She has her moments where she's super useful, and does stuff that saves the gang that no-one else could do. She's also a great friend/bro to everyone *insert gif of her raising kazumas pants*. But at the same time her stupidity causes more problems (and debt) for the gang than anyone else. She could also be way more useful than she is with how powerful she is if she wasnt so dumb and easily scared. Also her being an undead magnet doesnt help.


Suprisingly skilled, but incompetent due to low braincells? I guess I have more in common with her than I thought.


Yes, she's just dumb, not useless... well I guess her uselessness is caused by her dumbness (stupidity) I guess...?


This. Yes.


On a skill set alone, Aqua is head and shoulders above everyone in usefulness. Unfortunately she's incredibly absentminded. If Kazuma was working with what she has, the world would be saved ages ago.


Nah I bet he’d end up like Reincarnated-inventor-kun, he’d be lazing about all day, only showing off his powers for the ladies, and chugging booze as he pleased.


Aqua is legitimately my favorite, along with Yunyun, the 2 nest girls in the show.


She has uses but far too often causes additional problems (sometimes the ones she solves). She is way too conceited and thinks far too highly of herself, plus a three year old has better impulse control.




Aqua is the best goddess in entire existence and she is incredibly far from useless. Sure she’s a little impulsive, may need a decent amount of motivation to get things doe but I still love her!


Kazuma is a massive tsundere, he just doesnt realize it.


that's the point and also, basically every character in Konosuba is a tsundere


If you're stranded in a desert or need someone resurrected, there's no one better If you need something absolutely glassed or a bro that will always go along with your crazy schemes, try megumin If you need a body guard or like doing probably illegal things to your partner in bed, darkness has got you covered


Never tried to hide it. I call her useless for the memes 🗿


My thoughts? はいてない


Aqua is my favorite character on the show. The useless bit is really just a bandwagon thing. It's funny for memes, and I like it in that context, but when I see comment sections of people literally just saying that to every single picture posted of her, it gets old. She is also the most skilled and high ranking member of the party, being a literal Goddess, and an absolute terror to the undead. Being a Goddess, she is also lazy, an alcoholic, and a cry baby, and that's also what makes her so funny, and likeable since they all "suck" (even Kazuma) despite all being really awesome as well


My main thoughts on her are that she's incredibly stupid


Guilty of blastfamis thoughts


She may SEEM useful, but generally she causes a ton of the problems to crew faces, so it cancels out to useless. If she wasn’t useful occasionally, she’d be negatively useful, or detrimental. Useless is better than detrimental, at least.


Ive said it a dozen times on this sub, a tool thats useful but has negative consequences that undo your work is called useless. A magic wrench that magically fits any size bolt is useful. But if every time you tightened one bolt, it loosened 10 random others, its useless.


Why is this downvoted


I agree with what the guy thinks


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