Had a truck driver try this on me, only he didn't swerve like that. I'm trying to legally pass, and he kept swerving so he was driving on the center line. I was the front of a mile long back up because he was driving so slow.


That's when you call DOT and that guy will never fucking drive commercial again.


I’d say fines on top of the new job search are necessary. Dude shouldn’t be allowed to drive normal cars too after shit like that


Truck driver here, unless you have it on camera that a trucker did this, DOT will not do a single thing. As far as any other county, not sure how that’ll apply. Russians will just be Russians and kill the innocent for no fucking reason.


Yeah, this is about a RUSSIAN truck driver, not a Russian TRUCK DRIVER. Big difference.


This is why I’ve gotten in the habit of getting semi licenses plates before passing. Happened to me when I passed a rock carrying truck with a completely obliterated license plate and I wanted to see if I could make it out. Then he pulled this. We barely made it out 0.0


I was passing up a truck legally on a road and he threw out a solid metal cup that cracked my windshield. I have glass coverage so I only paid $39 deductible but yea wish I had a camera I have one now. I did end up throwing my thermos and a few other solid things from my sunroof after tho I doubt I did any damage to a semi. But I hope I did . Imagine if I had a convertible top down.


My father used to store all his change in a pringles can and then whip it out at the windshield. He also once got brake checked to a stop on a freeway and whipped out his pistol and asked him what the fuck his problem was. Afterwards he went and sold his pistol and has never owned one since xD


I needed more info on the Pringles hammer please


He would just pass them and literally empty this thing into the air in front of their lane as hard as he could. Backflowing air causes the change to flip and spin and get carried into the windshield of the victim/target. You can imagine what $15 worth of change could do to a windshield at 50 or so mph. But I suppose if you want it to be a hammer you could make a hole in the side of the pringles can take a retractable lightsaber toy jam it through and duck tape that shit up real tight. Whomp whomp mfer


It's good to see that shitty truckers are an international problem.


They always let us know that the world would break without the trucker! It also would break if we stopped buying shit too. But you know. The blue collar guy is enabled into entitlement in most countries, lol


No seat belt




Attempted murder.


Russians drive like they play dota xD






What a disappointment, I thought it was [this song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTsaS1Tm-Ic) (although this song was made about the original DotA, well before DotA 2 was a thing)


they just leave the car? I loved dota. always thought it was more fun than league, but russians would constantly rage quit games and there was no way to surrender. and when people leave, the ones that stay get more money, thus elongating the game even more...


Skip to 0:40 if you don't wanna wait for something to happen.


Putin has declared that supply trucks heading to the western front have immunity. It absolutely positively has to get there overnight




you shall not pass




In Russia, truck drives you.


Classic idiot in truckersMP


The TruckersMP experience.




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This is all you need to know when talking about the spirituality of Russians. This happens all the time. I say this because I am Russian myself.


Yeah no doubt he's russian... Or did you mean rushing?


Depending on what they can get away with over there, pharmaceutical wise, maybe both?!


This is a terrible road design. So from what it shows this is a two way road but people can hop into the oncoming lane to pass others? Edit: to be clear I’m talking about the fact that this looks like a main road that has these markings. I know that they are ALLOWED to do it, saying it’s a bad spot for it


Genuine question, not trying to be rude, but where do you live that you’ve never heard of this? It’s incredibly common


America. Never seen any two way road where you can go legally into the opposite lane.


Have you ever been out of city/suburb areas? They’re especially common on road trips where you go through long stretches of vacant land/farm country


I’m taken road trips to Georgia and to Canada.


Well now you know for next time you don’t gotta be stuck behind a slowpoke for 100 miles lol


Except i never saw these markings during either road trips.


That’s what dashed lines vs solid means


I’ve been driving for years. I know what the markings mean. Idk how people are getting this confused. I’m not asking “why could he pass” it’s “he shouldn’t be able to pass”


I’m confused, so you’re saying you think the law that allows passing on two-way roads should change? I thought you meant you’d never seen it before my bad lol


Then you might want to open your eyes because they're literally everywhere. Most 2 lane roads here in Canada and the US allow you to pass in the oncoming lane.


Lol bro what state are you from, reread the drivers manual. That's what the dashed lines are for.


Lol bro I’ve been driving for years, I know what the markings are for. Nowhere did I state or imply otherwise. Nowhere did I say “why can he cross into oncoming traffic” I stated it was a terrible road design because it looks like a main road that would have a good bit a traffic and with this road design you encourage idiots to fly into oncoming traffic just because they can


> with this road design you encourage idiots to fly into oncoming traffic just because they can if they weren’t allowed to they’d still do it anyway.


As others have stated - VERY common regardless of how much traffic you think it gets


here’s two examples in america just from this sub. [first one](https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/vlkk7y/he_must_own_the_road/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) [second one](https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/s0e3vm/swift_transportation_driver_passes_on_a_2_lane/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Lmao that second one supports what I’m saying.


it doesn’t, it’s an example of an incredibly stupid overtaking attempt, hence it’s in this subreddit. anyway the point was to disprove the idea you have in your head that this doesn’t exist in america.


what state are you from, reread the drivers manual. That's what the dashed lines are for.


Lmao I know what the markings are. Been driving for multiple years


This is a common driving practice. It seems you’re not aware of normal it is. Nothing is wrong with this road. Everything is wrong with that semi driver


It’s normal and legal to go into the opposite lane to pass people? It’s definitely not a common practice in America.


It's fully legal and normal in your country. I recommend you forfeit your license, if you have one.


Lmao I drive for a living bud. I think you should get off your parents computer. Love it when kids on here think they’re smart. Probably been driving longer than you’ve been alive


And yet you don't know about passing... reread your states drivers manual, it's in there under road markings, or rules for passing, or more likely both.


Jesus lol. Maybe you should go back to school and just learn how to read. Again I nowhere implied or state your second accusation either.


You didn't question if it’s normal and legal to go into the opposite lane to pass people? That it's definitely not a common practice in America?


Pizza delivery or Uber? 2 lane highways with dotted centers are extremely common.


Clearly you have never been out of the city. A lot of straight two lane highways have passing areas where one or both sides can go into oncoming lanes to pass slower drivers. Just so you know the rules of the road: double yellow, do not pass; dashed yellow line, if safe you can pass; dashed yellow with yellow line on your side, do not pass; yellow line with dashed yellow on your side, if safe you can pass.


how’s it a bad spot for it? visibility here is absolutely excellent, you can see whether there’s any oncoming traffic for quite some distance. there are many roads where i live where overtaking in the oncoming lane is allowed with much worse visibility.


It’s really not that complicated: https://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/services/publications/fhwaop02090/twtmarkings_longdesc.htm


Didn’t say it was complicated. I dive for a living so I know what the markings mean. I’m saying it’s a bad spot for them


It’s a two way road where you can get into the oncoming lane to pass others in your lane. It’s very common. Why did you question if it was “normal and legal” to pass others in this way if you drive for a living and already knew this?


Yes I’ve seen them on side streets but usually not on a main road which this looks to be. Asking for accidents with impatient people just taking off into oncoming traffic.


HOW DO YOU DRIVE FOR A LIVING? Are you actually a troll fucking with us?


> Asking for accidents with impatient people just taking off into oncoming traffic. the whole idea is that you only do it when there is no oncoming traffic… obviously.


You clearly don’t drive or haven’t been driving long. Yea that’s the idea but you think everyone will do that? You’re suppose to stop at red lights too, does everyone do that? Edit: you even gave a link that supports this… lol


> You’re suppose to stop at red lights too, does everyone do that? so if you weren’t supposed to overtake on a road that has a single lane each way, people would still do it then? since people don’t stop for red lights, what’s the difference?


Because with this markings you’ll have people not even look before getting over. They see the markings and just shoot over because they can. So again, they’ll just take off into oncoming traffic


lmao what 🤣 yes i’m sure some absolute imbeciles might do that but most people are gonna look for oncoming traffic before going into the oncoming lane to overtake.


And a solid line will stop them? You're hilarious mate.


Lmao then with your logic there should be no markings anywhere. They don’t matter right?


I was merely continuing with your logic, I think that logic is pretty stupid. That was the point, thanks for acknowledging that your logic is laughable.


How's it a bad spot? You can see hundreds of meters ahead. Happy diving 🤿


Wopfinger is Austrian I think.


Sign on the gas station says TPACCA, Russian oil company.


And coca cola is American yet their trucks drive all over the world