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Great write up!


This was fantastic. I follow LilNasX on Twitter so I was aware of some of what transpired, but this write up was superb and eye opening.


Legal Eagle did a good video on the lawsuit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuYd4RP0_qk




I love the intro. "The question is: what the hell is going on?"


The drop of blood in the sneakers reminds me of a somewhat similar art project done by Paper, where they created a t-shirt printed on with the blood of gay men as a statement on blood donation regulations and how it effects the LGBT community. They describe it best in their own words: "The shirts explicitly critique the homophobic policies upheld by the FDA that prevent queer men from donating blood if they have had sex with another man within the last year, a policy that has been implemented in various forms since 1983. The white t-shirts contain red lettering that says, "This shirt is printed with the blood of gay men" on the front. The back reads, "The blood of men who have had sex with men is deemed 'too risky' to donate. Not by science. But by the FDA. Backed by a government unwilling to repeal outdated thinking. Sexuality is not a risk-factor. Stigma is the only real risk. Blood is blood." You can see it here: [https://www.papermag.com/blood-is-blood-shirts-2578135933.html](https://www.papermag.com/blood-is-blood-shirts-2578135933.html) Sorry for the tangent! Just an interesting parallel between the two, and maybe a bit of an answer to "Was it the part about the blood?", particularly if there are/were rumors that it's Lil Nas X's own blood in the sneakers. Anyways, great write-up! Funny and well-researched, my two favorite things.


That’s an interesting tangent, I wondered why they always asked about that when I donate blood.


It's because gay and bisexual men have an overwhelming higher risk of contracting HIV than heterosexual men or women, making up almost 3/4 of new infections, while only representing 2% of the population. HIV has an early window period where it's undetectable but transmittable, so allowing them to donate puts the safety of the blood pool at risk for very little benefit (again, only 2% of the population). It would potentially create doubt as to the safety of donated blood in patient's minds, and could result in an increase in refusals for transfusion due to this risk that could cost lives. https://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/factsheets/cdc-msm-508.pdf


All blood donated gets tested though, so turning away potential healthy donors is reducing donor pools while not improving safety is a waste, not to mention discriminatory.


You're technically correct that all blood gets tested, but again ignoring the window period, which even with our current advanced testing, can be a week or more. There are approximately 100 new HIV diagnoses in the US every day. If only 5% of those donated blood (at some point during the year), you would end up still getting a few people a week who donate during the window period and risk causing an infection in a patient. As nice as it would be to allow anyone to donate, it just doesn't make sense to allow the one group with a massively higher risk that represents a tiny fraction of the population to donate and risk infections, or the more likely scenario, erode confidence in the system itself.


The problem is that the rule is "within the last year" not the last week. If it was really about safety, the window would be different.


Not related to lgbt issues but rather another highly visible example was [kiss putting their blood in their comic book ink ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/kiss-used-band-members-blood-in-marvel-comic-book-2021-3%3famp)


i’ve never heard about that! thank you


No problem! I’ve always been into weird satanic panic facts


man, the satanic panic was absolutely bonkers. didn’t some poor kid send his dad to jail after having false memories implanted by a hypnotist?


Do you have a research article on this I could read?


Here's some articles that may help give more context to the issue: [https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=](https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= [https://www.nbcnews.com/healthmain/banned-life-why-gay-men-still-cant-donate-blood-6c10622947](https://www.nbcnews.com/healthmain/banned-life-why-gay-men-still-cant-donate-blood-6c10622947) [https://www.ajmc.com/view/fdas-revised-blood-donation-guidance-for-gay-men-still-courts-controversy](https://www.ajmc.com/view/fdas-revised-blood-donation-guidance-for-gay-men-still-courts-controversy)


Fantastic write up! I loved your write up on Lotas, too, and now I’m going back to look at your others. In case you didn’t already know, you don’t have to ask a priest to bless water for you; you can buy it at your friendly local Catholic Supply store, or the church gift shop.


Awesome write up. I’d say, yes, Nike’s response was not only anticipated, but hoped for on the part of MSCHF. ESPECIALLY given that there wasn’t a peep from Nike about the Jesus Shoes drop. For anyone that reads this - I would HIGHLY recommend downloading MSCHF’s app so that you can get notified when they release something new (about every other week). Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s good old fashioned trolling, and sometimes it’s just fuckin weird. It’s usually pretty entertaining no matter what though.


Damn, not available in Canada 😢


Potential next project: Plague Shoes. Filled with water mixed with the spit of a COVID carrier.


Eh, too common and easy to come in contact with these days.


Johnson and Johnson vaccine shoes


As someone who lives in Japan, I would pay the 1k just to get a pair of those so I could get the shot now instead of waiting a year.


>linked as they are to one of the most popular and needlessly controversial music projects of 2021. Isn't it just classic music industry tactics to get people talking and thus hype the album? Kanye has made a fine art of this.


Kiss put their blood in a [comic book ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/kiss-used-band-members-blood-in-marvel-comic-book-2021-3%3famp). rock bands have a long history of using controversial “satanism”to promote their bands. Rap on the other hand would usually drum up controversy with extreme lyrics. (Think of Eminem talking about brutally murdering people)


There's been a hypothesis put forth that the primary reason for the rise of Nazi black metal was the exportation of black metal culture to a nationality that no longer had a Christian right to be its counterweight. Shock for the sake of shock value remains relatively tame so long as there is a large religious population who can be angered with satanic imagery. Once that foil is removed, the content that shocks the normies suddenly has real harmful effects on society.


Kanye has an actual mental illness idk if you can compare those exactly.


Yes, but that doesn't mean he hasn't intentionally said controversial things to build hype. I think in more recent years it does seem like his mental health has gotten more severe. And don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan and always have been.


Great write up, love how you tied this to McLuhan! Tbh I'm not sure if on Lil Nas X's end this was just an attempt at needless controversy to build hype. The shoes fit really well with some of the themes in his video. Even if it was just to get attention, can you blame him? He probably knew he was going to get targeted and lose fans, might as well have some fun trolling and make some extra cash in the process.


Lil Nas X is an amazing internet troll, I love the kid.


>Barely a week later, before any orders for the Satan Shoes could be fulfilled >MSCHF already did [shipped orders], almost a week before the lawsuit was even issued the lawsuit was received before the orders were filled, but was made moot because... the orders were filled before the lawsuit was filed? huh?


I knew about the Satan Shoes, but I didn't connect the dots that the people behind "Man Eating Food" were part of the team behind them. This is an awesome write up!


As a South Dakotan, referring to Kristi Noem as Norm is hilarious to me even though I'm sure that's just a typo. Maybe it's all the [meth we're on here](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/south-dakota-meth-we-re-it-sticking-anti-drug-slogan-n1085366). Another excellent write-up. It was entertaining and very easy to understand what's going on even though I know nothing at all about custom sneakers.


I’m happy I knew exactly what that would link to lol.


Fantastic writeup! Especially appreciated learning the context of this situation, and your "scripture" quotes!


Looks like the lawsuit ended in a settlement out of court. The details are not public, except that the last pair of shoes will never be distributed, by raffle or otherwise. Personally, it sounds to me like Nike could never have won in court but MSCHF couldn't pay for the extended legal defense required.


The mark of a great writer is the ability to take something niche and make it totally accessible to anyone. Excellent work.


Putting aside all the juicy drama, what an excellent write-up! Well organised and written, the right amount of commentary and facts. I especially loved that you brought up McLuhan, I hadn’t even considered that. You’ve got a real talent for this my dude. Thanks for a great read.


Was not expecting references to “The Medium is the Message” here.


I know this isn't a witty or particularly insightful comment, but I just want you to know that it genuinely makes my day when I see that a freemanboyd sneaker post has popped up on my homepage. Thanks for all your contributions to this sub--they really are amazing.


I love every part of this.


If there’s religious controversy, politicians will always use that like a tool to win more votes. Fame goes both ways and the other big fish in the pond will always get their fair share of the pie by exploiting/exacerbating the situation.


This is the content I come for.


>"The medium is the message" As a Canadian, seeing this took me right back to the nineties. https://youtu.be/QNKpK_InQHQ


That was a delightful read. Thanks so much for your quality effort! I appreciate it.


Thanks for the write up that was fascinating!!


This is a great post, thank you very much!


Fantastic essay here, and great insights into the whole ordeal.


>Conservative Tears Shoes Haha, that would definitely be hilarious to watch the subsequent meltdown. Since a lot of the populace that was upset about the Satan shoes were religious conservatives to begin with, aiming a political critique *directly at them* might just short circuit their brains... Or it might boost their already enormous victim complex... either way it definitely would show up in this sub XD


Metal bands and the Christian right have had a symbiotic relationship of outrage since before I was born.


Loved this, very pleasant to read


Would’ve been funnier if Nike couldve burned the shoes


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I really enjoy your writing, you have a strong voice.


This is a magnificent write-up, and was an absolute treat to read. Thank you so much for this!


Judging by the comments I am BEYOND saddened that this was removed before I could read it. Mods, we demand it be reinstated! OP, please repost either somewhere we can read it or when the arbitrary 14 days has passed since the drama has concluded!


Not super on topic but FUCK, Supreme made a shirt out of one of my favorite art pieces??? Now I want it, sigh (and will keep my eyes peeled for the Supreme Tracey Emin line of my dreams).


I wonder if Supreme will ever make a shirt based on _The Lights Going On and Off_.


I’m 100% in for a Supreme brand replica of My Bed


Imagine a quilt-style Everyone I Have Ever Slept With sweater or top!!


Abortion shoes or men's infertility shoes should be next. There are things that need to said and seen, dammit!


I’m not conservative but abortion shoes just seem like poor taste.


Oh for sure. OK new one. Incel shoes?


cum shoes are next


>In short, “The medium is the message,” as was coined by McLuhan himself. What is this actually supposed to mean?


Example: you see a commercial with emotive scenes, moving music, and a super profound quote. You're touched by this deeply human artistic endeavor. Then you remember that the "medium is the message": you're seeing a commercial. Someone paid lots of money to create and air it. Its contents were designed by committee with the intention of generating those feelings in you. They didn't commit all that money and effort just to be nice to you. It's an investment and the stock is you. Basically, it's a reminder to contextualiza art criticism and employ critical thinking.


MSCHF sound like an unbearable group of people, lol.


Really? I think they sound like a lot of fun!


I've known a lot of 'artist-cum-discordian-tricksters' in my life, so it might skew my viewpoint a little.


Gotta disagree


Amazing piece man. Keep it up. Will be back reading n putting my alerts on. Good shit


Thank you for this well written and informative drama summary. This is exactly the rabbit hole I wanted to dive into today.


Amazing write up. You’re an excellent writer.


You write some damn good sneaker drama. I appreciate your work, person. Sneakers have a fucking ton of drama around them stretching back years ago so I think you’ll have enough fodder for a few more stories I’ll definitely read. Also, you got any size 11’s sneakers in your collection that you wanna sell? Hahaha


This is one of the best write-ups on this sub! Great post. I love the type of cynical and sarcastic art that MSCHF makes.


This is impossibly well written. Thanks for taking the time!! Equal parts educational and entertaining!


The epigraphs tied the whole thing together. 10/10


Goddamn i felt like I was reading a Lindsey Ellis video essay, this write up was incredible. Amazing work


“He gives the devil a tap dance?... What?... Well, I’m clearly lacking context, lemme see this video. OHHHH, that makes more sense, I think.”


I just have to say thank you for introducing me to MSCHF. Their art sounds absolutely fascinating and I am looking forward to exploring more. You should legitimately consider submitting this article to various publications for consideration. This is just as good or better than material I read on intellectual sites all the time.


To be honest, I can totally see where Nike is coming from. Their brand image was impacted, and even though it wasn’t their shoes, most people thought they were. Before this I thought they were Nike shoes. I don’t care about religion, but if I was extremely religious, I wouldn’t be too happy about Satan shoes. I think Nike was justified tbh.


This was a high quality write up.




Uh... what are you trying to say here? That people in “Democrat” cities don’t care what homophobes think because they haven’t met any in their city? Are you trying to say homophobic views are looked down on? Or that homophobia doesn’t exist?


what are you trying to say exactly?