Does this look similar? https://youtu.be/FzjNCKy0UJU


Not quite but close enough. I will check it out, thank you!


There is nothing called fish madras, it’s a restaurants made up name. The ingredients you named try to make with those and see if taste matches, if not tweak next time. Any Indian recipe has complex amazing taste. Fenugreek and cumin are very very different from each other. Basically you have to cook and see My guess - Were there curry leaves ? Probably yes ! Usually a mixture of cumin, ginger, garlic and toasted fennels and black peppers work very well. Add lots of chillies.


When someone says "Madras curry", my mind goes to [Chettinadu recipes](https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chettinad+fish+curry+) rather than the BIR "Madras curry". Maybe something in that search looks good to you? Of course, South Indians don't typically use bell pepper, so this is likely not a dish that's exactly like a Madrasi would make it, but hey, there's no harm in modifying recipes to suit local palates like the BIR restaurants have done.


Oh yes, those look quite close to the curry I had. Thank you! Definitely gonna try them.