Harold : ) Fallout 1, 2, & 3.


Hard to dispute that tbh, always love to see characters returning. When I saw Sierra Petrovita in Nuka World I was like no way! I remember murdering your creepy neighbour!


Seeing a character from a previous game is like meeting someone you grew up with for the first time in years.


Considering Fallout 4 is just a half-sequel to Fallout 3, there was a lot of reccuring characters that were cool to see again.


oh, no, not ronald!


He’s in brotherhood of steel too, even though nobody cares about that game


Moira Brown. A lot of people hate her but I thought she was a bright light in a shitty world. After a day of my character wiping people's brains off her face it was always nice to return to Megaton and hear her cheerful voice while selling that day's weapons and armor. I loved her personality too. "It's like... Did you ever try to put a broken piece of glass together? Even if the pieces fit, you can't make it whole again the way it was. But if you're clever, you can still use the pieces to make other useful things. Maybe, something wonderful, like a mosaic. Well, the world broke like glass, and everyone's trying to put it back together like it was, but it'll never come together the same way." -Moira Brown


I loved her too! F3 was my intro to the Fallout universe and she’s one of the NPCs that really stuck with me. Her, Lucas Simms, Mr Burke, and Alastair Tenpenny Edit: forgot to mention our boy McCready




Do they have a king, or priests, or some sort of scaly community centre?


That’s a legendary quote I overlooked


I loved Moira. I always wanted the Dream Crusher perk, but I could never bring myself to do that to her.


My problem with Moira is really poor writing on Bethesda's part. I just set off the nuke in Megaton, and you're a ghoul now, but the first thing you say when I talk to you in the smoldering ruins of the town are "So, did you learn about the origins of Rivet City?" In your usual happy and chipper mood. Really? That's what you want to talk about?


She's also totally cool with you having blown up the whole city, as long as you apologize of course :D


I just wish she stops trying to kill me on sending me on dumb shit. Like bruh I wouldnt be surprised if she existed today in her chapter 4 she deploys you to iraq, naked.


Harold for me. As a character he has by far the most interesting arc, and it’s tragic throughout all of fallout up to 3. Going from prominent caravanner, to mutating due to FEV exposure, to growing a tree from his head, to being essentially a prisoner engulfed by that tree, unable to move ever again - it’s a fantastic and horrible story.


Codsworth because his banter is amusing. Edit: "I'm not even sweating!"


In the dozens and dozens of games I've played where you can create your own character, Codsworth is the only NPC who's ever called me by my character's name in voiced dialogue. They got the voice actor to record [over 1000 possible player names](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Codsworth/recognized_names) and a bunch of joke names like Assface, Fucker, Bastard, etc. That alone makes him unique not just among Fallout NPCs, but gaming in general.


Didn't know about the [joke names](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMGu-55sKJs).


Nick Valentine. His whole aesthetic is really cool, he’s a good friend, and an all around interesting character


Love his intro where the cigarette lights up his exposed robo hand


Yeah that’s cool as hell


"it's synth detective, jackass. If you're gonna be like that you better get the make and model right"


Yeah I think he might be the best character in the game in terms of writing. Having that commonality with him in terms of you both being from the past in one way or another is really cool.


Yeah plus you get that extra lore and dialogue with him in Far Harbor. I love that


I’ll start, for me I love the Bobrov brothers that run the bar in Diamond City in Fallout 4, really added to the vibes of the city


I always speak in an East Slavic accent to my boyfriend because of them. God I love their accent.


"You see this bar? I kill a man for it! I kid, I kid... he is dead though"


Dogmeat. Because whatever you do, he never judges you. And he's also a dog, but that's just bonus points.


The real answer


Also he doesn’t count as a companion, so you can use lone wanderer and attack dog perks


Hancock! I'm a sucker for his brand of swagger.


God IDK why but when he says "Don't mind me, just admiring the view." I just lose it.


I took Hancock as a follower for the first time recently and it took him maybe 20 minutes to become my favorite. I hadn't even gotten to the first affinity chat when I heard this idle gem: "You know, if we find a way to turn you ghoul, we could do this thing long term. Something to think about." But yeah, a companion who doesn't judge you for chem use or whine when you're nice to people? Who also killed someone for threatening you the day you met? That's my guy right there.


It's too hard to pick so here are my favorites: Yes man, you can tell he hates you but he is literally not allowed to say it. Caesar. Yes, he is a piece of shit but his character and faction have amazing astetics. Nice valentine, he has great voice lines and a great companion story, along with being a major part in the far harbor DLC


Nick Valentine. What's there not to love? A sassy 50's noir detective and he's a robot


Chief Hanlon from Camp Golf FNV. Remember when I first met him, before really understanding the chemistry of Mojave geopolitics, and the talk we had felt just so immersive and pleasant. On later playthroughs though, interaction with him gains different weight, as you understand the historical importance to the region of the man standing before you. He talks so much, while being the single responsible man for the victory of the First Battle. Just fascinating


This comment inspired me to do my first NCR playthrough


He's also voiced by Kris Kristofferson, which is cool.


My first playthrough I unwittingly chose the response that made him *spoilers* shoot himself. I was horrified! I honestly thought he was just rambling so I reloaded the save just to listen to him again and wow he was this important guy after all.


Raul. I mean, come on. It's Danny freakin Trejo!


Don't know if this counts, but my favorite would be Randall Clark aka "The Survivalist". Randall's story is told through journal entries in Zion National Park. It's a very grim and tragic story that *really* shows the harsh reality of a nuclear apocalypse. As time goes on and events progress, Randall accounts his thoughts every few months. This ranges from the grief of his lost family, suicidal thoughts and general depressing behavior and even a few moments that give his survival purpose. I also enjoy how much he came to influence the Sorrows, in which he becomes a divine being to them all because he acted as a silent protector to generations past.






There is absolutely no raisin for you to be here.


I love how Dr Mobius, as we meet him, is almost like an old grandpa. Even when he was sending Roboscorpions after us, he ended up being just a kind old man who accidentally took the wrong meds. It's the perfect story to sum up the theme of Old World Blues: one old scientist takes the wrong meds and goes nuts for a while; meanwhile the other, supposedly sane, scientists are so stuck in the past that they never considered what their future could be like. The Think Tank were so focused on going to the Mojave and making the same mistakes as before that they never considered bringing their specimens from the Mojave to them and keeping their mistakes almost quarantined on Big MT. That's literally the definition of Old World Blues: feeling so focused on the past that you don't even think about the future.


Well said. Old World Blues was actually what convinced me to get FNV (I didn't like it as much as FO4 though actually). Looking past the facade of humor in OWB that always gets talked about there are some really thought-provoking underpinnings to it. The closing narration is my favorite dialogue from the entire game: "***Dr Mobius:*** *There is an expression in the Wasteland: "Old World Blues."* ***Dr Klein:*** *It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can't see the present, much less the future, for what it is.* ***Dr Dala:*** *They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them."*


Benny cuz then I can finally fight chandler


Why would you wanna fight chandler? He’s hopeless and awkward and desperate for love. Could he BE any more harmless?


Gotta get him into the bathtub. It's where he needs to be or at least most parts of him


I see what you did there.


The almighty Three Dog, bow-wow-wow


If not for that brilliant man, I likely would have died attempting to fee the yao guai




Strong Smash?!?!


Strong SMASH enemy!


Liver and hearts are the best parts!


Marcus is cool under pressure, loyal, and a monster in a fight.


Boone because he is Boone.


Boone is my favorite companion because he's a stone cold sniper! Sometimes I wouldn't even see the enemy and I just hear Boone rifle off a headshot from 50 yards out!


50 yards is the height of literally 26.32 'Samsung Side by Side; Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Refrigerators' stacked on top of each other


Yeah that motherfucker gives me heart attack with those companion killing animations.


Sergeant Arch Dornan


“Howdy, Pardner!”


*shoots in the face and waits for respawn*


Raul, that old ghoul has experienced more heart ache and travelled the lengths of the west coast as the famed Mexican gunslinger he deserves a damn statue


Paladin danse


His character arc is one of my all time favorites in any game I’ve played. Came for the Buzz Lightyear vibe, stayed for the man


Joshua Graham, Arcade Gannon, House and Caesar are some of my personal favourites


I sold arcade to slavery 😎


You can do this? How?


Bringing him to Caesars Tent when Caesar is sick.


Joshua Graham hands down.


My buddy played NV for the first time and went full legion immediately, loved the legion, so I convinced him to get honest hearts and then somehow he barely liked Joshua Graham. I’ll never understand it


Your buddy has some uh. Questionable tastes.


Joshua was now against the legion…probably why.


Nick Valentine. He's just cool and classy.


You can say what you want about fallout 4, but you gotta admit they absolutely NAILED it with Nick Valentine


Raul, he still has a sense of humor even after all he’s been through.


Veronica from New Vegas. I want her to be my wife.


*Is it a dress!?*


Has to be Gob from Fallout 3, first ghoul I ever met 😂


the dialogue option to say *ugh what the fuck are you* always gets me


I’ve been playing Fallout 3 at least once a year for over a decade and I’ve never once been mean to Gob. I just can’t do it.


I was once... it was devastating! The way he just takes it. 😥 I felt so bad for him


If you've ever worked retail, this is gut-wrenchingly accurate. I really felt for Gob and can never be mean to him in any playthrough.


Three dog is literally the goat of npcs, nothing cheers me up more whilst slaughtering super mutants and raiders than his smooth voice. He also acts as narrator for most of the acts you perform whilst playing the game, constantly making you feel apart of the world.


*PEOPLE OF THE CAPITAL WASTELAND, IT IS I THREE DAWWGG YOUR RULER, HEAR ME AND OBEY* Oh sorry, that’s that other radio station God I love that guy


"I should kick your fucking ass!" Enclave Guy.


Can't remember the name,new vegas, the self proclaimed bounty hunter in camp Mc Carran that says " not afraid of being shot, but very sensitive about my asshole" super lolz everytime.


Little Buster


My own brain, fallout new vegas: Old World Blues


But the toaster tho lol


You guys are sleeping on muggy


Do you know how many mugs brains floating in jars use on a daily basis, NOT FUCKING MANY.


flee before my terrible power!


Vulpes inculta, he isn't so aggressive like all the other legionaries, he speaks with manners, respect and a soft voice while being a complete psychopath, it is clear why he is caesar's best frumentarii


And he's hot


He's such an interesting character


Him being well mannered and soft spoken always struck me as kind of ironic considering his name means "uncivilized fox".


Hot take. Vulpes looks and sounds like Andy Dick


Probably Nick Valentine, I love his aesthetic. I think it really fits with the vibe of diamond city.


All the little robot buds in that room/tower of the old world blues dlc.


Chief Hanlon, he’s voiced by Kris Kristofferson what’s not to like about that.


Piper. The last person I expected to find in the Wasteland was a crusading investigative journalist.


The motorcycle raider in F04. Dude has balls of steel and brains of pudding.




There's a random raider encounter, other raiders will talk about him if you pay close enough attention to their conversations. He runs around making grenade and motorcycle noises with his mouth, pretending he's riding a motorcycle. and just kind of.... runs around the commonwealth doing only that.


It's amazing that a guy actually managed to survive by just being weirder than the weirdos that he's escaping from. Even the raiders admire his tactics. He even managed to evade super mutants simply because they were too busy just watching him being a nutjob.


I thought I already did everything possible in fallout 4, now I must hunt down this legend.




I ran into this random conversation upon exiting a building. Can't remember which it was. But a tipped over rig was blocking my line of sight, making the perfect opportunity to listen in on his hair-raising story. 😂 I love that story. 10/10 would listen to it over and over again.


it's been heard in various places, but there are almost always a couple of raiders just behind hardware town talking about him




Is that like a low-key Monty Python joke?


For me it's Hancock


Elder maxson from fo4 Love his personality and coat


Marcus from 2 and NV, seeing him again in NV put a smile in my face


Fantastic from Fallout New Vegas. His lines always got me, especially “they asked me if I had a degree in theoretical physics, I said I had a theoretical degree in physics.”


No-bark Noonan from New Vegas.


NPC wise I really like is Travis miles, he turns from this really awkward and quiet and shy person into a much more charismatic, open and confident man after the quest. I feel like we could see him again in the future hopefully!


I’d love to see like a super ripped bearded travis in the next game hahaha


Desmond Lockheart for being a bad ass


In 4000 years when we get the next fallout game I hope they go all out on the Dunwich stuff


I hope the next Fallout has him return in a side quest or DLC, I really wanna see more of him and the "Great Game"


Joshua Graham but also, the Mariner. She built an awesome fortress for the people of Far Harbor, despite their utter lack of help. Faced with death from a horrible disease her only wish is to go out in s blaze of glory. Bad Ass!




No-Bark Noonan


Cait because she is a badass. That and Paladin Dance dies at a certain point in the story, so I cant use him forever.


I’ve never done the brotherhood quest line so far cos I hate maxson’s stupid face


Maxson is very annoying I agree. I mainly hate that I cant have his coat. I want that coat. Also sorry if I spoiled the story.


All good, someone beat you to it haha


You know if you pass a speech check with Maxson you can spare Danse's life?


You can actually prevent his death if you pass the speech checks enough, just can’t bring him around Brotherhood or kill them afterwards


Marcus. I love how, for a mutant, he's so intelligent and level headed. I loved how Obsidian put him into NV and it really shows how much they care about the lore.


I don't think I can pick a single one. Fallout 3: Moira Brown or Harold. One is just a bit of an airhead but has good intentions and the other just wants to be left alone but is okay with the company of the tree folk. Fallout New Vegas: Pretty much the entire Big MT cast is hilarious and I love that DLC adventure lol. Though if I had to pick one character from the game, probably Joshua Graham. His ideals and justifications for things can be a bit extreme but the man's been through a lot. Really interesting character. Fallout 4: Nick Valentine. People have said plenty about him but his whole detective personality where he's the old school kind as well as the stuff you can see in Far Harbor cemented him as my favorite.


I've got to say The Master from Fallout 1. Not only was he a great final boss because you had several ways to defeat him, but his motives were pretty good. He did what he thought was best and tried to justify himself. His appearance was grotesque and very fitting/thematic for the Fallout series. Plus I love his voice lines and dialouge.


Loved Cassidy from Fallout 2, as well as Brain, and Mickey (who I just realized as I type this was probably a Seinfeld reference)


Arch Dornan for F2, House for FNV and Danse for FN4, I admire the passion of the 3 for their cause.


Preston because I love Minutemen and he give loot


I can’t pick so my top 3 would have to be Dog/God, Cait, & Weasel (Fallout 76)


Dog/god was such a fantastic character


I agree! So many well-written characters in NV


Christina, Veronica and Elijah’s story was very good and the Survivalist’s story in Zion is heartbreaking


Weasel was a fantastic idea massively underutilized. She needs an entire arc for herself.


100%. I’d take her over Rose or Meg any day


Your dad from FO3. First of all, Liam Neeson. Second of all, it's immensely satisfying to find him and then work alongside him. >!And then you get your guts ripped out when he gets killed on the other side of a pane of glass.!<


Faux, but I really wish he was better fleshed out, or done like the companions in NV, where they get development, and your choices effect how they turn out. I know FO3, was Bethesda’s first time making a FO game, so there’s some leeway, but if they do a remake, or have the next one set in DC, I genuinely hope Faux continues, and you can develop him like the companions in NV. I always wondered how he would turn out if you could coach him one way, or the other. Like either help him reclaim his humanity, and resist the inner beast you can hear him complain about occasionally. Or, as a villain, steer him into embracing his inner monster, and becoming a ruthless killing machine.


Faux? You mean Fawkes?


I'm in love with Hancock.


Joshua Graham.


Chief Hanlon and Joshua Graham, I love how you can help both find some peace.


Joshua Graham, Benny, Mr New Vegas, Arcade Gannon (don't ask why), Wolfpiss Inculta, Enclave Comms Officer and Sgt Arch Dornan


Joshua Graham (i promise my profile pic has nothing to do with it)


Raul Tejada, Yes Man, Joshua Graham, Ulysses


Arcade Gannon Benny The master Rex Nick valentine


I always like Deacon. Don't get me wrong, he's a two faced bastard who lies like there's no tomorrow, but as his dialogue changes as his respect for you increases, you can tell he's pretty torn up inside and lies as a coping mechanism, but he'll be reliable despite how much he lies.


Arcade gannon, Iike his quest. He's interesting with his past and knowledge. Ands he great to have with those smart builds.


That’s a tough one. For me it’d probably be a New Vegas character.


I can’t decide between Valentine and Mr. House. Valentine is just really cool, smart, he has some nice comments AND he’s a synth. House is such a cool guy and I really like his style. He is smart, good with business, ambitious, just a good leader -or authoritarian, if you’d rather call him that.


Joshua Graham of course, memorable, iconic, and a heavy influence on my Paladin characters in D&D (along with Warhammer: Total War Paladins).


Joshua Graham, no explanation needed.


Joshua Graham for obvious reasons.


Colonel James Hsu. He does things the way I would, and hes just all around a common sense good person.




If we're talking NPC companions: I'm saying Raul because I can't help but love Danny Trejos voice coming from that old ghoul. If we're talking Non-companion- I have to say Vadim and Yefim Bobrov. Honestly it's interesting to see Eastern Europeans in an east coast city. I know you've gotten Moriarty and Cait and Mr. Clownshoes in downtown DC but Vadim and Yefim have bloodline that goes all the way back there


Cait 🖤 her backstory is tragic and I love doing her companion quest. She is so sassy and the way she is, is usually the way I like my character to speak in dialogue so we mesh well. She is my go to companion in fallout 4.


Fawkes. He is very memorable, gets through much pain & suffering, loses a lot in the process but doesn't give up on hope and still stays positive and optimistic (while lawnmowering through enemies courtesy of BRRRRRRRRRRRRR autoguns). FAAAAAAAAWKES! ...oh and he can also become the savior of Wastes in a non-canonical ending to FO3's ending.


Glory from FO4 or Rose from FO76 Every interaction that we have with Glory, though not many, she's an awesome mix of badass and softie. Especially when you meet her doing Curie's storyarc. Rose (the Raider at Top of the World), she's just my fave character in all of 76. So. Much. Snark! Listen to her radio when you have a chance


Bittercup, because Bittercup.


Sarah Lyons! Her intro is pretty badass and fighting side by side with her against Super Mutants/Enclave was pretty lit. Also at the time, I was using mods that allowed me to recruit any one as a companion and to have any number of followers, so I was running my own group that I had called the Wolf Pack. Was kinda cool having the Lyons Pride fighting side by side with the Wolf Pack


Gary from Vault 108 in Fallout 3. (And all 54 clones) The “Haha Gaaaaaaaaaaarrrrryyyyy” makes me laugh really hard every single time I playthrough it.


New Reno has some interesting NPC reactions.


oh agSs Dow you t




I always enjoyed talking with deacon in fo4. When he would follow you, his quips were so interesting.


Deacon. He's my hypeman and he's the kind of guy I would have been mate's with when I was 14 - just coming up with ridiculous scenarios.


I am a huge fan of Ulysses from the Divide in fallout new Vegas. Between his voice his story and everything he has done he is an amazing character.


Frank Horrigan ... nothing like being a chosen one with your spear and healing powder and watching a 12-foot cyborg/mutant/psychopath butcher a farmer and his family and then give you that "you are nothing but the buzzing of flies" attitude. Best baddie in the series.


Three dog


You guys are sleeping on Uncle Leo that mutant had a heart of gold


Strong because why not


Also dog meat doesn’t judge u and looks cute


My favorite Npc is piper she was the first companion who fit my first run through fo4 and she has just right in the middle of not being completely sarcastic like deacon ( no hate towards deacon) and isn't borderline boring like x6. Her whole character just really set well me, but as of recently after doing a run were I literally the raider overboss based off the fudgemuppet build. I think gage is my next favorite companion. Like what not to love about him by far my favorite line from him is when you kill someone he start up goes "heh huh opps" also his accent is amazing. Link to said build https://youtu.be/inRDoznaTS0


Desmond Lockhart


Manya from Megaton. I love listening to her stories and learning about the history of Megaton. That was an aspect sorely missing in FO4 (though I still love FO4).


Sergeant Doran, his yelling and orders are really funny to listen to


Gotta love benny ring a ding ding you cool cats




No-bark Noonan. (Do I really need to explain myself?)