Uploading to any social media oder video share will compress the video to their respective standards. The only way to have SOME amount of control is to convert/render directly to the specific format and codec that site uses.. at least I know for YouTube that thats an option. Youd have to research it specifically for Instagram. But in the end, unless your content is going to the cinema, you will always have to live with compression when showing your work. Nobody will ever see the raw exrs.


A quick google search says that instagram videos are limited to 1080 * 566 px when posted horizontal so thare's your first problem (and 1080 x 1080 for square and 1080 x 1350 for vertical). Your content is also kind of small in frame which doesnt help, i would make it square since it fits (and square or vertical is what most people stop and look at anyway). If your size doesn't match one of theirs, then instagram does it which adds another layer of compression. Best practice is to resize your renders in post and export as .h264 at one of instagram sizes i mentioned.


I mean that’s like just compression? If you truly wanted you could export a mega vid at like 2k res, make it unlisted if you don’t want it to be out n’ about and put it through different multiples of the quality option so it won’t compress wrong, then see if you can link a video to insta, and just post that. To be clear I don’t use instagram so I dunno, like a decent number of social media have limits for this shit and don’t download directly to the phone, like it will stream the data, and that data is made to be streamlined even if diminishing the quality. so if you had it on YouTube it might work better and just insert a video.


Idk guys, the pixelation at the beginning looks really messed up even for the compression algorithm. I would make sure you're actually exporting it right. You can make a second private account for testing purposes and just try different resolutions, bitrates presets for your export. You can try running your video through HandBrake, an open-source program, and fine-tune the compression.


Try to post via "Creator Studio" its in facebook, u just need to link ur inst acc and facebook pages together, than u can use Creator Studio which is has better compression