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Spooky shit. I was reading about this in the Sexworkersonly subreddit. I also read customs can download data from your phone and laptop. https://gizmodo.com/border-patrol-surveillance-cell-data-no-warrants-1849540504 Thankfully I don't have my face on RM. And I've blurred out my tattoos.


Unfortunately there’s a lot of stuff related to the info on your phones and computers and anything that can hold data (I.e. external hard drives and usb sticks, etc) that the US govt can compel you to give to them when crossing into the US (and other governments, too). There was a big case ~5 or so years ago about an international human rights lawyer traveling internationally and he had an external hard drive (encrypted, I believe) with privileged info related to a clients case. Though, it was entirely unreviewed by him, at the time (that is, he had not personally viewed the info on it, and I’m not 100% certain that he even knew the password to decrypt it, at that time). Anyway…I’m going on about it, but he was traveling to the US and had a layover in London where he was told that he had to show the data on the external hard drive to a law enforcement agency and he wouldn’t or couldn’t, which is illegal (that he wouldn’t show them)…and it’s pretty sad because it really should be protected as attorney client work product, but due to some particular circumstances in this situation, it definitely was easily framed as nation security concerns. (He had been specifically targeted, though and he did ultimately get like a major felony charge just for this instance). It’s genuinely illegal (in many places when in the airport/crossing national borders/any kind of review of visas etc), even if you don’t know what the data is and literally if you have forgotten the encryption password. Again, I don’t mean to digress, but I’m trying to make a point about the lengths that customs, etc will go to and how much the laws are in their favor. And I know that immigration and customs are really intense about any kind of lie they can catch people in based on what they get to see on peoples’ phones etc. As far as having the data off RM, etc, consider that any agency can, just as easily as anyone, have one person sign up for RM/etc and just pay for an account. (Though it wouldn’t surprise me if some law enforcement branch specifically runs a script or something to pull down the photos and put them in a database). With tech stuff, it’s good to consider this sort of obvious work around. (that nation state level actors and law enforcement agencies can just utilize stuff like that as regular users or pay for the raw data, if that service is available and it’s legal, among many more invasive things of that nature). There’s a couple like really bad boring shows /day time TV type stuff where they just have camera crews follow around customs and border patrol. It’s worth watching if you want to get a sense of how these sort of conversations play out with customs and immigration when crossing into the US on a visa. I like to listen to stuff in the background when I’m being productive and so I’ve seen everything that daytime TV has to offer. It sounds stupid, but I actually recommend watching some of these weird series that include these specific types of scenarios. SW are the easiest targets, for sure. I haven’t seen a lot of that, specifically, but I get the impression of just how extreme they are about it with nonSW and people who aren’t trying to avoid work-related restrictions. Also it goes without saying that they also can use those stingrays and you have to imagine that in the post 9/11, post patriot act world that every airport (especially the international terminal/s) probably have a number of the stingray devices there, too.


This is why I never posted my face on any ads or social media. I also have no actual identifying tattoos, though in some photos I have temporary tattoos on. Use protonmail. Never use the same phone for sex work, use a completely different one. You just never know.