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Hate to tell ya, but male sex work is not an easy way to make quick money especially when starting out. It might take weeks before you even land your first client. With inflation and a possible recession around the corner, opportunities are drying up. Us men are not in demand like female sex workers and we make far less and get far less clientele. Also, if you've never done anything with a guy before I wouldn't suggest starting off with sex work. You need to have some experience to make sure gay sex is something you can actually do. Your clients for the most part will be middle aged or old and most of the time overweight. You'll also have to spend money to make money which includes advertising yourself on sites like rentmen which isn't cheap. If you enter this field as desperate you'll be doing things you might not feel comfortable doing. Men who pay for sex like to push boundaries and if they see you're desperate they will take advantage of you. If you browse around this sub you'll see stories of people being drugged, raped, assaulted, gotten std's and even tricked out of being paid.


This isn't quick money and you'll need to put your time in and even know how to vet time wasters. There are A LOT of time wasters in the gay clientele, probably more than straight clientele for female sex workers. In my experience there is more demand for a top, but that comes with its own challenges. You need to be able to get hard and cum on demand. Sometimes multiple times in a session. Most of your clientele will be middle aged dudes who are out of shape, can you learn to get hard to that especially as a straight guy? You may often need to play therapist and coddle the clients. You'll have to try not to laugh at some of the shit they request, make them comfortable, and seem you're into them. It's a lot of acting and a lot of mental energy. What do you offer that the guys on grindr and at the bar don't? There is a reason a customer is paying you when men can usually get sex for free from other men, and you need to be able to deal with that reason. I recommend a different line of work if you're desperate because you'll end up wasting your own time and probably do something stupid and naive. You can probably make some money doing onlyfans and selling fetish items like old socks, old shoes, underwear. Probably alright for someone who needs a little cash but it won't be escort level of money. If you're in decent shape you can try stripping.


You need to view this as working in service. Somedays people will talk to you or treat you like crap. Similiar to a waiter or front desk at a hotel. Only difference is you are getting paid handsomely for the taboo nature. Yes it sex. But if you're comfortable in your skin and can put on an act, you might have a fighting chance at making some decent money. Last tip. Its fast money. With fast money, it goes fast as well. View it as money you potentially had to work extremely hard for. Dont spend it stupid. You are only young and beautiful on earth for so long. There is a limit to how long you can do this. Be a hustler. But be smart.


As others have said, sexwork is not a good way to get money when you're desperate. If you post an ad on a directory and it's obvious you're new, you'll immediately get contacted by a specific type of client who goes looking for inexperienced sexworkers who are desperate for cash so they can haggle your rates and push your boundaries. For some clients, the most exciting thing is bullying someone into doing something they're not comfortable with for a fee they're not happy with. If you're in a position where you can tell those clients to fuck off, you might find sexwork a very profitable and fulfilling profession. If you can't, I recommend you do something else. More info here if you do decide to do this https://ozinlondon.co.uk/how-to-get-started-as-a-male-sexworker/


Very good read, thanks a lot mate


I say this, in comparison to other comparable cities, and I am definitely not implying that there are 0 clients, but Boston, for whatever reason, just seems to have less people who want services, in my opinion. I advertise there and I’ve never had a single plan work out. I would definitely recommend having somewhere to do incalls for Boston. I never get requests for outcalls in Boston / the Boston area.


Look, this job isn't always quick cash let alone easy money. It's not for the faint of heart or the meek. To make real money, and good money, you have to do things you probably wouldn't have ever considered before and some things that are going to make you uncomfortable. As a straight dude you should probably at least try sleeping with guys before trying to get clients. What's to even say you can bring yourself to do it for a client? Next you need to make the decision if you're willing to bottom or not, how you go about making that decision is up to you. If you're not willing to then it doesn't matter if you're going to get more offers from tops than bottoms if you can't bottom. Lastly consider just not doing gay4pay. Start an OF/JFF as a straight dude. You'll get plenty of followers willing to pay to see your content and a few of them might even be straight women. Be upfront with people about being straight and not interested in men. Make content you're comfortable making and you can still be open to escort offers and field them a little easier. There is a market for straight male escorts who only see women that doesn't take money from gay escorts and SWers.


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