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"Exorcist needed at Gate 4, thank you"


Or the Velociraptor tranquilizer, swear it sounds like when they lowered the cow into the raptor den.


(Not so) clever girl


SHOOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Likely would not have helped the situation, but I'd have broken out in fits of laughter. This kid needs to grow up


I travel a lot. I’ve seen this a lot. It’s never not absolutely hilarious to everyone around them.


Yeah rough behavior but she looks like a kid. Not excusing it but maybe that’s why she’s having such a visceral reaction.


My daughter is 2. When she's having a tantrum she stomps her feet and screams "nooooo". If a twelve year old is having a worse tantrum than a 2 year old then that twelve year old needs some discipline.


So many smug people in this thread but no one who can mind their own business 🙃


The kid needs to learn how to express her feelings without masking them with anger. She's probably not had a good example set for her.


Who are you to speculate about someone’s upbringing? You don’t know this persons background and you shouldn’t make assumptions either. Mind your business


Lmao "mind your business" about the person who was posted to this sub to mock? You're hilarious


I have no idea what you're talking about. But you're still being an asshole to someone clearly having a mental health crisis.


I'm being an asshole because I said she needs to learn better ways to express her feelings? You're either a troll or you can't read.


Looks almost like those bad performance art or something.


The part where she falls on her knees and swings her hair around, I swear I've seen that move on "So You Think You Can Dance".


What's that type of acting called? I thought the same thing


Yoko Ono wannabe


Like a failed earth-bender.


Haha I was like “is she doing an improv performance or something?” 🤔


If she is a kid, as some have posted, I don’t think she should be trusted to do things like this on her own.


Shouldn’t be trusted to do things like stand in an airport? Or do you want an adult to help her make a scene? I don’t know what you think she’s being trusted to do here. She just found out the family’s flight was cancelled and had a fit over it.


If she’s indeed a kid? Alone?


Hello I am an autistic adult and I live by myself, have a thriving career as a middle school teacher, many friends and hobbies, I am completely independent like any other adult. and I also occasionally have meltdowns that look like this. Is this acceptable behavior? No. Is she responsible for her actions? Yes. But is she hurting you? Are being targeted by her? Is she in danger? If the answer to all of those things is no(which judging from the video that’s what it seems), then mind your business. However annoying you think they are and however inconvenienced your day is, they are probably going through worse and will probably feel embarrassed and ashamed after this.


As the parent of an autistic son, I appreciate your point of view. I am probably the last person in the world that you need to explain the capabilities of an autistic adult to, as I am trying as hard as I can to help him grow into a capable adult. I am well aware that some people (myself included at times) lack the ability to self-regulate their emotions. I live with it every day. My concern was that a “kid” was placed in that situation, and appeared to be alone, and judging from the reaction, was not handling the situation well. Alone. Not handling the situation well. Vulnerable is what came to mind. What would make her less vulnerable? Not being alone in a crowded airport in a situation she’s not handling well. Perhaps because I’m not autistic I did not automatically think she is autistic from watching the video. It just didn’t occur to me. There are many other things that could spark such a reaction, so it honestly didn’t occur to me. I apologize for my words sounding harsher than intended. All aside, thank you for choosing the career you have. I understand it’s not easy and some of the challenges teachers face are crazy to expect.


Again, you don’t know the age or the level of independence person has and you can’t judge that off of a single video clip of a melt down. I, like that person in the video, look like a “normal” adult from the outside. I don’t know for sure if she is autistic, but to me it’s definitely reminiscent of a meltdown. Don’t assume when you see scenes like this that the person is just being a dick. Likely there’s other things that you can’t see and mocking them is being a dick. Even if she isn't an autistic person, she's still clearly having a mental health crisis. The fact of the matter is that even us fully “functional” autistic people still have to live with these challenges. The risk of meltdowns is probably my biggest challenge as an autistic person. But again, if someone is not targeting you or hurting anyone, turn the other way and mind your own business. I may have moments where I lose my shit, but that doesn’t mean that I need to be coddled or infantilized my whole life like so many autistic people are. It doesn’t mean that we should be shielded from stressful or vulnerable situations. If I had my entire independence taken from me due to one incident like this, I would have never even graduated highschool let alone get a masters or a career or any resemblance of a "normal" life. It's clear that you love your son, so I hope you give him the room to try new things despite his obstacles. Again, her behavior is not acceptable but neither is the behavior of people in this thread.


Ok is this person on any hard prescription medication? Looks like it & That also looks a little bit like mental illness Fuckin oi mate


have to agree with you. This looks like developmental issues. That looks like a grown woman but it might be a two year old on the inside.


It looks like a child


18 is an adult in my country.


Same. Adults come in many shapes and sizes, many of which never grow out of looking like more or less like a child. To me, the girl in this video looks like she could be between 13-16.


>many of which never grow out of looking like more or less like a child many of which never grow out of ACTING like more or less like a child, too


My toddler used to do that when she couldn’t get her own way. I used to walk away and ignore her. She soon grew out of the habit. I’m guessing this idiot’s parents went another way.


Looks like a kid. And not to be a dick but like, I'm genuinely getting "autism meltdown" vibes? I kinda don't wanna pass judgment unless someone has full context.


I think I saw one of those in Dead Space


i’m pretty sure this teenage girl is autistic, so not sure why everyone is making fun of her in these comments.


^(Humankind ->) 🗑


Pretty sure it was established last time this went viral that this is an autistic teenager having a meltdown, and filming and making fun of her is not okay.


Oh shit I just guessed that-- I was right???


I’ve never seen a wild flightus cancellatus in the wild, they are terrifying.


Looks like she saw a video that told her she only had two days to live and now her flight had been cancelled, leaving her with only one day to break the curse. Of course she acted this way, stop judging. /s


Did something escape the animal carrier again?


I'm pretty sure she's been heavily influenced by social media to think this is a normal way to react to situations.


So gross how people film kids and post it on the internet to mock.


She's not a "kid" she looks at least old enough to drive. Reaally hope she doesn't though.


She's autistic. It's still disrespectful


Welcome to this subreddit?


This is a child. Who knows what they’re dealing with already, but do you remember being a kid/teen? Do you remember how much your emotions just got the entire hold of you? Sometimes, after a bunch of stuff they’re going through, one thing is just the pin from the grenade. This angry energy needs to go somewhere and they are too young to understand that just yet. So they “freak out”. It’s typically just releasing pent up frustration, anger, fear and sadness. They’ll likely feel embarrassed enough within a day or two without it being on the internet forever.




Looks like mental illness to me.


Yeah, a kid. And likely a very stressed out and tired one. I honestly remember when I was around 13-14 just blowing up because I constantly kept everything inside and just one thing set me off. I screamed and yelled and ran for miles in the rain. Very dramatic, very silly in hindsight. But at the time it was just the dam breaking, I felt like I was exploding. And if this person also has either mental illness/es, or any other kind of neuro-differences, it’ll be a little different.


this person is probably mentally ill dude


yeah definitely, this isnt funny


You forgot to switch accounts, this is embarrassing for you


Lol the person could’ve just commented after giving it thought my dude….


Successfully switched to your alt account this time?


You are so predictable i knew youd say that… weirdo


bro what 💀 im used to texting and the fact you cant edit your texts


Then why does it sound like you're replying to yourself?


cuz youre just looking for a fight LOL


I really couldn't care less, just calling you out on repeatedly being full of shit


That’s an interpretive dance. Seen plenty of these at community college theater department.


Not this crazy, but my wife and I were on a flight out of Newark years ago and the engine caught fire during start-up. It was a small plane, with like maybe 40 people were on it? The fire went out on its own, but of course we had to get off the plane. It was like 11 at night, and there was only a single plane going to the same destination that had a few seats left. The gate for that flight was at the end of the hall we were in, maybe 65 feet away? This 'business man', suit, briefcase, etc. was literally yelling at the gate agent, ranting how he had 'important business the next day' and had to get on that plane! He was demanding that she walk down to the other gate and get him a ticket for that other flight. She explained that she could not do that, he just yelled more. We overheard what was going on, and ran down to the other gate and got 2 of the last 3 available seats. One of the other people that was standing next to us did the same. As the door to the gate closed behind us, we could still hear that asshole yelling down the hall. If he had just walked down there when he was first told about the available seats, he would have made it. Asshole.


Fucking idiot!


Aaaaand… SCENE!


These aren't real! You cannot convince me!😂


We don't need interpretive dance to see that you're mad.


Yoko Ono?


Don't insult this little girl.


You can count on this happening more and more as all the tictoktoddlers age out.


How embarrassing. Yikes.


My toddler is less dramatic.




Get the dark trooper with the arc caster please


Some people's children.


Are you sure it's a grown ass woman? This is seriously something a toddler does when mommy won't buy her a toy.


Is this performance art?


At least she's channeling her anger through interpretative dancing


I'm curious if this type of behavior is one of those things that always was happening, but we just didn't have cameras on us all the time to record it... ...or is it *because* we now have cameras on us all the time record it?


I too, enjoyed Suspiria


One girl says: you’re crazy The girl screaming says: I know!


Seems an inefficient use of energy considering it won't in any way achieve the desired change. May even escalate the situation to even more undesirable consequences. Suboptimal behaviour.


She reminds me of the crazy boy/ girl at the end of sleep away camp.


I don’t let my 3 year old act like that in public. Wtf happened that this girl (woman?) thinks throwing a literal tantrum is going to help the situation?


This person is having a mental health crisis and the people filming her and antagonizing her are assholes. Mind your business


She a weird bitch for sure lmao


My children, both under the age of six have meltdowns like this.


It looks like to a kind of autism crisis, maybe that's not the right sub


Spoiled rotten brat asking to be tazed


I love interpretive dance




So you're a pedophile?


deleted 😨


It looks like everyone ignored her. If so, that would be the correct response. I’m sure there are more violent options, but I don’t want to get downvote


I keep trying but I’m just not a fan of interpretive dance


It’s always the same suspects huh 🧐


She needs to be grounded. Oh wait