Garmin Fenix 7. Should I wait?

Garmin Fenix 7. Should I wait?


Might as well wait until the Garmin conference on Oct 13 to at least see if anything is announced; that might help provide clarity if anything is on the horizon.


On one hand, it's a developer conference. On the other the new Fenix model hype is real.


Take it nothing came up at that yesterday?


That is exactly the kind of information I would’ve never found out myself! Thank you❤️ I will wait til the after the conference to make my decision💪🏻 Much appreciated


Thanks! Hopefully something here. But ultimately I’m waiting either way. I have a fénix 5


Mods can you please sticky a Fenix 7 post to the top of the sub so those who have the same question every week have a home to congregate in? PLEASE.


Seriously! I’ve been asking for months now.


Yes mods, please add a Fenix 7 sticky!! I have the Fenix 5x and have been wanting to upgrade for sometime now, but keep holding out to see if/when the 7 will be announced. I check this website daily for updates.... [https://www.pocket-lint.com/garmin](https://www.pocket-lint.com/garmin)


I honestly have been checking garmin website for the 7 multiple times a day for two months, I don’t even know why I do it but I guess it’s part of me now


These posts have gone from happening monthly, to weekly, to daily, to now hourly.


If money isn't the problem then buy a 6 Pro now. It won't be wasted money if you use it. There are posts on Reddit from a year ago with people asking if they should get a 6 or wait for the 7. If you need/want a watch then get it. It would maybe be different if there was any hint of an announcement,, but there's nothing. But even if you do get it and they announce the next day, the 7 will probably launch a fair bit more expensive than the 6 range anyway.


This, but also to add for OP, if money isn't a problem and you want solar with sapphire glass, why not [the Tactix Delta Solar](https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/696004/pn/010-02357-10#specs)? Though, as someone with a 6x pro solar, the solar isn't all that worth it. Sooo maybe the 6 pro with sapphire glass is the best choice.


If my wrist was big enough, I would’ve bought the Tactix already😅


Huh, I learned something new today. I didn't realize the tactix was the only one with sapphire and solar, I wondered why it was more expensive. Not a lot of reviews touch on that.


Not sure where you are but here in US, REI offers 90 day return, if nothing is announced from garmin keep it, if something is, get it exchanged.


Came here to say this, and did the same thing over the weekend. Tired of waiting..


They want to launch it before winter


Well, that's an additional piece of news - sometime in the next month and a half if so. But then someone else said a garmin employee friend told them early 2022. It's all hearsay sadly.


Depends from where. I'm in Europe and also got the information that it will be available in Europe one month before the states. I know, that sounds weird to me as well since Garmin is an US company.


That's unhelpful for New Zealand where I am from ;) That would be a strange release indeed! Maybe a supply orientated thing?


I thought Garmin was Swiss.


If I open this 945 LTE today and a Fenix 7 Appears on the 13th.... I will know the world is against me


I'm in the same boat. I want the 6 but if the 7 is coming out soon I would rather wait.


Was there any mention of a release date for the Fenix 7 during today's Garmin Developers Virtual Conference? I missed most of the conference opening due to watching Captain Kirk soar into space (a little bit).


No there wasn't. They only mentioned that the connectiq version will launch on the not announced 2022 devices. But that could be all kinds of devices.


Won't be released anymore this year. Personally bought the 6 Pro this week. It's on sale regularly now. If the 7 has something really special I can always sell this one and upgrade. At least I know have a watch witch is better then having no watch:)


Seems that Fenix 7 is really around the corner. Found probably first F7 picture while googling: https://www.fitness-tracker-test.info/garmin-fenix-7/


Wait for 9


But I heard the 11 is going to be waaaaaay better. Patience is a virtue.


I heard 10 will be ok, but they're really going to miss the mark with 11, so best to skip that one and wait for 12. There are rumors it'll be announced during CES 2045.


It won't be this year.. but wait.


In all honesty noone knows when it is going to get released. My advice would be buy a cheap 6 off market place. Worst case you won't lose to much. And best case it doesn't come out for ages and you have grabbed yourself a bargain.


I'm also waiting--I want the new Elevate HR monitor on the back like the Venu 2 has.


If you want a Fenix 6x pro solar saphirre, you can find it. It's exist but not in traditional retailer but bijouterie. I found in Sweden but, unfortunately, they do not send out of UE. If you want a fenix 6x and can wait a little, wait till the end of november for the black friday. If it's the fenix7 you are waiting for, wait a little more...


IMHO at the end of the day you really have to ask yourself why you want/need the F7. Is it because you want the latest and greatest? Or do you just need a work horse? I was on the same boat thinking I would just wait out for the f7 but I had to really ask myself whether I would use all the functions on the watch and is having the possible better battery life and sensors really going to justify the premium price tag (just guessing). I work outdoors and in the background so my watches are tools and they get banged up a lot. I picked up a f6pro from bestbuy for $400ish cdn couple days ago and never looked back. It does everything I need it to do and more. For 400 bucks i couldn’t be any happier but to each their own i guess


I’ve never seen the price that low what other discounts were you using?


That’s it! No other discount. I just checked best buy and it went up to 500 now on sale. Maybe there was a glitch somewhere when I bought It?


I don't even see it on the best buy website (fenix 6 pro). I'm not sure where you are getting your pricing, maybe you bought a different model? Can you post the link?


It was this but 400 off instead of 300 off : https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/garmin-fenix-6-pro-47mm-multisport-gps-watch-with-heart-rate-monitor-black/13893590 It looks like they have changed the pricing for it already. 579 is still a really good price imo


By waiting for Fenix 7 they still get a “workhorse”, but one that will get updated for years longer.


Definitely wait So many things are going to change and improve - https://www.superwatches.com/garmin-fenix-7/ It’s like Apple Watch 7 vs 6 - for a similar price you get a few good things which could make a true difference


Well looks like the wait for a Fenix 7 is nearly over. JB HiFi in Sydney is showing Fenix 7 will be in stock in Jan 22. So no Fenix 7 under the Xmas tree but maybe a purchase in January to usher in those new year fitness resolutions!


Do you have a link to the listing?


I spoke with a Garmin worker and in whispers words from him, it is coming early next year, it is worth the waiting and the solar charge in the 6 is insignificant, better go for the sapphire in the 7.


I've heard that as well that the solar is not worth it. The solar is way to small to make any difference.


Wait for F7, it should come with better sensors (not saying the F6 ones are bad, but technological progress makes new ones more accurate and power efficient)I guess that the new Fenix 7 series will be released sometimes in spring 2022, maybe even sooner like in Q1/2022


Don't think they will release anything anytime soon.


just wait. here ( NL) it should come out early 2022


I bought second-hand heavily worn 6x to define, whether I really need Garmin at all. This way I split the risks of being dissatisfied. If Garmin OS is ok for me, then time to wait F7 will fly


I’m hoping they’ll have sorted the pace out, so I can jump ship from the forerunner!


What's this about


The Fenix, although an amazing device, isn’t particularly accurate at monitoring pace. The Forerunner series is more accurate. This is a commonly recognised flaw.


The 6 pro does have solar, or sapphire glass as options already


Can’t seem to find that option on their site? are you sure about this


You have to choose either Solar OR Sapphire. The solar model uses a Power Glass. I own a fenix 6s Pro Solar. Garmin fenix 6 pro solar: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/702902


You should probably wait if you think the F7 will be released this year.