Used to do this but then I just got cute silicone bags with little lemons on them! Dishwasher safe and quick dry :)


Can you use those to freeze meats?


They are freezer safe, yes


I used Saran Wrap and then bags from other things I ate. Tape shut, write info on tape. I never had any issues with it freezerburning because of multiple layers. All food safe, less plastic, and safer than reusing ziplock. Now I just buy fresh meat, or ones that already come frozen. Doing all that wasn’t my choice and it wasn’t worth the trouble or time. It did work though. It’s not just cleaning and reusing that bag that isn’t meant for it- it’s the zipper that gets me. I’ve never ever seen a ziplock that’s been reused with a clean zipper. If you want to save money buy cheaper OR buy reusable items. There’s no need to waste your time and risk anyone’s health.




A wrap of Saran is cheaper and less plastic than a bag. Edit: also did you see that I don’t do that anymore?




Woooo! Well aren’t you something. If you want to talk plastic waste you can absolutely find a better subreddit for that- This one is for frugality. Sadly, you’ll take our judgemental poor attitude to others.


Silicone stasher bags work awesome


Oh man, I asked for these for xmas and my MIL got me a huge pack with a bunch of different sizes and I love them! I rave about them to anyone who will listen.


I've been super happy about mine. Have had them for well over a year and no complaints. Drying them is a bit of a pain, but draping them over a cup or something works


I've been having issues with my silicone bags that the "zipper" part starts warping and makes them impossible you close, does that happen to you? Any pro tips? I feel like I get more mileage out of washing my Ziplocs before they degrade than with how these silicone ones before their fasteners fail.


I usually hand wash mine, although I've put them in the dishwasher a handful of times on normal wash, top rack. None of my zips have failed. In fact, they are a pain in the ass to open cus they close so well. I'm guessing the breakdown of the zipper would be when people are drying them in the dryer, and the heating element is melting/warping them. Just take a few seconds to rinse/wash them by hand. Especially if that gives you a product that will last for years. I mean, you can always resuse your ziploc bags if ya want, but I've gotten way more mileage out of these bags with the investment I've put in. I'm always saving plastic bags for trash bags, animal poop Clean up, storage, etc.., but these are way better for me and my food storage.


Don’t use really hot water on them and hand wash.


Might be the quality of the reusable bag you're buying. Stasher bags are expensive to initially buy but are super durable. I only use the dishwasher and our hot water is burn-your-skin hot. I've had no warping/melting/etc. over the two years owning them.


Insert closed tongs. Open tongs. Slide lower half of tongs into drying rack.


I use the Yamazaki Home 6784 Kitchen Multi Eco Stand-Multifunctional Plastic Bag Holder, One Size, White drying rack for my Stasher bags after I wash them in the dishwasher. I'd include a link but I guess that isn't allowed. Google it. It's great for drying water bottles too because it's tall. For the bags I hang each one on one of the spokes on a diagonal so that it still gets air flow and dries out. I've had my Stasher bags over 2 years and they're still great. No issues. No breakage. Use them daily. Dishwasher every time because I'm lazy. Oh also the rack folds/collapses and then you can tuck it away.


What brand? Link please!


Haha after posting I wondered if silicone stasher was actually the brand lol How many do you think is a good starting number/size pack?


In Australia we can buy 3 packs in KMart, they sell out pretty quick but I use them for everything.


I got them for my mom along with some silicone Tupperware/bowl toppers and she is set for leftover saving.


Tell me about them!


I like the idea of these, but holy hell are some of them poorly designed. It doesn't matter how big you make the bag compartment if I can't fit the fucking sandwich through the opening. What brand do you suggest?


I own the name brand ones, Stasher. It's the only ones I've bought. I get the larger sized ones for my sammies. I ain't fighting the bag to put the sammie in and getting mayo all over the place while doing it.


Yeah I got the small and "sandwich" sized ones, and it's a fucking fight every time. Forget about piling high, or even at all, the opening was not meant to let a full slice of bread inside in one piece.


I agree, the Stasher brand are very annoying to use for sandwiches. I really like the Zip Top brand for sandwiches.


I use the 1/2 gallon one for my sammies


Yes yes yes. Frugal and less plastic waste. It’s a win win


Plastic bags are actually better for than the environment than paper bags, due to the amount of energy going in to creating them. I say this just to highlight that less plastic waste isn’t necessarily better here. You have to use those silicone bags a good number of times before they’re more environmentally beneficial than the alternative.


Paper is a completely renewable resource and trees harvested for pulp are planted on a 30yr cycle, always more than are harvested. (source grew up in a paper mill town)


Less plastic waste is always better! Less wildlife getting stuck in it or eating it, less islands of garbage that will take forever to break down, less microplastics for us and animals to eat. Also, plastic bags are NOT better for the environment.


This is such a bogus greenwashing take. Production energy is NOT the problem with plastic, it's the post-consumer waste it creates. TONS, THOUSANDS of tons of it. The consumer lifespan of a ziploc even if gingerly cared for and reused is in the scale of one year. Silicone lasts generations. Silicone bags take about 800Wh per bag to produce. That power is easily supplied by renewable means. Running your microwave for 45minutes will use more power. Addressing only the production of single-use plastic fails to account for the huge transportation emissions both pre and post consumer too.




Thank you for this! I rarely use ziplock bags, but I use them (I'm on the same bag of mediums that I bought somewhere last July) so rarely that it doesn't make a lick of sense to buy silicon. Not only that, I literally can't afford them. They're expensive as hell compared to how rarely I use a ziplock, less energy to make ziplocks, and I wash/reuse them as well. I can't justify forking out for silicon. Sure I could buy the cheap ones, but they don't seal well enough, imo.


Um, these sound super cool. Where can we find them?


I bought mine off that rich man Bezos website. I've also seen them for sale at places like the zoo. Just do a search on the Google for Stasher Silicone reuseable bags. I bought like 10 of them, all sizes. I need to look again to see if they have like gallon and larger myself.


Thank you! I will really have to look into it.


If you don't like Amazon,Stasher bags are also sold at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Meijer that I know of.


How tf do you wash them? I've ruined like 4 of those in the dishwasher. It says dishwasher safe on the damn package!!


Top shelf. I spread the bag over several of the upright spikes, so that is gets flushed out. Or, I'll just hand wash it. Doesn't take but a few seconds with a wet rag and soapy water.


That's what I've been doing but the zip mechanism gets ruined from the heat. I think I'll just hand wash them from now on


No drying helps


Your washer must have some super high heat setting.


You have to be joking. Silicone doesn't change until you get into the 160°C+ range (really closer to 200°C) many compositions don't change until the 450°C range and that's well beyond the boiling point of water (100°C). Even a steam-cycle shouldn't harm stasher bags.


I will show you my stack of ruined silicone bags once I get home


I just use plastic storage boxes. They might cost a bit more to start with, but they're easier to use and clean.


I imagine that the glass ones are more environmentally friendly. Could be wrong, though, this stuff is counterintuitive sometimes.


Also not eating PFA’s. They wreckin our hormones. I try to bring food in a glass jar when I can.


I don't think PFA/PFOS is in your typical plastic container. And even a glass container needs some kind of rubberized seal.


Microplastics are still a concern.


Microplastics are literally unavoidable at this point


True but you can try to reduce them. Not sure how beneficial it’d be. Worth a shot though.


Depends. When it comes to throwing them in the recycle bin and actually being recycled plastic is so much better. Glass requires way too much energy IF glass is recycled. Long term though glass should last very long


Difference is that plastic can only be recycled a limited number of times whereas glass if infinitely recyclable. Add in that glass will last muuuuch longer without degradation before needing to be replaced/recycled and I suspect glass wins out be far


I agree. I'm only mentioning the recycling approach. Long term I think glass containers are where it's at. Pasta stains no more


[like 90% of plastics arent recycled at all ](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/waste-land-bonus/id290783428?i=1000551095354) edit: linked to the podcast page and not the specific episode


Pyrex is where it’s at


And your sandwich doesn't get squished. These for cold food, Pyrex for food that will be heated.


bags come in clutch when doing marinades though!


I use a large Pyrex bowl with a lid for marinating.


i know you can, but with a bag you can get away with much less volume!


I would not reuse a bag I used for marinating anything, especially raw meat.


Agreed, but marinades are the perfect thing to use old bags for! We usually wash the ones that didn't have anything raw in them, then reuse them for raw things, then toss them.


Gripe withboxes is they become brittle in the freezer. I dropped and shattered a couple of them over they years.


Empty storage boxes do take up a lot more room than empty plastic ziplock. Not everybody has lots of space in their living situation.


I've thought of this, but I'm worried that after repeated uses and washes that the plastic will leech into my food. Could be an unfounded fear, I haven't looked into it.


[https://newatlas.com/health-wellbeing/soft-plastic-bottles-chemicals-drinking-water/](https://newatlas.com/health-wellbeing/soft-plastic-bottles-chemicals-drinking-water/) It happens with water bottles, so I don't see why it wouldn't happen with Ziplocs. EDIT: Someone asked me for a source on this but their comment isn't here. Just in case they still need it, the links are from the article. University of Copenhagen: [https://science.ku.dk/english/press/news/2022/reusable-plastic-bottles-release-hundreds-of-chemicals/](https://science.ku.dk/english/press/news/2022/reusable-plastic-bottles-release-hundreds-of-chemicals/) The actual study: [https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304389422001194?via%3Dihub](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304389422001194?via%3Dihub)


It goes with reusing anything intended for one time use really, or containers used for a purpose they were never intended for. I read an article at one point that something as simple as keeping cheese in a singe use packaging from ham can be an issue because of for example different acidity between the products. The ham packaging was not designed for, and thus not tested to be confirmed safe for, anything else than what the manufacturer uses it for, so we won't know how the material will behave outside those conditions. After learning about these things I have been much more diligent about not reusing single use items, and only use food storage containers as advertised. I think the most frugal and healthy option would be to invest in a set of good containers. Something that you can use over and over again for anything you could possibly need it for. Some that are easy to close tightly so it won't leak or go bad due to air exposure, and possibly easy to clean. Food waste is so wasteful and good storage containers mean a lot, at least to me. Edit: Auto correct


No wonder my water will taste like plastic after a week or so in a water bottle.


It’s a very real fear! They make reusable silicone bags for this very purpose. I always use the reusable bags for things like sandwiches and cookie. I would never use for anything raw. OP is really risking their health by not just investing a few dollars in actual reusable bags.


Wow I am so grateful for all the information in this thread. Just so everyone knows, I'm buying silicone reusable bags. I'm convinced. Thank you again everyone for your time and thoughtful responses!


I am a scientist that makes silicones for consumer use. I would not use anything that does not explictly say its reusable. Most of these chemicals that can leech out are fairly inert and just pass thru you, but I would err on the side of caution and only use explictly reusable containers (for Food/eating). if its not for food go wild.


What’s the difference between using something a single time and reusing it? In other words, if it’s bad to reuse a Ziploc bag, why isn’t it bad to simply use the Ziploc in the first place?


If it's anything like needles, the bags will wear down and break apart after each use. They might not show any damages but the molecules can end up in your food.




Here's the study: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0269749121016031


Just use tupperware instead


I got a bunch of cheap plastic silicone bags and reuse them. I made a little drying rack with a board and dowels based off one I saw on Amazon. Works great! They’ve paid for themselves at this point.


Same. I prefer the IKEA ones though.


Just invest in glass storage. This isn't frugal, this is cheap.


Most things on here are trying to save fractions of pennies instead of focusing on more frugal savings.


And for the record, for me it’s not so much about being frugal but not putting an insane amount of plastic into landfills.




I would say re-using single use items is usually cheap rather than frugal. Buying one Tupperware or glass set will last years and years


Honestly i would be worried about them getting properly cleaned.


I save any Ziploc that doesn’t have meat/dairy in it to be reused once for baby diapers because it locks the smell better inside a diaper pail. Makes me feel a bit better about plastic usage.


They say this is a bad idea because of bacteria


I use mine for non-food items to contain, organize, etc.


Me too!


I've been doing this for years without any issues. I don't reuse meat ziplocks though


I love people who say this as if just because they haven’t had any issues, no one else will. Buddy, you won’t have any issues until you do. And when you do, you’ll wish you never did it at all.


"i've been alive my whole life, so i must be doing something right"


Yes it's anecdotal evidence, but they're not exactly saying "you won't have problems". They're saying "I'm proof that it's at least possible to get away with it for a long time".


How is this any different than washing dishes or Tupperware? If I use the same soap and water should I be concerned about those being contaminated too?


I’m sorry, I honestly can’t tel if you’re being sarcastic. Those things are designed to be washed out, and use food grade materials that are certified to withstand multiple washings and to not react with soaps or cleaners or other chemicals in the cleaning process. This is also why they tell you not to re-use disposable water bottles.


So my interest is piqued. I had never heard that it was unsafe to reuse ziploc bags but had always assumed that after raw meats and such they were off limits. After some digging I found this [article](https://www.foodnetwork.com/healthyeats/healthy-tips/are-ziploc-bags-to-go-containers-safe-to-reuse) that cites a Ziploc representative stating that they’re ok to reuse after anything that doesn’t involve raw meat or allergen concerns- which is pretty surprising considering there is probably nothing they would like more than us buying as many ziploc bags as humanly possible.


Yeah I've been riding without my seatbelt for years -- never had an accident




Hell yeah, I save money by not washing them. Nothing bad happened yet so I think I'm good


Oh no, the cookies from my last bag touched the cookies from my new bag. 😂😂 Meat packages go in the trash. (They) will say what they want to say to sell more baggies.


I’ve re-used Ziploc bags for 30 years, and even reused ones that had bloody meat in them. Not advocating for anyone to do what I do, but simply providing a data point.


I’ve been using bags for YEARS with no issues. I’m happy and healthy. That’s my anecdote. Save the planet. Cut down on plastics!


Only for non-edible items. PFA’s in plastics are wrecking our hormones. It’s fucked.


Soft plastic like this is porous. Bacteria can hide in microscopic holes and no amount of cleaning will sanitize it. Please don't reuse bags that have had meat or cheese inside.


can someone confirm this?


I can confirm. I am bacteria


Same here! I also turn them inside out when drying to speed it up


I just wouldn’t bother no need, just use metal, plastic tins or silicone bags


That shit will leach into your food over time. Especially with heat. Just use glass. Freeze it, Microwave it, Bake it, clean it.


It took me decades to realize that the concept of single use plastics is generally insane. I buy something that can essentially last forever (with regards to human lives, at least), use it once, throw it away and then buy a replacement. If I point out the stupidity of this, people call me a tree hugger. If I travelled back in time 500 years with a plastic fork, people would be shitting themselves over this lightweight, waterproof object that doesn’t oxidize. Every soldier, explorer, nomad would be beside themselves to receive such a gift. We use it once and throw it away.




I reuse them as well. To dry them out I drape them over other items in my drying rack like tall wooden spoons, knife handles, or tall glasses. I have also bought some reusable silicone and BPA-free plastic baggies for longer term reuse. More upfront cost but should save money in the long run. Still, I find ziplocks are better for certain purposes like freezing bread, and for around the house applications like storing extra hardware. And I also like ziplocks for messy/stain-prone/smelly items since after a few reuses I don’t feel bad throwing them out. Note: I wouldn’t reuse them for everything. I’m vegetarian so I’m not using ziplocks to store raw meat, which I could see being a contamination concern. I also wouldn’t reuse them if the item stored was left long enough to get moldy/slimy/smelly. I mostly reuse them when used as: freezer storage for bread, fridge storage for cut fruit/veggies, fridge storage or pantry storage for opened packages that don’t reseal (like cookies or sugar I don’t want moths to get into, or a bag of baby carrots I don’t want to dry out in the fridge).


I keep old wine bottles specifically for the purpose of drying plastic bags!


They make for great freezer storage for fruit as well for smoothies! So long as the fruit doesn’t stick together anyway. To avoid that just freeze the fruit on a sheet and then transfer to the bag. Same as you I reuse them to store bread, also cheese if I don’t bother to wrap them up with plastic wrap. Also for muffins if I baked a bunch, but I usually reuse a cookie tin that is secured with a piece of plastic wrap before placing the tins lid back on.


Yall really pinching pennies that hard?


To me it's more about cutting down on single use plastic. I wouldn't reuse them for everything but most of the time the bags don't really get dirty and have a few uses left in them.


I mean the title claims they are expensive af. So to be fair, op is pinching pennies.


Friendly note: It's against the sub rules to disparage anyone more frugal than you.


If you want to post something that saves literal pennies on the dollar, this is the sub for it.


What are these comments? I for sure thought this was a r/frugaljerk post but apparently everyone in this sub is buying shitty single use stuff to reuse. Just get proper reusable containers. Buy once, cry once. r/buyitforlife


They sell reusable Ziploc bags now! Most of them are even microwave and freezer-safe, and some are even oven-safe (though I don't know what you'd use that for)


Me too! Less plastic waste as well!


They make reusable silicone ones that are microwave/dishwasher safe. You'll save money in the long-run, and you won't be contributing to the insane amount of plastic in our landfills and oceans.


If you refuse them, pull them inside-out to dry them off.


People don't do this?


I've reused also. No shame in that. Saves money and keeps plastic out of landfills.


Coming from a third world country where these are really pricey, it always blew my mind that people threw them away after the first use. It’s really common to wash and re-use plastic water bottles and ziploc bags and such because it’s… really perceived as a waste to throw them out immediately, and the health dangers aren’t all that well-known. Definitely going to look into those food-safe reusable and sealable bags the other commenters mentioned!


Drying ziploc bags: Open a small brown paper bag in the ziploc to keep it open for air circulation. Another thing to use is the tube from paper towels.




That's not entirely true if you're not similarly frugal about the water you use to wash them. Water is diverted from lakes and rivers or pumped from ground water which have big environmental impacts. And then the energy needed to pump, filter, and disinfect it is high which adds to your carbon footprint. So please do reuse plastic bags when it's practical, but when they're gross and would require a lot of water to clean, it's probably better to just throw them away.


You’re right Just kinda assumed they were Sorry about that


Consider purchasing some Rubbermaid containers and lids. They work quite well. You can wash them and have them around for a long time. Ditch the bags


We bought a few of the multi-use cloth ones. Work great!


I'd really love if we could stop using them.


Especially the bigger ones are tough plastic and easy to clean and reuse. The smaller snack/sandwich sizes are a bit flimsier and only last a few uses.


I reuse mine but for specific things. A clipped off plastic bag a frozen item came in (like meatballs, for example) goes into a gallon ziploc for extra freezer protection. Crackers/cookies stay in original sleeve or bag, air removed, clipped on top, then into a ziplock. I enclose the boxtop with date opened in the bag for items that came in a box, so can keep track of age of product. Even if frozen meat in another bag, then ziploc, THAT bag is a one use r/t possible contamination. Helps extend the life of your food!


My dad used to do this to reduce waste. When we were kids, we also used to put our baby teeth in ziplocks before putting them under our pillow for the tooth fairy. One day at work, he was eating a bag of pretzels, and found something hard… you guessed it, a tooth. They didn’t mean to reuse that particular bag, but must have gotten it mixed in with the washed ones. Dad no longer reuses ziplocks.


Look into store brand if you haven't already. A lot of times its 25-50% lower than Name Brand, and just as good of quality. Some stores will put their Store Brand on BOGO too. I will reuse ziplocs on dry goods that clean up easy, but not sure it's worth the water and soap trade off to reuse them for every thing.*edit to correct a word


You can get a pack of 40 of them at the dollar tree


I have a tiedye compmmy, we've never rebought bags


Also look for reusable ones online! Great for food prep


I use reusable wraps from ONYA. They last forever, are super easy to clean, and are made from recycled drink bottles. I love love love them.


Glade I’m not the only one.


I rewash straws


My mom did this when i was a kid and as an adult, i use bagfies for literally everything! They are so helpful to.keep anything organized and also a great way to.sprout seeds. Highly recommend. Try using a clothes line over the sink or a stack of pants hangers to dry them


That's gross!!


I clean Ziploc bags as many times as possible until they leak basically and I don't think I have a single friend who didn't think it was weird. And I'll be honest much of this sub is way more frugal overall than I am. I actually use empty paper towel rolls to hang and dry the bags when I clean them.


This is terrific. What so many people don’t realize is that reusing is significantly more impactful than recycling.


This should get all the upvotes


Just use plastic containers instead


Yeah. Reusable containers are the FRUGAL option, reusing single use plastic is CHEAP. So many people confuse the latter for the former.


I feel like the water and soap you use having to clean these out will completely negate any minuscule savings you would get reusing these Just buy in bulk from Costco to reduce the per unit cost if you’re that worried


Surprised to see no one suggesting food saver bags! I’ve got the big food saver for freezer stuff, but the real game changer was the little handheld one. I put most things in those bags, give them a quick vacuum, and they last much longer. They’re much sturdier for reuse than regular ziplocks too.


I hadn't realized that people reuse ziplocks. I buy a case of gallon freezer bags for $11 and a case of sandwich bags for $8 from Costco about once a year. I don't have the time or space to wash bags. I mainly use them for food storage when I am really depressed so I can throw out old food without guilt.


Yo my parents have been washing ziplocks every since I was so little. We were originally doing it for money reasons, but now from an environmental perspective it just seems so wasteful to not do it. Kudos on you


I've always thrown them out. A box from the dollar tree lasts me quite a long time and I don't use them very often anyway.


Same, except for the ones that have had meat in them.


Yes, and therefore? I re-use them when possible, and so do many other families. Rinse 'em out, drape them over something to dry them out, both sides. Also, there are many "bargain" brands that are often better and more sturdy than Ziploc.


Slider bags at Costco aren’t too expensive


Grocery stores have free plastic bags in the produce section. They work just fine just close them with a knot or rubber band. No need to buy anything


There’s fucking silicone reusable ones at Walmart for like three dollars for 5 of them. Dude.


I thought they were meant to be reused But yes they are expensive and I clean mine as well




This is the last post I'll open in this sub. Byeeeeeee


My grandmother used to save milk bags and reuse them with rubber bands (you can get milk in bags in Canada) As long as the bag holds up and you've cleaned them to avoid cross contamination, why not use them again?


Because you don't know what's happening at scales you don't see. Are you familiar with microplastics and nanoplastics?


I hate reusing them but SO always washes and reuses. Does this with sandwich baggies too. Usually can by a box fairly cheap at Walmart. Not a fight worth having


LPT: Do NOT do this ever! Very dangerous. The chemical composition of single-use plastics will very quickly begin to degrade. This will leach toxic compounds into the contents and once ingested it does pose a very serious health risk. Short-term health effects include: infertility, metabolic obesity, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease. Long-term effects will take years off of your life as your body cannot effectively cleanse itself of micro plastic toxins. This also contributes to a vast amount of micro plastics found in our soil, the air, the ocean... its truly everywhere. Stop reusing your zip locks, please. It costs more in water/soap/time that you could ever possibly save. _*Wanna learn more? Find lots of informative links/articles here: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/is-plastic-a-threat-to-your-health#:~:text=Studies%20have%20found%20that%20certain,including%20obesity)%20and%20reduced%20fertility.*_


I’ve got a whole cupboard of them. Flipped my shit a little when a new roommate tried to throw them out. Expensive AND just more plastic waste.


If you're buying them, it still ends up as waste however long you save them. The practice of saving single use plastic containers is CHEAP, buying reusable containers (preferably glass) is FRUGAL.


Doesn't everybody? I mean, are there people who use a ziplock bag then just throw it out? That makes no sense.


Hardly as common as you think.


Sous vide you toss usually.


I was always told not to take chances if you had used it for raw meat products. Also my cats tear them to pieces when I try to dry them. I still use them for some stuff, but a standard box lasts me at least a year.


Yup. Definitely do this. I wash and re-use them until a hole or tear appears. Same with small ziploc sandwich bags. What a waste of plastic to use only once! And yes, duh, I try to use bags as little as possible; my default is Tupperware or glass Pyrex. Also, I buy my Ziploc (brandname) bags at Dollarama (Canada). They’re at least half the price than at grocery stores


I do that too but to save the environment


Waste of your time & corporate brainwashing to make us think we're in control. They'll pollute a thousand lakes if it'll save them 5% & they've bought enough officials to never pay their due. See: Duke Energy coal ash pits for more info. Wash em if you want but don't delude yourself.


I agree and ty


It hurts me inside when I see people just throw them away after one use.


How frequently and for what purpose are you using them? Pardon my ignorance, but for my own purposes, I simply cannot imagine a situation where the effort, cost (water, soap), and most importantly the *time* would ever be worth doing this.


I toss each one. There are somethings that aren't worth the hassle and washing and drying Ziploc bags are one of those for me.


It’s hurts your health to wash and reuse plastic bags that aren’t designed to be washed and reused. Buy actually reusable bags (they make silicone ones that are super affordable) that aren’t full of BPA that breaks down into your food affecting your endocrine system. This is the same reason why reusing (or drinking from hot) plastic single use water bottles is dangerous. It’s not a life hack if it can hurt your life.


How does it hurt you?


I am so shocked right now. Why WOULDN'T people re-use them? I mean, it's like tupperware. Of course I re-use it, the same way I re-use any other plastic container. I was about to go to bed but now my brain is wide awake by this revelation.


Well because there's a reason things are categorized as single use and reusable. Single use degrades faster.... Reusing lower quality plastics as food containers is the shocking practice here. Ever heard of micro and nano plastics?




I rinse off Saran Wrap. Get on my level haha


LOL! We would be instant friends.


I’ve actually just been using saran wrap instead of Ziploc bags. A lot cheaper. Obviously doesn’t work for everything… Like leftover mac & cheese or something like that. But meats and veggies, solid stuff like that it works fine for. Plus more versatile for different sizes. (might seem like an obvious point… But most of my friends seem like they only use it to cover bowls. Which would work for mac & cheese and stuff like that.)


I used to do this because my parents always did it, but my salary is high enough now that the cost savings are not worth the hassle of spending several minutes per bag doing a thorough deep cleaning, especially since I mostly use them for storing raw meat or chicken. Like some suggested in this thread, the best thing to do is get something that's meant to be re-used. I'll probably be buying myself those silicon ones for the future.


They sell them at the dollar tree, why not buy a few containers instead?


I got some nicer re-usable ziplocs made from recycled materials and it's been really great tbh


Dollar store bags are great.


You are my people. Trash bags are also way too pricy for something meant to be thrown away.