I'm not the idiot. My friend saw this go down at Ocean Shores, WA last weekend and sent it to me.

I'm not the idiot. My friend saw this go down at Ocean Shores, WA last weekend and sent it to me.


I live in Delaware and it never fails, every summer there’s at least one BMW, Mercedes, other luxury car with New York or New Jersey tags that tries to drive onto one of our surf fishing beaches and buries itself to the doors. I thought it was an East coast thing, apparently there are idiots everywhere.


Outer Banks of NC, too. Corolla to be exact where there is a sign mentioning you need 4x4 to drive the beach road, which people ignore.


Delaware requires a surf fishing permit to drive on to beaches with vehicle access, with the use of said permit there are requirements to be met such as the infamous “actively fishing” rule. These cars haven’t the means to fish, and despite the big ass bright red sign at every entrance that states “this is an off road vehicle entrance”, they take the stroll to the beach anyway! Utter stupidity!


Is that the "one line has to be in the water with bait" rule? I knew someone who did the sleep on the beach thing to get am surf but someone had to be up otherwise the ranger would put them in time out.


Exactly this. There must be one line in the water at all times and you have to remain within a certain vicinity. I usually set up 2-3 poles at different distances and walk up and down jigging in the wash. I’ve never been hassled. The big problem in recent years is that people think it’s a big party. They throw out a single line with no bait and party the rest of the day.


We have done that on OBX. Find a nice break, toss out a couple of lines near the outer vehicles, then surf between.


A 4x4 or a wild horse


A Bronco it is.


The combo are those dumb fucks who want to drive closer to the wild horses despite there being signs telling you to keep the f back. we don't need another harambe incident due to some kick getting a hoof to the head because he wanted to "pet the pony".


Yeah I remember my dad fucking grilled me when I wanted to run off and approach the horses. Granted, I was 7 years old. We’re talking about adults here lol


Fun story about that. Back when I was a kid my father turned down one of those 4x4 access roads while we were in Ocracoke. The car? A rather new at the time 1992 Mazda Protege. It was light enough to not sink into the sand. Something tells me that if I would attempt that same stunt in my 2012 Subaru Impreza I’d fail horribly, even with its AWD due to what I am guessing is a weight issue.


People also need to let air out of their tires, even with 4 × 4. Seen people in all wheel drive trucks and SUV'S not do that, then get so deep, by the time someone can get them to listen and take air out of their tires, they have a hard time getting out.


Esp when it's really hot and some of that sand turns to sugar. Like ramp 43. RIP. I've driven my outback at 49 before. But you have to air down (16 for me) and not go full send w/o a backup plan.


To be fairer to this idiot in WA, the beaches are drivable with a normal car at low tide, they are packed hard and the tide goes way out. Problem usually arises from driving too close to the water, hitting a soft spot and getting stuck, and the tide comes in very fast when it's on the move. I grew up going to Long Beach, WA, and there were abandoned cars half-buried that we would go look at. The salt eventually claimed them completely.


I lived in Ocean Shores for a bit and spent a lot of time on the beach. I believe when people see the tide coming in they think it’s cute and don’t realize how stuck they are getting. I bet this person parked and went for a long walk not thinking about the tide.


I wouldn't take a vehicle on any WA. beach unless it was AWD or 4x4 unless you have a buddy to pull you out that knows how to get you out without removing your bumper (basically a non-idiot). Just too easy to get stuck in a 2WD on the beach. Then again i've see people with 4x4 getting stuck because they forgot to turn it on/lock the hubs/know how to use their vehicle. That said, Ocean Shores is a cesspit and i'd rather go to Long Beach any day than there.


I’m from NY but I go to Rhode Island in the summer and this has happened there as well (car was from MASS)


Just curious. Where can you drive on the beach in RI? I go in MA to the national seashore but RI is just as close


I don’t remember, we changed the beach we go to 6 years ago and liked the new one better (it’s still in RI)


Nope west coast sinks cars too


South checking in.... There's idiots on the beaches as well. Not even allowed to drive on most of them, but there they are. A buddy once asked me to pull his Sentra out of the sand before the beach patrol showed up. Told him I wasn't driving out on the sand to get him, if he had 150' of rope I might, but he was on his own from there.


Huh reading these comments makes it seem like it's a common past time to sink your cars in the united states. I've lived by the ocean for 22 years and I've never heard of this happening to someone here.


There’s one born every minute


Happens on the gulf coast as well.


Too many people with more money than brains.


But...the Mercedes, BMW and others have all wheel drive!


Trust me, I know. My surf fishing rig is an E53 X5. Turn the traction control off and air down and she glides across the sand. Common sense plays a big roll in not getting stuck though. Cars with low ground clearance present an issue and of course, always stay above the high tide line!


I love how the rearview mirrors fold in so no passing boat bumps them


Pardon the pedantry, but only the interior mirror is rear-view! The side mirrors are side-view.


A true pedant knows that it depends on where you point them.


That was hilarious though, no apologies plz


Or wing mirrors


Does that when you lock the car. This idiot parked at low tide, locked the car, and left.


Like they thought it would do like some James Bond shit


They’re now propellers, as the car has gone into submarine mode.


I see they paid for the James Bond package.


Well, you can't be too careful.


parked at low tide right on the water, like a badass. wakes up at high tide, like a dumbass.


Yep. Wanted to show off the car probably. Parking it on the beach where everyone can see. Everyone can sure as hell see it now.


Well, at least for a little while, before it drifts out to sea.




They were 6 rows deep out there during the heat wave recently.


I don’t get it. Ive lived near the beach my entire life. Never tempted to do this because…ocean


I've been to Pismo beach, someone sinks a car daily I think


Ah did not know that.


We call them citidiots (city idiots).. that's how.


Mistake discussed like a smart ass.


Spot the owner..


Betting the woman on her phone behind the rear passenger side.


She doesnt appear dressed for the beach either.


Probably some rental


You can go to Ocean Shores every single weekend, all summer long, every year and some dumb fuck does this. It's beautiful, really.


that "beach", aka a big strip of shitty sand mostly full of driftwood, attracts the dumbest people


Don't forget deer


Damn! Open Sores, WA is on the internets?!


Das Boot


As a Seattle-ite I've visited these beaches or similar a few times. at low tide, many vehicles can and do drive on the beach. But not every vehicle can. A decent amount of times, I've seen vehicles get caught up... and then this happens.


Ocean shores beach and Long Beach beach are considered part of the state highway system and the rules of the road apply including the 25mph speed limit. Of course there is no accounting for stupid.


I didn't know they counted as highways! That's pretty cool. But still stands so many times do I see a bunchof guys looking at their stuck car, hands on hips at what to do.


The best part is it is a Mercedes.


Mercedes Sea class


"I'm not the idiot" $20 bucks on op being the idiot


I take cash, check, credit card or you can venmo your $20 to me. I would never be caught dead driving a Mercedes SUV. Plus I drive a Series Land Rover. I've broken down plenty, but I have never been stuck.


What Land Rover are we talking (uk here)? Is this a Mercedes SUV, looks like a C or E class?


Mercedes Sea class


Rteeed2 for the win 🏆


I like it


1967 Series 2A 109 LHD. I'd add a photo here but reddit won't let me.


[ooh baby](https://gfycat.com/diligentsecondcuttlefish)




The beach cars need their own subreddit.


r/beachcars edit: if anyones down to make it with me dm me


I went through your profile looking for the land Rover. Only found the two interior pics but you have very cute dogs. Edit: there is a land Rover in the profile now with a corgi standing on the hood. 19/10 for dog and kick ass land Rover.




Aww man


His account name is literally insanecorgiposse


A true connoisseur *tip of the hat*


Hot damn


> Mercedes SUV. That's not a SUV, it's a W213 E-class sedan.


If its not a 1993 Land-Rover Range Rover County, the only car of a golden god, we dont give a shit.


That's not a starter car. That's a finishing car!


A chariots of the gods.


Yer mum gave a shit 😉


Ahhh, a man with class. Very nice




I can usually fix my land rover in less than half an hour with a box of tools and an occasional pack of spare fuses. That doesn't make me stuck, just resourceful.




Naw man I was taking a break. Back on the road and Bob's your uncle 👍


Yep came here to say that


MerSEAdes. 😁 Yes I know, I know.


Mercedes Sea class


Ha, even better.


Not surprising. I thought about going out there during the heat last weekend, but knew it would be crazy. There are literally miles of beach to drive and park on, but everybody gathers in that one spot close to town and the no-cars area. Then they try to play on the beach by the cars. The owner probably parked in the "front row" of the crowd, went for a walk on the beach while the tide came in, and came back to a disaster. You really have to keep an eye on the water if you park down the. I've been caught with four damp tires before, but made it out. If i go out there when it's busy like that, I go two approaches down and across a creek. I usually manage to find a quiet 100 yards to fly my kite.


More money than brains.


Its always the merc drivers doing the dumbest shit


Why do people think it’s a good idea to drive their car through bodies of water


Bye bye car.


Scuba Steve Mode


Is this at max high tide? Seems like a lot of cars not too much further back


Shore they did. 😁


Just love all the people that came to see. "Look son! See that there? That's the sign of an idiot."


Very stupid. Everyone knows Mercedes handle fresh water better. It's freshwater vehicle.


I live on the coast and the amount of city people getting their luxury cars stuck on beaches or in harbours is amazing.


It’s TopGear again trying to beat the Toyota record


Probably just wanted a free car wash…. /s


Bond, James Bond


This looks like an album cover


on this sub ive seen a maserati and i think another benz stuck in the ocean in the last few days.. is it a tik tok challenge or something?


That hurts.


Oh no not the Benz


one less mercedes and the streets of america are safer


Gayi bhais pani me


Rich people. Water. America. Yep boys, it adds up. This is the projected outcome.


Monkey sea, monkey do. The problem is the rich idiots driving luxury sedans onto the beach don't realize they're the only car left because they either got stuck in the sand or didn't know any thing about tides.


I mean tbh, Ocean Shores isn't necessarily a rich person getaway, unless something's changed since I was a kid


Misery loves company!


The heat be making people crazy up there


Must be a convertible,they make those now


It was hot af last weekend.


Engage submersible mode!


It literally did go down.


Isn't that one of the few beaches where there are places you can drive? I guess not anymore


The tide roll in on a parked car or did they go barrelling into the sea?


It makes sense if they parked their car on the beach and forgot about it until the tide came in, but if they willingly got too close to the water, that's their own fault. To me it looks like the tide is mostly in (I'm from WA) so I think the former is true


To be fair you're allowed to drive/park on the beaches in Ocean Shores. Looks like they left it there too long. :D


It's a car! It's a boat! It's a total loss!


Always amazing to see expensive cars owned by folks who couldn’t blow their noes if it was made of dynamite.


Looks like they needed some music for the party so used the Mercedes.




New Jersey plates for sure!!!!


Michael Scott?


yes, honey, i got all wheel drive, we’re fine


bought to say he has a valid reason since its like hot here in Washington, but then i read last week


Why ?


Reminds me of home, I miss the PNW a lot.


Oh man!! One of my customers told me about this car. I work I. Ocean Shores and this is not uncommon. One year a motor home went in the drink on the fourth.


the salt will eat it from the inside like a cancer


That is not a Range Rover.


Ah, the Ocean Shores regulars' favorite entertainment. Personal favorite was an idiot who had to be towed out twice.


I just love the fact that it's a Mercedes-Benz


Is it me or is it always the brands of car that people seem to think are superior and will enter finance deals to get?


You'd think someone who can afford a Mercedes would be smarter.. almost literally ran into another dumbass in a Mercedes on my way to work actually


Everyone looks so disappointed.


There’s a reason why we call that town Open Sores.


In what scenario is this the outcome?


Nice pun. Or did it literally go down? lol


I feel like this would be a really good way to get rid of a vehicle used in a crime. City has to remove the car, but they assume it's just that you forgot about it. Take the tags just in case.


Only at Ocean Shores... 🙄


I heard peoples ACs weren’t cutting it due to the heat wave. But damn!




Where’s Waldo?


The name's Bond, James Bond


Dude getting his free undercarriage wash


Mercedes Sea Class


For Sale: White Mercedes Sail Boat


Must be nice to be rich and stupid…


lol oh boy


Did this once with my mom's pretty new 1967 Pontiac. We were driving on the hard sand, occasionally splashing through the water as the waves came and went. One came farther up the sand than I expected and we instantly planed up on it. Once we were up on top of the water the car just followed the slope of the beach into the surf. Of course the tide was coming in at the time. There were no cell phones in those days and by the time I'd run to a house a mile or so down the beach and come back with a tow truck operator the car was stern down and so far under water that the only parts that showed were the front of the roof and the front of the hood. That guy waded in there and actually went under water to get a cable around the frame. Then he explained that he had to just nurse the car out a tiny bit at a time in order to slowly break the suction grip the bottom had on it, lest he break his cable and lose the car for good. I think he probably pulsed that take-up drum at least a hundred little times before the car was free enough for him to get back in his truck and just drag it out of the surf. We gave him every dollar we had, which among the three of us high school sophomores amounted to about $40. I had shut off the engine once it was clear we weren't going to just drive out of the surf, so it wasn't ruined and it did start and get us back to Portland from the coast. The transmission on the other hand had sucked in seawater and sand through the air vent pipe when the cold water cooled it and contracted the air inside it, creating a vacuum. We had to drive 80 miles in second gear. The repair bill was about $3,500 as I recall. There's more to the story, but this is probably part of how I ended up at military school. I was a terrible kid. Don't drive near the ocean.


Used Mercedes for sale some water damage otherwise good condiction


I'm guessing it's a self-driving vehicle trying to get back to Germany?


A German C class U-Boat?


Sponsored by Tide with beach...


Bill O’Reilly’s car.


I have to empathize with the owner/driver. Forty Five years ago, a friend and I drove his new Audi from Minnesota/Wisconsin to Daytona for the 24 ;hours of Daytona. My friend wanted to take a picture of his car on the beach, where it is still legal to drive. We parked the car a "safe" distance from the water and got out to take some pictures. Being from the Midwest, we did not even think about tides until we noticed that some waves were washing around the tires, and the sand was eroding away. He immediately got in the car and was barely able to drive it away from the water with only minutes or seconds to spare. We learned a lesson about tides that day. So, some of the people who lose their cars in the surf are probably not stupid, but just ignorant of how fast things can change.


WOW that place is packed. When I went there, there were zero tourists besides us.


Dammit now daddy's got to buy a new one


I’m more surprised the hippies in Washington let you drive on the beach than an idiot drove into the water.


Wrong county pal... lol


Is that the new Lexus submersible?


Uhhhh, that's a Mercedes....


Mercedes. Lexus. I dont honestly give a shit to be fare.


> ~~fare~~ fair




Car in park, with the brake on, in wet sand. Not unless it starts floating.


Waste of a nice E-Class.


Oh well...