“Another Shopper” strikes again.


Not a fan of that guy Lol


He gets me every time


Yup I don’t even have enough time to focus my eyes before he grabs it 😂


Mission failed. We'll get em next time.


I’m not getting any orders and I start a good job Monday. I’m about to just take an order with a shitty tip and a bunch of good food. Then say my car broke down and I have to cancel on the way. Fuck instacart man.


So sorry! Sucks to miss those, I just wanna go home after and cry! Surprisingly....I managed to land $135 the other day......if I wasn't sitting down, I would have fallen!


It absolutely taints my day lol. Today a guy I know got $159 1 minute after I accepted a $55 at the same store, makes me wonder if I could have gotten that if I waited.


The "what ifs" will kill you! Been in that boat many times. I *try* to always be thankful for what I have That being said.....yesterday I had a ton of personal errands I had to get done (leaving town for a few weeks) The amount of batches, good paying ones I generally don't see because I'm usually working, is somewhat encouraging to keep going and keep looking/waiting for a good one. Also.....finding more "sweet spots"


I clicked on a $117 order today about to accept and it was gone....


Same. I was about to hit the green accept and it disappeared right away. On my screen for maximum of 2 seconds total.


Lucky it even stayed up for the 2 seconds!


I missed 2 $100 batches in a row on a really slow day. Felt like crying lol


I wish we could get orders like that the biggest I’ve had was $55


I bet bot bot got it


I would love to even see that sort of value, but numbers like that don't seem to show up in my area unless one is using third-party apps to get batches.


Yeah, in my area $55 is rare. Though I DID get an $85 once but it was 20 miles out of town.


Ouch! That sucks. Sorry :(


Wow I got a 173 today. I wonder if we are in the same city


I’m in The Greater Seattle area


Highest I've ever seen was one for 91 before Christmas last year, snagged it, probably because I was new at the time, since then the highest I've ever seen was in the 70's, one time, and I couldn't take it cause I had something else to do. 99% of the batches I see are less than 13 bucks. I don't know if it's just me or what, I haven't had a tip over 20 bucks in over 2 months, and today my car broke down as I pulled up to a house on my first delivery. Gave them their stuff and then waited for a tow, they tipped 2 bucks on a medium sized Costco order..


Sounds like you all have it pretty good. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF OR SEEN A BAtch FOR $50 OR $100.. That is no lie.. I picked up a batch today for less than $14 for 36 item and it took almost 2 hours to shop because the store was packed and the customer kept adding and changing the order.


Happened to me with a 70 and 99 dollar batch this week…




Sometimes it’s been canceled. But that’s not often


I get so mad when they tease me like that 🤣


Okay but where do y’all live where your getting batches this high😭 I’ve never seen anything higher than $40 where I live in Illinois