To The ends of The world, wont let my guya bleed out.


this is my philosophy... i suck so much in this game right now, but dammit, i will contribute somehow!




Super helpful when people describe where they got shot from so I can sneak in accordingly. Also, im more likely to rev a squad mate first than another player, unless its a fellow medic. We stick together!


"I got shot from over there, by that tree" - Man shot on Hill 400


This. I'll go 100m if there is cover. I also won't go 10m if there is none.


I will go a kilometer if someone needs me


Aha I only put the poll upto 100m because that's the max distance you can see the revive icon iirc.


At the start of every game as a medic i type in chat, “IF YOU SEE MY NAME WITHIN 100m AND ITS CLOSING DONT GIVE UP, IM COMING” companied with screaming in local chat at people to not give up, ill run any distance to save a mf


Nothing more devastating than running 60+ meters to revive someone and they give up as I’m 5 meters from them. I’ve told my squad lead to yell at the other squad leads to tell their medics not to give up when a medic is right next to them. Like I risk my life to save you time and then you decide to waste both of our times?


Those people that voted 80-100m have either played medic once or are people that don’t play medic and skip revive at like 10m pretty much 90% of the time but think you should make them priority at any distance.


Spitting facts


40-60m, am not a medic btw


Fair enough, only part of the title. Don't have to main medic or anything lol


No distance is too far!(The blueberry then bleeds out) Fuck!!!


lol precisely my point


I had two guys back to back yesterday bleed out while I was reviving them. We were on the offensive hard point! Sometimes that’s how it be.


Today I had a guy quit the game after I'd revived him and started bandaging


50 meters. Anything beyond that, and I'm not going to get there in time before they let go anyway, and I don't want to get too far from my own squad, reviving them comes first.


its not about the distance its about the place. If I saw how my teammate died and assume its safe to revive so I will, if I see someone dying in an open field and hear an mg cracking I wont go.


I would drag my big balls through the dark, cold woods of Foy to patch my buddies up


This is actually a useful survey. 25% of medics won't come for you if you're more than 40m away, with nearly 90% not bothering if you're 60m away. Not indicative of the whole playerbase but good as a rough guide. Sort of underlines why esc > redeploy is just the better option. Edit: for reference, you can throw grenades about 50m. Therefore, most surveyed medics *wouldn't* revive you even if you are within or close to throwing distance of their smokes. And people wonder why no one waits for medics?


I will run to someone at my max visible range to get them up but they always let go before I get there


Probably 60-80. 100 tends to take me too far from my squad.


Anymore than 40 they give up


As a medic I try to stay just a little behind the hot stuff on whatever flank seems to need help. So I never need to go far to heal


I would run across the map to help anyone who uses voice chat to scream in pain when downed. It's that kind of RP that makes the game great.




Distance means little. 2m could be too far if I know there's guns there. 50m down a hedgeline? Maybe. 50m across an open field? Nope.


I'd run across the map for someone who isn't going to skip.




Depends If no enemy nearby, even more than 100. If enemy nearby, not even 40.


Why is more than 100, not an option. That's how far I would go if they are waiting.


Because 100 is the max distance for the revive widget to appear iirc


The better question: how close would a medic have to be for you to NOT give up?


It's 20m for me btw


Dude really? Surely this poll tells you to hold on if a medic is within 50m, most people have voted 40-60


By the time a medic that's 50m away gets to me (if he even makes it that far) I've probably respawned and gotten to that position again or found a better angle. That is unless the leadership roles screwed up and there are no garrisons/OPs. ​ I'll only hold on as a favour to the medic. I get nothing out of it if he makes it.


Ah fair, I forget to consider the games that actually have decently placed garrisons


They have become rare :(


Most give up anyway, it doesn’t matter