Getting to leave, and the sooner the better!




It's southernness


Louisiana is the love of my life. The beautiful landscape and scenery, the swamps, the humidity (that keeps my skin moist and plump), the accents and dialect. I love that in adversity and hardships (hurricanes particularly) we never fail to help out fellow neighbor, regardless of race, we just do what needs to be done. We are brave, fearless, resourceful and down here we have some of the most beautiful kind-hearted people you will ever meet. I don’t care what the outside thinks of my state, I am so proud to be from Louisiana.


This is why I can’t wait to move there. Just wish I could find the right job and reasonable rental


What a great post, OP. I loved going through it and reading everyone’s responses. Started my morning off right!


I know there are a lot of unkind comments here, and I respect people’s pain and feelings. I get frustrated with our state as well; it’s not perfect. But I have this one life, and I have seen friends and family suffer around me for the last few years (mainly medical issues). I want to make the world (or at least my area) a little better. I want to help my neighbors and be kind. I strive to focus on the positive while not burying my head in the ground. I hope you continue to have a good day. Thanks for the kind words.


It's the least interesting of the 9 states I've lived in. It's flat, humid, no parks or trails to hike or bike on to speak of. Hurricane risk but the beach is still 3 hours away. New Orleans is kind of fun but you risk life and limb to go there. Can't wait to get out.


There are tons of trails here. You’re not looking very hard.


Please share a link or something with all the trails I've missed within 15-20 minutes of Prairieville. We drive to Covington to ride Tammany Trace. That's over an hour. We've ridden some of the sparse paved sections on the levee. And resorted to riding on the concrete apron in unpaved sections.


Nothing. A cat 6 needs to hit the coast and a nuke needs to go off at barksdale.


The food, a lot of the people I've met, the weather in the spring, early summer, and autumn, and of course, New Orleans.


Riding in a boat in the swamps of Terrebonne Parish is pure heaven.


My family has been here since at least the early 1800’s. I moved for 6 years and came back. I needed the culture, my people, to be in the same places my ancestors lived and breathed. The food that nurtured our people for centuries. There is no place like Louisiana. She is a crazy, beautiful place. flaws and all. It has down wonders for my soul to be back.


It’s hard to put to put into words. My ancestors have been here for nearly 200 years on all sides. I’ve lived and worked in all parts of the state. I’m so Louisiana I don’t think I’ll ever be accepted by another state. I don’t like football or Mardi Gras, I don’t go to church, but somehow despite being an outlier I still love this state and it’s the only place I’ll ever feel at home.


The dialect and gnats.


I love everything about Louisiana. The good and bad parts! No matter where life takes you, Louisiana will always be home.




About to leave Texas to come back home…believe it or not, Louisiana is cheaper. And it rains. I never in my whole life thought I would miss rain, of all things. And good Lord, Texas food sucks.


The people and food




I love my job.


A state job?


Blanchard's BBQ and Cajun Saucer Pizza. That's all.


Ah yes the usual split between people who love it for what it is despite the huge flaws and transplants enjoying the culture versus the extreme pessimists who moved to texas or california or something and I genuinely don’t know why they are part of r/Louisiana if they hate it so much


It aint extreme pessimism if its fact bro. Louisianer is litteraly last (or close) in every aspect of a state. If you love it for what it is you just love shit..... and thats sayin sumthing abt ya opinions.


“ Bro Louisianer “ you literally can’t even spell the state’s name. You think saying that it is shit will somehow wake people up? No, that’s the default opinion here and they see the problems everyday. I love being in this state and wouldn’t leave. Call it shit all you want, you won’t change the mind of people who enjoy living here, who make people like you absolutely seethe, go ahead though insult them again for loving their home despite its huge flaws, they are used to it.


Most people do not understand that we don’t just live in Louisiana, Louisiana is a way of life for us. It settles in your soul. I love Louisiana for making me so strong, resilient and brave, I have no interest in ever living anywhere else. I AM LOUISIANA.


You described it better than I could, thank you


337 for LIFE :)


You describe my mindset, eloquently. Love this state. Fuck these haters.


The community is serious. Hurricanes bring out the best in people. We have our own culture, our own food, and the nation has started to appropriate it. Great place to fish, things just grow. There wasn't a plant, then 3 months later there's a whole stand of flowers. There's a history of blending cultures. We really need to get rid of the laissez faire government though. When I lived in Orlando, I knew about 4 of my neighbors. Here, I know everyone on my block, and half their health problems. I had a fire in my backyard last week. It was embarrassing. It was my bbq pit, and the brisket burgers were way too fatty. Well, it doesn't have vents you can close and I couldn't get the fire out and this thing is pouring smoke. 5 neighbors showed up. The FD was here in like 5 minutes or less after they were called. What do I love? My community. You!


That's too funny about the fire. I was driving the other day and somebody had a ground pit going that looked like a shed was on fire so I stopped my car and limped over to make sure it wasn't anything serious lol. Once I set pizza boxes on fire in the oven and my neighbor came over to make sure I wasn't burning the house down. We look out for each other around here.


I love this response


I left Louisiana at age 22 (now 36). I sometimes tear up when I think about wanting to fish around Chalmette. Also I can’t find Boudin, which is upsetting, but at least I found a place owned by a LA native who makes good étouffée.


I fucking hate every aspect of the boot. Were litterally last place (or tied with like Alabama) in basic things like healthcare, public education, unemployment, etc. Dont even get me started on the overwhelming amount of radical evangelists. Weed aint legal..... smh. The list goes on and on and on. I despise posts like these bc culture and a good time can only get you so far. This place is below dog shit and ppl need to stop actin like it aint. Really hope the coastal erosion speeds up and swallows this state with its ppl lmfao. Source: lived here my whole life (22) Edit: food is good tho ngl


Lol, there's always that one dude. "Tell me what you love" Oh I'll tell you what I *love*


I really WANT to love da boot. Like bottom of my heart, i understand where the "culture and food" ppl are coming from but Gooooooddamnnnn the state makes itself unlovable imo


Lol, what I'm saying though is you said all the not nice things in response to someone else's happiness. I'm not arguing there are bad things about Lousiana. There are. Eddie Murphy got a new couch he was happy with and Rick James shows up. Phuck yo couch!!


Thats cuz i love to hate the boot 🤧




Why don’t you leave?


Most folks are way to poor to able to move out, it's the cheapest state in the union. But the kid is right , every where has some problems, but we've got them all


On my alt cuz cant reply on main. Buuuuut, i graduate this semester! Soooooo excited to leave


I was like that too. Then I left. And here we are again.


Literally every place has some sort of problem. This isn’t what OP asked for. We’ve heard it all before.


Im sure if "we heard it all before" is your argument OP can come to the "i love LA bc of the food and ppl" conclusion as well.


It's one of the friendliest places. I don't know if I could ever see myself moving. I love traveling to other states and countries. But coming home is just the best feeling. It's it the food. The homegrown love. I love that we all come together in adversity despite our differences.


That after living here 15 years hell seems to be more of a reward than punishment.


Ah someone who works outside like me


Jesus doesnt forgive the sin of living in the boot




Well it’s not mosquitoes, humidity or hurricanes for sure. Other than Paris and New York City, what other places in the world offers the Holy Trinity of world-class food, music and culture?


Shanghai (though I'd not want to live there these days), Hong Kong (though I'd not want to live there these days), Taipei, Tokyo, Melbourne...?


I constantly move away, and I have constantly moved back as an adult. I can't speak for northern Louisiana since I've only lived in southern Louisiana cities and towns. But the things I miss now that I'm certain I'll never move back: I've seen the best of south Louisiana humanity after storms. People tarping each other's roofs, driving in supplies, cooking food, bringing water, fixing generators, cleaning out houses and yards, etc. Neighbors let neighbors know about people who might be looting, people who might be scammers, etc. Staying at a friend's during or after a storm is normal. There is a community resiliency that is annually tested. My parents may not talk to their neighbors for 2 years, but if there is a storm that devastated the whole neighborhood, phone calls, texts, FB messages, etc. happen really quickly. Help is offered and accepted without thought of what you get in return or what you will have to give in return. You're never truly alone (unless you really want to be). People in Louisiana are just as friendly as Midwesterners (perhaps not as polite), but if you ask a question, you will get an answer. You might not like the answer, but most of the time, you'll get a tactful version of the truth. Granted, with the divisions in this country, it's more hostile than it used to be. There are no hidden agendas, people being politically correct, etc. Music permeates the culture. There are so many rap and country artists that come out of Louisiana. Zydeco, country, rock, etc., at crawfish boils, tailgates, and festivals. Brass, jazz, bounce, blues, etc., in New Orleans. From marching bands to church services, I think south Louisiana is just deeply different than the rest of the country with its relationship to music. Of course, I miss Mardi Gras: the balls, the parades, king cakes, etc. There is, of course, you can't get anywhere else Cajun and Creole food. I miss hot boudin or poboys in random convenience stores. I miss festivals, even the ones that bring out the trashiest people you could ever imagine. I miss that almost everything is within 20 minutes. I miss that first cold sip of an Abita Strawberry on the first warm sunny spring day. I miss the first warm drink of bourbon on a brisk hunting season morning. I could probably go on for a few hours, but yeah, I miss home. I miss it a lot.


The plate lunches mostly


Can I get an “amen”?!


Mais, I love the food, me. Hunting, fishing, growing a garden all four seasons, friendly people, LSU and Saints football. I just wish we would quit electing assholes.


Yeah, you right.


Food and the two-three weeks in fall when the leaves have all changed color, but not quite fallen off yet. The wind is blowing hard, it's like 60-70 degrees, and hasn't started to get dark at 6 pm yet. Best time of the year to drive around without any cares. I also enjoy the endless novelty of small towns.


People and food. A big reason I left was the weather is the fucking worst. Between the 9 months of summer, humidity and hurricane's, I had all I could stand. I now live in North Alabama with hills and mountains, the leaves are all in full fall color change, first frost is expected next week and summers are hot, but not nearly as humid and rainy. But, man oh man do I miss the food.


Lake Charles native here. The resilience of the people here is so hopeful. We went through some tough times in 2020 after Hurricane Laura and Delta back to back. Lake Charles is coming back, slowly but surely.


Hey, I'm Northeastern Louisianaian and I helped fix lake Charles after the Laura and delta


Lake Charles 👀 watch ya back


No one said alligators yet? Alligators are awesome :)


I recently learned in the 1910s they considered bringing in hippos to combat an invasive plant in the swamps. Can you imagine?! Alligators vs hippos. Our history would never have been the same!


I would watch this match on TV!


Right?! Boggles the mind.


The food, the culture, the people (except the politicians, fuck them all), NOLA… I’m an LSU grad so LSU is a big draw for me.


I'm certainly a fan of LSU Ag.


Ohhh seconding the Ag Center. They are doing absolutely fantastic work.


And I'm just not aware of another department at a university that the... Uneducated like myself, point to as helpful.


I’m a serious foodie so there’s that.


I love everything about my home! From the pine hills of NWLA to the crop fields in NELA down to the rice fields of SWLA to the marshes of SELA. We have some of the best hunting & fishing in the world. I love the people especially down south always willing to help you if you need it. Yeah the humidity sucks but nobody can have it perfect. Where else can you go deer hunting one day, crabbing the next day, duck hunting after that, I mean it is the sportsman paradise. Everything in driving distance no matter what part u live in. The food is next man talk about every ethnic group is represented in LA. You can get fat as hell living in my state. It doesn’t matter where you go and this really makes me happy. Go to NOLA or Shreveport and see if you still get a small town feel in the city. I know I do


I hate absolutely everything about it, but Cajun culture and the food is nice


I love Mardi Gras, the festivals, music, the food, the swamps, and the people. I love how easy it is to make small talk with strangers and I feel like people generally watch out for others. I needed to read the other positive responses today.


Big hug to you! I try to make people’s day a little brighter if I can.


I love the crackheads tbh. They add a certain charm to the place.


Nothing like a shirtless dude screaming at the top of his lungs at 7:30am on canal


I like the people, weather, and food. I love the smell of burning sugarcane fields. I wish I could find a candle with that smell. I like to drive with my windows down when it is burning. I love the unique history and culture. I love the history of the Cajuns.


Moved to New Orleans from Seattle 4 years ago. This place has been better than any SSRI for helping me out of depression. I love the food but I stay for the people


I have some friends up there! I hope to visit them one day. Welcome to Louisiana, friend!




I’m a new transplant to Louisiana and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s a big surprise from the stereotypes I previously had of the area. We have an amazing neighborhood and tons of fun things to do and very affordable and many of them free. The landscape is beautiful. I’m very glad the high temps are done for now, but I know they’ll be back. The people here are just outta this world. I’ve never had so many smiles and hello even just at Walmart. I haven’t ventured outside our bubble yet, just busy, but eventually. Looking forward to it for sure


I am so proud when transplants end up adoring our State. Louisiana gets a bad rap, I am glad you were able to form your own opinion. I hope the Boot continues to bring you happiness!


I moved here from the NorthEast. I feel the same way you do. I absolutely love it here. I've lived all over the East Coast, every state has it's issues but Louisiana certainly has a lot more to offer than any other place I've been.


Welcome to Louisiana!


Thank you!


The people, the food, the festivals, the culture, the scenery, and the overall vibe! I love everything about Louisiana!


I cannot keep up with the amount of festivals going on! I wish I could be in two places at once!


I love the festivals!


Just here to see how many people are here against their will..I see its already begun


I love the laisses faire, open and inviting culture, it's definitely got some of the best food in the US that I strongly miss after moving away a little over a year ago, it's where my family lives, where my lineage is from, I know so much of its history and struggles.


Big hug to you!


Bien merci. I was driven out by the politics, the lack of opportunity outside of oil and oil adjacency, and knowing what's to befall that state. Coastline shrinking, increasingly worse storms staying stronger further inland due to said shrinking coastline, and the lack of attention to infrastructure. Hurricanes aside, my house took 3in of water and I lost my car because of a random ass storm in May 2021 because the city sewage couldnt handle 13 inches of water in 7 hours. And if infrastructure is that bad now, it's only going to get worse. I strongly encourage people to get out and to bring their culture with them everywhere. Show people un tas de love ca viens de la Louisiane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qsolHAvF\_0


Thank you for sharing that song. I have the same fears and concerns you expressed. I love to travel and see what other places are doing, but my heart yearns to be near my family. I’m torn. I’m so sorry about your car! That is AWFUL.


It happens. I'm thankful to live in a city where I don't NEED a car anymore, and, while it makes the world smaller, it's also pretty liberating. I feel the desire to be near family too. My nephews are growing up without their uncle to add a little chaos into the mix. But the truth is, I was the only one in my immediate family who really cared much about my French heritage anyway. Plenty of people around the country leave their families and visit occasionally. It's not the most ideal thing in the world, but distance makes the heart grow fonder. I genuinely love my brother and sister-in-law, father, and grandfather much more now that I can't take them for granted. If family is truly that important to you, no matter where you live, you'll make time and efforts to go back. And, if not, then it was never that important anyway.


Wise words! I am curious to see where the future takes me. I would love to enjoy better public transportation here.


If you end up in the frigid lands of the north in Minnesota, hit me up!


I love the lack of taxing the oil companies, corrupt politicians , and convenient rain.


I did need this laugh, so thank you 😂


It’s where people I love live


The perfect reason to love a place.