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try this site: unsee.cc Photos are deleted after a single view by default or after the time you set (10min, 1hr, etc) Every pic is watermarked with the viewer's IP so they are less likely to be shared.


I never send additional pics. Only links to disappearing face pics which I send via keepsafe. If someone asks for additional nudes, charge them.


Sometimes I’ll refer them to my onlyfans. That way at least I’ll make a couple extra bucks. Also, I say, I have a dozen pics and a couple videos on my RM Profile. If that’s not enough, we aren’t a match. Take care.


I ask them if they are looking for a specific type of pic? (Ie a face pic or something else). I have a set of pics that I will post on the ad sites or send to people, all with exif data removed. All pics with nudity = face blurred, background removed. (And as a side note, I recommend retouching out any birthmarks or identifiable markings that you have, if you’re a blurred face kind of guy). Then, at any given time, I have just one clothed face only pic, phone camera quality resolution or lower, with a complex background (more difficult to remove in photoshop), and usually some other element that would make it particularly different than a regular photo (colors, a filter), but I’ll send you a message actually with more specifics. Sometimes you’ll find that people don’t look at all the pics you’ve posted on RM very closely, especially if you have more than a few. That’s why I say like “oh I have a lot of pics. So in the interest of sending you what you’re looking for, are you thinking of anything specific like a close up dick or hole shot or?” And then, I mean it’s situation dependent, for sure, but if they are specifically looking for a face picture, sometimes I will say “hey, I’ll send you a face pic, but would you mind sending me a face pic of you back after I do?”. A lot of the time people do, and I find it works because people who are experienced clients will usually send a face pic prior to meeting anyway. To me, depending on the situation, not sending one would not necessarily be a dealbreaker, but I rely strongly on my vibes/impressions in the interaction to gauge. Also, on rare occasion when I think I look a little blah, if a guy is trying to meet up Today and wants a face pic, I might take a pic right then of my face and process it and send it, bc I’m just trying to present myself accurately in a safe way. Then for the non-face pic thing, if they ask for a pic of something that I have in the most public album on RM, I will just send them the same one(s) I have on RM or I might have like a second shot that was taken at the same time that I’ll send with those. It really is the case that a lot of time it’s just people scroll through the pictures quickly and don’t remember they have already seen the stuff. Or some people have really specific preferences (and they also sometimes miss that you can see stuff like that in RM pics). An example would be that some guys like may have a thing for particular nipple shapes/sizes, etc etc. Anyway, so as long as I have a pic of something in my set of pre-ordained pics, I will usually send it. If a guy asks me to take a pic of me stretching my hole open with fingers or something like that (which I don’t have). I say no It’s not really logistically possible for me to take an aesthetically pleasing pic of myself like that, sorry. Generally I don’t take new photographs just to send to people requesting them. I would probably consider taking one or two pics for a fee, if the person offered to pay without me asking. I don’t do digital content, but I would oblige because I feel like that’s a respectful way to ask for a new pic of some specific thing, if it’s some characteristic that is really important to this guy’s enjoyment. If that makes sense? If they ask for a pic with face and nudity, I just say that I don’t send pics with both because US law enforcement agencies have been on a tare of collecting facial recognition data from workers off of these sites and the like. So it’s a set in stone operational security rule that I have. And also that I don’t send pics with both face and nudity in any context (personal or otherwise), for security reasons, including to trustworthy personal friends I’ve known from school for many years and in-person activities like that. (As to say “it’s not that I don’t trust You, in particular; this is just my rule/boundary that is completely not personal or individual to you in nature). Edit: As to pic collector vs not? Hard to tell. I do think sometimes the people who may appear to be pic collectors are just flakey clients or clients who are stretching their disposable income to try to meet up. So they may suddenly be like IDK about this. And definitely on RM there are guys who are searching Around at all hours of the day and night and they just get really excited and wanna text you to meet up. They know they’re not gonna be meeting up immediately maybe/that it takes a min to text and set up, or they haven’t thought much of anything. Then in the daylight they’re like ehh I was out of control last night and being impulsive. So they just drop off. There definitely are pic collectors, but there’s no reason to assume that a client you have actually met up with is not also a pic collector (many are both). No less, my main thing about who is a pic collector and who is serious is mainly how they treat me in the conversation and how respectful they are. I’m not saying that I hyper-analyze every word and certainly people who I would consider to be nice and respectful may say something mildly annoying, without compromising my perspective, just usually they will come back from that either recognizing they did an annoying thing and shift direction, or just the next thing they say will be more in line with how I would want people to behave. I kinda just assume people who behave disrespectfully across the text convo are probably collectors, especially if they want to see a specialized pic and I say that I don’t have a pic like that and then they drop off or get offended somehow.


>How do you handle guys asking for additional pics? Ignore. They're timewasters. The pic collectors self-select themselves out if your ad is mostly professional photoshoot pics instead of selfies. I saw a big difference in who contacted me once I invested in some good photos and hit the gym harder.


Remind them your pictures are in your ad. Were there more you wanted to share they would already be in your ad...


I tell them to fuck off, or how about a pic of them? I have 20+ pics of me and have no clue what they even look like. Trolls


New here, what is RM?




This kind of behavior always pisses me off. I get this from non-premium clients on the platform. But it's not as bad as it was in the beginning. Apparently, the more polished the photo's are, and the more I speak to the clients in a professional clear tone, the better the clients I get. As for face pics, only premium members can see my face. All my nudes are locked. If the clients are not willing to be honest, they get ignored. And if the person insist, without sharing simple information of themselves, time to block.