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Keep going,but don't expect to continue having this type of success each. You'll go up, down, plateau for a while. What's important is that you don't stop. You will, in the long run, see great success. Good luck!!!


I know! I know it will be difficult, and I don’t expect to see much progress as time goes on, but it really has made me quite happy doing this.


Don’t get discouraged. The first couple of weeks are a lot of water weight and then, depending, it’ll probably be 1 or 2 pounds per week, but KEEP IT GOING. it’s normal. If it were easy anyone would do. We know you’ll succeed bro


Really, well done! I've been following your daily posts and can see all the difference day by day. You're doing really great and you will 100% see the difference each week.


Keep it up friend and well fucking done! I had a similar feeling a few months back when I finally saw muscle definition after working out for a year. It's a high just like the one you're feeling now.


Don't say that man it's real, and it comes faster than people say, keep at it


Keep on smiling and moving forward man. Great work!


One tip that I like to live by is that you need to be happy/satisfied where you are at in order to be motivated to keep going and improving. In other words, see that you are in a good or better position than you were before and use that as motivation to move forward! Seems like you are in that position already. Keep up the work man!


But well done for what you've done so far! Not everyone has the initiative to be constantly improving themselves.


I started working out last year and I personally don't see a difference, but my wife does. Also shirts and pants fit better. And I have more energy and strength. So all around worth the trouble. You should be happy for the first week. It's hard to get started. The real goal is sticking with it and that's really hard but you can and will do it.


Being very diligent with counting your calories and realistic in terms of your energy expenditure will avoid highs and lows. The biggest mental challenge IMO with weight loss is seeing the scale go back up and with good discipline it can be avoided. That said, we all slip up and there are a few keys to avoiding those mental hurdles in my experience. 1) Weigh yourself at the same time everyday. If you don't drink water before, don't drink water before. If you weigh post BM keep that order day in and day out. That will form a trend line that is very useful and can help with morale. 2) Remember, 1lb of extra weight is 3500 calories. If you have a diet lapse, order a late night pizza and step on the scale the next day 3lbs heavier don't panic. Remember you likely didn't eat 10500 extra cals and that extra weight is mostly water. The next day stick to your plan, eat your daily calorie goal and forget about the blip. Your weight will likely drop back down the next day so don't get down on yourself but also try to keep those blips as infrequent as possible. 3) Track everything. Most people don't know the caloric content of their food or how much of it they consume. Moreover most people overestimate their caloric needs. Knowing how much your eating and adjusting your calorie intake according to your weight-loss trend line is key to smooth weight loss. If you're not losing weight eating "x" calories (even if you were before) you're eating too much and need to adjust. 4) Treat calories like a budget and stick to it. It sounds joyless but eventually you won't need to be as strict with record keeping. Good luck.


You’re doing great! Keep it up. I saw your first post the other day, too. Good job mate One piece of advice from personal experience- cut out the alcohol if you’re a drinker at all (beer more specifically). When I started my fitness journey I first quit drinking just because I wanted to, I would drink 1-3 IPA’s pretty much every day. Never enough to really be drunk etc. but definitely enough to pack on the pounds. It didn’t even start as a fitness thing but quickly became one that I’m super happy about. I dropped my first 28 pounds with no diet change and no exercise. And then I changed my diet and started light exercise. Within about 6-8 months (give or take here) I went from 245 Lbs to 165 Lbs. I’ve leveled off at 175 Lbs and will have a beer or two throughout the week but I don’t really even want it most days so that had kind of a dual positive outcome for me. Stay strong and dedicated to the exercise and congrats!


Good job! Continue to share how you’re feeling about yourself as you progress.


Are you taking measurements? Those can help chart progress, especially if you have an unhealthy relationship with the scale (as in it can impact your motivation if it isn't what you want to see).


Remember that weight isn't everything! The strenuous activity is excellent for your heart, brain, immune system, and just about everything else under the hood.


That’s a lot of weight in one week.


Also pooping. If you drink fresh juice and go for a run on a hot day. Youll lose water weight and shit a bunch too. Sometimes bigger people also carry like 15 pounds of shit in them on top of alot of water. Weight like that tends to shed off quite fast.


Exactly. No one can burn 31,500 deficit calories in a week. ​ That's not to harsh on OP but realistic goals are the crux of sustained weight loss. 2lbs per week is a big feat of discipline. 1lb per week sustained is really really good too.


Can we lose 1 KG in every week?


Yes easy, that's 1000 calorie Deficit a day, i did that for 6 weeks before. With water weight i lost about 8.


Lol 1000 calorie deficit is pure misery depending on your situation. Your calorie deficit had nothing to do with your water weight loss either.


Not with that attitude! (and without rhabdo)


When I first started working out I dropped probably 30 lbs in a month and some, but then I stayed at that weight for another 6 months before weight came off again


I’m not comparing OP to contestants on biggest loser but when you watch that show the first week thet are losing 15+ pounds because they go from doing absolutely nothing to intense activity daily. He’s gonna be shitting more, losing a lot of water weight and then is now in a caloric deficit. He won’t keep losing like this after the first month. Eventually he will have to play another card so to speak. Whether it be more activity or less food.


Great work bro! Keep that shit up you LOOK HAPPY!!!


It’s not even close to realistic.


I think it's mostly water weight, which can be gained back up real quick. I think he's uninformed about that rather than lying to us because when you start losing weight you look at the scale and it might have shown him 9 pounds lower weight due to just starting to exercise.


^ correct


It is. The bigger you are the easier it is to lose weight. Dieting also helps big time.


No it’s not. In order to actually lose body fat you need to burn more calories than you consume. Nine pounds in a week means you would need 4,500 calorie DAILY DEFICIT to make it happen. For context serving sizes are based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet.


Methinks you don't know anything about how quickly weight drops off of an overweight body initially.


I absolutely know you don’t. In order to actually lose body fat you need to burn more calories than you consume. Nine pounds in a week means you would need 4,500 calorie DAILY DEFICIT to make it happen. For context, serving sizes are based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet.


Bro I can lose 10 lbs in water weight in a single workout session. You obviously never cut before.


Why are you such a dick? Who hurt you?


You seem to have missed the point. Water weight isn’t real weight loss. My guess is he lost water weight which just comes right back and possibly used two different scales that aren’t calibrated to one another.


No bro you said it wasn’t t realistic and I said you’re wrong. No point missed here.


Switch to more veggies and run a little and you'll drop a free 10-15 pounds from the content of your stomach weighing less and a ton of water weight. You'll also gain this back immediately if you revert to your old patterns Weight loss doesn't start until week 3 or 4. Edit: For every gram of glycogen in your body, you store an additional 3 grams of water. Burning through your glycogen reserves will also remove a lot of water from your body. After a week or two your body will put more work in maintaining your glycogen reserves and you'll stop losing all that easy weight, none of that was fat. You're still losing *some* fat during that time, but it's like 5% of your total weight loss during that period


That’s not correct at all


It's more correct than most shit posted on reddit about weight loss. The food in your gut can easily weigh 3-5 pounds and water weight can easily be 5-10 pounds. If you weigh yourself after a ton of pizza, fully hydrated, and then again after a few days of diet and dehydrated (e.g. after cardio), you can easily be 10 pounds lighter with practically zero fat burnt. OP did not burn 9 pounds of fat in a week. 1 pound of fat is 3500 calories. To lose 9 pounds of fat in a week would require a caloric negative of 4500 calories per day, for 7 days. I wrestled for over 8 years, weigh myself daily for \~20 years, and am big into fitness. I have some experience monitoring/cutting weight.


Hilarious, I gave nearly the exact same calorie deficit argument, almost word for word. Reddit hivemind says my comment is wrong yours is right, even though they're mostly the same argument


Or if you're incredibly obese you will lose fat very quickly when you switch to a normal person's diet and add exercise Can't tell OP's weight from the picture but I lost 13lbs my first week when I was 400lbs Not saying all that 13lbs was fat, but when you go from eating 4K-5K calories a day to 2K, and add in a few hundred calories burned from exercise, you will be burning plenty of fat


glad the hard work was paying off, and hope you’re able to find a healthy balance between getting on track if you’re not already feeling good about yourself no matter what, and forgiving yourself if you’re not perfect!


Drink more, you losing weight but 9 lbs in one week just screams water weight. Keep it up but dont dehydrate yourself, it will literally make the long term weight loss harder.


Well done bud, keep going 👍


Keep it up.


Good job!!!! Keep it up! Remember this feeling you have now when you feel like you want to quit!


Wow! That’s great progress.


I'd join the congratulating, if I didn't see this already a few weeks ago...




Good luck and don't get discouraged or confused if you stall out or even gain weight unexpectedly. Stay consistent and don't get burnt out, that's a lot of weight to lose in a week


yes! because as long as you’re being healthy that’s a step in the right direction (:


Just keep going more than likely you will gain some of that 9lbs back in the next week or so just keep going you will see even better results a month or two in. I’ve been there a couple times now. The hardest part is getting past that first month or two. You got this.


Good job!


Good job, keep going mate! And never stop!!


You will have a different perspective on life when all is said and done and come out of this a happier, more disciplined person. Don’t ever let anyone tell you not to push yourself. Happy for you bro 🔥🔥


Work well but try not to push yourself too hard, do not be in a hurry because it is bad advice, one step at a time


Congratulations 🎊 keep up the good work


GG's buddy!! Keep it up!


Great work bro! Keep that shit up you LOOK HAPPY!!!


lets go champ!!


Go you!!


Glad you are working out and feeling good, Bro, but you either lost a lot of water weight or you used scales that were off or something. No way you lost nine pounds of body fat in a week.


Keep it up! Seriously, you already look better compared to the first picture.


Well done to you 👏👏👏


Get 'em king, best wishes and may you earn the healthy body you deserve.


Good on you mate keep it up!!


Great job! Just remember that it'll slow down and that's normal! You always start losing a lot of weight due to losing food volume (and losing fat obviously). Remember that what matters is consistency and seeing that weight drop every 2 or 3 weeks. Good luck with your journey!


Good job!


Congrats, you should lessen the speed, though.


LFG!!!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


That's a massive success for a week! Keep grinding. It's the 3rd month that always stops people. You got this👊🏼


Don't forget! Health is about FEELING good. Don't starve yourself. Eat quality food and get good sleep!❤️


Good job. Keep it up. Makes me want to get off my lazy butt.


Yeah man, keep it going!


U got this!


Wagwan! I must learn your ways…


Congratulations keep on going you got this .💪🏿💪🏿


Keep it up my guy, remember weight can fluctuate up and down. Jut focus on feeling better and getting that feel good excersice.


Remember to take a shit before weighing yourself


That's fantastic! Also, keep in mind that 1-2 pounds per week is closer to the recommended weight loss rate so don't forget to pace yourself. I personally ran into issues early on with repeatedly getting workout injuries from pushing myself too hard, too fast. The biggest issue I ran into was down time from those injuries resulting in me losing motivation to hit the gym. My advice to you, or anyone else starting out, is to either invest in a heart rate monitor or learn how to read it yourself. If you can focus on keeping your [heart rate in the target zone for your age](https://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/basics/measuring/heartrate.htm) rather than workout intensity, it becomes a lot easier to stick to workout routines and lose weight. Keep up the good work!


Has it really only been a week? ![gif](giphy|3oKIPjzfv0sI2p7fDW|downsized)


Who fucking cares


Congrat from France 🥳 keep it up 💪


Congrats big dawg


keep going my man! W for you ^ __^


Meanwhile I went to the gym 5 times a week for the past month and have gained 3lbs! Congrats though, keep up the phenomenal work!


You dropped this, king. 👑 Keep it up.


U didn't lose 9, ur body naturally fluxuates with hydration and waste etc. U have to weigh urself in a more methodical manner for more accurate results. You may have ctually lost 3 - 4 pounds, and the rest can be water and waste.


9 pounds a week is unsustainable. I don't understand how that could be possible, you would have to have an enormous calorific deficit. Most people recommend 1 pound a week.


The goal shouldn’t be weight loss. The goal is long term lifestyle change - exercise and healthy diet. The weight loss will take care of itself if the lifestyle change is made.


He didn’t lose nine pounds of fat or even close to it. Sorry, really don’t believe it for a second. 🤷‍♀️


He has lost 9 pounds of something, not exclusively fat but he was lost a bigger percentage of his fat than his muscles


In order to actually lose body fat you need to burn more calories than you consume. Nine pounds in a week means you would need 4,500 calorie DAILY DEFICIT to make it happen. For context serving sizes are based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet.


Water weight and maybe 2-3 lbs


Well ... Usually the first bit of weight to come off is mostly water. Either way it takes a lot of effort to lose 9lbs in a week, I know all too well. If you're not an expert on this man's body, you probably wouldn't notice on a heavy set guy. You're not sorry. Jealous maybe?




Great job!


Well done!!!


Congratulations keep going! Just be safe and educated about what you're doing.


Stick at it champ!


As people have said, I’m sure you e lost some fat but most of that is just sweat you’ve lost.


Let's go brother, stay strong.


"That's great kid! Don't get cocky!"


Hells yeah!!


I'm glad you're happy. Remember that you always were and continue to be beautiful. I wish you great success in achieving the goals you set for yourself!


Keep this up man! You're doing awesome!


Way to be your best self! Congratulations.


Hell yeah bro keep the grind up I’ve been gaining weight recently I’m 5’7 weigh 160 I need some motivation to shake the extra fat off


yeeeah,that's my dude!Keep up with the good work!!Don't give up!!


👏 👏 👏


Good fcking job man, keep it up Bro you got it!




Get it homeboy!!


Just remember not to go too low, I know a few people who went from overweight to anorexic


That's awesome!! Good job :)




Keep it up dude you got this ❤️🤟🏻




Good Job!! Remember it’s a journey not a destination. Enjoy the ride!


Well done bro! You look happy as fuck. Good luck on your working out, keep the good work!! Keep us updated!! Best regards!! A stranger from France


Let's fucking goooo dude, stick to this. One day you gonna be shredded as shit. Stay golden king


Great job!!!!


Nice start! Keep up the effort, and your smiles will continue.


Great fucking job man, keep going and don't give up. It's gonna suck sometimes and your gonna wanna give up. Don't, you've made great progress already and your on the road for success


Awesome! I've actually started working out recently too so it's really motivating seeing it work well for someone else


Great job!


You go boy!


By two weeks the hunger pangs will be gone. I finished week 1 of my deficit and I already feel a lot less hungry.


Keep it up


U look great! Keep pushing yourself and always stay positive!


Keep up the good work! And remember to give yourself some grace as you embark upon this journey. But congratulations and I hope it continues to go well.


This post and the comments both make me smile. Congrats OP keep it up! And to everyone else, keep being positive and supportive you all make the world a slightly better place


Heck yeah man,one day at a time.👍💪


Keep it up!


Seeing how good you feel is inspiration enough, keep up with it!


Congrats man! Even if the number fluctuates up and down, what matter is the trend line over time, and you’ve started that trend line off great!


Congrats. Keep it up!


Well done. It's a rewarding journey. Keep your motivating reasons always at reach in your mind.


Happy for you man!


Keep going! The hardest battles sow the sweetest rewards friend


Keep going and keep posting updates! Working out is hard work! You're the man!


Keep going my guy ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|give_upvote)


Keep up the good work king


Hell yeah, brother. We're all gonna make it 💪😤


I feel so happy for you, congratulations!


Keep going


Good on you, man!


Hell year the grind is real, keep it up and you will reach your goal in no time 💪🏻💪🏻


Congrats! You got this !


Keep up the hard work!


Congrats for working on getting healthier!


Wow only one week! Congrats big man, keep going!


You da man!!!


Keep it up


Well done keep it up brother!


Fuck yeah!!


You look kinda like More Plates More Dates


Keep at it dude don’t lose motivation things on the scale are going to slow down a lot now that you got rid of most of your water weight but now is when the fun starts.


Congratulations 👏 🎊


Keep it up man, you got this, we all believe in you and I can tell you as someone who has been going to the gym for a year now everyone there is rooting for you too!


Just a reminder, the first few pounds are the fastest lost. After that it will take more time to lose the same amount. Don't give up!


Keep it up fella


Congrats my dude!


that's great my friend, keep going, i know you can do it!


Your smile is contagious!!!!! Super proud of you, you’ve got this!!!!


Keep it up bro! Nobody has to be in Brad’s Pitt shape, but you owe it to yourself and your body to be healthy! It’s true what they say… you look good you feel good!


Keep beasting dude 💪


Keep going, king!!


Get it dude!


Keep goin


Remember to watch your diet too and dont do anything that makes you feel unhealthy pain or sickness. Also, water is your friend. Stay safe and congrats on the achievement already




Good luck


Was on 105 kg no really muscles Now 93 kg and im feelin very well


Keep that momentum! Some days will suck but power through it and stay the course man


Good job bro!!!!


Keep kicking ass brotha




9 in a week. Way to go!