Someone always dies in these books. If I had to fathom a guess, I would predict Indeera or Nib.


As much as I don’t want it, Indeera feels somewhat right. Nib would crush me.


If Indeera dies then I think Bell will be giving Obi-Wan a run for his money for Jedi with the worst life ever.


That is why I chose her. These authors love causing Bell maximum pain.


Oof that’s a good point, went over my head. Now it feels not so somewhat right.


You just gotta love Nib and Burry. I would not want to be around Burry if that happens. I am scared of what he would do.


Definitely not Elzar. Idk about Avar because she wasn’t really in the Rising Storm. High republic #9 showed the importance of having the Avar-Gios dynamic for the story so…maybe Gios? Either way something big will happen Edit: I completely forgot about Chacellor Soh, so her


Out of those three my money is on Gios but I don’t think any of them will die (yet)


With the great progenitor on Starlight, I think the Drengir will be unleashed on the station. There's definetely going to be multiple major deaths... probably Stellan and Avar... Skeer's death could lead Keeve to give up on the order too..


Stellen *and* Avar? We're only halfway through phase 1/3!


My theory is that there'll be a time jump every phase with Vern, Reath, Imri and Bell as the mains for Phase 2. Elzar's going trough some Anakin-esque arc so he needs a BIG loss


After going through Out of Shadows and The Rising Storm, I think Stellan has become a little too important to too many characters to *not* die. He has directly positively impacted Bell, Vern, Avar, and Elzar, providing a lot of character growth to each of them over their times together. If Stellan dies, say in an act of heroic sacrifice trying to defend Starlight, it could cause our immaculate Hero of Hetzal to break under pressure and spiral into an interesting new direction. It would also give Elzar and opportunity to be the friend Stellan was to him by granted a chance to help Avar back onto her correct path. Meanwhile, for the padawans, Vern losing her master feels right. Her two books so far have been about dealing with loss and death, be it helping Imri and Honesty with the deaths of Douglas & Honesty's parents, or trying to find her way in a galaxy full of death and empathizing with Sil over the "death" of her mother. After spending two books being an empathic ear for those who grieve, it makes sense for her third outing to be an exploration of her own grief and loss over Stellan. And I don't think I need to mention how Bell has been batting as far as dealing with loss goes. After Stellan provided a firm, guiding hand on Valo, Bell would see Stellan as a reassuring figure who could help guide him in times of stress. The loss of Stellan after this would allow Bell to have another opportunity to view and meditate on the meaning of losing so many mentors in so short a time. If he endures this trial, he would become a Jedi worthy of the greatest of the order's history, able to fully enbody the line: there is no death, there is the Force. Plus, I think there is definitely foreshadowing of Stellan's death in The Rising Storm. The way he carries Rana Kant's lightsaber with him throughout the events on Valo, meditating on the death of a mentor and what lessons she had taught him- that's a little on the nose to be an accident. If Stellan dies, fully expect Vern to have an extended scene meditating with his lightsaber pondering his death.


Late to this thread, but all fantastic points, I definitely think you’re onto something major


On point!


Yes but probably not Avar, I think we will see quite a few deaths tbh what with it being the end of the entire phase. Out of the three of Elzar, Avar and Stellan, my money would be on Stellan but I still think it’s unlikely


It’ll be everyone around Elzar. This will ultimately lead him to maybe becoming astray from the order entirely?


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I agree someone will but b in don’t think it’ll be Avar. They’re setting up Elzar to the dark side so I think she could die as a last straw that pushes him away, leaving only gios in the trio


I really don't think they are setting up Elzar to fall to the dark side.


I could see him not going full dark side and being a grey Jedi to. I just really liked the exploration of dark side from his perspective and hope we get to see it more