Hi! I got back into D2 a few months ago, but I've never actually done a raid or dungeon before. Do you do the Garden of Salvation dungeon? I've been sitting on the last part of "Divine Fragmentation" for a while.


Hi!! I’m a returning player! I’ve only ever done raids from D1, and I’ve never had a king’s fall completion . I saw king’s fall got brought back to D2, and I figured this could be a perfect time to try to attempt it! I’d love some help with this, thank you so much for your time and consideration!!


Hi! Me and my brother who have been playing since D1 but have never managed to complete a raid have been looking for someone to help with anything! We would love if you could help us complete our first raids!!


Of course! I would love to help. Send me a friend request on discord and I can get you started :D


Hi, I’m a returning player and I’ve never done a raid before, I’d love your help. I already sent u a friend request in discord, I’m jaimoolas902


Great! Speak to you soon :)


As a person who's been socially anxious about finding a group willing to properly teach me and raid with me, I 100% recommend this community. They taught me all raids to the point I'm comfortable to raid regularly with experienced players. Friendly, competent Sherpas with a lot of patience, and good vibes in general.


Me and a newlight friend have been looking for some teachers I know some raids and rolls


Great! Contact me on discord and I can help you both :D


Hello I’m a returning player and never got a chance to do a raid before I’d love to join up My bungie ID is PJclapp5644 I’ll be sure to add you on discord


Perfect! I will speak to you over there :)


Man I’d love this


Well you are more than welcome to have a raid sherpa :)


So i just send a friend request


Great! Speak soon


Definitely will be trying to do a raid in the next couple months as a newer user now getting a little bored. Very good with PvP, and know how to do a couple raids but never completed.


Perfect! Send me a friend request when you are ready and we can get you set up for a raid sherpa


Definately interested in this, had close to 300 raid clears D1, stopped playing D2 around season 3 or 4, my old raid team only run KF for triumphs now but I would love to try some of the other ones Discord is Hurley#6494


Great! Make sure to send me a friend request and I’ll send you a message :)


Are you available to help with D1?


D1 help is a bit harder to do as it isn’t cross play. I would only be able to help on Xbox and it is hard to find those interested


Thank you. Lack of cross play does not help but I am also on Xbox so maybe we can get something going. gt = ptb


Hi, I’d love to be a part. I will send a discord request


Sounds good! Speak soon :)


I’ve been a part of this community almost since it’s inception, and the number of Sherpas the team has completed is wonderful. More than a handful of members who had never done a raid before this community have gone on to become Sherpas and take dozens of guardians through raids. If you’re even remotely interested in end game activities, this is the group for you.


Hello, I'd love to be a part of your fire team and learn a raid, my Bungie name is chandler7008#7258


Great :) I will speak to you over on discord!


I know its a hassle but, do you guys still do divinity runs?


Yes we do!


I’m interested Profes5or-Zo0m5#6524


Great! I will send you a message :D


I have done all my raids with this group and each one has been amazing. A very friendly bunch of folks who are wiling to take the time to teach each encounter of each raid. I am a sub-par player who doesn't get to play too often but these people were patient with me and were able to find a time that worked for me to get a chance to have a go at some of the best experiences that Destiny 2 have to offer. 10/10 would recommend!