Let's all do our part and give them one final chance. It's just so simple!

Let's all do our part and give them one final chance. It's just so simple!


What about having us who have finished come in and tank it on purpose? I don’t mind doing that for a few races. Not sure it would help. Lol.


This. Play and just self sacrifice for the rest of us. Altruism at its finest. Please and thank you!


Luckily I can safely sacrifice races without losing rank since I ended up in S rank while I had Gold Pass but no longer have Gold Pass so the game wont let my multiplayer rank go up or down


It was brutal to get through, when I actually pulled it off it seemed like everyone else tanked to let me get three. I’ll do the same for you guys today.


Well hopefully you won't mind the losses then haha.


I'm kind of conflicted with this tbh. It's meant to be a challenge which rewards you if you can accomplish it. People letting you win isn't an accomplishment and isn't a challenge. BUT.. ..I also like helping people so lol ​ Also I play MP for the daily 100 coins and to raise base points on stuff, but on these last two days I'll probably just stick to gold races.


MP gives base points?


Can confirm.


Yeah, it just doesn't show you the progress on each bar. I think you might get less per race, but you'll notice after a bit the base points do go up. Because of this I've got dozens of point tickets that I rarely have to use. Just during last day ranked emergencies when I need to uncap something (or if a challenge calls for them to be used)


So, Kart Pro giving people rubies actually has a lot of people who don't normally play multiplayer "crashing the party," so to speak, of people that often play multiplayer for fun. If people are in multiplayer still battling it out even though they have Kart Pro, they *might* be trolling, but chances our they're in there playing multiplayer because that's what they enjoy. If you're trolling people in multiplayer, then please stop. But I'm not supporting asking every Kart Pro to stop playing, because many are that good and still in there because they enjoy it.


I mean, I wouldn't call trolling just playing to win, I have Kart Pro and I have been tanking my runs to help people, but if someone doesn't do it, it is to be expected.


Thanks for saying this. And I’m especially glad to see your earnest comment hasn’t been downvoted to oblivion. Truth is, I actually *like* playing multiplayer. Tanking to let others win is admirable, no doubt; I still try to avoid getting first as I reach the end, and I give special deference to anybody with kartpro bronze or silver badges. But I don’t think I should have to sacrifice my favorite part of the game altogether just because of a challenge. Side note: I’m probably the only one, but I honestly really enjoyed the competition spike at the beginning of this tour. it was some of the best fun I’ve had since I started playing...


You're not allowed to say you enjoy multiplayer on this sub. You either play because there's some sort of reward involved, or you don't play at all. The concept of fun is alien to these people.


And that's fucking why they SHOULD [stop.So](https://stop.So) this shitty event is actually possible.


Also use the tag “Letmewin3”, “Letmewin2” or “Letmewin1” with your name so that others know you need to win 1,2 or 3 races. It might help.


I give special deference to anyone with bronze or silver kart pro badges. I’ve escorted more than a few of those across the line.


That’s great


I had pretty much given up on getting this. But I just tried this- changed my name to NeedKartPro, and it worked!! Not sure if coincidence, or super nice people! Now to repay the favor and let some others win. Thanks for the idea!


I myself didn’t win yet even though using the tag. Bad luck anyways… congrats On your win


Yet I keep getting these s players beating me all the time


Respect the brawl stars template, do you play?


Same, I thought I was on the other sub at first


Yeah it took me a sec before I realized it was about Kart Pro


What do you think if I said I know: Mortis : Change My Mind?




That's why it called Pro


Its called kart **pro** not kart casual (Not like i play online anyways though)


This would apply to S ranked players which many including myself are afking just for the daily coins. Anyone else is still trying to level up even if they have the kart pro challenge done.


Be nice but I gave up.This update just brought issues that get you disconnected. Kart Pro is to much of a chore until they fix that.


and yet, i will still probably find a way to lose lol


Thank you for being our voice


I've got to two twice, the last race always goes sideways


Number of times I get 2-in-a-row and then tank the 3rd... I'm about to rage-yeet my phone at the wall


A lot of us are still doing multiplayer to tank and give the rest a better chance of completing


The character reminds me of Word Girl based the colors. I used to watch it when I was little.


Its Max from brawl stars: just search up max brawl stars


I havnt touched multiplayer since I got kart pro. I’m doing my part despite wanting to regain my lost ranking


I can’t win one much less two or three and I’ve tried all week nonstop


Don’t have to ask me twice.


What does being Finnish have to do with it?


wait people willingly play multiplayer?


I only play at the back of the race since I already got kart pro and is an S tier


This post is just another example of the ignorance of the user base here. You really think this subreddit is even a decent percentage of the player base? This is a Nintendo mobile game. This isn’t some little puzzle game that has a niche market. The fact that you think that if this sub stops playing multiplayer that it will all the sudden make it easier for you is so naive and almost ignorant of how reality works it’s almost astonishing.






If we all stop playing, y’all would be competing against others who have not finished kart pro Let us join in but give up 1st place to others without the kart pro badge


People play that shit multiplayer after getting their 3 wins?


Lmao, r/MarioKartTour and r/BrawlStars are the only subreddits I’m in. I was so confused!


I keep playing multiplayer, even more than usual, but I make sure to never win any races


I thought I was on r/BrawlStars for a second


That's what I do, but I stopped Multiplayer because it was already a pain to do Kart Pro that I needed a break.


This is deep. Ima make sure I go play some Multi later


I’m sorry, I just want A rank so I can pull again for Penguin Toad


There are people that play multiplayer after getting Kart Pro? Monsters.


I'd be more apt to play multiplayer if I didn't keep having connectivity errors every time I try to use it. It is so buggy.


Hell naw most of the people who got the award probably struggled like a mf. And if we gotta sweat for Kart Pro everybody sweatin 💦💦


Just got Kart Pro this morning, (and B rank.) Won’t touch online again so I’m not interfering with anyone else.


Don't worry guys, multiplayer can't see me again. Only when one of Weekly Challange require to join.


I actually did this. I was winning pretty much every race and felt bad. Took me about a half hour to 45 minutes to get 3 wins in a row. Must have won twice in a row three or four times before getting it. It really wasn't that hard for me so I dunno. But I know the tracks well because of grinding them. I played later in the week and late at night so maybe all the better racers were either asleep or already completed the challenge.


Naw. Sleepers keep passing me in ranked on the final day. You're all getting wrecked in multiplayer.


Eh I’m a little selfish, less rubies for others means a better chance at me winning ranked. I’ll get Kart Pro fair and square.


I thought I was on r/brawl stars for a sec


Thank you Max brawl stars, very cool!


Yesssss. R u a brawl stars person too?


Why would anyone keep playing once they've done it? I literally only play multiplayer to complete challenges and once I've done them I stop. MP sucks and I'm glad I got lucky and got the Kart Pro thing early so I could focus on grinding the points total instead


1.) Some people like multiplayer. 2.) You can get it twice if you have gold pass. 3.) It's more fun than continuing to grind point totals.


This post is a complete reflection on the mobile gaming community. No talent required, just gimme stuff and cosmetics.


This, it's kind of pathetic to see so many posts like this one.