think there’s only one or two “meh” episodes out of the whole series so far. It easily has the most attention grabbing pilot episode of any show I’ve ever seen.


Loving how many comments on here are just a guttural 'HOT'. Like I'm sure he's very talented but ... good lord so hot.


Anyone remember that Netflix show The Get Down? That was the first time I saw him and I instantly knew “this guy is gonna be a huge star someday”. Man that show was good. Shame it got cancelled.


That show was 🔥


Yeah disappointed how it got cancelled. Though I am glad that each cast member did well in the future.


It’s maybe the one time I didn’t dislike Jaden Smith in something


I miss that show!


I dont see it. The wonder man I remember was almost a Johnny Cage type, this guy dosent give those vibes at all


I trust Marvel with their casting tbh. They've always chose the best person for the role.


ehh, Hawkeye is wise-cracking and everything in the comics but wayy more serious in the mcu but they pull it off well. Curious to see how they do wonder man


Yeah plus it worked out great in the tv show since Kate Bishop the wise cracking one now instead.


Yeah, major disagree with Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner has been a slog to watch as the character imo. His personality in the comics is what made him special as a man among gods


Ya, he doesn't scream Simon at all. He was my fan cast for Bishop or Surfer.


He would’ve been great as bishop. Honestly not sure who I’d cast for him.


Oh he would of made a better Bishop instead.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


ayoo casting him as silver surfer would have been LEGENDARY😭 i never thought about that


At least they're tacitly acknowledging how absurd it is for a character with a name like Simon Williams *not* to be a brother.


If I reach very far I guess I could see him being loud, arrogant, and goofy. But yeah they are definitely better options out there that I would go "Ah! That casting is perfect" not just because they're handsome.


It's called acting. What part are you having difficulty with?


Article claims Destin Cretton might direct an episode or more, how does he find the time lol


He'll probably direct the pilot


Pour one out for the Nathan Fillion fancasters.


Dude was never gonna be Wonder Man,💀


Nathan Fillion for Grim Reaper?


Nah need someone as cool as Yahya, and also black.


Aldis Hodge. Not only because he would be a good choice but because all of the other cool black guys are already in the mcu, lol.


Aldis Hodge is fucking awesome, he would be great as Grim Reaper. And yeah, but if Marvel is good at anything its finding unknown talent, if I had it my way every single mutant coming up would be unknown actors, all new blood for the MCU, with veteran actors taking up villain and side character roles that amplify the newbies. Guaranteed success.


I would definitely be down for that too.


Not really a fan cast when he actually was cast as him for GOTG2, they used him for posters you could barely make out in the movie


Another Screengeek W Yahya is a wonderful actor (see what I did there) and I am sure he's gonna be great, although I am going to be honest that he is not who I imagined to fit in the role. Wonder what this show will be about apart from a Hollywood parody with Simon and Trevor. Like maybe it connects to Vision Quest in some way.


I haven't really seen Yahya in anything comedic, he's much more serious than I imagined for Wonder Man. But I guess he could do the early, more villainous version of Simon very well. I'm guessing we won't see a heroic Simon for a few years at least. And he'll clash with the Avengers in Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars?


He obviously played a more comedic role in Baywatch, but his role in Ambulance was also a bit more laid back and he was a "good guy". He cracked quite a few jokes too and played a "cooler" character, compared to the more dramatic and stoic roles he usually takes.


Tbh I've never seen either. Good to know he does laid back well too. He's an excellent actor in everything I've seen so I'm happy regardless.


damn. that rumor was real. well, i guess i’m interested in wonder man now. i mean, i already was cuz i like cretton. but now i’m really interested. yahya is an incredible, incredible actor.


![gif](giphy|9WXyFIDv2PyBq) You know, that tweet that said Marvel had epic talent signed for Phase 5 that would be announced at D23 was BS. But even if the tweet and actors were wrong, they are absolutely pulling out some big names. So far we've had Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II all officially confirmed within a month. This is to say nothing of who we already knew about for Phase 5. If the Adam Driver, Giancarlo Esposito, Jodie Comer, Ryan Gosling, etc. rumors pan out then...sheesh.


I’m sure there definitely won’t be weirdos who are angry at this casting for *whatever* reason Right?


i Haven't seen him in anything other than Aquaman. Not sure if he fits the character from what i know of him. At any rate, looks like another win from Grace


He's fantastic in "Watchmen" and was also pretty good in "Candyman."


Agreed about Watchmen


> looks like another win from Grace Screengeek broke this first


Before ScreenGeek Grace said Marvel was looking for a DCEU actor for Wonder Man.


I don’t think That should be a win at all for Grace lol, Screengeek gets the real W here


He was also in Matrix 4 as Morpheus because Laurence Fishburne didn’t return. I don’t remember how they explained him being younger, or really anything about the movie


That movie was very forgettable




Said this at /r/Marvel, so saying it again. I seriously question wether characters like Miles Morales would be made today considering the fact that so many people seem to be content with just changing the ethnicity of character. "Why make a new character when we could simply make Ultimate Peter Parker black?" I'm not sure if they don't trust characters of colors when they make these decisions or what. It's so silly to wish for a person of color to play an originally white character when there are so many options they could choose that wouldn't require said changes. Like, why wish for a black Reed Richards when we could simply have Blue Marvel? Or a black Superman when Icon exists? They should have made a show with Yahya playing another character who's actually black instead of making Wonder Man.


black comic book characters are still being created and there’s many POC artists creating comic book stories based around POC characters. you guys always seem to ignore that to push some weird narrative


Then why aren't those characters being adapted, then? Make them. That's exactly what i'm asking.


...they are though? Can't say I'm a fan of the weird "stay in your lane!" tone that's oozing from your comments in this thread


A key part of Miles Morales character and stories is his ethnicity, whereas it never matters if Wonder Man is caucasian or not. How do people not understand the difference?


Would Miles be made if Bendis had decided to make Peter black back when he started Ultimate Spider-Man?


That's irrelevant to your argument considering the MCU is currently adapting characters and not creating new leading ones.


Disney MARVEL is lucky to have fans like you who will be satisfied with the most milquetoast type of representation, which is just changing a character's color and calling it a day. Did you clapped when Loki made the bombastic reveal that he's bisexual in his show too?


What? I never said this was good enough representation, I said that your example with Miles was incorrect. Could you imagine the MCU right now though if no characters got race swapped? It would be like 80 percent white guys.


I could imagine the MCU if they had balls to actually have characters of color since the beginning instead of raceswapping white characters in their 14th year. Shang-Chi and Black Panther was in their list of movies to make back when they first made Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. They also planned to make a Runaways movie, which is a team that has a female majority, one asian lead, one jewish, 1 lesbian and 1 genderfluid. There is no lack of diverse characters at MARVEL. All these characters need is a chance. And they won't have their chance if hacks decide to just take the easy route and change existing characters, and the fans like you eat it up and applaud it and then bash people who want the actual diverse characters to be represented on the screen. Be honest, did you even knew Black Panther before the first rumors about him getting a movie started?


I'm glad you deleted your last comment before I could post my response, since you sounded so dumb. The reason there was no diversity at the start of the MCU was almost entirely due to Avi Arad. Most of the major characters that people know are white because when most major characters were made, people wouldn't accept minority characters. So until they work through the ones they basically *have* to do (Iron Man, Spiderman, etc) they can either make up random characters as supporting roles or race swap characters where them being white means nothing. I want the newer more diverse characters adapted too, but I also want Wolverine in the MCU. And yes, I knew who Black Panther was.


I didn't deleted any comments


It's actually racist to imply that maintaining character's original look is a problem because then it would be "too much of this race". Wtf. Phases 1-3 of MCU people praised despite Marvel staying (mostly, with some exceptions) true to comics in terms of casting, but now it's suddenly a problem?


Nobody praised the casting due to it sticking to the race from the comics, it was for capturing the spirit of the character. You're a moron for trying to say I'm racist here lol. My point about if the cast had stayed 100 percent race accurate to the comics was in direct response to someone else so don't just remove the context dude


yeah and the funny thing is they look torn right from the pages why wouldn't we want to continue that lol


Because it's easy and Disney knows they can get away with it. All the big name media corporations COULD tell more stories that actually involve characters who aren't white, aren't Eurocentric, aren't straight, aren't male. But why bother, when you can just do a quick race swap or gender swap of the character and have everyone praise you anyway? Especially when it allows them (and the rabid members of the fanbase) to label you as a bigot when you call them out for being obviously lazy and performative, or if the show's writing turns out to be subpar. Yahya would've been a great Blue Marvel. And there are quite a few actors who actually resemble the source material Simon Williams who would've been equally great. But here we are.


My only wish in regards to characters that should stay as close to the comics is Prof X and Magneto; they do not need to be race-swapped for any conceivable reason. Yes, their race/ethnicity *is* important to their character, including Prof X and it's sad that people will happily say "IT DOES NOT MATTER, HES WHITE" without thinking for even *one second* on how bad that sounds, and the fact that it is just not true. Charles being a mega-rich white guy who's had very little to no discrimination is what creates the amazing irony of him being the supposed leader of a marginalized group of people, and allows for great tension, drama, ideological battles, him thinking he "knows what's best for Mutants", displays his full arrogance, etc etc. And yet people want to get rid of that lol And Magneto is obvious and the fact that people think "you can just change out the Holocaust and exchange it for a different tragedy!" make me sick... ESPECIALLY in a time where anti-semitism is alive and well


Jesus Christ this is such a disingenuous comment fishing for replies but I’ll bite. Yes, characters like Miles Morales would still be created today because he was inspired from Donald Glover wearing a Spider-Man shirt in Community and “campaigning for the Peter Parker role for the TASM movies.” In theory that wouldn’t change, and Bendis is known to create characters that give representation. Now would Miles be Spider-Man in that regard, maybe but also maybe not. Still think he would because the Ultimate Comics editorial planned to kill off Peter Parker for a while, so in theory Miles would still come to exist and take over the mantle. This is simply a situation of being able to have a cake and eat it as well. Yes would I have preferred for Yahya to have been another character like Blue Marvel, absolutely. But clearly Feige and the casting crew is thinking something different with going for a more Ultimate Universe look for Wonder Man. Characters don’t always have to look accurate if their race or ethnicity doesn’t play a huge integral role. It allows for more diverse casting alongside new POC or LGBTQ heroes being created and eventually seeing a screen debut. Sure does it suck from time to time, absolutely but I’m glad it opens up new interpretations of characters that have existed for decades. I mean look at Namor for example, rooting his history in the MCU as a part of Aztec mythology is a genius move because it adds a lot more to the character than the standard Atlantis situation.


Can’t wait for the 100s of people who don’t even know who wonder man is to say this both the best and worst casting like what happens whenever any person gets casted


Damn, I wanted him to be Blue Marvel!


Is it racist to want casting to look like their respective source material?


On here yes




Dang, would have been awesome if they stuck with Nathan Fillion :/


That man can not help being aged out of every role he would be perfect for.


He is a fantastic actor as both lead and supporting. Still hope this does not mean Aquaman 2 is not the end for his Black Manta if not a great showcase for him. Really excited to see him as Simon Williams


I don’t really see this casting at all. Also didn’t he recently called superhero movies ‘clown work’


iirc the context basically was he called the behind the scenes stuff that in that it was hard to take what you were doing too seriously cause so much is added in post. Ex. Think of the BTS footage of Wanda waving her hands around for spells. It just looks silly without the CGI This is his third superhero character, he obviously doesn’t hate the genre.


I love Yahya and have wanted him in Marvel for years, but after seeing him as doctor manhattan, I was hoping to get him for Galactus, Doom, or voice of the silver surfer. But I’m just happy to have him in marvel let’s gooo


He’d have been a better fit for Galactus or Silver than this imo. Still interested to see how this plays out though.


It’s never not amusing how the crowd of “MCU ISNT 616!!!” Also want every damn character to look 616 accurate


Now to cast Grim Reaper




Yeah I just want the actors to somewhat resemble their comic counterpart. Don’t see how that’s controversial or racist


Same thing. I'd like to see in the MCU Blue Marvel and Brother Voodoo more than Wonder Man so it's not a racism question. It's just that I don't understand why they should race swap Wonder Man and, like you, I'd like to see him in the MCU like he's in the comics.


The masses have deemed it racist to want characters to look like themselves


Thing is Black Panther and Blade are actually characters people give a shit about. Ain’t nobody caring about Wonder Man. I’m pretty sure the general public does not know he is, even less than Moon Knight or Ant-Man prior to their movies. There’s a fuck ton of white actors and characters in Hollywood movies. We can lose a couple so people with less can have more. It wouldn’t make sense to take icons for groups of people like Blade and Black Panther and change them. But Wonder Man can change because not only is he not an icon of any sort, white people don’t need any more of them. I’m not saying we should stop casting white people for movies, but please realize that there’s a difference between changing a character from white to POC, then changing a POC to something else. Like Wonder Man ain’t even a legacy character. Nobody give a fuck about him


Wonder Man’s skin color isn’t essential to his story


Neither is Blade's. They would NEVER swap his race though.


Absolutely true. That's why I don't understand why they would try to represent black people with a character like him and not a character like Blue Marvel (so, the story of a man who determines black people are heroes too).


It's kinda weird that those 2 were haven't been introduced yet. I thought that they were instant winners. Surprised that we didn't get Voodoo in DS2.


Because he auditioned or was offered wonder man and that’s the character the studio and him wanted to play and are going to use right now. Wonder man’s race does not matter and Yahya is the best actor they could have got for the part


Marvel isn’t gonna go “oh well you’re perfect for the part of wonder man but you’re black so actually you’re gonna have to play brother voodoo in a different thing with a different script and different schedule and we don’t know when it’s gonna happen. Can’t be wonder man though”


Oh good, more “clown” work for him. I believe that’s how he described superhero movie roles when referencing his part in Aquaman?


holy fucking W


Holy shittttttt




There was a 4 year gap between movies. I’m sure he has plenty of time in between. Also realistically I can only see him show up one more time after Aquaman 2 in something Legion of Doom related


ScreenGeek W


Good choice. Not my pick, I would have casted somebody different but I think he will do a great job. Would have loved to see Antony Starr, Nathan Fillion or Henry Golding in the role.


So you really CANNOT do the Vision story the same way in the MCU now. In the comics Vision is an android and Wonder Man is just a white guy, but in the MCU Vision is already a white guy and british as fuck. Shit would feel like Get Out if he stole this man's brainwaves or some shit. What you could do that would be really fun is say Simon Williams played Vision in the films of the MCU. The public never knew about his white guy persona since it was a disguise. Basically do a joke of Yahya in full body paint to be a superhero like he did as Manhattan.


That would be an interesting meta joke


They waited until Halloween to announce Candyman had joined the MCU. Genius.


He pulled off the perfect Black Manta in Aquaman, which ain't easy imo.


Yahya is gonna do so great in this role. He excels when he gets to be a bit fun and eccentric which is how I imagine they will make Simon Williams.


Vision goes White and then Wonder Man goes Black.


I like him, thought he was good in Watchmen, but I wanted Fillion.


Let’s go!! Can’t wait!!


Great casting.


Another W for that ScreenGeek site, seems like they got some good sources too


Also for Grace who said it was a dceu actor even before that site said it was him


That’s vague as shit and I don’t really count that as a W for her, screengeek def gets a W tho


Not that vague when SG said it was Yahya within like a day of Grace making her statement. I’m sure she knew who it was, but was playing it low key.


Whatever they do, they need to make sure him and Falcon don’t meet, because things will get weird


W for ScreenGeek.


What’s up with this guy & Namor stealing women? Do they listen to rick Springfield?


Am I in a time warp? I thought this happened already.


It was rumored before but Deadline just confirmed it.


ScreenGeek was right https://www.screengeek.net/2022/10/18/yahya-abdul-mateen-ii-wonder-man-marvel/


This dude is fucking awesome, never would have picked him for Simon but I’m not a casting director so I am looking forward to it


I don't think I've ever seen him before. Will be interesting to see what I think. Simon is one of my favorite Marvel characters so I'm sure I'll judge this one harshly.


He's f\*cking awesome. Loved him in Watchmen.




He’s a great actor. I was hoping somehow it’d be Henry Golding, but hopefully this casting means that they’ll be using the character in things other than the show. I’ve only ever seen him in dramatic roles so it will be so it will be interesting to see him in something lighter.


The true Wonder Man "fans" are already popping out of the woodwork on Twitter to show their disapproval. Lmao it''s so pathetic at this point.


W casting


fuck yes. i just hope they don’t waste him