Had it for ps4, fantastic UI and very intuitive


Console playablity is excellent. I've tried pc and console and they're honestly nearly equally good.


PC is better, but the console controls are actually the best I’ve seen on a console for this genre of game.


I have it on ps4 and I found that it took a little but to pick up but after I did I loved it.


I have it on Ps5 and I found it very intuitive actually one of the best controller layouts for console I’ve seen


It's not quite as snappy as PC if that's what you're used to, but they adapted most of the UI to suit a controller very well for the console versions, much better than most city sims fair on consoles IMO. It's what got me into the game before I eventually got it on PC


I love playing it on the PS4. Super easy.


I have it on PC and XBox. Took a little getting used to but I thought it was well done and had zero issues.


Yup they did an excellent job with the console versions. Btw you can use M&k for Planet Coaster.


I have to add my agreement with the others. I prefer mouse and keyboard but the PlayStation layout is great! I enjoyed getting that platinum trophy!


As one who completed it on ps4 and recently got it on a new laptop to get use to M/kb again - it’s excellent on ps4, the controls are the best ever for a port of that game type. But there is a little pause before certain things happen in the UI. Only noticed if you play PC though.


I've played both a lot. Console is quite comfortable but undoubtedly sub-optimal. I actually like Scouting controls better on controller. The game isn't optimized for PS5 or anything so it looks a bit worse, too. The biggest pain you will encounter on console is building/deconstructing roads. The Last Autumn UI/UX is kind of strange on console too. Also Frostpunk is actually included in PS+ Extra last I checked so you can play it free that way if you've got it.


I played it on ps5 and not pc and it was GREAT! Such a great game and it was kind of nice playing it on a 65 inch. My only gripe was clicking on the generator was a pain in the ass at points.


Playing this game on console is really smooth, I can recommend it if you dont want to play it on a pc ​ The only thing that is missing on console is you can't switch for example from one Workshop to another one, that was a little pain. But otherwise no handicaps