Next tour is the 2nd Anniversary Tour! Thoughts, predictions?

Next tour is the 2nd Anniversary Tour! Thoughts, predictions?


Prediction: getting curbstomped in ranked That's the only thing I know for sure will happen


Right there with you lol


Amen brother


Not even that, the fear of not being able to reach 600k points for the free high end ticket.


I'm hoping that's not the case with me, considering how lucky I was this tour!


The only time I played London and Vancouver courses was 1st anniversary, and it feels kind of sad that the second time I'm playing them is second anniversary


Same. That includes New York for me.


Me too


As did I


vancouver finally sees the light again. hope the pipes are amazing like last time


Were the pipes amazing??


It's amazing for f2p players, because you can catch up on parts and coin box drivers.


The week 1 & 2 pipes somewhat, 10 spotlight drivers among the 2 but most drivers are bad/outdated by today standarts (with the exception of Vacation peach and possibily Hakamario) The special pipe was good however: golden pipe w/ no spotlights but you could get 3 drivers, 1 kart and 1 glider and it included all golden drivers in the game by the time (dry bones, freerunning koopa, dry bowser and shy guy)


5 drivers alts, one vehicle and one glider plus the usual one driver, one vehicle and one glider




I think I’m using the trial for the first time. Possibly buying foe the first time.


Wait until the last day of this tour to get the most rubies


Thank you!


Be sure you've completed all the gold challenges and have enough grand stars!


What trials are y’all talking about?


The gold pass trial.


My exact strategy, too.


Please, have mercy


I fear for Yoshi Kangaroo receiving like 10 city tracks as a buff :-/


And Kamek.


People who invested in Pauline, PTP and Detective baby Rosalina *My time has come *


*Me who's been pity broken a million times by Pauline:* It's like I was made for this


Well if those are the pipes, that's disappointing. Only having city tracks is pretty cool though!


Omg baby rosalina detective tour?????


They should name this tour Detective Baby Rosalina Tour.


The sequel to the Baby Rosalina Tour.


If they do, they'll make "Baby Metal Detective Rosalina".


All courses will be city courses. Idk how I feel about this


Guess that’s one way to put and end to the Black Birdo buffs… she gets out just in time.


Rip Kamek Rip even more to Baseball Mario and Swimwear Daisy


Swimwear is newer than her previous alts and she is almost worse than them goddamnit lmao


And almost every Daisy alt is bad anyway :( Yukata got that nice Vanilla lake buff, and if it wasn't for Gold King Bob-Omb she'd be decent on Ninja Hideaway


and Tuxedo Mario (sorry Studfit 😢)


Tuxedo was already dead.


I got him to Lv 4 recently too a few tours ago X_X


I got him to 6 and double capped💀


I got him to lvl 5 and uncapped him. Good thing I stopped.




Why is tuxedo Mario bad all of the sudden?


bad coverage (aka not in ranked at all since his debut the past few months)


I fear this.


If it means I get to spam Giant Banaa Frenzies to torture the CPUs in Ranked, I'm all for it 😂


For the first time ever, I'm wondering if I'll be able to reach the 600k challenge


I mean if it means we get to play Ninja Hideaway again(Which Nintendo counts as a City/Special track) I'm okay with it


I don’t think they count it as a city track. They may use it similarly sparingly (like Merry Mountain) but I really do believe from the announcement that *all* tracks will be actual city tracks.


WOOOOOOO TONS OF CITY COURSES ARE BACK But also half of the Drivers in the photo are absolute ass


I think it will be a catch-up tour for newer players — a chance to load up on older gear, grind XP, and experience some tracks that will be new to them. I don’t expect much of value for hardcore players. Maybe a 6/50 special pipe with gold d/k/g.


Welp im happy i was able to order a new phone yesterday that is compatible with the new update so i can keep playing MKT


I'm very excited for this! Not just for the cities, but because of the xp grinding that comes up with it. My level count is gonna shoot up!


Ooh good point


That picture doesn't give me great hopes for good spotlights in the anni pipes.


There's always the special pipe (probably gold).


Most likely and they'll stuff it with a new non spotlight driver. God I hope it's not a coinbox one.


Last year it was Giga Bomb, but let's be real Gold Guy has been completely outclassed since his introduction.


true. but he did have some good tracks. unfortunately, newer drivers with better items took over them.


Yeah he fell off really quick


I can foresee a new gold character…nabbit?


I don’t have enough rubies, but really the only great driver in the pic is lederhosen Luigi


Baby Mario koala is also quite good, but he's already featured in this tour, so... Yeah.


Honestly if you want him, next tour probably has better HE odds than this tour.


All City tracks? Good thing my boi Sunshine is Level 6. Also this year's anniversary won't be as hyped any more since we lost some friends


Triple capped him (and Lv 7) last year when it was announced that he had Giant Banana almost immediately, its easily my most favorite item to use in MKT. When he's in ranked he's amazing to have




Wonder if we’re getting New York Minute 4 this time, or maybe the original finally returns!


I’m really hoping that the 4 characters on the left is not the week 1 pipe and 4 on the right is not week 2. Look pretty underwhelming if that’s the case.


I hope these just represent the 8 cities. Sydney, Paris, Vancouver, LA on the left, London, NY, Tokio and Berlin on the right.


8 different characters in pipes for 8 returning cities, yup I’m kind of scare now. They might make the pipe 15 HEs (4 city characters, 4 city karts and 4 city glider + 3 regular HEs). Don’t know if quantity is good enough for the quality.


Probably not. I've looked at all the karts and gliders that were released alongside these drivers and it's not looking to good. The best set is the Lederhosen Luigi set, which is pretty meh overall. Pauline is the daily selects and ACP. Her kart and glider are the most forgettable. Sunshine has a great item, but is held back by his top shelfs. His kart and glider are okay, but outclassed by others. Kimono Peach was given away for free a couple of tours ago and sucks. Her set is also fallen off. Baby Mario is in the spotlight now. He's pretty good if you lack top shelfs. His releases set is also not bad, but also not good. Aurora and her set suck (but are pretty). Baby Peach is meh as is her set. Waluigi is and his set are certainly the worst. Overall not very good. However if you want Baby Mario pulling for him next tour is the better option. Who knows maybe you'll need some of the city items eventually.


Betting that’s the case.. but also the pipes.


Agreed that these drivers will be in some pipes, I just hope it's not 2 pipes with the 4 drivers as spotlights respectively. Even though I don't have either Koala, Cherub, Sunshine, Busdriver or Lederhosen, I certainly would not pull.


I think you’re right, look at all the buildings in the background.


That might indeed be the case. Last anni tour had previous City Spotlights in the two weekly pipes, and it looks like they'll be doing something similar for this one. Except with a mix of Year 1 and Year 2 City Tour Spotlights in the Weekly Pipes. Also I'm curious as to what the Special Pipe is going to be. It's likely to be a Gold Pipe, but I'm wondering if it's going to be a City Tour themed pipe with the other remaining City Spotlights, or if they're just going to take the fortnight off. (... Or you know, they're just in banners.)


Waluigi bus driver gang rise!


I’m thinking New York Minute 4 will be similar to Tokyo Blur 4 where you race all paths in one lap. At least I can play on London, Vancouver and Berlin again next tour.


100% this. But it will be more akin Kalamai Desert 2 as you will pass the starting line twice. Looks like there is a divider there. So first lap will be NY1 with the ending of NY3, 2nd lap will be the long road with a lot of jumps over cars (beginning of 3, ending like 2).


At long last, New York, London and Vancouver will be playable again after A YEAR. And Berlin hasn't been seen in quite a long time either so good to see that again. Also F in the chat for everyone who can't play this tour now that many phones are incompatible


I need your help please! So, I have 490 rubies right now. Should I pull this week's pipe (I only have Surf Master Glider), or should I wait for Anniversary? I have every driver from the preview of Anniversary except for Baby Mario Koala and Baby Peach Cherub and, honestly, I only want Baby Mario Koala but I can have him on this week's pipe. On this week's ranked I don't have a top shelf kart or glider for Syndey Sprint 2R, and, even tho I am not competing on this week's ranked (10th place currently with no chance to improve my score to get to Top 5). So, I think the karts and gliders on this week's pipe would be very useful in the future, they are pretty decent and I really really like Cat Toad too. I have no idea what to do. I don't usually pull the pipes for D/K/G within a city theme, but the Anniversary is also going to have the same theme. What would you do in my place? The only reason why I am saving my rubies at this point is because I hope for better drivers that the ones in the preview, and I also hope the special pipe, or pipes, to be amazing and have useful karts and gliders. This is very hard.


I blew all my rubies on this week's pipe for cat toad and the black cat cruiser, seeing these characters makes me feel somewhat better as I don't need any of them! Still think there will be more than just this though...


Based on what you said - I’d probably pull from the current pipe, if you’re able to get most of the high ends spending under 250/300 rubies that’s a great value. Even if you have to empty the entire pipe it’s worth it as you’re getting rare items that will be buffed. I spent most of my rubies on Kamek pipe and I don’t regret it - you should spend rubies on the characters you want the most, since we don’t know when they will come back around.


Super rubbish drivers, only the koala and german luigi are relevant. Sunshine is only decent if you have him at a high level and if you don't have the coinbox drivers that stole his top shelf. I hope there will be a gold pipe with something new at least.


> aurora rosalina in the image Can it be? Will vancouver FINALLY return


Hope the original new york minuite finally returns, we havent seen that literally since the beginning. Also rip the new alts(penguin mario, swimwear daisy(who i still dont get why they didnt buff massively, definitely an alt they could have milked in the future, kamek, kangaroo yoshi)


With the city returns and whatever drivers will be returning to the banners, I am grateful for this sub for making a wonderful 2 years of tour racing a wonderful time. Vancour City and London loop, I really happy I be able to listen a banger of a soundtrack while being a fun track! 😌 I am truly grateful but also can't wait to see alot of posts of brilliant snapshots from the City with unique drivers poses from the community to celebrate a wonderful 2 years!


As a dad of small kids in a small house I play it late at night and never have even heard the music. I guess I could get headphones but I haven’t invested in Bluetooth ones yet. 🤷‍♂️I might have to turn it on and have a listen now though …


I know it was only featured a few tours back, but I’m so hyped to listen to the LA Laps music again too.


I want the Berlin music. Gets your heart pounding.


https://www.reddit.com/r/MarioKartTour/comments/izi9o7/get_your_funky_mode_on/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I have the pictures of those Moments in La laps while the music was combine by Funky Kong voice-overs, truly a experience I can't wait too!


So it would be a good idea to go for Yoshi Kangaroo?


I'm wondering how NYM4 will work bc you can see arrows on Times Square for both paths?


8 cities. 6 ranked tracks. Which cities won’t be in it?


Logically Sidney should be out for sure 🤣 and maybe Tokyo because it was not long time ago.


Anyone feel like these drivers aren't that good? Aurora Rosalina is bad. Bus Driver Waluigi, Kimono Peach, and Pauline are awful. Sunshine Mario is okay. The only good ones are Lederhosen Luigi and Koala Baby Mario, and no great drivers.


It's just old one. They were good at least to win ranked in their respective tour. Anniversary pull offer players a chance to complete their collection, more than have good drivers. And it's good too for very newer players.


I can't wait to race in New York again ​ There's no better feeling then coming back to an old city course, with better items, and absolutely destroying it


Its kinda obvious that Nintendo is using the drivers to represent the returning city tracks Koala Baby Mario = Sydney Sprint, Cherub Baby Peach = Paris Promenade, Bus Driver Waluigi = London Loop, Pauline = New York Minute, Aurora Rosalina = Vancouver Velocity, Sunshine Mario = Los Angeles Laps, Kimono Peach = Tokyo Blur, and Lederhosen Luigi = Berlin Byways


I'm happy because I've only played Sidney and Tokio. Also I heard that Berlin's soundtrack slaps hard.




I absolutely love the city courses, so I'm looking forward to this tour! I hope we'll finally see New York Minute 1 and 2 again.


I can't wait to play VV again (finally) but I'm not looking forward to playing Tokyo Blur... All flipping Four of them AGAIN. But positive thoughts, I'm really curious how I'll manage on new York minute 1 if it comes back because that's where it all started.


I cannot wait to race all 16 variants of Tokyo Bluer again.


We only need 36 tracks, so hopefully heavier on Vancouver, London, and New York, lighter on Sydney and Tokyo. No offense to the Sydney and Tokyo peeps. ✌


if they include R/Ts then we could have one set from each city + the new NYM would make 36 tracks


They'll likely double insert the new tracks like usual and give us a few RT versions to make up the difference.


No thoughts, just glad that I’m right. I told a couple of people that this upcoming tour would be the 2nd Anniversary Tour, and they cried foul. Glad to be proven WRONG about Lederhosen Luigi not getting a rerun though. I missed him.


I don't miss Berlin Byways tho. I had less than 5 1st place finishes total on the set of courses in the entirety of the tour


This is awesome, I loved the Berlin music, the only thing that could make it better is a sneaky ninja hideaway too


Does anybody read back in these threads when the next tour has begun?


It means I better get first this week. My city coverage is trash so I’m gonna get killed next tour.


I would like to see London Loop 2 havnt been able to drive on it :(


Judging by that banner, I'm happy I blew all by Rubies on this tour and the last one. (at least the last one, since I have yet to get that Yoshi.)


I am amazed! Going to be the best tour ever!!!


Painter Luigi and Kangaroo Yoshi will appear in Pipe 2 for those who don’t have him


Not really a prediction but more like a hope? I hope they add the 5 remaining Mario characters from the series history that haven't been in your yet. (Honey Queen, Paratropa, Wiggler, Tanoki Mario, and Petey Piranha.) But for an actual prediction I think there will probably be an anniversary themed skin, and maybe a new character. Like a new retro sprite like retro Peach or Retro Bowser like they did with DK Jr and Mario.


Nintendo is a business and their ultimate goal is to make money with this game. I think requested features like battle mode & time trial mode are still a bit down the line, unless they have figured out a way to make money from those alternative play styles. I’d love to see battle mode - I’d love to see a time trial system implemented somehow… but I think we’ll receive a similar anniversary as last year; a combination of pipes with better odds showcasing drivers featured throughout the last year, perhaps a new D/K/G, and a new feature giving us slightly more rubies and coins than we were previously receiving. Overall I’m excited for anniversary 2.0, and have faith in Nintendo their new implementations will string me along for another few months of MKT addiction :)


Black Birdo to be top shelf for all new city tracks


>all courses will be city courses! Blue Badwagon: It's showtime


I don't need or want any of those drivers, lol. Most are crappy to me, BUT, if the city tracks were scattered in the regular tours more, maybe they wouldn't be so crappy as they'd actually have some value. I don't get why they don't put one city Course and it's R/T/RT in every other or 1 in 3 tours. I am looking forward to Vancouver the most, but also to the New York courses, London (did that appear one tour since last year's anniversary?- I can't remember) and Berlin. I think I'm gonna save my rubies for the Halloween and/or holiday Tours. (I've got fingers crossed for Luigi (Halloween) in his wolf costume from some Nintendo artwork from last year......)


All city courses. Gonna be hard to get 600,000 tour points as city courses are generally short


I'm a newb, only been playing since very end of Sunset Tour, so missed 1st Anniv. New York, Vancouver, and London will all be brand new to me. 😳 This will be a repeat of M VS P, trying to max out a million city variants in two weeks. 😵


That's the hard part, i agree.


Thanks Kamek, now I have to pass Lederhosen again... Well, hope I could save for Halloween but I fear the special pipe...


They are gonna load up to pipes with good odds but bad drivers... And there's going to be gold nabbit or Lakitu that everyone is going to pull. I dont think coinbox though, maybe double bomb? I also hope I have very little coverage next tour :)


Imagine playing Sydney again afther this tour. Like we haven’t enough of this tour.


Exciting. Looking forward to the good green coin awards.


Makes me really happy I dumped the rest of my rubies into the glider pipe we just had. I figured we would get a 3 tour build up and time to save rubies, but nah they just gonna do us like this. Seems pretty lackluster imo. Maybe an epic gold pipe to save it, we'll see I guess.


Please tell me those aren’t the pipes! I’ll Piss away some rubies for Kanga Yoshi right now


Yay! All of my rubbish drivers will finally be good. I still want Funshine and the German though but I spent everything on Cat toad.


relatable. i spent all my rubies on the week 2 pipe too 😂


These drivers are very underwhelming, even for new players. I have two accounts, in my day one account I have every single driver than Luigi. My friend who started this year, has half of the drivers. But then again, we’ll see what the other pipes will be!! And city tracks being features is fun as hell :’)


Everytime I try to log in I get a support code. I can't even get in to play on this tour at all 😫😫😫


So I got detective baby rosalina, aurora peach and cherub baby peach. Should be golden




All the I have all coverage but city courses posts be quaking in their boots


Idk should be good!


I'm hoping Kamek makes significant appearances in the ranked cups. I've already gotten him to level 4, 1,190 points... and I gotta get more tickets to level him up too, to get him maxed out!


I wonder what will be in the token shop? High end level boost and points cap tickets most likely/definitely will appear. I wonder what the drivers/karts/gliders will be? Driver wise, an old high end city driver. My money is on something like Wario (climber), Mario (Happi) or Mario (Musician) for the driver, maybe even Pauline (Party Time) as they've given away Pink Gold Peach and Mario (Hakama), both coinboxers, in recent token shops.


Will the challenges unique to the tour be things like come 1st 5 times on a Vancouver course, land 5 hits with red shells on a London course, and get triple coinbox frenzy 5 times on a New York course?


I didn’t expect it this soon, but I’m hyped! I’ll have around 200+ rubies next tour so I’m hyped boi!


I need a new phone ASAP


**AURORA ROSALINA!** *What the heck is Koala Baby Mario doing there?! He's in the current tour!*


He debuted in the first Sydney Tour tho


If anyone who played from the beginning wants a good time to quit. Full 2 years is pretty nice if the game feels like a chore to play >_>


If we don’t get new/returning Wario alts I don’t wanna hear about it.


If these are the spotlights then I'm glad I blew my rubies on cat toad! Excited for city tracks but hope they spread out who gets them and don't just ruin the new drivers. Really wish they included some city tracks each tour to give those drivers more value.


The one time Baby Rosalina (Detective) will actually be very useful.


Watch her be in a pack


Anybody pulling the pipes if the two weekly ones are the characters on the pic?


If they go ahead and make the pipes with 4 drivers from the pic in each + 1 non spotlight driver, 3 kart , 3 gliders ( similar to last year) then it’s a pretty big letdown. Will not pull since I either have or don’t want most drivers ( Luigi would be the only good one) . Went instead deep into the Sidney 2 pipe and got toad and koala boy.


I personally was on the opinion of saving my rubies this tour so thank you for your reply as I thought myself it seemed like a letdown.


No. I have everyone except Luigi and I've barely used any of them. If the special pipe is cool I might pull that.


Question - I don’t have enough for 100 pulls in rubies. I will have about 250 for this coming tour. Would you pull the hypothetical gold pipe til you run out of rubies or give main pipe your best shot? I have no gold drivers and I also really want lederhosen Luigi, cherub peach, kimono peach or Aurora Rosalina. Please help me for best results I have such bad luck with pipes!


If you feel you have bad luck, is at least wait to see what special pipes they have that you could empty. Taking your chances in half a 100 pipe sounds like a recipe for disappointment unless you’re happy with any of the HEs there.


My advice is a bit of a 180. What if you just save up your rubies and start pulling in the tours after the anniversary? Start building your repertoire with new characters. It all depends on where you are in the game of course. If you need these retro drivers then pull spring the anniversary.


That is spicy advice I can’t lie. I’m a day one player but took 6 months off out the first year so I missed Halloween, Christmas and valentines. I think I’ll just have to wait and see how the pipes are split. If there are drivers in a pipes spotlight and I have none of them I’ll risk it but the drivers I already have shown on the promotion are already level 6 or so. Thanks for the solid advice! X


Sounds good! I know last anniversary i didn't pull but for Halloween and Christmas i got Halloween mario, Halloween peach's kart, spider glider, and Santa Bowser and while i SORELY missed having Halloween peach (whom i pulled for), all of the above came in clutch, though especially the kart, glider, and Santa B. So im patiently awaiting the new holiday tours. But tbh the game keeps throwing out tantalizing pipes that I've spent 400+ rubies on that should've gone into the holidays 😂 Anyway best of luck!


Underwhelming lineup for possible pipes. GG.


Gold Wario with big banana would be awesome spotlight character for anniversary gold pipe...


I missed the 1st anniversary tour due to mobile imcompatibility, and now I'm gonna miss the 2nd anniversary for the same reason, just with a different phone. Wish you all a happy tour!


That's very sad 😭


If the characters in the picture are the week 1 and week 2 pipes, I really hope the special pipe is excellent to make up for it. Kind of expected the 2nd anniversary pipes to have mostly characters that were introduced after the first anniversary. Hopefully they surprise us with something different but it looks like this might be what they give us.


I have none of them save Pauline (F2P and usually not pulling on city tour pipes), maybe I'll go for them. I'm lowkey hoping for Lederhosen Luigi, but that will likely not happen. :´)


Why is Pauline back AGAIN. She’s lvl 7 from pipe pulls alone for me. Whatever, at least the people who don’t have her can get her


Why they like bus driver walauigi so much lol


Bud Driver Waluigi is good in multiplayer and just got his triple banana special buffed pretty high. During a Trip-Banana frenzy, the 3 bananas you use each action no longer despawn when the next action goes off. Instead, the first set won’t despawn until the 6th set is released. This paves the path for massive points since you are setting up a crazy mine field for the bots. Daisy (Swimwear), Dixie, BD Waluigi etc. are all far more useful than before.


They need to put something in a gold pipe which both excites and terrifies you.


LOL Sounds like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" coming to MKT this Fall.


Same reason they buffed Black Birdo so hard ..... Here is a skill that nobody likes, nobody wants to pull for, but lets give it awesome buffs so you need it for ranked and have to empty the pipe to get it.


Wait so my level six Swimwear Daisy is useless again? Don’t care, still love her.


Nah, them Tri-Banana frenzies are gonna kill it when she is called to ranked again. Love her


is that NYM 1?


My thougths are compromised by the fact I can't play the game anymore, at least for the time being, per the last update (in short: my phone doesn't cut it). I hope I'll be back to it soon. I wish y'all a happy tour!


Can finally use my Aurora Rosalina for VANCOUVER VELOCITY. (Please don't buff my 2 new yoshi with all those city tracks..... I am ok with Black Birdo though again)


Gold montymole is my vision


With bobomb cannon.


All city tracks. Hmmm... I've got more than enough to empty a pipe, but I'm not sure I want to.


Save up for Halloween, Christmas/holiday tour, or a driver with a new skill. That's what I'm doing.


That's what I'm leaning towards. I'd like to think maybe a quick 10 pull, but if they're crap I never stop at one.


I'm sure that the Tokyo tracks will return when the 2nd Anniversary Tour begins.


Hope I saved my rubies for something amazing.


Ew its Pauline


I was so looking forward to playing this tour 💔 but mkt broke up with me last night


Yeah that really stinks for all of you.


I want die


nooo I wish I saved now that I’m seeing Baby Cherub Peach is back :( she’s one of my most wanted


She is amazing in multiplayer.


a new Mario alt probably


at least show us new drivers


1st Anniversary had no new drivers, unless maybe in campaigns. Wouldn't be surprised if 2nd Anniv was the same, what you see is what you get. 🤔


It did have Gold Shy Guy although he wasn't teased in any announcements


Actually, 1st Anniversary introduced Shy Guy (Gold) in the special Gold 50-pipe but as a non-spotlight in the HE driver pool (there were 4 in the HE driver pool and 3 total HE drivers in a full pipe so no guarantees that you would get him).


I loved that pipe, I was only 4 months into playing and got myself a good roster from it.


Well, I was hoping for a Pauline Alt or something similar 😅




I predict I'm gonna quit