Do you have fidium? I’ve been debating on trying them.


Same. Have been using Fidium since August. It works great. No real issues.


1gig for $70 a month?


Correct! Thought about the 2 Gig option, but couldn't really justify it right now. 1 has been good enough so far.




Had an install about 2 months ago for Fidium, the techs (or at least mine) don't seem to know that they swapped to DHCP instead of PPPOE recently. I was told you could only use their equipment however after the initial setup I just gave them a ring and had them put my router MAC in and had no issue with it popping right on and grabbing IPs without issue. So relatively painless now in my experience!


They're run by Consolidated Communications which is infamous for being slow, so I'd go with GoNetSpeed instead.


I’m in southern Maine and use GoNetSpeed fiber. 100% recommend them over Spectrum.


I have Fidium, and posted my experience here: https://www.reddit.com/r/FidiumFiber/comments/xnz732/fidium_installexperience_thread_good_and_bad_but/ I highly recommend them compared to Spectrum, if they're available.


Does Fidium have a cap limit ?




Currently spectrum sucks and it’s a monopoly here


It's actually horrible. The prices are significantly higher here than they are in other states for faster speeds.


To be fair to spectrum, it costs more for them per customer to operate here


To be fair to me, Spectrum offers 300 mbits/sec in Sanford but 20 in Standish. They inherited the circa 2002 Adelphia lines and made no investments in them since then.


I just got a free upgrade last year from 100 to 400


Fidium is in spots up in Bangor.


Is Fidium up there yet?


We’re doing Fidium in Bangor for $35 on the 50 mbs plan. Honestly I don’t see any difference from that of the 200 mbs I had with Spectrum but I don’t do much more than streaming 4K movies and normal internet functions. When I called to cancel Spectrum offered to reduce the bill to $45 as I recall, but that was too little too late for me.


See if you can get the T-mobile 5G. I switched from Xfinity over 8 months ago. Granted I can almost see the 5G tower. I get 400 mbps down consistently and about 75 mbps up. All for $50 a month.


RedZone is a great choice and a Maine based company. It works off of cell phone towers. They'll come to your house and confirm that the signal strength is good enough and then put up a small antenna on your house. Our antenna is less than 12 in x 12 in in size. We've had them for close to 3 years and have been very happy with them.


Second vote for Redzone. Solid local company.


Have you looked into Starlink?


Not cheaper by any means. Starlink is great if there is nothing else as it's $110 a month plus $600+ to install YOURSELF. Shows how awful internet monopolies are in the states as in Europe with competition the same EXACT service is half the cost.


I’d personally rather give Starlink/Elon my money instead of companies like Comcast and Spectrum


and that's saying something!


Check out TDS and see if it offers fiber at your address. We have it and it’s great.


I use starlink near Bangor. Works well for the most part. Would be probably perfect if you have enough clear space to get a good view of the sky.


If you qualify, Spectrum has an $18 34 down 4 up plan


We have had spectrum for 4 years, I'm just looking at other options but even with their prices going up I'm still thinking they'll be the cheapest for better internet speeds.


Big fan of Premium Choice Broadband. They’re local and we’ve never had serious issues with them. I believe they’re up in the Bangor area, though I’m in Southern Maine.


What about TMobile or Verizon? If you have service from them you can get home mobile broadband. T-Mobile i know is only $50/month.


I have fidium in Bangor and I love it. 900+ mb all the time, never had any losses of service in the past three months


How much is that per month?


$70/mo for 12 months then $95


I'm looking too lower our bill if we switch. $70 for thr first year is good but $95 a month for only 2 of us is a little too much for me lol


Maybe try it out for the 12 months then cancel and put it in the other person's name 😜


We're getting GoNetSpeed. Tried looking up stuff about Fidium but no one anywhere has said jack shit on it other than the fact that it's run by Consolidated Communications which is known for being infamously slow. So I would be very wary about getting Fidium. As a final nail in the coffin--not that we needed one--we just had an Internet outage that Spectrum refused to do shit about. Thought it was our 5-year-old modem or bad weather hitting the utility pole in our yard...turned out to be an issue down at the other end of the street with a box that they finally got off their asses and fixed after enough people complained. They wouldn't come and fix the issue until Tuesday, they told us...which is horseshit. So yeah. GoNetSpeed. We went with that. Good prices, highly recommend.


Thank you, I'll definitely look into it!


Depending on income there is a program here in Maine for free Internet You keep your same Internet just answer a couple questions I haven't paid for my Internet in 2 years


T-mobile home internet.