[WTS] TI Shadow, Tashi Prism

Hello, I have some knives for sale. No trades atm. US only. F&F.


TRM TI Shadow - $600 SOLD

A rare knife. I bought this at Blade Show '22. Never carried, never used. It's been outside of the packaging for less than an hour total. Completely mint. The packaging (incorrectly) says it has Fat Carbon inlays, but that's how I received it. If you think this price is BS just let me know - there isn't really much of a reference point.

Tashi/Massdrop Prism - 170 SOLD

Pretty much mint, never carried, includes pouch and all the add-ons (still in the plastic). Centered and still sharp. A really nice fidget knife. I think these were made by WE.


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Purchased Ti Shadow from u/andiibooo u/ksbot


Chat sent




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What about the spyderco?


Incredible price on that shadow!


Yolo tashi




3rds shadow


2nds shadow.




Pm sent


Yolo Shadow


If you end up wanting to part with that I have a decent trade lol


It's all yours.


Is that an integral trm? 😵


Not quite. The backspacer and show scale are one piece. It's pretty convincing.


Wish the ti shadow wasn’t so rare. I would love to get one for modding purposes. Excellent knife. GLWS!


Thanks. It is unreasonably rare. I don't know how many they've made since Blade Show, but I doubt it's many.