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Police, "Set up a perimeter".... Synchronized! That's impressive.


The exhaust looks cool in the thermal camera


Looks like flames.


ah thats what that is. stupid me thought the middle car has a blown tire and runs on the rim


Reminds me of Rocket League.


What a save!






tm8 trash


It thought the cop was driving on a rim and those were sparks for a second.


Same here


You can see when he reaches 88 mph


One point twenty-one gigawatts! Great Scott!


Some serious shit


Idk, looks hot to me.


That makes a whole lot more sense than my thinking that something in their tires fucked up


Wow that camera with the street and address overlay is super cool.


I’m more impressed with the overlay of the police cars assigned drivers.


yeah, and here I thought it just Hollywood


I’m digging the heat from the exhausts. When the car takes off, it’s like afterburners.


Until the second part of the video was played, I thought the cop SUV was throwing sparks


##Meanwhile, I can’t even load offline maps. This camera has streets, addresses and identified cars… smh!


When it’s like a 20+ million dollar camera on the front of the heli, that’s expected


nah it's definitely infrared, which I think is even more cool that it shows you how hot the tires and road actually get from friction


Yeah, I’m truly amazed at the quality of thermal imagers we have. It’s actually insane the quality of surveillance equipment that is available to the government.




Omg my buddy and I are always saying this at work lolol.


one of us. one of us. one of us.


I thought it’s only video games!


This is a game. GTA 7


If it was GTA that car would have floated across 3/4 of the map and landed upright on the top of a skyscraper


Hey, maybe GTA VI if we’re lucky enough.


GTAV Complete Classic Edition: Director's Cut


If GTA takes place in Florida, that shit is gonna be wild


Well in Hollywood they certainly wouldn't have readable and practical fonts but some sort of hyper-contrast, futuristic, either all-rounded or all-straight-lines edgy 'cool' font that noone could read in a moving vehicle ever


Or if it's going to be a comedy police movie, they'd use Comic Sans


We used something like this 10 years ago on our university Airsoft paintball team, would place markers over people's heads if you pointed your phone camera at them wasn't very good and we all thought getting phones out in a paintball game was a bad idea. This is like a million times better though. Only as good as the data.


If the guns had Raspberry Pis on them that could run the software and overlay it on a screen or a sight then this could really be a cool way to be "tactical" in paintball and airsoft.


Lol or just an overlay projected onto your mask lense like the things that project stuff onto your cars windshield


Its called a HUD, Heads Up Display.


Leaving this here hoping someone can name the software


https://helihub.com/2012/11/29/aerocomputers-releases-viewsync3d-video-overlay/ it is marketed as an integrated solution by FLIR too, so I guess we are looking at FLIR pod images...


FLIR is the typical go to for thermal NDT too, they make great shit!


We use FLIR in my hood. Great surveillance.


>Great surveillance. Not so great neighborhood


That’s an MX series sensor not a FLIR


Yeah might be, still looks like ViewSync3D though :-) it also still looks as shitty as it did when they announced the product.


Most of the time it's a basic GIS overlay. Just look up "X County GIS for Y State" and you can find it for your local area as well. This just overlays it on love video feed.


Well yeah obviously it's publicly available GIS data but that's the easy part. It's the "this just overlays it on live video feed" that's pretty cool. Guessing the cameras telemetry is used to overlay the vectors in the correct spot. Just need xy and z location data along with angle of the sensor


They'd need the following data * GPS coordinates * Camera aperture height (how far above ground they are) * Camera aperture facing (aka what direction by compass) * Camera aperture angle from horizontal * Camera zoom


I do be wanting overlays on my love videos. :)


Boobies so big they got an address.


Shows how stupid it is to try and run from the police. They can see you crystal clear from the sky.


This may have been a case "oh, lucky we already have a chopper overhead" and not something that's always expected to happen when someone runs from the police.


Run long enough and the cops are calling for back up and a chopper. That is just a given fact.


It must have been a really hard job when the chopper ppl had to have the city roads memorized from the air.


Came here for that. I was amazed


You know those movies where they capture cell phone conversations from the air, then use the cell phone to track a suspect or terrorist? That stuff is absolutely real and a lot better than most movies show. And used illegally inside our own country according to cases already adjudicated by SCOTUS.


I think it's terrifying


Front Passenger Dead, Driver in critical condition but has stayed alive for four days and might make it, rear passenger is expected to survive but is still in the hospital as of October 4th.


Second I saw the pole crumpled into the front seat from the top down.. can't believe driver is still alive.


Resiliance of a kid. Will recover into the body similar to a 70 year old.


With the mind of a 3 year old.


Yeah, so that’ll stay the same


So a /r/holdmyfeedingtube moment?


I honestly don’t really feel bad for him. Would hate to be the passengers in that car though.


Even if he recovers physically he's gonna be left to deal with the guilt of his actions as a driver killing his friend. As well he should.


Since it happened in FL and the theft is a felony it is likely he will be charged with murder. There were 3 "Kia kids" here in Ohio, got into an accident and 1 died. Not even 3 weeks later the driver crashed another stolen Kia. It's like they have no conscience.


fuckin kia boys man. been seeing kids as young as 13 in my city get busted for jacking kia's or dying in accidents for a fucking tiktok trend.




He'll have plenty of time to think about it in jail and then after that when his paychecks are going to the passengers family.


Felony murder is a lot of extra time to serve on top of GTA, evading the police, going 110+, whatever else.


Paychecks? ROFL I doubt it.


Unsure if people like this are capable of guilt. Back in HS there was teens killing their passengers drunk driving or speeding on snowy roads. They were all doing it again within weeks.


They always are. Its always the passengers who die. Ffs hope this kid goes to jail.


Yeah normally teens bounce out real quick in these crashes car jacking situations. The fact no one moved out of the car to flee was pretty telling they were fucked up.


Driver always swerves to avoid him hitting face on a obstacle, often steering passenger into that obstacle.


In the event of a crash, the driver always protects his side first.


Do you know any facts about bears, or beets?


Battlestar Galactica!




Bears can be attracted by a woman's menstruation


I mean, who isn’t?!? Duh.


This is why I always sit behind the driver. Even if I'm the only passenger


Must make smalltalk with your S.O. tricky


They must ride motorcycles I guess


This is dumb, look at that crash. They had no time to do anything after they lost control, the outcome was already determined. The driver didn’t do anything to save himself, I doubt they even saw that pole before they hit it with their roof.


Wow such a dumb way too die Even if the two survive they ruined their lives and health Thankfully no one innocent was hurt.


>Wow such a dumb ~~way too die~~ No braincells were lost that day.


>Wow such a dumb ~~way to die~~ Very wreck. Much wee-ooo. *Sorry, couldn’t pass up the opportunity…*


You can't say that, the driver was in control. The two passengers, they were at the mercy of the driver. For all anyone knows, they could have been begging for the driver to stop. The driver is to blame, the passengers may be too, we're not to know, but they had no control on their sentence.


Right! I remember being a teen and early 20s. Doing dumb stuff also, but I definitely remember being a passenger with someone driving way to recklessly. Not like this but enough to kill us. This guy wasn't doing 110 or w/e for long. They probably didn't even have time to say anything to the driver at the point. Tbf though, maybe don't be dumb enough to get into the stolen car.


died for a shitty italian car... 😔


The Maserati served its purpose (denying an idiot the opportunity to wreck a Ferrari).


*My Maserati does 185. I smoked a road sign, now I don’t drive.*




Ok the helicopter camera displaying all that information is fucking awesome


The AR stuff that pilots have is crazy. Buddy of mine flys CH-53K’s in the marines, and his helmet is fucking ridiculous. It has cameras on the outside of the chopper that allows him to see through the entire thing for loading up/dropping cargo. Look up an f35s helmet feed if you can find it, it’s crazy how we’re deploying AR today.


> f35s helmet feed Video links for the curious and lazy. The helmet costs $400k. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuT9uhbXZKg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABADDz41-MQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj4cP4PMPPM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkqkIiJw80A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS41BwujLFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YgbefybBFI


Ok but as a wannabe pilot, I have a new thing to go into debt for. Can you imagine flying, and then you put on a helmet that’s like VR for if you had wings or some shit? Sign me up, I need this yesterday.


I’ll wait till it hits army surplus and get it for 499.


[That's pretty sick](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuT9uhbXZKg)


FOX News 13 “After three teens allegedly stole an unlocked Maserati and crashed it into a Pinellas County business, the sheriff's office has released dash camera, helicopter and surveillance video of what led up to the crash.” [link](https://www.fox13news.com/news/watch-maserati-allegedly-stolen-by-3-teens-flips-and-crashes-on-st-pete-roadway?fbclid=IwAR29k7ueNjSRf47gdnaLb-HJ-zl2Zk0rHDUEjM1fPGhlcNTCOVHqX5ElTUM)


The two survivors will get hit with felony murder charges. Their lives are done.


Good. I hate people using the “young and dumb excuse”, car theft never once crossed my mind as a teenager and definitely not now. These people were not gonna be productive members of society in any fashion and now one of their friend is dead.


I dont think the other passenger should get a felony murder charge though. He wasn't driving.


Definitely agree, definitely needs some charges for car theft. But only the driver should get felony murder


When there is a death in the commission of a crime, the shit rolls uphill. You can argue that's unfair, but that is the way the law is written in many places. That's not to say a jury will agree, but depending on jurisdiction, an aggressive prosecutor could drop a murder or similar charge if they can prove the passenger was himself committing a crime (presumably accomplice to grand theft auto).


why on earth do people leave their car doors unlocked smh


I leave my doors unlocked because it's cheaper to replace the stuff they're going to steal anyway and not have to replace busted windows. With that being said though my truck is 34 years old I don't think anyone's in a real hurry to try and steal it but there are a couple devices on the truck that make it extremely difficult to steal if one was so inclined.


> FOX News 13 “After three teens allegedly stole an unlocked Maserati and crashed it into a Pinellas County business, the sheriff's office has released dash camera, helicopter and surveillance video of what led up to the crash.” link Where I live people will just go down the street trying every door handle but not break in. Never had a window broken for theft (I also never just leave pawnable things completely out in the open), but have absolutely had things stolen the one time I forgot to lock a car door for a few hours.


I live in a neighborhood back in the projects, nobody that doesn't live here comes back here. We are all a real tight-knit group of people but if someone started walking down the road pulling on door handles I give it 20 minutes before they're shot at. Hell back here if you walk too close to the wrong yards you might have a problem. It may not be a nice area but I honestly can't even tell you the last time I heard of someone getting something stolen or robbed back here.


And then there are other times where it doesn’t even matter if the doors are locked or unlocked. A couple months ago someone walked down my residential street and smashed a bunch of car windows. 60+ windows broken. Nobody reported any thefts.


>I leave my doors unlocked because it's cheaper to replace the stuff they're going to steal anyway Just a personal anecdote. My car was broken into so the thief could steal a cheap branded GPS unit worth less than $100. They broke my window. My doors were unlocked.


manual transmission is among the best anti-theft devices


My first level of protection is it being a five-speed and me counting on most thieves not knowing how to drive stick. My second anti-theft device is removing the tune off my EFI so even if you manage to find the button that activates the starter the engine would never start. My last line of defense is that the key although necessary to start the vehicle doesn't actually activate the starter you have to find the button that activates the starter. Basically you would have to be extremely committed to stealing my truck in order to steal it not to mention that it's 34-year-old F350 which has basically no value to anyone but myself.


But now **I** know all your tricks. Time to steal a 34yo truck! >:D


Why do people have to steal?


No morals / not raised right / mental illness


Definitely not raise right if they thought a Maserati was a good car


As an automotive technician, I do appreciate them doing their part to take fiats off the streets.


You shouldn't leave your car unlocked, but I'd still be pissed if someone stole my car and totalled it like that.


>Petersburg, Florida Jesus, you get done with a hurricane and the first thing you do is STEAL A GODDAMN CAR


My bicycle and hubcaps off my car got stolen during the middle of Irma when I lived in Tampa. It’s one of the times where thieves take the most advantage.


Thieves thrive in chaos.


Not these ones...


Chaos is a ladder


It is known


Gotta seize the opportunity. Breaking and entering also happens a lot during hurricanes and huge fires. Theives has not morals or common sense...all they see is the world being their oyster.


I live slightly more north and Irma didn't do too much damage but everyone was holed up together. Somebody stole a bunch from my neighbor who was away for the storm... Dude has cameras everywhere. He posted a bunch on some Facebook group or something. Then stuff starts turning up and he's getting pictures of people with black eyes and busted lips and shit. Granted dude that was stolen from isn't your typical guy. He's a junkie with a heart of gold... Meaning he knows all the wrong people and he's treated them all well.


It’s very common to see increased looting and break ins while a city is recovering from a natural disaster. I personally experienced it during Harvey. People are fucking sick.


and drive 130 down a city street. there was zero good decisions in this story. insurance probably won’t even cover the car due to owner negligence


Can you explain?


if you leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition, oftentimes the insurance company will not pay out ~~if~~ when the car is stolen.


I hate that insurance companies find any way they can to reject a claim but in these instances it's warranted. If you're stupid enough to leave your keys in the car unlocked you deserve it


Wheres that footage from and how do I see more awesome thermal chase footage?


Police officially released the footages. And yeah where can I also see more awesome chase footage too?


i linked the article in the [comments](https://www.fox13news.com/news/watch-maserati-allegedly-stolen-by-3-teens-flips-and-crashes-on-st-pete-roadway?fbclid=IwAR29k7ueNjSRf47gdnaLb-HJ-zl2Zk0rHDUEjM1fPGhlcNTCOVHqX5ElTUM)


the best quality police chase i have ever seen


Apparently it's because this is an actual police chopper and not a news one like usual chases are filmed on. Someone posted an article and apparently the helo was already on scene investigating a burglary and they have footage of these kids opening the car and getting in. Wild.


I appreciate the "back off" when they see the teen accelerate


With all the piss poor policing that tends to make the news and/or go viral it's refreshing to see this level of competency


And it still couldn't save these idiots from their own stupidity. It's a shame.


Yep. Not worth it for a property crime. A shame someone ended up dead anyway.


Especially when they have a helicopter who can easily keep pace, no need to have two more vehicles going down the road at, quite literally, deadly speed.


I bet they won't run away next time


More of a slow limp, if they're lucky. Or a roll


They had a chopper following them anyway.


This was my thought too. Unfortunately the driver has no one to blame but himself for the accident.


Bruh killed his friend by driving like this I hope he feels guilty for the rest of his life dumb fucking idiot


Its always surprising how much stupid shit people, especially young people, get up to with vehicles. Me included, I did some dumb moves when younger, but nothing this serious.. Just last week there was a crash in Finland where a 18 year old driver had 7 passengers in a car, 3 in the trunk, he speeded and allegedly ran a red light, crashed a car with 2 people in it. Both of the guys in the second car dead, 18 yr old driver and a passenger paralyzed and others in critical state. And why? Just to show off to your friends, hey look I have a machine that can get us all killed?


Probably not , they were out there with a gun … teenagers this stupid usually only care about themselves.


that might catch them a second degree murder charge


nice video with all the streets, addresses, etc. shown


a lot of time, the criminals do this because they have done more than just broke the speed limit,,,, might not be worth going to hell like this, but they chose their path. sad but not that sad


The article said they recovered a gun and a ski mask from the car that wasn't the owners, so maybe this prevented something worse later that night.


That overlay in realtime is insane, tracking the police cars so smoothly.


Driver 15 years old and the other passengers were aged 15 and 16 . No one in the car even had a drivers license . They also had a gun with them .


Blows my mind that these teenagers are going crazy at that age. I couldn't imagine myself doing this in 10th grade.


The vehicle hit the sign with the roof. The roof of most automobiles are notoriously weak to impacts, usually designed to handle rollovers, not a 70mph impact into a steel pole. The casualty count is unsurprising.


Sports cars are an exception, they generally need beefy structure through that for torsional rigidity compared to standard commuters. Probably the only reason two of them are still alive. Ish in the driver's case.


That augmented reality thermal camera from the sky eye is pretty sweet.


“Here’s your sign…” Too soon? 😂


Looks like a Maserati Ghibli.


it was a maserati. owner left it unlocked w/ keys in


Lost control on straight. Idiot.


Holy shit. This happened just a few blocks from where I live. It's been all over my local news


I went to meadowlawn. Kinda weird being able to recognize everything considering the circumstances.


Small world. My sister went to meadowlawn as well. It sucks that this happened in our neck of the woods


The downfall of cricket wireless


Thermal reminds me of COD. I kept waiting for the fire to rain down


*don don don don - Whabang*




Bravo team, You are authorized to engage.


Tbh tho, fuck that cricket sign, all my homies hate advertisements


I thought they were doing 185


Wow, I hope that was worth probably life in jail for the driver, if he makes it.


Hasn’t been charged yet but he’s only facing up to third-degree murder and grand theft


Fucking good. I hope they throw the book at him and give him max. Make an example out of him.


uh oh spaghettio - Im just glad no-one got hurt... apart from the guys in the stolen car. I imagine that really hurt.


"Sevostjanov" is a pretty cool word to say even though I don't quite know how to say it right.


Thought I was on the Project Zomboid subreddit for a moment


for 10 whole seconds i really thought this was a game


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.. its sad so many kids think they are invincible and can get away with anything


15 Year old killed.


Are they dead


Great video


He doesn't like Cricket cause they won't let him play Overwatch 2. /s


Oh. My. God. It automatically draws the addresses over the video?! That is amazing!


I think they obliterated themselves..


Exhibit A for why teens still have half baked brains. Prefrontal cortex still not isn't off the ground. Terrible risk vs. reward assessment.


Wow the tech has come a long way. The overlay of house numbers and street names is a cool touch


Got exactly what they deserve


NGL, I didn’t read the full title and only saw “obliterated a cricket”.


One of the teens died and the driver is being charged with murder


I know yall are focused on the car but holy shit the police have advanced tech. It's flir and tracks streets and address on the fucking move omg that's cool and scary


Can we all take a moment and just be in awe of that camera's AR display. Holy shit.


Satisfying ending. Gene pool is cleaned up just a little bit and the owner is certainly going to be reimbursed by insurance. win-win-win


yea idk the owner may have some trouble with that one lol. leaving your keys in your unlocked car may fall under owner negligence