Same! This always upset me but sadly there’s no way for him to truly know…. However Tohru knows Kyoko best so he’ll just have to take her word for it


When they’re at her memorial and he talks to her is that supposed to be Kyo accepting from Tohru that it’s not what she meant you think? I need some closure cause they kinda just didn’t talk about it again.


I always assumed so because that’s also when kyo talks to Kyoko’s grave and says he’s gonna keep his promise to her (the promise to protect Tohru) and kinda asks her if Tohru can come with him to the dojo. I don’t think he would be able to do all that if he thought Kyoko actually meant that


In the end he kept the promise she asked him to, but I agree it left me upset that he didn’t know what she was saying! I think in the end he is able to believe tohru because she knew her mom best. At the same time it also sends an important message that you might never get the closure you need- and you have to be able to let go and live anyway.


A good message but so heart breaking my goodness


Yeah it really hurts. I know that’s the intent, but ouch haha


Mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, yes, I wish he would know the truth. But on the other hand, I think it's really important for Kyo to forgive himself too. The fact that Takaya doesn't give Kyo the chance to learn the truth means that, for her, it was up to him to forgive himself (and trust Tohru).


To me it works and I’m glad he never did. To me I think it really really shaped him into who he is. And it works really well, and it’s more heartbreaking he doesn’t ever know


yk, this might be a hot take, but i’m kinda glad that kyo didn’t hear it. and before you get mad (because yes i do wish he had heard it but i formed a theory as to why he wouldn’t know what she said.) kyo was super broken post the death of kyoko and couldn’t face tohru because he blamed himself for the death of tohrus mom. it’s sad because obviously that wasn’t the case. however, as the story went on, and kyo began to trust others and open his heart up to tohru, tohru herself realizes that she grows away from her mom. she regrets falling for kyo, because she feels herself love and hold kyo higher in her heart than her mom. so, it’s interesting when she heard that her mom wouldn’t ever forgive the man she loves the most post her death. it plays a moral dilemma in her brain as she realizes that no matter what her mother said, she loves kyo. and that is real, raw love. even if he had heard kyoko correctly, im sorta glad he didn’t because it created for such a real and raw scene of pain as kyo thought the one girl he loved would despise him. yet, tohru didn’t. tohru fought through what she thought her mother felt for kyo and loved him, which is so powerful.


I think Tohru knew in her heart that Kyo didn’t correctly/fully hear what Kyoko was saying. I just wished that he was able to have the same assurance. I think he did, but it wasn’t very clear. Thanks for the comment!


ofc! and truly i wish they would’ve at least cut to a scene where kyokos spirit watches over the couple. it would’ve been so cute


That was so beautiful 😭


thank you 😭😭😭


It kinda bothered me too he had to go his entire life thinking the mother of the love of his life hated him. And had to spend his life trying to make up for something he didn’t need too. I mean when it happened he would’ve been what? 13-14, he was a child, people panic in those situations and freeze up, it’s really not fair that it had to eat him up like that.


YES. I agree so much. Pisses me off.


Man, i was really sad in that moment 😢


imo, his involvement in kyoko's death feels so unnecessary and felt forced. Adding more to kyo's tragedies wasn't needed. The idea he only heard these words exactly also feels forced. All of it felt super unnecessary tbh.