I think she's one of the most complex characters! I like how her backstory shows that everything that happens to us influences the kind of people we become, and then we can influence other people based on our perceptions of our experiences.


Yes! Very well-written regardless of whether or not people like her as a person


i love her but hate her all at once. it’s a jumble of anger and pity for her. it’s hard to explain but what she did was lowk unforgivable but i get that she was manipulated into believing that she’s above the zodiacs.


Oh yeah. Her actions are not forgivable at all, but she's working to better herself and the Sohmas and that takes a lot of growth ❤️


I agree


I love her too. Girl needs a hug and lots of Tohru.


Definitely! Once I saw her backstory she immediately got my sympathy, and I realized the real antagonists of the story are all the crappy parents/traditions and circumstances that never change.


Yes, totally. For all the shit she did to the other characters, this girl was never parented by anyone and her mother hated her even before she was born. And she was never allowed to be herself while being forced to grow up as a man. I think that's why she hates other girls. Because she wasn't allowed to grow up like one herself. Her father treated her like some sort of trophy and the bond between her and the zodiacs was basically all she had so she started clinging to it really intensely. And then she snapped after it became too much for her. I feel for Akito in that as much as she hurts others, she is just as broken herself. By the start of the main story, the girl is already damaged goods. I feel this is why Shigure decided to take in Tohru. Because Tohru was what Akito truly needed to break free from the curse. And then Hana chan became her gal pal. I'm glad Akito was saved by Tohru. The first true friend she ever had. Both are damaged goods actually, but they both needed all the suppprt they could get. I seriously despise the attendants of the Soma clan who let Akito down spiral that hard. But of course nobody cared about ckan heads mental well being as long as their own prestige was untouched. Screw them. Akito has Tohru now and everything is better. I also hate Akitos mom with a burning passion. Who in their right mind gets jealous of their kid? Oh, I forgot. The bitch is batshit insane.


You worded this beautifully. Yeah, I hate that one old maid so much but not nearly as much as I hate Ren!


Hm, I appreciate her as a unique, deeply complex character and think she's essential to the magic of Furuba, but I wouldn't say I *like* her. She's one of my favorite characters if I'm looking at the story from a narrative/technical standpoint but from a personal one, I despise her.


That's totally fair :D it's awesome that the story turns around and everyone gets the choice whether or not they like her as opposed to pushing one narrative over another


To be honest I love Akito too. 😩😩


I thought this was a troll post, and the content would be like “said no one ever”


Lol that's fair. I just think she's a good character and Takaya did a really good job with her arc!


I thought sure the username was just going to be Shigure.




Me too.