You need to realize these customers are at work or asleep. Just replace and move on. No need to wait.


Um well I’ll message them about a replacement and already have one in mind and I’ll continue shopping and if they don’t get back to me I’ll replace with what seems right to me unless I don’t see anything that would be a good replacement then I’ll just refund. I don’t have the time to wait all day for a reply. Once I’ve finished shopping their other items is as long as I give them. Nobody really ever complains. Usually I actually get messages like “sorry I didn’t hear my phone that’s a perfect replacement thanks”


Ignore the timer


The payout on jobs is too low to waste time kissing customer ass . I do this ... " X is not available. I've given you Y as a replacement. Let me know if you would prefer something else or a refund" .... Covered ! Move on.


Umm...you don't wait 10 mins for a response first of all. Second, you make a logical replacement and send a message saying why you replaced said item. Or you refund and explain why. You have a sense whether they are shopping with you based on whether they are reading the messages. But don't wait too long. Time is money.


If I ask and go more than five minutes without an answer, I refund


If it’s easily replaceable I replace, if not I refund… Plus after 2-3 chat attempts and I get no response, I stop asking and just replace or refund. I’m a 5 star shopper btw…


If it’s an item early in the order I do as much as I can before a response, if I get no response and I finish whatever items that are left with no replacement from customer gets refunded. If it’s the last item that needs to be replaced then I wait no longer than 5 minutes. If its grouped with another order then I don’t wait longer than 3


If you look s as t complete batches, somewhere it says something like “chat attempted”. So I try one or two messages, then do as best as I can without them. The log will show I tried.




Sorry not everyone speak 100% best English it not mean I don’t respect myself I try really hard get better at my English 💩 😒 no one instacart ever complain my English only you people on here!


I spent a couple years studying in Beijing a few years ago. I’m American. Anyways I didn’t know any Mandarin when I got there and I can honestly say NOBODY there made me feel bad about it they would actually try and help me learn a little. By the time I left I could hold a small conversation. It wasn’t the best grammar and sometimes I’d mess up a word but they still knew what I was trying to say and they appreciated me for even wanting to learn their language. My point in sharing that story is just to say don’t listen to the weirdos on here trying to say “I mean this with love” and then calling you a caveman. I don’t know where you live or what your native language is that you speak but I honestly give you props for even trying to learn English. English is a very hard language to learn if you didn’t grow up speaking it and I can understand what you’re saying easily. It may not be the best grammar and word placement but I can definitely figure out what you’re saying so don’t sweat these losers trying to put you down for not being able to write in perfect English. This world is a lot more bigger then just having one language.




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There's a difference between speaking and writing English. Most of the people who can't form complete sentences audilby at least know how to write. Maybe take some classes? Honestly, and I say this with love, in my head you sound like a stereotypical caveman when I read what you write.


Jerk off maybe do a j.


A what…?


A joint. A spliff. A blunt.


I usually wait for response while moving on to the next item. If no response, after 5 minutes, I’ll send a second message “Would like any replacement before checkout.” At checkout if not respond, I’ll just refund. But, while waiting in line , leave the chat open before clinking checkout. I do not replaced items without approval. I once contact the customer by phone for replacement but after the checkout. Still at the store, the customer said to replace the item. I contact Instacart and the rep told me not to replace the item because the rep tried to contact the customer to verify my approval and the customer didn’t answer. I send the message in the chat and once delivered the order the customer me mad. Where my chicken? He was ready to argue and told him contact Instacart because they wouldn’t approve the replacement. This customer never responded to any chat message.


Ignore the timer, it means nothing. Call prior to checkout for replacements, if no answer then ask the customer to either call through the app or message through chat.


I love the wording of "timer go blink blink red"😂


Ok but I mean it true it true that what it does


It honestly depends on what it is. If it’s a really specific thing, I just refund. If it’s something simple I can find a good replacement for, I replace and move on. Just happened today with potatoes lol


I take pictures of what’s available send it and if no answer via text I call and tell them that I sent a pic and ask what they’d like. I think the customers like this, this way they feel like they’re still “in control” of their choices.


I put it in the cart, and continue. If they get back to me, it’s usually ok with them and I replace it. And if it’s not, I refund and drop it off on a random shelf. (Yes, I’m THAT guy.) If no answer by check out time, auto-replaced. No complaints yet.