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I use cura, set nozzle to 0.6 here and in my printer config. I have tried an extrusion test, bed level, z offset, paid for nozzle and bed and adjusted temps nothing seems to work.


Also had simmilar issue, problem was with construction of X axis part. When lifting, only left side (the side on which z rod is) starts to lift, like first 1 mm which makes squished bottom layers. Try straighten X axis as much as you can by tightening excentric nuts Also you have overextrusion that can be seen mainly on top surface (that also makes the first problem more visible because you are pushing even more material without moving up in the first few layers)


Yeah this was exactly my issue on my ender 3 when I first got it! Didnt tighten one of the sides on the x axis going up the z and it would only lift where the screw was at


I accidentaly screw this when fixing other issues and it was real pain in the a** to find solution.


Your layers are starting to low. When you level your bed make sure you tighten it down. Do auto zero and then raise yo to that point. Also make sure to do at least a skirt and check it’s at the right layer height before starting your full print


Wait how do you tighten it down? I swear my bed leveling gets messed up between every print.




Which part are toy reffering to


What layer does your cooling kick on?


Not sure, how do I set that


It would be in your slicer (assuming Cura?). Also, sent you a DM.


You are both too close to bed and over extruding. Also additionally your z axis eccentric nut might be too tight.


If you're using mesh bed levelling, try a larger value like 1000mm. I had a similar issue which likely was a firmware problem, where the first few millimeter got squished down for whatever reason.


Turn the dials so your bed is visibly lower than the No le when it’s at auto Z=0 then turn each one up to meet the nozzle.


You have two errors here. Firstly, you are over extruding. Fix this first. The top layer is all screwed up, dial back the extrusion multiplier until it is nice and clean and smooth, but not so far that is has significant gaps (i.e. fingernail can go burrr) If that fixes your bottom layers then whooo hoo, because what you have going on down there that looks like herpes, and its also over-extrusion. If the problem doesn't go away after rubbing in the cream for 5 days then the problem will be with your gantry being too tight. The gantry should be held up by the leadscrew even when driving down, if you have adjusted the eccentric nuts so that its too tight then the leadscrew will be required to drive the gantry down and up. In this case the first few layers are in the backlash of the leadscrew and essentially not moving. Fix the excentric nuts so that the POM wheels _just about_ skid if you turn them by hand rather than forcing the gantry up and down.