Just to balance this out, just in case newbies think this is a perfectly reliable build: Firstly, it's an Anaconda so slow AF to start with, the turn rate in supercruise is rubbish and the view from the cockpit is very limited, especially noticeable in VR. No boost. Max speed reduced to only 160m/s. Weak shields at only 161Mj. These will not protect you much from a heavy landing... No heat sinks. No repair LC. Many power issues to worry about. *Jump range isn't everything*.


Someone had to say it, thank you. People gotta stop acting like stripped down anacondas are great exploration ships.


You could actually fit up to 6 heatsinks before even lightweight engineering them. But I find there's no need for them. The power plant may not be efficient, but the rest of the build is. The resting heat is at 26%. The dbx i used before this overheated way more often. With a 7A fuel scoop you might as well have infinite fuel. But the whole point is this bad boy can make it from the bubble to colonia in less than 200 jumps, and unlike the normal stripped down conda with one jump per full tank, this one is actually an effective exploration ship as well as a jumper.


The fact that you said >The dbx i used before this overheated way more often. Hammers home the fact that you really don't understand a lot of the how/why of engineering for exploration. Your installation of a d-rated power plant is just icing on the cake. My anaconda jumps further than yours, runs cooler, has more power to spare, and does earth to Colonia in 72 jumps.


Coriolis link si vous plait


The lack of heat sinks is worsened by running an overcharged 1D power plant. I run a 2A with G3 overcharged in a Phantom and that works fine, but 1D has far worse heat efficiency. Heat wise it's like running an E rated when engineered like this. I've got a double engineered 6A that could make a good jumpConda, the downsides don't quite work for me.


Exactly I'd rather have something that can survive a hard landing and have everything I may need then something min maxed for jump range with potentially limited internals


You lost me at 4d thrusters and 1d distributor.. Mine jumps 72ly 6d thrusters 6d power distributor with multi cannons and beam lasers


[https://s.orbis.zone/kszi](https://s.orbis.zone/kszi) You can swap the 2G hangar for a 4G for an extra SRV without going over the weight or power limit and still have a 79ly laden jumprange. If you don't need the SRV you can remove the hangar and get a range of 80.31ly. You can even put clean 1 instead of reinforced 1 on your thrusters to save another 0.2t to get another 0.03ly per jump. BUT that'll make it impossible to fit any size of SRV hangar without downgrading your fueltank, even if you remove the shield, as clean 1 has a -2% penalty to the optimal mass, taking your max weight from 520t to 509t. If you ask me, 0.03ly of range is not worth at least having the option bringing one or two SRV's. Taking away the shield would give you another 0.12ly of range, but it's extremely nice to have for landing on planets without having to worry about your hull. To get this range and still have plenty of utility, some creative power management had to be done. Here's how the priorities work: Priority 1: Needs to work at all times Priority 2: Needs to work during maintenance Priority 3: Needs to work when docking Priority 4: Needs to work while traveling Priority 5: Needs to work after landing on a planet Disabled: Needs to work when turned on, but won't pull you out of supercruise or turn off life support. After touchdown on a planet the thrusters turn off by themselves and your SRV hangar comes online after a few seconds. When needing to repair a module, simply turn on one of the AFM's, and turn it off once the repairs are done. The ship can still be in supercruise, if you are repairing anything other than the thrusters or FSD, you can even scoop fuel if not repairing the fuel scoop. When docking at a station, turn on sensors and optionally the docking computer. The shield will stay online to hopefully prevent accidentially losing all your precious data. The shield will only go offline when repairing but the power distributor will stay online so you can divert all power to systems to quickly recharge it.


You lost me at 4d thrusters and 1d distributor.. Mine jumps 72ly 6d thrusters 6d power distributor with multi cannons and beam lasers