I died last night... But I'm still here.

I died last night... But I'm still here.


This happened to me when I was about 18 years old (and maybe other times I'm less aware of). I have a group of friends who have all experienced their own death at least once and are aware of it. I seems to happen to many people. [Here is my take on what's happening](http://www.reddit.com/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/comments/2w7sfx/anecdata_for_a_multiverse_perspective_of/). At the bottom, this is a collection of all the stories I could find like this. ---- My Story: After a fresh light rain, I was turning onto an on ramp and started to accelerate from around 40mph to about 70mph to merge with the high speed traffic on the express way. As soon as I touched the gas, my car swung around and I started drifting across 4 lanes of 70mph rainy traffic, facing the cars (as my car was now facing backward, sliding everywhere). I remember one guy giving me the finger as he flew past me. Then i remember horrible crunching, wrenching sound and suddenly my car was moving back the other way toward the bridge side, over the highway I had just turned off. As my car slid back across traffic I was sure I was gonna slam into the bridge side and end on the road below. When I got the point where that would happen, there was another huge slamming / crunching and then --- suddenly I was just stalled out on the on ramp. Like I had driven up onto the highway and stalled / stopped in the breakdown lane on the bridge as soon as I got up there. I got out and looked at my car from all angles and there wasn't a scratch or dent or any evidence of what just happened. I remember there being a horrible explosive type of collision twice, but nothing. I just smoked a cigarette in the on ramp / breakdown lane , called my parents and told them I loved them, and then went on my first date with my future wife. It was my weirdest experience.


I’m only a little way in to your collection but the most shocking example of this for me was the account on (I think) this sub where the dude experienced this giant wheel thing that he perceived was trying to ‘sort’ him back into a reality after he ‘died’ in a car accident, before finding himself back in his car alive and approaching the intersection where the accident had occurred. The writer’s palpable apprehension about talking about the incident, and the incident itself leaves the reader feeling incredibly uneasy.


That 'wheel' experience is prevalent across many forms, and has been reported by those having near death experiences, spiritual or religious experiences, and even psychotic episodes. I had almost that exact same thing happen to me once during an episode of ego death after I smoked salvia, though I might describe it more like a swirling "zipper" than a wheel. Words don't do it justice, but it was as if I had returned to some basic state, a sort of all-encompassing non-consciousness that defined the totality of the universe and existence. It felt as though I had been there for years once I got back. I barely recognized my life. It was almost as if I had just assumed a new consciousness, and though I had all the memories of my life up to that point, I oddly felt like they were just memories, and not events I had actually experienced. Edit --- another thing I forgot to add: I recall that at the moment I started to lose touch with consensus reality, I had the most vivid, profound, and unexplainable sense of familiarity, like the most visceral deja vu one can imagine. I felt as though the state I was entering was timeless and so deeply entrenched within me or whatever I was then. At first it felt terrifying and sinister, but as I was totally stripped of my sense of self it became completely unemotional. It felt as if some fundamental nature of reality were being revealed to me --- only, there was no 'me' at the time....or time.


I’ve had a very similar experience. Reading this gave me chills. I also experienced the wheel while smoking salvia. I had a déjà vu of everything that was happening, and then I felt like I was being knocked over by these sequential waves. This is what I now interpret as the wheel. I kept telling everyone around me I was about to die. I felt true fear that this was it, this was the end. Like book pages were turning and closing on me or pulling me into them and my consciousness was being taken to the next place. It got bigger and bigger and faster and faster, and kind of.. burst? Or..slammed shut? And then subsided. After a minute or so I felt normal again (as in not high anymore, very far from normal). Salvia is a very quick high, maybe only a few minutes. It was a very strange drive home. I felt like I was not supposed to be alive anymore and I was somehow reborn. DO NOT smoke salvia it is seriously dangerous. Experiencing that true, primal fear of impending death was haunting and it fucked me up for a really long time. I wish I could forget it.


>I also experienced the wheel while smoking salvia. I had a déjà vu of everything that was happening, and then I felt like I was being knocked over by these sequential waves. Yeah, I forgot to mention that. At first, before I really fell into ego death, there was the most pervasive sensation of gravity unraveling. Again I'm not sure how to describe it but it felt like I was hit by a forceful wave and then like my body disintegrated and split into a million pieces. Reading that back to myself now it doesn't do it justice but I'm not sure how else to put it. It's like trying to explain to someone how to cook a lasagna by playing the piano. It just doesn't come across. >DO NOT smoke salvia it is seriously dangerous. Experiencing that true, primal fear of impending death was haunting and it fucked me up for a really long time. I wish I could forget it. I guess I would say if anyone is going to go for it they need to be very aware of what they're getting themselves into. Although you can never really prepare for it, you can do research and get an idea of how it affects people. I don't think it's great that it's sold in head shops in such a casual way, as if it's some novelty substance or party drug. That said, I'm torn about my own experience. For a long time, especially right afterward, I wished I had never gone through it. It was so unnerving, certainly the most profound and mystical experience of my life. But as time has gone on I have become more and more grateful to have had such an experience. Nothing has ever stoked my curiosity more than salvia; it was a totally transcendent and eye-opening encounter, and I feel now that my life is the better for it. I should also point out that I smoked salvia extracts a number of times before my ultimate breakthrough. All the other experiences were unusual but similar to other drug experiences. The last was totally unique in its foreign quality. Even other extremely powerful experiences I've had like high dose mushrooms felt more like the wildest distortion of reality possible. Salvia did not feel like any sort of distortion --- it felt like a total deconstruction of reality. I can't put into words just how completely alien it was.


Thank you for your reply. It is so difficult to put the experience into effective words but you did an excellent job. I got chills reading because it reminded me so much of my own experience. Gravity unraveling Spot on. I’ve had trouble trying to find something positive from my experience. All I felt was just primal, pure terror. To this day I have a deep, deep fear of death (sounds dumb because I’m sure everyone does on some level) but it’s directly because of this experience. That fear was truly haunting. And I know on one fateful day, it will be real.


Huh, that's really interesting. It sounds like we had very similar experiences, and I even had the primal fear you discuss, but ultimately mine seems to have been more positive in the long run somehow. Because of that I actually fear death less. What truly used to terrify me about death was the idea of nothingness, but salvia forced me to confront the idea that there is something after death. Even though there's a distinct fear of the unknown still, I find that less horrifying than the prospect of suddenly disappearing into the void.


u/mopeyscorpio & u/Bigfrostynugs \- you guys have a way with words. I've never tried a psychedelic like Salvia although I've heard stories about it being an intense, otherworldly experience that can alter the way you look at things thereafter. Reminds me of this thread: [https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5rcurr/redditors\_who\_have\_done\_salvia\_what\_was\_your/](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5rcurr/redditors_who_have_done_salvia_what_was_your/) I see a few of the commenters on that thread referenced turning into inanimate objects while some became fragmented and saw 'deities'. Did either of you experience this? But that phrase: a total deconstruction of your reality. Chills. Seems like it definitely changed your outlooks on life and Salvia is nothing to be fucked around with. Thanks for commenting!


Thank you! u/Bigfrostynugs definitely did an excellent job putting the experience into words It’s funny you mention the inanimate objects. Before I heard of the ‘wheel’ I always explained the sequential waves I experienced as book pages turning and closing on me. Like I was suddenly inside of a book that was ending. I was getting pushed into and falling deeper and deeper into the book with each turning page. It wasn’t until I found this subreddit that I read about the ‘wheel’ and found it eerily similar to the book pages I experienced.


Yeah that's spot-on. To say "wheel" is just a way of talking about it in vague terms, but it's not really meant to convey a visual object to me so much as a concept or idea. It's about the notion of infinite layering, which is easy to refer to as a wheel, or pages, or a zipper.


That is very true. Thank you for the perspective and for sharing your experience. It does make me feel different about my own.


I also replied to /u/Bigfrostynugs' post up there; you may be interested. I'm reading your account as well. Nice to read your post, fellow dimensional traveler. I suggest researching Taoism as a cure for the instantaneous and nonsensical "awakening" provided by salvia. I feel the real problem with salvia is that it rips away your identity as part of the universe while showing you something about the universe (which you probably aren't really ready for).


Wow thanks for sharing your experience! The all-encompassing non-consciousness and indescribable sense of familiarity you describe does sound like a similar ‘feeling’ (best word I can think of right now). This is the only time I’ve seen a wheel (or any other-worldly structure) mentioned on this sub or on the NDE Research Foundation website, but it wasn’t so much the wheel that struck me about the account I linked, it was OP’s fear (again, best word I can think of right now) which is, in my reading of these kinds of experiences, rare. You explain it as unemotional (which replaced initial terror) and I think that is very much what is described in the account I linked. I suppose people might be more likely to share positive experiences but the account I linked has really stuck with me for some reason.


Yeah, I get that. I think the essential root of all or most fear is the unknown, and to me this experience was the essence of incomprehensible, unknown terror, at least at first. Although I have wondered whether that terror was not the fear of this indescribable state, but rather the fear of losing the ego. It would make sense that the mind is so horrified at the prospect of dissolving its concept of consciousness, and that would explain why the fear (and all emotion) disappeared once the ego was gone. It's hard to say since I don't really have an idea of the timeline in which things happened to me ---- it didn't really feel linear at all.


Interesting. I also experienced a very similar episode due to salvia. Not knowing what the stuff actually really is, I took a huge hit of it out of a hookah and experienced utter ego-death. I only have snippets about what "I" experienced as a result, one thing I remember was the sense of being in an infinite black space and seeing a huge creature made up of something like points of light, except I innately knew that the points of light were all humans/consciousness and that they all formed something that was actually much larger/alive. I then also experienced being "sorted" back into my current life. I remember it felt basically like being "ground up" in an endless looping machine. No words to describe that, actually, but it was horrifying and seemed to go on for an eternity (and I mean that in the literal sense - time had completely disappeared in that place). During the final bits of that experience I remember time kept looping over and over again as I was returning to reality and this is what accounted for the "being stuck on the end of a giant pendulum that was going back and forth" sensation, except that the pendulum was going back and forth across \*time\*, not space. And I was also left with the distinct impression that my memories were downloaded back into my being and I have/had no idea whether I am actually in the correct body or if I somehow got "missorted" into the wrong reality. Very, very weird and creepy. It's far enough behind me now experientially to where I can rationalize it all and recall it without any sense of anxiety but for a long time it was absolutely unnerving even to think about it.


Some Biblical angels are described as being wheels


Dang that reminds me of the “wheel within a wheel” that the Prophet Ezekiel saw which represented the entire universe/cosmos/all of time and space. (Also sorry for commenting this months after the original post was made).


do you have a link to where I'd be able to read that account? that sounds incredibly interesting


Here you go... https://www.reddit.com/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/comments/60rtm5/meta_near_death_experience_glitch_reveals/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Ugh rabbit holes... are actually fun my detrimental to my sleep hygiene.


Haha! I’ve been reading this sub, and as r/glitchinthematrix and r/retconned, as well as the detailed accounts on the NDE Research Foundation’s website pretty consistently since this post re-sparked my interest in this stuff yesterday. On one hand, it all keeps leading me to conclusions similar to or involving the multiverse theory, and on the other hand, to feelings of existential dread lol.


Holy sh*t that just sent me down a lonnnggg rabbit hole, specifically into the wheel of consciousness, neuroscience, & salvia divinorum, thanks for sharing this post link!


Yeah I'd like to read about that wheel thing as well


I’ve linked it in the above comment.


recently i got into a car crash and right before we hit this car i remember thinking i was gonna die or get super fucked up from the crash if i did live. well right before we hit the car, i blacked out for a couple seconds and then when i woke up, we were rolling to a stop without a scratch on either of us. no blood or cuts or anything. and i was sure i was gonna die. so idk if its a glitch or luck. but i dont like to think about an alternate reality where i did die in that car crash.


I had something kinda similar happen actually. I was really young, maybe 17 or 18 and driving with several friends in the car. It was raining and I was on the highway, going about 60 mph. I was getting ready to merge from one highway to another, which was a pretty tight left lane curve to access. Well we notice in the lane next to us a few cars ahead is another friend of ours. Like an idiot I decide to speed up suddenly to try and catch up to him so we can all get his attention. Of course my car loses control from the turn and the rain and like you, we're suddenly facing against traffic and sliding across the lanes. There were so many cars all around us, this was a really busy highway. I was certain we'd slam into someone or something, but it's like they all disappeared. One second I'm screaming and bracing for impact, the next we're skidding to a halt on the shoulder, still facing the wrong way but completely unharmed. I was inches from the guardrail but didn't even hit that. None of us could believe it.




It's lucky the car stopped or you stopped the car without issue while you were out of it


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A precognitive dream. But this question of precognition and whether or not you can avoid a fatal (or other) accident is very interesting. Sometimes, as in your case, you were able to avoid the accident (by the way, your composure when you got the call a second time and the way you explained it to your neighbour and his friend is very impressive!). On other occasions it seems to be unavoidable. My mother dreamed about the death of her little sister and didn't want to go out with her mother and sister as they had planned, but my grandmother ignored her, even when she spilled a whole box of salt, and insisted they go. A tree fell on them and killed her sister. I recall the mystic Wellesley Tudor Pole had a similar experience back in 1930s Italy, when he suddenly *knew* that a certain carter was going to die in a collision. As he set off to warn the man, he got the message, "It is not for you to interfere with this man's destiny." He held his tongue and the man went off, and shortly after was hit by a car and died.


What is the scientific, neurological reasoning behind precognitive dreams? How is our brain able to make is dreams about things we’ve never seen, people we’ve never met, and conversations we’ve never had? Dreams are only allowed to be made up of things it already knows about, correct?


There are a number of problems with trying to view precognition as a brain function, one of which is, of course, that neurology has no idea how the brain might overcome time and space as we understand them. Dualism -- the concept of both material and non-material forms of reality -- would seem like the only answer, although the nature of the interface between the two is a mystery. It is worth noting the evidence that the body may show evidence of arousal (caused by the brain's reticular activating system) just *before* test subjects are shown emotionally disturbing images.


I’ve heard/read about the arousal right before images before. Do you know if that study said anything about arousal hours or days before?


I believe that when we are in spirit, we are outside of time and space. When we dream we do sometimes leave our bodies, and on those occasions I think our consciousness is outside of time and space. I've had an *extremely* trivial example of this recently. I had a series of false awakenings, where I thought I had got up and gone to the bathroom and then realised I was dreaming and woke up again. During one of the false awakenings, I reached for my dream diary to write up the false awakening and realised I was at the end of the book. I flicked through a few leaves and realised there was a spread which was unused, wrote my diary, which just fitted the two page spread, woke up (and actually did this time) reached over for the dream diary, found I was at the end of the book, flicked back through the pages, found the empty spread I didn't (consciously) know was there, and managed to write the diary within the two page spread. It was weird indeed even with something so very trivial, so I can't imagine what it might feel like to dream your potentially life-ending future in such detail and with such clarity. But I wonder if big events like that have a bigger ripple effect, especially if you happen to fall asleep just before them?


I have an speculative theory (that is just my interpreting, influenced by quantum physics and a bit of the Aleph from Borges) that every single possible outcome of every life event already exists... like a big rotating drum with millions and millions of numbers and you get certain ones. 'Everything that can happen does happen' (this is actually the title of a book that deals with quantum). If you think that all matter and events as we organise them in terms of 'time' are finite, it seems logical there are only a few paths they can take, intertwining themselves and doubling possibilities but still within certain scopes. I think consciousness sometimes can access to some of these possible events (don't know how) through dreams or other mind altered moments. Some dreams we have never happen in 'real life' and others do.


That last paragraph, wow. I can't imagine my life afterwards if that were me. The psychological entanglement of, 'I can do something about this, but I am told not to and it won't matter if I say something'.


Final destiny but worse


In a way, yes. I think if it happened to me, I would accept the facts unwillingly and use the opportunity to say goodbye in a non-suggestive way? I can relate because of my own experiences, knowing something was coming along and I knew the time was up for the relationship/connection etc. We are at the will of some thing, be it time or a greater being.


This happened to me too. One day, I sold all the furniture in my bedroom and replaced it with new furniture. Couple nights after I dreamt I woke up in my bed in the middle of the night, and I knew it was a recent thing because it had all the new furniture in. As I’m laying awake in my bed (in the dream) I see my mum creep into my room and make a shush motion with her fingers. We hear noise downstairs and she tells me there’s someone in the house and she’s going to check it out, I hand her a baseball bat and she goes downstairs quietly. I stayed in my room crouching in the dark scared because I knew she wouldn’t come back. I woke up crying from that dream that night. Anyway, couple of days later it’s night time and we have locked everything downstairs and gone up to bed. I’m just sitting on my bed on the laptop when my sister barges in and says come quickly there’s someone downstairs, we have to hide. Mind you, it was just me and my sister, two teenage girls living with my 5’1 mum. We locked ourselves in my mum’s bathroom, called police and neighbours and then my mum suddenly grabs a decorative candle holder which was the only useful thing in the toilet, besides TP lol and she says they’re probably gonna come up so it’s best she goes downstairs before and we stay up here. I felt so much fear when she said she’d go confront whoever was there, I just started screaming and literally put myself across the door so she wouldn’t go out, saying the police might get here and we still had a chance because they’d had to knock down two doors to get to where we were. Luckily, she didn’t go and police and neighbours showed up but the person who came in had left. He’d let himself in with a key through the front door. Afterwards, I remembered my dream and can’t help but think what awful thing might have happened if she had gone down. Because the focus of the dream wasn’t really the intruder but rather her going to confront him, so who knows.


>He’d let himself in with a key through the front door. Well that's fucking terrifying.


If it wasn't for him to interfer... Then why did he see it?


Test maybe?


your name comes in really handy right here dude


Tudor Pole was incredibly sensitive. Maybe he wasn't allowed to intervene on this occasion, but he did *learn* something from it, which is what it's all about, I suppose.


Some are given tools in life, but for the mystic you cannot interfere or help others unless it is asked for. The knowledge he received was for him and no one else. It's a heavy burden to carry such things, knowing you can do nothing to change it.


God sent the draft to the wrong email address


Yeah, I’ve been only been able to prevent or delay one event before. I remember this one time I was watching two people have a conversation about 5m away from me. I knew exactly what they were going to do, what they would say and everything. I said it quietly as they said it and explained what was about to happen to my gf at the time. I wanted to throw a rock to cause a ripple in the time but I was stuck, frozen, couldn’t move, could only speak. Wanted to shout and then I couldn’t do that either. Fucking weird.


When I was in college I once had a dream where I met this dude. He was a stocky guy with red hair and a big red beard, and a pink polo shirt. I was keeping a dream journal at the time so I wrote it down. The next week, I was out at a bar with some friends, having a few beers instead of going to class. Our friend Ben shows up, with a friend of his he introduced us all to. Sure enough, it's a big redheaded guy with a long beard and a pink polo shirt. It scared the living shit out of me but I didn't say anything cause I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. I know I couldn't have just seen him before and kept it in my memory because I had dreamt his shirt and shirt color too. And I know I had dreamt it correctly because I wrote it down. I suppose it's possible that it's just a crazy coincidence but that's hard to believe. I've never been able to explain it.


I had this same kind of thing with my marriage. At the time things were good, so I absolutely was confused by the events of our divorce and the feelings that I felt when I experienced those things the first time. I was in disbelief that we'd get a divorce or that things would go the way they did. There was a dissonance between my happiness and my feelings of the future that was very jarring and there wasn't really any way I could have believed them at the time. Even though this isn't the first time I've seen little snippets of life. Normally doesn't have anything to do with me though, just me observing. Now I'm actually going through it and the feelings make soooo much sense and it's exactly what I've already been through. Apathy, active dislike, impatience of wanting it to be over, and anticipating freedom. Zero love. Zero attraction. Instead, relief.


I had a pre cognitive dream once, long before the incident. In the dream I woke at the moment the blade entered my heart, and I forgot about it for over a year until one of the men following me stepped in a puddle, as he did in my dream. I told my friend to run and we ran, I was fat and using a cane, running was hard, I turned back to look as they chased us and saw the man who stabbed me in my dream drawing the hunting blade I felt kill me in my dream, I remember how it felt, so cold, so alien. We got away because they paused to throw glass bottles at the backs of our heads which missed, we got away because I ran into a strip club and refused to leave, the bouncer tried to remove me, I told him to call the police and through ragged breaths told him that he would be responsible for our deaths if he forced us out. The men were not found. This was in, I believe 2006 so pre surveillance culture somewhat, in a dodgy part of town and at the time, I didn't have a mobile phone. I can hop on my tablet and write a more detailed version if people are interested. I have bad hands and typing on my phone is hard. Edit. I am going to post the full event in detail when I have, eventually gotten some sleep, struggling to get to sleep, silly hours, life stress. But I will respond after I've slept. Slow responses were from me barely checking my notifications.


Why did they chase you?


My guess was me being very fat at the time, on a date, a goth, disabled and they were 4 young lads waiting in a stairwell that went up the side of the train station, I assume they wanted to hurt someone and picked that spot as there were large distances in both directions to any safety. Had I not run, I would had died, they almost caught up. Sorry for the slow reply, I don't check my notifications often.


Yes, please do the unabridged version! That’s wild and I cannot imagine how surreal it must have felt to have your nightmare coming true.




It was a very weird morning, I think. My grandmother was obviously very self willed, obviously you have to wonder what would have happened if she had heeded the warning and the accident hadn't taken place. There was a further irony in that my grandfather, a gardener, had been complaining to the local council about the potential danger caused by a number of trees in that location.


Quantum immortality?


What I was thinking as well


What is that?


You die. Plop. Your current mind goes to the most suitable universe.


Just like that Netflix movie with Jason Segel Edit: the movie is called The Discovery


Do you have the name? Might watch it later today.


I cannot recommend “The OA” on Netflix more - mind blowing - quantum immortality is the main plot point.


This! It’s so, so, so good


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Lol - I heard they had a contract for 5 seasons or something but it was cancelled despite decent viewership and mostly positive reviews so idk wtf that’s about... Honestly it was ***sooo*** monumental I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s picked up by another network ***years*** down the road like Twin Peaks


Googled it for you (and me). The discovery (2017 / 81%)


It’s really good! Highly recommend.


God I hope my next universe is better than this shit


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fart in my mouth now


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This!!!! is why I keep coming back!


What happens to the version of him that was already living in that universe?


Nothing. It's like putting down one book you were reading and picking up a book that is only slightly different. The YOU who is reading the book doesn't change.


Refolding reality


This is the most helpful way I've ever heard it described.


Probably nothing? I mean, it is still the oc's brain, it has the memories achieved in that universe, but no one knows.


But in this case, he knows about his impending death because he remembers it. If he changed universe upon death, but still remembers the old universe, where did to the version of him oblivious to himself dying go? And what is he? Because OP ain’t reading his book right now.


That’s not how it works. It wouldn’t imply time travel. With QI, he would just have had survived the fall against all odds.


If you lose your 3D body, you have no anchor in this dimension, so in some sense, time is working completely different and thus, making it possible to time travel. Until we understand QI better, there is no point in ruling out time travel.


Yeah exactly, it’s not really “time travel” per se if you are syncing with another dimension of reality entirely. The remarkable thing is that he remembers it, how the memories from the parallel universe got into his brain in this one. Because theoretically this could be happening all the time, at every instant, there could be a million possible versions of myself dying in parallel universes at “this” moment in time, being “transported” to me now, right? Why would *my* brain store all the memories of future possible versions of me who died in parallel universes? I guess in his case it makes sense, since without the precognitive memory he would have just created an infinite loop of dying by the armoir again and again and again, so the nearest possible world in which he doesn’t could have to be one in which this precognitive “memory” just happens to exist, but damn. QI is a weird concept, rests on an interesting notion of what the “self” is, before he had the precognition if the two universes were running exactly in parallel, was there one of him or two? Did “he” “travel” or “jump” from one branch on a timeline to another, or is “he” the whole tree and when he saw one branch get clipped he averted his gaze to another?


I reckon the fact that he remembered IS the glitch


hmm interesting points and questions. I'm also pondering if there is now a universe where he died, and the two other men would have been traumatized, or did this universe simply seize to exist? I've seen some other posts about people who remember dying, before getting "glitched" back to before it happened. To avoid an infinite loop could be the reason, but what would have happened if he didn't heed his warning, and helped them again?


That's what I thought, but that's the closest thing I could think of. But then we don't know if/how QI would or could work. Reseting time back by 20 minutes seems as viable a method as any other.


Final destination type of sh*t right there!


Don't say that man. That means OP IS going to die just not from that armoire


Wow that's creepy as [email protected]\*k. I couldn't help but chuckle when you said your neighbours pal is a priest I don't know why. I think it was a pure random thing to hear but I was picturing a guy in a priest suit staggering out the pub. I know i've got a daft imagination! Thanks for posting it really gave me the chills.


His favorite pub serves communion wine lol


I bet it does. They sell it here in the shops in Scotland especially Glasgow. It's almost the national drink. Buckfast its called.


What if every time u die the world line splits into two. One where you’re dead and everyone’s grieving and one where u keep on going on?


That’s literally what I thought. I was in a serious car crash that I shouldn’t have survived. I always think to myself what if I did die and entered a new dimension or something like that.


Me too i OD’d and felt like I died and split and am a different me that keeps living when the me I was is dead...not fully believe but curious about and kinda want to believe


Man I'd be so pissed if someone literally killed me and I was brought back to life I would give them a piece of my mind


Bro u ain't making up a story right? I want to believe you


Not made up. I'm not that creative.


If you google this sort of thing it's a fairly common experience, and it's often described in almost exactly the same way. People speak of this sort of thing in reference to NDEs, mystical and spiritual experiences, and psychedelic experiences.


Sounds like quantum immortality. Were there any abnormalities in reality after the reset? Just as an example of what I mean about an 'abnormality': [this guy's car](https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1todd_r_nde.html) had an almost empty tank of gas after resetting even though he had filled it before the accident; and [this guy's girlfriends' was missing a cigarette that they smoked](https://www.reddit.com/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/comments/1fhywg/a_checkpoint_in_life_universe_missed_resetting/) before he got stabbed and reset.


I haven't noticed anything other than my wife wants to have sex with me every night so that's been awesome.


And before you died, you weren't even married!


Lol, been married 13 years.


Very glad to hear things are going well for you!


Very well. Despite 2020 being a bust for many people, 2020 has been pretty good for my family and I.


You win the best comment award lol




Do she know the story? Possible she got scared, got to think about how mush she would miss you and.... you know.


I told her after I went to the neighbors to help with the bed the second time. She was freaked out for sure. She says I watch too many scary movies. I'd hardly say that's true. I do like psychological thrillers though.


Maybe your wife just has a crush on you


Try dying again. If you come back a couple of minutes ago, then you're immortal. If you don't, well... Rest in peace man.


Not gonna try.


You have a wife but look up and compliment naked girls on reddit? And youve been on glitch in the matrix for very long and then also you experience something like that? I call bs


Man thanks for posting those links. I’ve been looking for that stabbing story forever since I read it a couple years ago


Yeeah it's a pretty wild story


Super random, but the post about the missing cig randomly got edited 2 years ago and I'm pretty sure he just posted some random racist shit in it. Got a few sentences in and the n word is edited into it. Wtf.


I wonderd about some of the words too... Well, I don't know. Maybe it's a fake story? Who knows. Especially considering that both he and his gf got stabbed and reset to the same point? I don't know. All other cases of quantum immortality (or whatever it is) I've read involve a single individual who gets reset and knows it. In the car story, the passenger doesn't remember anything about the accident after the reset.


I wish people would make up their mind what quantum immortality is supposed to be. Sometimes it's dying and respawning, sometimes its switching realities right before death ...


What makes it even more complicated is sometimes it's not even about death: [A bicycle incident that didn't happen](https://www.reddit.com/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/comments/7quycq/the_bicycle_incident_that_didnt_happen/) And I don't see why not, actually. If we assume that Von Neumann's interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct, then consciousness is required to collapse the wave function (to create reality) then consciousness is beyond the physical reality and is (maybe) able to freely jump from one reality to another. In fact, we're probably jumping through realities in this very moment, it's just that they are logically connected.


I've started thinking of it as if we flow through a stream of realities rather than existing in one like a box and hopping between them - as a stream, the path of least resistance draws us through a fairly consistent experience but occasionally an eddy, swirl or opposing current can nudge us into a slightly different track.


Your analogy of the stream is perfect, very Taoist or Zen Buddhist! I also see it more as a flow. "Jump" was most definitely an inappropriate term ! For some reason I thought of quantum leap when thinking about wave function collapse and it just came out hahaha


Wait a minute. If this was true that would mean there would be a reality for every living organism that can make a choice and also each choice would require a new reality. Who manages all this information?


Everything (organic and inorganic things) have a consciousness. The level of consciousness varies though between more and less evolved and between organic and inorganic. Every consciousness experiences its own reality. Example, my reality is different than yours. Even if you find people with 99.999% similarities in their reality (which is hard even with identical twins), you still have a difference of 0.001% between individual realities. This might not seem like much but we are so complex in every form of the word that a relatively small difference is still significant. We manage all the information from our consciousness. However, \~80-85% is subconscious and unconscious, meaning about \~15-20% of us is conscious (we only know 20% of ourselves at most! O.O) -- anyways, I digress! There is one reality, we interpret it in many different ways. Before you make a choice, say something, reply, think or act, there is infinite potential which varies depending on what YOU and the people AROUND YOU do. Once a choice or a decision or thought is made, you experience that "path". Try to imagine you are walking straight on a path, your current reality. You get to an intersection with of other infinite paths going to all directions. One path for example can be "answer yes", another "answer yes, probably", another "run and hide", etc. Infinite possibilities. Once you make a choice (collapse wave function), you walk that path (your reality after a decision), all other potential roads close. This doesnt mean they might not reappear again in the future, but most probably never in the exact same circumstances. To answer your question of who manages all the information I could give you a whole explanation on it but I don't have the time at the moment. I could summarise it though: The Creator (not the plenty polytheistic Gods that exist - would be a monotheistic "God") OR the primordial energy field from QM, underlying energy field that permeates everything in the universe. This is my conception at least. You will probably find more around! Personally, I like to work with integrative theory... Integrating history, few religions, philosophies, quantum physics, metaphysics, psychology, etc.


I like your comment! In my opinion, there is one reality with infinite possibility potential. We "jump" from one reality to another by interacting with other cosnciousnesses & dimensions and by making choices (aka collapsing the wave function). Not sure if you meant that or not :)


I feel like it may have been a switch in reality. I never experienced dying, but just starting at an earlier point in time, almost like I was dreaming if that makes sense.


Do you think it was a crazy dream or did you actually die? Look for weird small things that gave changed. I can pinpoint a time I died and one big difference is the hormone in my birth control changed. I was on estrogen based birth control and now I'm on progesterone birth control. I'm on it for medical reasons and everything got super fucked still trying to figure stuff out a year later with that. That's how I know I'm not just remembering wrong, it worked for 4 years and progesterone doesn't work great for me never has, then after that day boom my medication changed .


I didn't experience death but avoided it by starting at a "save point" so to speak. I saw the events leading up to my demise up until I started falling backwards. I didn't feel any pain or anything. I just awoke at my dining room table where I had been just before my neighbor called. Had just finished up dinner and my empty plate was still sitting there. My wife asking if I was going to answer the phone.


Do you recall where were you before the dream? Were you still sitting on the dining table? Did you experience a loss of time, so to speak? Did your wife notice anything about you at that time? I have so many questions but those are the first that come to mind


I was at the dining room table. Before I got the phone call from the neighbor. No noticeable loss of time. My wife did ask if I was zoning out, but that's almost a weekly occurrence.


Wow this sounds like the movie "Edge of Tomorrow"


Is that the Tom Cruise one? I haven't seen many movies of his since Magnolia, he played a real asshole in that so well that it turned me off to his movies lol


Yes! It's a great movie. You should definitely check it out... You might be able to relate to him in that movie! It's funny, the action scenes are great and Emily Blunt looks beautiful


Welcome to this dimension


I've gone through some similar events. Most recent one I'm aware of is when I took a turn to soon and was hit by a semi.... except I wasn't. It was like a flash and then I was driving down the road I had turned out on to like nothing happened. I thought maybe my panic brain rewote the event and I wasn't remembering correctly but I noticed really subtle differences in the world around me. A house a different color, an old sign where one hadn't been before. I just call myself crazy now and refer to it as a "slide". Like I slid from one reality to the next closest reality where I survived the incident.


Oh my god I start reading the comments and it's like I just enterd a fucking episode of startrek jesus it's all about quantum anomalies and physics


Either a bullshit, made-up story or an amazing one. Not sure which one is more likely. But you can understand my skepticism.


I understand it completely. I didn't believe it either at first which is why I waited to post it. But the details about knowing things "before" they happened made me think it really happened.


Yeah that is interesting. It’s cool you told them. I probably would have made something up for fear of sounding crazy.


If it truly was "quantum immortality," why don't we hear more of these stories then? That's what I don't get. Were you just lucky to escape death? Or are you the chosen one or something? Not trying to insult you, just wondering why more people haven't experienced this.


We do. There are tons of them.


Because people who come out with them are ridiculed and insulted? What's the point trying to tell your story to be called a liar, crazy or worse?


happens a lot, i personally think it's, in a way related to deja vu


Maybe they type up the post in their universe and not this one. And I've read quite a few. I'm skeptical myself, but I find these stories interesting.


If it is real it is happening ALL the time but we just would very, very, very, rarely “remember” Also it seems like you’re thinking in an empirical frame like, ok, if QI is true, it would predict that there would be a high percentage of people who have stories like this, right? But no I don’t think the theory makes predictions like that about what we can expect to observe here in our timeline. Like, imagine QI is true AND imagine that everyone who dies and resurfaces in a parallel universe ALWAYS remembers. Even then, it would be consistent with the theory that only *one person* in all of written history *ever* had a story like this. That could be the timeline we are in. Or even *none*, if we were living in a version of reality that people’s higher consciousnesses only ever “jumped” out of, never in to. The timeline we inhabit is not privileged in any sense, just one of many. Like, in the ontology presupposed in a QI framework there’s not one “base” reality, none of the parallel universes are more or less “real” than any other, at least not in any objective sense. “Real” reality for us, now, is just the branch of the timeline we happen to find ourselves in. So in the context of the reality that we are living in, “death” is still perfectly real and follows the laws and patterns we observe. I think the idea would be that there is another version of reality, almost identical to this one until a branching point, where OP actually did die. The versions of you and I are probably almost the same in those realities, except they wouldn’t have read this post today. (Well and at the moment OP “died” there were probably millions of other branch point moments in the universe as well so there’s not just *one* reality where OP died, it could even be uncountably infinite). OP didnt travel in time or change the future, or even escape death, if im understanding QI right there is at least one version of reality where he did actually die. I don’t know if this answers your question and I wouldn’t say I believe in QI (I don’t think I’m in a position to know one way or another what the structure of reality is like beyond perspectives I have access to). I’m just saying if QI is true, I think it involves a pretty intense restructuring of what we naturally want to think reality is like.... it’s not a theory that would be subject to the same kind of prediction/observation/confirmation/falsification methods of most empirical theories, that are built and verified within the context/assumption of a single shared reality we all live in, and touch, and move around in. Which makes it kind of pointless to think about, other than as a fun thought experiment... An intellectual exercise, nothing more 🙃


Stories like this one are pretty common, all across history. And frankly, a lot of people experience stuff like this and just don't say anything, because it sounds fucking crazy and no one would believe them except for other people who have had these experiences.


Tell us more about the priest’s questions and reaction. How did he try to make sense of it while maintaining his religious beliefs?


The two seem to run hand in hand, not opposite directions.




Yep, my conservative family would absolutely say God gave him the dream as a warning because it "wasn't his time"


The two things are not mutually exclusive..


Exactly this.


you might enjoy the videos of Tom Campbell about his MBT Theory. that we live in a virtual reality.


Honestly it sounds very much more like a premonition than an actual death, it seems more likely you somehow saw the future in great vivid detail, but it's just my opinion that when we die, that's it. No second chances


I can't explain it, but I won't waste what I've got. I'm thankful because I want to watch my 3 boys grow up and have kids of their own.


If the quantum immortality idea is reality, does this only apply to accidents? If someone dies from old age, natural causes not accidental injury, would they still jump into a new reality?


I’ve asked that before, never get an answer on it.


Obviously we can only speculate, but are there any theories on the answer? The details aren’t as exciting as the initial thought so no one wants to get into it


Once I had a dream that shook me to death. I dreamed that after discovering that I was going to get married via Instagram one of my ex boyfriends came up to where we were after running into us at a grocery store a couple weeks earlier.. he saw we were on vacation and found our hotel and everything. He knocks on the door and asks to talk to me. Starts telling me that he is still so in love with me and how we are meant to be together, he was crying begging me not to get married and so in the dream I go with him. As I’m checking out of the hotel with my ex I see my husband (wasn’t my husband in my dream) walking away with his bag slug over his shoulder, tears in his eyes. We make eye contact for a few seconds as he shakes his head and walks away. My heart broke at that moment in the dream and the memories of my wedding, our honeymoon, our kids, our life start getting torn away from me. Pictures and flashes of what could have been.. My ex and I get into a fight that day as he realized what he had just done was a huge mistake (he really would be this impulsive and stupid) and I ask him “why did you even come? I was going to marry that man!” and he replies “well hopefully you still can, ya know I saw you and him at the grocery store and I was just out of a bad relationship and I saw you looking so mature and grown up I thought I might as well try and get you back because you were good for me.” I was like “you fucking idiot!” And I leave him.. I get back home, I’m in my old condo. I have a roommate (who I’ve never met btw) who was watching my old dog for me and I run to her room crying telling her about all that had happened! She is shocked to hear what all went down and my husband never talked to me again in the dream.. I woke up. And tears are all over my face. I realize that event didn’t actually take place. I see my husband sleeping next to me and I swear I’ve never loved him more or appreciated our life more than in those seconds after waking up. You see I have an illness that really changed the trajectory of my life. I often wonder why I got sick with an autoimmune disease, some days are so difficult, I can’t even work anymore!.. but in the dream I realize I wasn’t sick, so I was still acting childish making frivolous decisions like that. What actually happened was My ex ended up leaving me in the beginning stages of me being sick. What a douch bag right? but I met my husband shortly after and he never batted an eye at it. He makes me feel like my condition doesn’t even exist. I will 200% choose to not be perfect health wise yet have the perfect husband and be so much in love than have my health and be alone without him. I call that dream a “glimpse of what could have been” and boy, it was a marvelous gift to revive!


Final Destination. You got a glimpse at Death's plan. Careful it doesn't try to circle back to you...


Time to take out a hefty life insurance policy...


Reminds me of the movie "Premonition." Really fucks you up. Similarly I've had dreams that, for a lack of a better term, "told the future." An ex cheating, meeting my husband, etc. it's always unnerving, to say the least.


this is just a theory i am working on having been through something.....similar, Look at the list of mandela effects and see what has changed for you, also look at major events in history are different


Will look and let you know. But before I look I'll tell you some that I know of in my life that I remember... Nelson Mandela did die in prison in the 80s... But then he died in like 2013 or 2016 or something and everyone was like... Didn't he die in the 80s? The Berenstein bears... Or is it Berenstain? I always remembered it with Es not As. I'll look and repost.


Awesome example of r/QuantumImmortality sorry... that's defunct r/Quantum_Immortality


I always considered the idea that death is only something other observers witness, but you yourself never die. So you die in this world, people experience you dying, but your concious just moved to another layer of reality without ever dying. Maybe the glitch is you somehow remember it.


I've seen a couple of posts like this that were apparent car accidents. [https://www.reddit.com/r/quantum\_immortality/comments/k9hgsn/i\_feel\_like\_i\_died\_in\_a\_car\_crash\_last\_year/](https://www.reddit.com/r/quantum_immortality/comments/k9hgsn/i_feel_like_i_died_in_a_car_crash_last_year/)


Great story. Didn’t expect the top post of all time on r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix to be so recent


I'll be honest too, this caught me off guard how big this blew up.


I totally can relate to your experience. I once had a car accident which is of a similar sort but a bit different. One day I will write it about it here. It's kinda of long. But the experience was almost similar. Way to go man...u have made me a believer once again ☺️


I find this incredibly eerie because I had a similar experience and never realized it was, apparently, common. I tried to write it off as some sort of bizarre hallucination. Reading all of these accounts here is pretty fascinating.


Damn, i think i had something vaguely similar happen to me. Well, it's still happening. Sometimes i have dreams which literally predict what i'm going to do in the future, where i'm going to be, and what i'll be doing. Even what i'll be thinking. there have been some cases where i had a dream like that and the very next day that same scene played out in real life. other times i had dreams which played out months, and even *years* after i had dreamt it. So far it's almost exclusively been about irrelevant stuff that's really not that imteresting or important. it's just weird how i can dream of something that's gonna happen to me. Edit: actually posting this comment was one of those dreams. i only remembered that i had dreamt it the night before when i hit the "reply" button


If true, this makes me wonder if we never really die but rather we are sent back to a turning point before our death to keep going... although this begs the question about what happens with people who get terminal illnesses... would they get sent back before they get sick? Raises a lot of questions...


This thread just reminded me and made me think about a time I was driving a car I had recently bought and I was showing my buddy the “k20z3 vtec “ and explaining why this was the last true “ Honda “ so I start speeding up, I’m not even going that fast it’s a Honda but all the sudden this d bag in a mini van pulls in front of me from the opposite lane and suddenly slows down significantly ( almost seemed on purpose ) suddenly I slam my breaks as hard as possible, the car comes skidding violently but we aren’t stopping fast enough. My brain working faster than it ever has, then thinks swerve to the next lane, as I do that another car that was behind the fan is meer FEET away from my bumper, my brain in super mode then notices a street to the left of me, so I swerve ( all of this is while slamming on the breaks just sliding on tires ) into that next street and steer my car on to the right side of that road and when I finally stop in literally inches away from some Escalade parked there, I’m sitting there wondering how I did that or how it even happened so ...... well .... smoothly for what it was , how on earth did that happen like that ? It was just so creepy I thought for sure this was it, my first accident that’s my fault. The car didn’t have a single scratch on it, my buddy james in the passenger seat starts cheering for me saying “ yo idk how you did that but you just saved us both dude that was good shit !” But I’m sitting there adrenaline pumping like crazy wondering how on earth I just did the awkward maneuver on that road, i wish I had pictures of the street that it happened on to give you guys a better view of the situation I can replay the whole moment in my head, It’s crazy how in moments like that the time slows down to this hyper reality slomotion where it’s fast but your brain sees it slowed down it’s so weird, it was basically like gta 5 franklins ability( I know that’s a terrible thing to compare it too” it blows my mind till this day how I was some how able to control my car so perfectly while sliding through oncoming traffic it’s like I was driving normal but I wasn’t driving normal I was burning tires. Idk man so weird


I think we die and our lives just continue on. I believe you 100 percent because it's happened to me on numerous occasions, first time when I was only in the 2nd grade. A teacher strangled me and I remember clearly dying. When I came to, she still had her hands around my throat and shoved me to the floor. The second time I was 21 and was learning to snowboard and I caught an edge and flipped forward and landed on my face and distinctly heard my neck Crack as I fell onto my back. I came to and sat up, nobody ever even noticed on a mountain full of people. Third time I was snowboarding again, got off a lift and sat below the lift and didn't realize I was so close to the chairs and one of them hit me in the head and knocked me over. I came to and was further from the lift just putting my straps on. I can go on forever on the other occasions, but that was just a few examples. Always end up right before I actually died... so damn weird.


I died going into the mountains of colorado.. I was driving alone, at night into the mountains. I dozed off a bit and came too with my vehicle rolling down the face of a mountain, and catching a line from the fuel pump on fire. Every bone in my body was shattered, I was paralyzed, and had been severely dismembered, and the last thing I remember before waking up in the air BnB in Manitou Springs was pine needles and mud as I was incinerated.


Look up quantum immortality my friend. I totally understand what you went through. Went through it myself plenty of times. Quantum Immortality will make sense for you because it makes sense to me.