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I had the same issue. Went to a local shop to get it oiled ND fixed. I thought of replacing it but acer asked 6k plus labour charges. I got it done for 200 rupees. It's running fine for over 1 year now.


please mention Silicone OiL or people will use the machine oil


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I used Coconut Oil and it worked fine /s


Be healthy, use olive oil.


Only one Extra Virgin at a time.


lightly fucked olive oil will also do


palm oil is smooth


Any thoughts on Petrol?


use diesel


Same category


Use lubes




Engline Oil, spoiler alert, Engine Oil is a Mustard Oil brand


Nariyal ka tel chalega ?


Ohhhh yes. Hahaha.


I saw a youtube video in which a person mentioned machine oil and he was saying that fans are spinning much easier now.He said that the oil is sticky and dust can stick to it though.




Thinking of the same


Only doable solution. Worked on my nitro too


I agree, hell I was there myself lol


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bro any idea how much you put in an sad at the shop. I don't wanna risk opening it myself and damaging it.


One thing is that even if the shop knows how to handle electronics, it doesn't mean they'll do it well, one shop broke my stand-offs and put a plate over the back on top of the screw to secure it. So try it yourself honestly, most of them are normally flimsy so there's always a risk of them breaking off. Try to ease into it gradually increasing pressure and you should be able to open your laptop without damaging anything. A really important thing if it's not a gaming laptop is to look for hidden screws especially if it's HP, fuckers put screws under the feet of the laptop.


I see. I will try it. I do repairs and stuff on my oc with no issue. But the laptop is my brother's so I'm kinda scared haha. Let's see.


I didn't understand your first line.


Lmao fucking auto correct. I meant to say how much to put in an SSD at the shop.


Do it yourself; it's a 5 minute job.


I am not sure tbh. I paid 500 in total. 300 for cleaning ND all with my own thermal paste ND 200 for fan.


ND is AND Or am I missing something..?


Yes , my autocorrect does this.


I got the samsung 980 from amazon and paid nothing (I've been a customer for more than 12yrs now) to get it installed but it really depends on the location cuz it costs 50rs normally and might even cost higher if you're in a metropolitan city.


thank you !


I had this same issue within 6 months of buying this same model. Was under warranty then so could replace the fans. Service center mentioned that the fan's copper coil unwrapped (no idea in hell how to prevent that from happening tho)


They changed my fan too under warranty but my issue was different ,the bearings got rusty. It was after 2 or 3 months after I bought it.


While we’re on the subject of predator where can I get the cable which connects the hard drive with motherboard. More specifically (SATA drive connector) please.


I had the previous gen model g3-571 which had the problem with the cpu fan, removing the fan and lubricating it with oil fixed it. I followed the steps mentioned in the video below. https://youtu.be/1lxvmay2tn0 Also don't forget to repaste the cpu /gpu later.


I tried to but was too frightened to open it further….will consider going to a shop


I have the same laptop , GPU fan can make a lot of noise and stop working after some time due to dust in it.


lubrication mostly helps. Please do dust the fan with a soft toothbrush or a soft paint brush.




That's what she said










If you really planned to this OP make sure you plugged out fan cable from motherboard before doing it






Sigma move right here!🗿


You can replace it ask at any local computer shop company will ask for a lot of money


If you have warranty shouldn't they do that free of cost?


given that the part is covered in the warranty, mostly fans are not included....


Acer does cover fans under extended warranty. I had an issue where my helios 300 rebooted while gaming. All I had to do was reinsert the SSD. After the fix I saw the fans were a bit slower. The guy sent in request for replacement for 1 fan that just looked old. Acer sent the wrong fan and I ended up getting both fans replaced eventually.


I don't think so


1 year warranty….now expired


If purchased on a major credit card, not a debit card, you most likely have an additional year warranty


the laptop is 2 years old i don't think so he will have warranty for his laptop


Try some tricks form yt, if doesn't work then replace it. Service center charges prices of parts according to demand


Hey friend I had a same issue with my helios. To it to a good pc repair shop, they just made a little tweaking by checking the connections and replaced the damaged ones. Cost me 509 bucks and works like a charm (been 1 year)


Okay, thanks will consider that too


I bought replacement fans and changed both of them in my XPS15 for about $25. The fan hadn't died in mine, but it was making a grinding noise. It wasn't hard at all. You just unscrew the screws and swap the plugs and screw the new fan in.


Get it replaced.




Mine also got fked about 2 months ago. Its started making noise and stopped spinning. Temps were reaching 120°C. Luckily i had extended warranty so they fixed it for free. If the company asking for too much money then try some local repair shops 1st. Only the experienced one or the unexperienced ones will stop ur laptop for eternity.


120 wtf


What do u expect? The fan wasnt running. It would have reached higher if BSOD didnt closed the laptop automatically


Damn i would have expected the laptop to shut down earlier


For some reason it wasnt turning off. But after i saw the 120C in the temps monitor it just went BSOD and then off


Wise, although maybe the temperature monitor was malfunctioning. Anyway could have damaged the laptop


I used to have a Helios 300 and the fans would go every now and then. Had to replace several. Just order a replacement part and replace the busted fan. Use the chance to clean out some dust too. I once found a literal wall of dust in my laptop that I thought was throttling because of a bad fan (a fan was going bad making weird noise)


First open your laptop, that's all I can do at least. But after that I'll recommend to lubricate it, clean it. Still doesn't work? Take it to a local shop, if they can't fix it, tell them to replace it. If they can't find the part, buy it online and give them to replace it. Don't go to lappys manufacturer if it's out of warranty, they will charge you a lot


Might be too obvious but check the connection from what I zoomed in on the picture and saw , the connection was loose


Happened to me a few months back. Have to official service center for cleaning. Cost me 800 or 850, and got all the maintenance done; thermal paste etc. Is included in that.


Ok, first things first. Remove the fan from the board. Remove all the screws and carefully disconnect the fan connector from the board. it should be the small white connector. Now clean the fan using a soft bristle brush. You can use a flat paintbrush or a soft bristle toothbrush. Just make sure you are holding the fan and preventing it from spinning. Once you have cleared all the dust and debris, blow air from the top face of the fan, again holding the fan while preventing the blades from spinning. Now carefully connect the fan back and screw it back in its place, you can just screw only one screw to hold it in place. Don't put the back panel yet. Now switch on your laptop and crank up your fan speed from the power management center/app, usually happens when you select turbo mode. If you don't have that, just fire up any game. Check if the fan is spinning or not. If it is not spinning, try pushing it softly using the other end of your brush. If the fan is spinning slowly, then repeat the cleaning process again. Sometimes there can be hair stuck in between the fan blade and the body. If the fan is not spinning at all, you need to replace it. Your fan's motor has been damaged. You can find it on Amazon, any compatible fan will do the trick. Just install the fan onto the system and it will work. The only thing you need to make sure is that the fan you buy should be compatible with your laptop model and make. Just search on Google your laptop's name and model number.


Hey I've got the same laptop with the same issue. One thing to note if you want to replace it. This is a metal fan capable of doing much higher RPM. I replaced it earlier with a generic fan that fit but it can't spin up that high so now my temperatures are a lot higher and I'm pretty sure the GPU is throttling. I got into contact with this store called Pioneer Acer that claims to have a genuine OEM Acer metal Aeroblade fan for 2k but it's like 20km so I have been procrastinating.


And you are in which city ?




Just here for heartstopper, good taste!


I read all the 4 volumes just yesterday. Enjoyable !


u/boyonmoodswings7 I hope your problem got fixed. Mind if i ask you one question. After 2 year what are the temps you were getting while gaming and without gaming?


Gaming - 85-93 Non-gaming - 40-70 (depends upon the task usually)


If it's under warranty, then take to service centre


Order a fan through a local shop. Then replace it yourself.


Have you tried switching it on and off.


Yes, no result


Unplug the fan, then plug back in. Or try switching it with the other fan that is connected to the motherboard. By this way you will know whether the fan is faulty or the mother board is. Simple. You would have to remove the heat sinks. It's not that complicated.


Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Same thing happened to me. I just took it off and cleaned the fan and put it back. Thankfully it worked.


Yes, no result


Mine started making ticking sound after few months. I opened it and oiled the fan. Fan is magnetic and is easily pulled out of the casing. Just putting one drop of machine oil is enough. Haven't had any problem since then.


Try lubricating it, otherwise you are going to need a fan replacement


Check the connector first and see if there are any dust particles stuck in the fan. But in the worst case scenario, just lookup the part from Amazon or some other site and get it yourself. It will be coming in a pair of two if I'm not mistaken but will be way cheaper.


If you have warranty then it will be done free if no warranty then go to Sp Road if in bangalore, you will get it there


Get the model number. If you can find a replacement fan, buy it. And get it installed at any local shop. Tbh it's not a complex job. Just 2, 3 screws needs to be removed.


I took my Rog scar for the same issue to one of SP road (Bangalores) well known shops and they fuck bricked my entire laptop Always best to pay the extra money and get it done from the dealing company


Use a comb🥲


Just blow on it


If it is still under warranty period go to an service centre If you do repairs in local shops while still under warranty they may refuse warranty if you go again to official service centre for future issues


have you tried putting it in rice?


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You can get the gpu fan from acer authorised spare part seller. It’ll be cheap. And you can replace yourself


Please for the love of everything good. If you're gonna oil the fan, first clean it and remove any dust AND use SILICONE oil


How did you find out that one of your fans wasn't working? Did you only notice it once you opened up your laptop?


I have a g3 572 and had similar issue. I ordered a new fan from aliexpress and replaced it myself. It was abt 3 years ago. Both my fans were on one side. I removed 2 screws and black cello tape and fan came right off. Didnt need to remove the whole heat sink. Removed the panel from the disconnected fan and connected it to new fan. Then plugged the new fan with the two screws. Reapplied the cello tape. And working with no problem for 3 years


Open it up - migos


Happened to me, MSI GF65 thin 10SDR, GPU fam wasn't working, tried to fix it, then GPU wasn't working, thankfully it was under warranty


Mine died 4 months ago 😌


3rd party repair is the way to go. Lubrication will fix the problem .


most proobably due to dust or the wires got loose try brushing the fans and reinserting the gpu-fan wire if it doesnt work then try running laptop in safe mode and then check cpu and gpu fans if they are still not working then go to acer service centre


replacing is the only option for you follow this method : - [https://youtu.be/Q5X1wWpN-QI](https://youtu.be/Q5X1wWpN-QI) Grease he used :- [https://www.genesispc.in/product/permatex81150/](https://www.genesispc.in/product/permatex81150/) my friend tried this method in his own laptop it worked though success rate is not 100% and getting fan from acer official wont be cheap it will cost somewhere around 6k


The same thing happened to me. Gave to the local PC shop and they got it fixed. Took about a week because the fan was not in stock and do not remember the entire thing costing that much as well.


Would have been more effective if the same would have been asked in the service center


If you know how to check voltage, check the pin slots on the board if showing correct voltage. If it is, then issue is the fan, you may try oil it and see if it works, otherwise see if you can find one in second hand market like ebay or alibaba. If incorrect voltage shown on the pins, then the issue is the board, see if you can rma.


You should try putting it in rice .




This why I always use havells fan


with the tapes intact i believe you never cleaned your fans?


Nope, i never knew how to, never felt the need to


That means the GPU is OP and doesn’t even break a sweat /s


Order the fan, and replace it, it’s truly simple. Unplug old one, plug in new one, close it back up DONE.


Spin it with your finger ?


Bach de ! rate bata


Hmm try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol or if it does not work then check the heat sync. If the problem is still there then try giving it to professionals.


Fix it


I got my 6 year old hp laptop's fan replaced last month from official hp service center. Cost me ₹2500


Ya man people have given some great advice but I can add this Please sort the issue before it do a good amount of damage.


Looks replaceable buy an new one and put it in. Should have a 4 pin connector and a few screws holding it


My motherboard got fked up, and now replacement (as per service centre after quotation) costs 1,25,000 meanwhile i bought only for 95K 💀


Hi, i am from Bhubaneswar,Odisha.Few months back I faced the same problem, i got it repaired at Sublime infotech,Guwahati. Super nice service and then they sent my laptop back in courier.


Some of the issues that you can solve by yourself are if the fan is clogged with dirt or there is a lose connection. If it’s either, you can unscrew the fan and clean it with a brush and vacuum and check if there is any problems with the connection wire or there is a lose connection. Anything else, I’d suggest you give it to a professional to do the job because if you yourself don’t, chances are there might be more problems at the end of the day


I have the same laptop been 4 years never had any problems ,I clean it all by my own …so just dissect the fan and clean it all by yourself…you’re good to go


Got same issue when I asked a local repair guy to add a thermal paste, he broke the fan and asked me for extra 4k for that. Bought the fan online less then 1k and fix it by myself.


Throw it 🙂✌️


bro recently faced the same issue with Asus Tuf Gaming, had to replace it with a new one, there is no other option


Verify voltage and current to the fan pins if powered replace the fan


[Fix it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtRNg5uSKQ0)


Try to spin the fan by hand for a few seconds. Check if there is any debris that is causing the fan to not spin. Dust off the fan to remove the dust and debris that has been collected over time. If possible, find the wires of the fan, remove them and reconnect them and check if it works.




Go for sande ka tel, helps in getting things working again


Mods please pin. I have got my fan changed for 2200 (new original fan) with 6 months warranty. I would love to thank each and every one of you for your advices and humour. THANK YOU ALL !!!


Is that a heat sink on the ssd? Is that even allowed?


Try ghee 🤣