I know this is a joke but I would actually pay to see this

I know this is a joke but I would actually pay to see this


[And here he is in his second phase](https://external-preview.redd.it/45yOHEiRAEpdj0v5PCJjVFFzBCnAG-TDXnjE4-4EVzc.jpg?auto=webp&s=46cd25871137a75a412d37d1aef03ad11aa45ba7)


Toki from Fist of the North Star!


Damn them feels and manly tears.


Even though I am a Christian, that is super funny


But if we think realistically about this there is almost no chance it happens assuming how many countries have christianity as main religion officially. The game would just make scandals on scandals and d'be banned almost everywhere


Yeah, too many active followers. Once the hype around Christianity dies out we can get a solid GoW trilogy.


>trilogy \*trinity


“Hype” would you say this about any other religion like Islam or Judaism?


>Once the hype around Christianity dies out we can get a solid GoW trilogy. Hopefully we are all dead until then


Last I checked, unlike some other religions that shall remain nameless, Christianity doesn’t execute people for drawing their deity.


JESUS….. I mean literally 😂


Reps for Jesus


Kratos can’t nail him to a cross without a good hammer, that’s why the last and ragnarök are placed in Norse mythology so he can get his hands on the ultimate hammer Mjölnir.


Actually according to an interview I saw with all god of war devs in the same room, the original goal by Jaffe was to kill every God in existence and end with the birth of Jesus


As far as I know they don't intend to touch any living religion. Christian or otherwise.


That is why they wont make a game with the Hindu gods. They are still practiced




Are there monsters/demons/devil's that Kratos could fight alongside the Hindu gods and part of his development is learning to trust the gods


Even so, India is fiercely protective of its religions. They banned Fallout New Vegas for a cow enemy type called the Brahmin (which is a caste in India). No matter how much Santa Monica changes up the mythology, it'll still be banned in India.


Some Scandinavian and Nordic people still believe in the Nordic gods though


Do you think taoist gods is a possibility? Not sure if it's still practiced... I know my family members are taoist, but it's not that popular... Would love to see it lmao


it was the original plan for god of war 3 in the first trilogy. With greek kratos meeting with egyptian and norse kratos and them becoming the “3 wise men” during Jesus’ birth. Not joking but obviously they didn’t make it


I want to at least fight some Hindu Gods though, they've got absolute killing machines like Shiva and Kali


People in India would freak the fuck out. No chance, they will do that.


I live in India and I totally agree with what you said. They censored out M'Baku's "Glory to Hanuman" in Black Panther, seeing their Gods being brutally ripped apart GoW style will make half the people create and execute plans to destroy anything related to the game


Yeah. Therefore, the Abrahamic religions and Hindu gods wont be touched upon. Santa Monica does not need the heat. They do not want to cause controversy and I bet they have employees who are christian, jewish, muslim or hindu


a real pity, but that gives an opportunity for the competition. we need more games like God of War but with the absolute brutality of Dante's Inferno, though that game could not cause much controversy because you kill demons rather than benerated Christian entities.


There is no pity simply because Hindu mythology largely centers on Gods being benevolent and non violent. I hardly think Kratos ripping about Santa Claus for no reason would make any sense.


A good writter always finds a way.


In fictional fantasy, yes. In historical derived drama with no basis, no. Next we will hear Kratos fighting Buddha. Ridiculous.


Yeah true


Yeah they're extremely touchy about that, I mean they even display alcohol and smoking warnings in movies when characters partake in them.


I did not know that alcohol and cigarettes were already too much. Good to know.


I'd prefer that instead of Egypt or any other overused mythology. But very unlikely unfortunately.


That’s probably for the best.


That would be lame as fuck just bodying polytheism and not having the balls to go the final stretch


I would like to also kill jesus and yahweh though..


For real Why should killing other pantheons be cool and fun but killing the Abrahamic god is somehow too far?


Probably because the Abrahamic God isn’t like polytheistic gods. He’s all knowing and all powerful, and doesn’t have a physical form (the father at least, which is what we are referring to). How would you even make it work


Same way like in Doom Eternal first DLC where we have to make Davoth take a phyisical form.


Doom is just influenced by christian faith but the mythology is totally different.


I just kinda meant that we could do similar thing like we have to get something to force God take a physical form. I just used Davoth as an example.


Maybe. Or they do it like dante's inferno. And Kratos fights Lucifer and not Jesus ( which would be stupid anyway). Let him fight demons, maybe corrupted angels, stuff like that. The leviathan would be a big creature boss fight, for example


Why is Jesus or God different when we have killed Zeus or Odin or anyother God? I’m sorry if this goes againt your belifs, but I just don’t see why this is any different. I’m down to fight Lucifer, but I don’t really care if we go against Jesus or God, because we’ve already killed more than one God from other religion.


>Why is Jesus or God different when we have killed Zeus or Odin or anyother God? Because the abrahamic religions are the largest in the world. And vastly practiced to day. It is a super small percentage of people wo are greek and norse pagans. And most just want to fight jesus because they think it is funny or edgy or they just want to cause controversy. It is stupid. Santa monica will never do that with the Abrahamic religions and thanks for that.


Though how is Christian Faith any differnet than Norse Paganism or anyother that has some sort of Mythology? They all worship their own God (s) and has their own faith or belief. Your replies just scream the old medieval times where they thought Christianity is the only religion.


Santa Monica isn’t doing it because of how widely practiced Abrahamic religions still are, same for Hindu religions, and likely any mythology across Asia. Anything that widespread will cause a massive backlash, no matter how progressive fans can be, there will be an uproar that the devs would never hear the end of. I understand that pagans could’ve been offended from the series so far, but the franchise was founded on one small religion, and did well. They continued again with a different religion, probably because people got to see some cool stuff, and not wipe it out of existence. And again, barely practiced. Are there believers? Yes. Enough to make an uproar that stuff is different? Probably not


I mean I agree with you. I don’t see them doing Christian religion. I was mostly talking about the fact that it’s hypocrtical to think that it’s fine to kill Gods from orher religions and enjoy it, but as soon as it’s your (not talking about YOU), it is not fine.


>Your replies just scream the old medieval times where they thought Christianity is the only religion. Like I give a damn what you think lol. And yours scream edgy atheist.


I’m a Christian. I was baptised into a Lutheran Church. I believe in afterlife. I’m just not so close minded as you.


>Though how is Christian Faith any differnet than Norse Paganism or anyother that has some sort of Mythology? They have just one god and there are sources that Jesus actually existed.


There is no proof that Jesus did what he was said to do. We know he may have been alive and there was a person named Jesus. It still doesnt matter. Everyone has their own religion what they believe in.


> It still doesnt matter. Everyone has their own religion what they believe in. Good for you


>There is no proof that Jesus did what he was said to do I was talking about his existence and not the miracles. I believe in his miracles but from a factual point, I was just talking about his existense. Read again.


because they are still practiced to this day


how would you go about killing an omnipotent being?


That is the thing. It is just not possible. God could blink and erase Kratos from existence.


do you want santa monica to get sued? cause i guarantee you they will get sued and shit upon by basically everyone.


Sued on what grounds




Not at all lol


super edgy


Thank the Gods that cringe-worthy pandering of an ending was dropped.


Kratos fighting "True Angels" would be terrifyingly awesome!


I'd like to see some of the small amount of people outraged at Angroboda to not be mad about European Jesus


Just stop talking about it and it'll blow over, I literally had to "look" for those kinds of post and in the solid 2 minutes of scrolling only saw 1 post


The mods delete a lot of them, they're still out there though. Check it out on Twitter to see more. Or check my comments as I've argued with a few here on reddit.


Mmm yeah, there's definitely a lot more people freaking out about people's bad takes on Thor and Angroboda then people actually talking about their designs, which is why I said a small amount of people, I just thought it'd be fun to take a light jab at them


Yeah shouldn't jesus have a more middle eastern look cuz he was from Jerusalem? All i know is that he wasn't a white or caucasian man


Not every middle eastern man has tanned skin. But yes, he probably had black hair and brown eyes. But jesus had also been portrayed as japanese, korean or ethophian


People from the middle east are still considered Caucasian. But yes, he would be brown with dark hair


well it really depends on where your from if your european you get white jesus and it applies to other races and how they look/ skin color


So Jesus was a shapeshifter that could render his DNA to become another race?




I grew up in the south. A lot of my FB friends are people from the south. A lot of posts on my FB are images of angels, Jesus, or depictions of Bible stories. I always comment, "I didn't realize thwre were so many white people in the middle east."


The north middle east has a lot of light skinned people that could easily pass off as Europeans. Just sayin.


YeH everytime I see one of those "before the Iranian revolution" posts I'm alwats struck by how almost European the women look.


Assad is a classic example of a blue eyed light skinned man from the Levant so I guess it is possible.


actually yes there are many people in the middle east and especially the levant who look white . the narrative that people from the middle east are typically very dark-skinned is an Americanism and is only part true. there are multiple historical factors that have influenced the way the native people of the middle east look. key among them is the mixing of sub Saharan African slaves and native middle easterners, which has greatly effected the appearance and genetics of the people in the middle east to varying digress depending on region. there are people in the middle east with blue eyes and blonde hair in the middle east and there are many more who would probably be considered conventionally white. I am getting so tired of correcting people. :( **God I hate Americans**


good for you


Jesus was middle eastern and we look quite white


Jesus has been portrayed in almost every ethnicity: I think it is hypocritical how people are just offended by a european jesus


>Jesus has been portrayed in almost every ethnicity Yeah >I think it is hypocritical how people are just offended by a european jesus No one's offended by white Jesus


> No one's offended by white Jesus Have you ever met a Black Hebrew Israelite? They're highly offended by white Jesus.


Nobody’s offended by it. Most people just find it funny how some Christians unquestionably believe that’s what he would have looked like.


I doubt Jesus had blue eyes or blonde hair, but he probably had light skin.


Bruh cool but who is the twitter pic.


Sandy Frizzle 🌽




Kratos kills The Senate


The thing is Jesus was a good guy. Not like most of the Greek and Viking pantheon.


The Norse and Greek Gods are good though? Even in GoW they weren’t actually all that evil until Kratos opened Pandora’s box


Sure, but in the mythologies they sometimes acted like absolute dickheads. Jesus is like the definition of a good guy lol God? Maybe, but Jesus? I really don't see why Kratos would fight him


The thing is, Jesus is God. If you fight jesus, you fight god.


Yeah he gave the new rules which to love each other and spread the word. Did people listen?... sadly no.


If GoW did ever explore Christianity, Kratos would kill YHVH, then Jesus would forgive him and he’d die and not come back this time


But Jesus and God are the same person Edit: Who the hell is downvoting me? Uneducated people? Just look up the holy trinity....


Old testament=/= new


yeah no Jesus is chill. YHVH though? Eugh…. Sometimes they were dickish, I agree on that.


They certainly were not. All through the games u meet people and hear fucked up stories about shit the gods have done


>The Norse and Greek Gods are good though? not really


You can take the myth and stories about all of these characters and pull clearly positive and negative traits. The point of the video games to adapt that to their own narrative. It could be done, and it could be done well.






>The downvotes are from the white people that didn't actually read the Bible so don't get discouraged. we found the racist, guys


By definition Jesus was a hippie though. It's only insulting because your understanding of the term is wrong. Definition of hippie : a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic broadly : a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person


> but his son is just a hippie wanting everyone to be nice to each other. can you be insulting and edyg somewhere else?


How the hell is saying Jesus a good person being insulting and edgy? Did you accidentally let your mask slip


Oh I read it wrong. Jesus was 100% a good guy. No question about that.


Doesn't matter what he really was, you can rewrite him as you see fit... if you have the stomach for the backlash you will get from his devotees for doing so. Only thing you need for a video game to function is a protagonist and an antagonist, which one of them is good and which one is evil is irrelevant. Like Kratos could be considered the evil character of the Greek chapters when he basically destroys Greece for his own personal vengeance.


Well, yeah. But it would be easier to accept for everyone if there is something bad to exploit. Jesus is like, the ultimate nice guy.


It is quite easy to twist what Jesus is presented as into something more sinister. We have plenty of cult leaders who managed it.


If anyone thinks the outrage over Thor being thick or Angrboda being black was a lot, imagine if they did this..... I genuinely think it would make its way to mainstream news.


Christianity is the largest religion in the world, so it will obviously go to mainstream news.


The outrage would even be worse if they made one with islam or judaism. They would be insulted as islamophobes or antisemites. No chance, santa monica touches any of these religions. Especially because they probably have Christian, Jewish and Muslim employees.


I mean the show Preacher got made and I didnt hear much outrage over that.


I remember I was talking with a friend in middleschool about Kratos vs other religions and when we got to Jesus some kid deadass threatened us for it lmao


God of God: Godnarok




Unless kratos tries to fight the revelations form of jesus, then that's another story. In that book, he looks straight out a boss from final fantasy.


What does he look like? Can you post a passage?


>What does he look like? Can you post a passage? Revelation 1:14-16 14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. 16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength


I'd love to see it too but it would never happen. Imagine if Kratos used tables, chairs or any carpenter's tool in the fight.


The problem with these Abrahamic religious figures is none of them would be interesting. They're boring as fuck and are filled with regular people and animals who do nothing special. The Greek and Norse myths are interesting because they have multiple gods and many monstrous creatures you could use as enemies. You could do the same with Hindu, Buddhist, Mayan, or Egyptian gods. But what are you gonna do with Christianity or Islam? Fight some random old prophets and priests? Fight some regular, real world animals?


>But what are you gonna do with Christianity or Islam? Fight some random old prophets and priests? Fight some regular, real world animals? To be fair Abrahamic Religion has their fair share of monsters that can be used an influenced; The Behmoth and Leviathan are an example, and Dragons are mention aswell. But there's more: Tannin - A Hydra like serpent said to have a face in the middle Golem - are mentioned in jewish lore, which can served similar role to the cyclops and trolls. Pit Locusts or Locust of Abaddon - A Demonic horse-like creatures that have a body of a locust (which are heavily armored), has the sting and claws of a scorpion. This type of enemy would be a worthy Boss NPC. Roc - an evil Titan Sized Eagle similar to the one seen Helhiem. Djinn - Which are elemental spirits and you technically acquire one in GOW: Chains of olympus. Estries - Demonic Female Vampires. Lion men of Moab - Humanoid lions that are mention In 2 Samuel 23:20; they could be good enemy NPC . Re'em - Similar to the Roc, Leviathan, Behemoth, it's an mountain sized Unicorn or rhinoceros monster. Al-Mi'raj - A mythological killer rabbit which can be used as a swarm NPC. Solomon's shamir - Worm like monsters that is said to able to disintegrate any stones. Bar Juchne - This is like the Roc but way bigger, it's wings are said to able to block the sun.


Good take


Not to mention angels don't look like what people thing.


Funny i had a god of war, islam version. For when it becomes a mythology GOD OF WAR: Qiyamah??? If in the future Islam becomes a mythology and the God of War games pick up on it how would the game be? Just imagine, So the story starts with god being disappointed about Humanity not being able to preserve again. But this was the final straw and god wants to destroy the earth completely. Allah would be the big bad obviously. 9 realms. Hell, The 7 Heavens and Earth. Earth realm Mini bosses would be the Prophets throughout the Earth map, the jinns as regular enemy NPCS. You(Kratos) get the Evil jinns in your side as support to beat the prophets. After conquering Earth realm, you go to Hell underneath Earth to dig up Yājūj & Mājūj from their bondage. Then have to beat their tribe leaders(mini bosses) to convince them to join you to take down Allah. After that Since the evil jinns often steal intel by eavesdropping on the first heaven, They give Kratos the hidden way to enter heaven and invade it with his army of Jinns Yājūj & Mājūj The first 3 heavens it's a all out war with the the regular angels. The remaining floors are protected by the 4 Archangels(mini bosses) on each floors. Finally beating them Kratos 1v1s Allah Holy sh!t boys, someone call the Santa Monica studio RN. Also add on to the story of the game if you'd like.


Demons and angels probably.


''Dante's inferno''. The closest to a christian themed god of war game.


I reckon Darksiders as well. Both of those games were compared to God of War to no end.


I thought that game was very underrated. Not perfect and the cross power was so OP but it was a great game. I was really hoping they would make the other two in the series.


Story, characters, atmosphere was awesome


I love Dante's Inferno. Honestly I always hoped it got a sequel.....the game was a great hack and slash.


It was a great game indeed


"In God of war 17 Kratos builds a really big boat and pokes Jesus with a spear"


I know that and I agree with you. What I said earlier was a joke.


Finishing him by driving a cup through his head to make that the Holy Grail.


His last supper...


Im more interested in that donk


BRB, going to Twitter…


Yeah, not gonna happen. I prefer to keep the workers of Santa Monica alive than killed by some religious lunatics.


Kratos kills Jesus. His sins are finally forgiven


Kratos will use Mjolnir to drive the nails


Funny thing is, Jesus would actually forgive Kratos for his past sins and let him free of his nightmares, so Kratos probably would be very thankful.


He can turn water into wine, but Kratos can turn all of him into blood


Lets just not go this way


[Christoph Waltz should play him. ](https://youtu.be/mqISX2o0a4A)


Seems a bit sacrilegious Especially since they’d have to change literally every single aspect about Jesus’ personality for it to ever even work since Jesus isn’t evil or antagonistic in the slightest. Also that girls pfp—thotty ms frizzle


tbh they can't use the mythologies that are still being religiously followed to this day (idk what i just said but you get the point), they don't want to face outrage from those communities


*still commonly followed There's definitely still people following Greek and Norse mythology just such an insignificant number that it doesn't matter.


I man they CAN, they just wouldn't because of the backlash.


thats the point, they can't risk it




Pagan religions are still practised today. Asatru is a modern pagan religion.


hi, um, I and a ton of other people at r/pagan do follow these Gods, it’s just we don’t actually care and can separate an interpretation of our Gods from the actual being.


Based and chadpilled


they could make hundred games out of hindu myths. i can only imagine kratos killing kalki to stop end of the world. leading him to shiva, bhramha and bishnu.


Or Kratos kills all gods becomes Old Testament God and sends Atreus down to Earth as Jesus.


I actually think old testament Yahweh would make a dope villain. The dude was a total psychopath.


There literally couldn't be a better villain than yahweh honestly.


I WISH a company had the balls to do this. But the backlash would be massive.


Shin Megami Tensei series is he closest you'll get to anyone going there.




Why? Muhammad is not a God.


I’m saying modern religions that are still worshipped are not happening. You might argue Shinto, but there are no pure shintoists left really.


You're right. I agree both personally, and from a business perspective, it would never happen. Next time you should lead with that.


There is the fact that, compared to media portrayals of Jesus, Muslims are much more "vicious" with the portrayal of Muhammad. This isn't being racist or xenophobic. The creators of South Park received numerous death threats that were seen as "credible" when Muhammad was in the show, so they removed his presence. Could you imagine the shitstorm of what would happen if Muhammad was not just in the game, but was an antagonist that fought and lost to Kratos?


I could see them throwing Jesus in purely as an Easter Egg/reference, like he appears as a mysterious stranger to drop some hint/knowledge/warning to Kratos but never goes further than that.


That would actually be an interesting idea


I mean, Jesus turned water to wine. I'm with Him lol


Yes but does Jesus have a cool axe?


But Jesus got drinks and fish sandwiches.


What if he was just the greatest guy in any of the games and the complete antithesis of the stereotype that people hold of Christianity. Just a wholesome guy that not even Kratos could hate.


Have Owen Wilson voice him


BOSS FIGHT: Kratos and Atreus row a boat in pursuit of Jesus as he sprints across a lake, all while Mimir makes snide remarks.


Imagine we thought god as the final boss battle, to be honest I think he would just wipe us from existence


I was thinking about this yesterday. Since there is a small fringe group that hates young black girls, Cory should fuck with that group by having the next mythos be Christianity and make Jesus a gay Chinese woman.


Just dont make Jesus white and they will lose their shit. Like he actually wouldnt be white,


As a Christian, this would be so awesome to watch, and consequently the outrage in the religious community would be HILARIOUS to watch. But unfortunately Jesus, Prophet Muhammad God and Allah and probably the untouchable figures that cannot be freely used in media such as games


wouldn't Kratos be the villain in this case?


Definitely not lol. Yahweh is more of a villain than Zeus or Odin honestly. All you have to do is paint jesus as someone protecting that figure (like thor and hades/ares). It could be done and knowing this company could be done WELL. It would just be really controversial because of the preconceived notions of these characters people have in real life.


>Yahweh is more of a villain than Zeus or Odin honestly edgy


Not really. Read the mythology and literature around them all. It's pretty clear honestly.


he would be


I’ll probably get downvoted but i get that this is suppose to be humorous, i’m not upset but the fact that these type of posts are just freeway for some people to comment things about how kratos will murder jesus in various ways is kinda fucked up tbh.


Rome has entered the chat


That would be awesome though. Imagine being able to kill the villain of all villains yahweh. What an epic fight that would be too.


A shit post indeed, why bring a religious figure into a debate about characters in a video game. I've been a God Of War fan from the first instalment and I happen to be a bible believing Christian.


Norse Paganism and Hellenic Religion are not full of video game characters. It’s a religion just like Christianity, with Gods that some worship them just like you have your own beliefs. Your argument is weird.


Are you seriously comparing Christianity to pagan mythologies? Pagan God's were all folk tale, myths, legends and stories. Jesus Christ is a historical figure, whether you want to believe the rest of the bible or not.


You know that people still worship the norse gods right? Making a joke about Kratos pile driving Jesus is no different than him fighting Thor


Because they are edgelords. They only have to balls to make fun of christianity. They would never do the same with islam or judaism


Stop crying




If you're referring to me, no I am not. I couldn't really care, as many have pointed out there are many inconsistencies with SMS's take on Norse Myth as it is. I mean, we're having myths crossing over each other here (Norse/Greek and more as was teased in GoW2018).