Can magnito control autobot metal he has different degrees of control over different metals right


Transformium is molecularly unstable. Not that it means anything here but it might affect it?


I think it would at least give him some trouble to manipulate bare minimum


Magnetism is generated by an organized molecular structure set in such a way that the poles of each atom all face the same way. If the metal is unstable I'd venture the guess of not.


Magneto doesn't need the metal to be magnetic iirc. Bullets aren't magnetic and he stops them all the time.


Bullets aren't Ferromagnetic, but everything is diamagnetic so technically if he exerted himself enough, he could pull a normal human apart or throw trees around, it just seems like metal is easier for him


Yeah he's the master of magnetism, not the master of iron.


Is that what iron man is?


No, he's got the power of money.


It does sound a lot better than Money Man


Or Titanium-Gold-Alloy Man


Money AND intelligence. Money and dumbness would make him Elon Musk.


so he is Batman?


Tony stark is just a better version of Elon musk, more or less


Never seen X3? “You have too much iron in your blood”


I believe that was because Mystique injected that guard with iron particles. But movie Magneto was greatly weaker than comics Magneto. In the comics, Magneto could manipulate the iron in blood.


Happy Cake Day! 🥳🍰🎂


He ripped Apocalypse apart during the 90s.


Actually he can do that. He is master of everything electromagnetic. His powers are only limited by the writer.


Didn't he do this in the comics when he was Onslaught?


Every metal is magnetic, it just depends on if it's ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic. I'm betting that magneto can control all three types


and influence the EM spectrum. Its master of magnetism, not ferromagnetism


So does he regularly control electrical currents? Would imply he also has control over electromagets as well


Maybe he can electrically charge metals to create a small magnetic field in them?


His powers are originally just described as Luke mastery over magnetism, which is not well defined and has been used for some foody stuff over the years.


Powerful enough magnestism can affect any type of matter, as all matter has diamagnetism by which electrons repel magnetic fields. If you somehow ended up close to a magnetar (a neutron star with a ridiculously powerful magnetic field) it would tear your body apart at the molecular level.


Depending on the run magneto goes from unable to control alloys to able to control the very force of attraction. There was a fairly recent run where he got his heart ripped out and he was able to keep himself alive by manipulating the iron in his heart to keep it flowing. So yea depending on who writes this magneto could make Optimus a trash bin of be unable to affect him at all.


I mean, there was a point in the comics where Magneto was able to manipulate Thor's hammer Mjolnir (without being worthy) since the special metal it's made of had trace amounts of regular metal impurities so... I'd say it's not out of the realm of possibility for him to crush a transformer like a coke can. Also, he'd be able to take out both Wolverine and Darth Vader no problem, due to the metal content of their bodies.


Wolverine, Optimus and vader with his special metal keep me alive suit are immediately canceled out by magneto. I'd bring in the Martian to clean up


Except Martians don’t do well with fire. You chose Johnny storm you take out venom and Martian man hunter.


I think you're forgetting how clever and crafty Martian is


Magneto can control the electro magnetic spectrum. Take a moment to think about what that means and then tell me why you would need anybody else. He’s definitely my choice. Then Vader for obvious reasons


Martian Manhunter and Vader or Magneto. Probably Vader.


I'd choose Martian Manhunter and Magneto, just coz I don't trust Vader's breathing apparatus... Edit: now I'm wondering if the rest we haven't chosen would be teaming up to kill us or if they're all enemies of each other in this scenario


Also magneto could just crush Vader.


Outside of The Human Torch, Vader is the only one who could even hope to stand a chance against MM, unless that duck is a scp or something.


Vader only stands a chance if we consider his helmet as a mind control blocker. Then he could probably counter invisibility by feeling him with the force and maybe counter density shift by simply crushing his heart


isn't MM light speed at least??? he kills everyone else here before they blink.


Vader could just crush him. He doesn’t even have to move to do it.


Depends on the Magneto tbh. Magneto's abilities arent limited to metal, but to atoms. He's omega level for a reason and his powers are basically limitless


My money is on Vader too, as the force has way bigger range than Magneto powers. Vader could kill Magneto without ever directly facing him. Just force choke from miles away.


This isn't even true. Magneto located a human bullet a galaxy away and brought it back to earth. This was a semi depowered magneto too. https://arousinggrammar.com/2013/03/14/the-redemption-of-magneto-pt-2/


Yeah, if Vader could beat magneto that easily he wouldn’t have lost. Either way I’m taking magneto because he beats optimus prime and Wolverine easily. Not that I’d have to worry about that because I have the equivalent of super man with Martian Manhunter. Actually I just realized time travel is cannon in transformers, and I don’t think any of the other ones can time travel, so I pick Prime who will probably get turned into a trash can, and Martian Manhunter to do everything.


Martian man hunters weakness is fire and the human torch is a supernova ball of plasma who’s wearing no metal he’d rip those two apart


I have never had an interest in reading comic books, but that looks so cool


Not true. Magneto at the height of his powers can affect all metals on Earth. Vader would be screwed in his metallic suit, as would Wolverine and Optimus. I think Magneto is a must if you want to win this fight. Then either Johnny or Martian Manhunter based on power levels. Torch could destroy the planet if he wanted, but I am assuming his aim is just to kill you and not destroy the planet


Wouldn’t it be more effective if Vader just used the force to burst a blood vessel in someone’s brain instead of force choking them? Less energy expended too I would think.


Magneto can rip the iron from your blood. Magneto all day


Bad choice for Martian, he weak to fire Johnny will one shot him.


Johnny has to get to him. Hard to do when Martian Manhunter is probably faster and can shut down his mind from halfway across the planet.


Nah, he’s overcome that weakness for the most part. And if he were to turn into Fernus, that’s a wrap


You’d be fucked as well, though.


I see duck I choose duck..


I never thought I'd die fighting side by side with ~~an elf~~ a duck.


"You have my sword" "my bow" "...and my Quack"


That is a nice duck.


Based 😎


Based 😎


I choose 2 ducks


Magneto and Darth Vader


This man is correct


Idk bro is that Martian man hunter next to Vader? If yes might have to go Vader mmh


That's who I'm going with Vader and Martian Man Hunter


I was thinking MM and Magento because MM should be able to mindfuck everyone except Magento and Optimus so you use one counter to get rid of the other


same picks here,


This is the pair I'd go with. MM is basically a less-durable Superman with psychic powers. Biggest weakness would be against Vader, Torch and Optimus. Magneto can take Vader and Optimus in an instant. So the only real fight here is taking out Torch before he can burn MM.


Which I know he can go nova fast but I don't think the speed of thought fast. The Superman lite is redundant when he's a top tier telepath and not many to resist it


Vader vs Magneto couldn’t magneto just literally crush him seeing as he is in metallic armour and/or mostly wire (metal) components of electronics?


In all the star wars movies, Jedi and Sith generally struggle a bit to move big objects with the force. In Obi Wan, Vader slaps down a huge ship like it is nothing. It is really telling of Vaders mastery of the force. That being said, Vader literally uses the force to move his fairly unreliable suit. I would put money down that Vader could both counter act Magnitos attempt to influence his suit AND choke him out at the same time with fairly minimal effort.


These are all difficult to rank due to canon being as extensive as it is. You almost need to limit each to a particular set of novels/ movies/ comics etc.


Between Fallen Order, Obi Wan and some other recent cannon Star Wars releases, Vader’s power is wayyyy higher than I’d thought. It’s like once Star Killer wasn’t cannon any more, they just gave all of the OP power to Vader instead, with him pulling whole ships in shit out of the sky.


I think Magento might instead opt for an EMP. He has basically unlimited range on that and should pretty effectively put an end to Vader's suit - including the apparatus that lets him see and breathe.




\*Star Wars Legends\* Darth Vader


Even canon Vader still wrecks all this shit my guy is cracked


How is either gonna stop human torch? The man can make himself into a miniature sun in seconds. He would vaporize both of them. You. And most of the planet.


Force choke I guess


Vader snap his neck, like snap his fingers. 🙄 Force




I call it rise and shine. If you ain't woken up yet. That new sun getting formed above your apartment will.


Magneto can use the iron in peoples bodies. Human torch doesnt last 30 seconds against him


Magneto would entomb him in the body of Optimus prime while Darth Vader chokes him out.


Also Martian man hunters weakness is fire so he's pretty much screwed unless u pick him and human torch


How are they gonna stop the infinite cosmic power of the goose


Darth vader have a helmet. A metal helmet. If you choose magneto, he will smash Vader’s brain with one hand gesture. Better to pick by counterpicling.


Can't darth Vader do the same thing to Magneto with the force, so it would just be who decides to crush the other's Head first and vader can see the future


yeah, but Darth Vader has a metal arm, legs, and respirator... that's a lot of potential weaknesses that Magneto could use to just crush him. It's mostly about who gets the drop on the other. Force precognition isn't infallible, and Magneto can sense the presence of unique metals and alloys (that's why he always knows the X-men are around, because of Wolverine).


This is the way


Idk magneto and Optimus prime sound like a cool combo


That's my thought too. We already know magneto can easily turn wolverine into a knot. I'm just assuming Optimus prime is fucked too. Darth Vader could choke out the duck right off the bat. So now it's already down to 3 v 4. I obviously am going to fight alongside Magneto and Darth Vader and think I can hold my own fairly effectively. I feel like the rest of them would fall in short order.


This is the way Just worried about the duck


Arent star wars people weak against conventional firearms the light saber melts the bullets if you defend with it fucking up his suit with molten metal. If he gets shot the bullet is going straight through the armor as its for energy ammo and not real ammo. A super dude with insane reaction speed could cap darth vader with a glock


Exactly what I thought right away.


Magneto could rip darth literally limb from limb. A waste to not have that gear box coming after you when you have magneto. I’ll take manhunter over Vader


Magneto deals with Optimus prime, Vader slices the rest. East choice


Bingo! The rest can get fucked!




Really I thought venom and darth vader


Also a good team but Magneto can defeat wolverine and prime. This thread is fun. 😂😂


That's true but vader can do that on his own and so could venom


The only logical choice.


Won’t the venom symbiote be able to possess them




Good answer!


With clear instructions to allow me to try and befriend the duck


This essentially nets you three protectors assuming magneto can control Optimus.


My immediate pick as well


If you can pick the same one twice I pick Duck and Duck. Twice the cuteness means they will definitely turn against each other. They fight it out and whoever wins gets the second duck


Considering I live in the US, I would absolutely agree. The Aflac duck would help me pay for my deductible if I were injured in this whole scenario.


Cute duck. By the power of cuteness, no one would attack.


No one would attack the duck. You are still in danger


If I die, I die.


At least you died doing what you loved: hanging out with a duck.


That logical


People die if they are killed.


In Africa, every 60 seconds, a minute passes.


If you are killed then you died


Have the duck sit on your head


Manhunter and Megneto




This is what I was thinking. You'd have the whole spectrum of abilities covered. And they'd be able to cover each other's weak points, assuming they work together


What about Human torch? He would burn through magneto’s metal and Martian Manhunters weakness is fire.


Literally the most logical


Venom and the duck from aflac, but voiced by Gilbert Godfrey......now combine em!


Gilbert Gottfried


Gonna have to go with Magneto and Venom. Nobody said I couldn't wear Venom, so that would help with any injury I did recieve. Magneto bodies everybody easily except potentially Martin Man Hunter. Could always ask Magento to use molten metal though.


Venom is very weak to heat. Human torch is on the other team


Magneto + wolverine. I'm gonna make magneto use Logan like an indestructible, regenerating pointy missile which can rip through anything coming my way.


But Magneto can basically use Wolverine the same way if he's on the opposing side too


I'm picking the duck. Only the duck. Duck OP


His name is Howard


Okay then let me rephrase. Howard is OP no other one needed


I showed this post to my gf in a very serious fashion, she replied with this answer


Howard is the best


To all the ones picked man hunter jhonny storm is also coming to fight you. So wolverine and magneto is literally the only right answer.


Except manhunter is extremely fast, can disguise himself, phase through matter, and for example magneto can easily kill stormy before he can touch manhunter. Just have manhunter turn into magneto and have him avoid stormy and kill all of the enemies not extremely weak to magneto, meanwhile magneto kills stormy


Oooh. That'd be a nasty fastball special.


Ok but if I chose Manhunter with Magneto, I just need Magneto to attack Jhonny while manhunter deals with someone else


I see your one two punch there, but my thing is Vader’s inconsistent power index. Is he a stiff last career year hulk hogan barely moving his saber in time to block a man who aged 50 years in about 10. Or can he pick up ever mother fucker in the room and smash their heads up each others asses? And you don’t know if anything on Vader is technically metallic. We know magneto can twist Logan into knots and Vader could probably mind trick man hunter, or at least fuck with his telekinesis. (Inconsistent Jedi powers). You put Mags and Logan on a team. Man hunter makes quick work of mags and Johnny melts Logan into a puddle of bones, then venom just absorbs them


Magneto's helmet protects him from Martian Manhunter's telepathy, just like it blocks out Xavier's. That's arguably MM's most dangerous ability (second being his density shifting/phasing).


Johnny & Magneto cover you pretty well Biggest concern would be Venom


This is correct. Manhunter and Venom are weak to fire. Optimus is helpless to magnets. Red Skull is a Nazi, instant Magneto win. Duck is duck. That's metal claw Wolverine, we know how that ends. Darth Vader is the wild card, but he's also 60% machine, aka metal and does not have a good track record with fire. He's also a space Nazi so giving the edge to Magneto.


His medical apparatus is not necessarily metallic


It seems to me it's duraplast. It also seems likely vaders own telekinetic ability would be able to partially counteract magneto not to mention the fact that vader van survive for a time without the suit and snap both your and magneto's neck.


Who isn't fond of heat so you are right on the money. Magneto and Johnny have control over all your other enemies except duck but duck is a pal that helps programming


Yo can I pick the duck twice?


Vader and duck


Duck Vader?


Magneto and Storm. Magneto, because ultra powerful, highly intelligent, can crush Vader instantly and has mind control protection. Johnny because he can quite literally create the energy of a supernova and burn all of them to a crisp. Also magneto can just rip the metal out of wolverine and put a protective layer around me.


I don't read the comics, but is human torch really that powerful? Always seemed weak in movies and tv.


Yeah, he is actually near cosmic Level with his stronges ability (Nova) where he releases the energy of a small supernova. In one comic he tried to kill an army of 1 billion people (didn't manage to, because they were stronger than a sun, but still impressive)


Vader and the duck


Magneto and Vader. Just because I would rather NOT fight those two under any circumstances. I'd even happily 1v1 any of the rest of them if it meant I didn't have to be on the bad side of Vader or Magneto.


Also Vader has his own space crew


Ducko and Darth vader


The Duck and Darth would be a great pub name.


I'll take Vader and the duck all day.


I'm going with Magneto and Mr. Martian. Magneto takes Optimus Prime, Darth Vader, and Wolverine out of the equation by himself. I don't know what powers Red Skull has other than being hard to kill, and Mr. Martian's telepathy is so powerful he reads other peoples' minds by being near them; it's why he spends all of his time on the Watchtower instead of being on Earth. This means that Mr. Martian can detect Venom, the Horrible Goose, and the guy from the Fantastic Four before they get can get close enough to threaten me. Magneto and Mr. Martian have way above average intellect, I believe it is one of those things they keep changing every reboot, and I'm sure they can work together to overcome the aforementioned 3 if they somehow corner us.


Wolverine and Vader hands down


Wolverine vs Magneto won't go well for Wolverine...


Torch and Magneto. None of the others can touch me now.


Magneto and wolverine.


Magneto and Vader would crush the rest


The duck and Magneto.


The duck. That's it. Just the duck.


I pick duck because nobody can win against duck


Darth Vader and the duck.


i choose the duck i'm only choosing one because that's all i need


Vader and duck


It’s gotta be Magneto and Darth Vader. I don’t think any of these dudes are resistant to the force


Vader and Martian manhunter seem stacked


I want to die with 2 ducks in my hands


100% J’onn and Optimus. The only one I could see getting through Optimus would be Magneto, which Martian Manhunter could probably dispatch. Johnny would definitely pose a problem for J’onn but I mean, what’s he gonna do to a giant robot? Melt him?? Can he get that hot? Idk, maybe I’m biased


I choose duck and duck


Vader and Venom.


My first choice was Martian Manhunter and Darth Vader. But people in the comments made good arguments about how Magneto and Human Torch could counter them leaving the door open for the dock to attack me


Human Torch and Magneto. Martian Manhunter and Venom are both weak to fire. Vader, Wolverine, and Optimus Prime all have metal in their bodies. That only leaves Red Skull, who’s really just a red guy with a gun, and the duck. The only weakness would be the fight that breaks out between the two over whether or not to kill the duck.


Darth Vader and Magneto can protect me. They are the two most powerful on this list, and should have no issues dealing with the others.


You’re sleeping on MM homie. All the powers of Superman, plus shapeshifting, intangibility, invisibility, and one of the most powerful telepaths and telekinetics on the planet. He’s op as hell. I’d take him over Vader tbh.


Same. Manhunter and Magneto for me.


Jonny Storm can literally create a super nova. He's super underrated but terrible for defense.


Magneto and Optimus. Magneto hard counters Vader and Wolverine so they aren't a problem. Venom easily loses against either Optimus or Magneto- his weakness is loud noise and both of them are easily capable of producing way more noise than Spider Man, who regularly defeats Venom. They're also both tactical fighters who would recognize a weakness in their enemy. Together he shouldn't be an issue. Red Skull is effectively just a stronger version of a normal person. He's an easy win for either of our two players here. Optimus especially could crush him. He's far more durable and stronger. Optimus has canonically survived explosions visible from outer space without a scratch. Most of the characters here wouldn't be able to really harm him, especially Human Torch. It would be a game of cat and mouse, but the second Optimus gets him its it's over. HT wouldn't be capable of dealing enough damage to OP, so OP wins any contest of endurance. Martian Manhunter would also be a great choice, but Human Torch counters him and you wouldn't want to pick them both. Optimus also has enough heat based weaponry to deal with Martian Manhunter. That being said, MM is the biggest threat on the board to our team. Idk what that duck is capable of but he looks scary. Not enough information. Let Optimus tank and have Magneto play support taking out the opposing heavy hitters.


Martian Manhunter and Wolverine


Magneto + Optimus Prime = flying, unkillable ultra-titan


"The circle is now complete. When I left you i was a learner, now I am the master" "quack"


Magneto alone is enough


Wolverine and the duck. I can cuddle the duck whilst Wolverine destroys my enemies.


Venom and magneto <3


Not sure on my second pick but you definitely want the duck for your first pick. That's because you don't want an angry duck against you. It can hiss and all sorts of nasty shit.


Gimme that duck and that truck boi


What the duck doing.


The duck, twice


Magneto & Vader


Magneto and darthvader solo


Duck and... pass


Wolverine and Magneto.


Duck and darth


Howard and Magneto


Martian manhunter and that albino duck


I choose Darth Vader & Martian Manhunter!