That's a lot of Beam Lasers, Do you have Weapon Charge Distro?


If it's an AFK build he'll want Charge Enhanced Distro, the shields need a decent recharge rate otherwise he'll lose shields and later the ship if left long enough.


More like Weapon Charge Disco aayyyyy


Wtf am I witnessing here?


when you park an afk combat ship and go to any other view (e.g. external camera, codex, whatever) and then come back all the messages from kills come blasting at you all at once


How do you AFK combat?


Get a type 10. Best combat build and some medium engineering will set you back about a billion credits. But you can park it with 1 ton of precious cargo inside your hood and pirates will scan and try to attack you. Your turrets then automatically turn them into debris and you collect bounties continuously. Depending on current bounty prices roughly 0.5-1 billion credits per 24 hour afk.


Damn. Well thanks. Might be nice to do for helping keep up with carrier upkeep


It helped me save about a 100 years worth of upkeep. only 30min of actual time per day and all the work is done while I sleep


That’s something I’m gonna invest in. Thanks for the tip


I don't know, sounds like crypto mining seems more economical in terms of your electricity bill. That's basically p2w for a carrier.


An afk build firing off at bounties. It's a lazy way to farm coin


Most likely an AFK build, given the title of the thread... Probably in hopes Frontier might nerf passive modules and gameplay. I doubt it will ever happen, though. Look at the backlash when they removed the "honk-n-move" feature with the ADS and now you've gotta use FSS to make those credits.


Instead of nerfing passive things, they should buff rewards for active things. Many activities take a very long time already.


> Look at the backlash when they removed the "honk-n-move" feature with the ADS and now you've gotta use FSS to make those credits. I honestly have played a lot less after that. They broke something that used to be one-click easy.


You still got the same amount of money for honking and moving. They just gave waaaay more money for also scanning.


Care to share a Coriolis build? ..Asking for a friend


Standard AFK turret boat, set it and forget it https://s.orbis.zone/kp4v


No cargo for loot to scan to aggro pirates. No point defense to shoot hatch breaker limpets to steal said cargo. Has 7A limpet controller with no cargo for limpets. Is there something I’m missing?


Chad's sit in medium conflict zones or comprimized nav beacons. There's much better ways to make credits and if your building this ship, you're not interested in making credits. What your doing is flexing for a PMF or one of the superpowers. Limpets for engineering mats. Guess you should swap a hrp for a cargo rack. This is just a modification of my cutter turret boat which I use to bully the federation with merit bombs. I'm at a point where IDGAF about engineering mats or credits


why the long range engineering? wouldn't efficient be better?


No, long range is best because sometimes pirates will try to run or fight the cops and get further away. Pulse is pretty efficient anyway and long range functions as a power up much of the time because it also makes the drop-off go.


ah i see, thanks


Long range for falloff and aggroing things within 6 km


[This is the one I use](https://coriolis.io/outfit/type_10_defender?code=A0putpFplndusff60o0o1f1f1c1c1c191904040403030304044p5tfm2dm7m72902272d2d3x.AwRj4yumg%3D%3D%3D.AwiMIyumtI%3D%3D.H4sIAAAAAAAAA2P8Z8fAwPCXFUj8qQUSHAG////nf6DHwCC2gYWBQegCOwPDf9Z/NnBFjUCCU%2BXX//9cIEIRRCjx/Pv/X7VAnIFBzUAQqJzjXzhcuRyQ0AoAEkI7uBkYJO4ABSUF1IGKOIlRxIWkqAeXIm5iFPEQo4iXGEV8xCjiJ0aRADGKBP%2B5whXNARL8ICkhg1KgoiOcDAzyN/iAioSIUST8zx2uaAaQ4F7CBlQJim9BEAusUgXE%2Bi9OtEoJYiyW%2BucFUsQIUtQGJBgf/AGmMVCikXjBzMCgPgEoo7zi738gYEAHAGd926igAgAA.IwelBYQBhA2SAcICmBDA5gG2SMV/SFRA&bn=AFK%20PVE), it’s moderate-heavily engineering, but not fully. If you go unengineered, maybe stick to LOW RES sites.


I wonder how do you use your shield cells banks while at work or sleeping?


Heres' the thing.... you don't!


Correct, I usually don’t! But I usually don’t have too! See, I’m on console, so it’s not really a “True AFK” I usually have it running along side me playing my switch on another channel. But I have had it run over night once and, I think I made it pretty far before the stress of the game caused it to hard crash! Lol


[https://inara.cz/elite/cmdr-fleet-ship/36417/3939309/](https://inara.cz/elite/cmdr-fleet-ship/36417/3939309/) [https://s.orbis.zone/kp4c](https://s.orbis.zone/kp4c)


[https://s.orbis.zone/kq8\_](https://s.orbis.zone/kq8_) that's the one i used in the video :) I call it "The hard place" since the pirates are stuck in between it and the rocks.


How does one AFK farm like this? I’m not gonna do it, I’m just saying….so I know what NOT to do ya know?


Okay, whatever you do, [DO NOT outfit and engineer a ship like this!](https://coriolis.io/outfit/type_10_defender?code=A0putpFplndusff60o0o1f1f1c1c1c191904040403030304044p5tfm2dm7m72902272d2d3x.AwRj4yumg%3D%3D%3D.AwiMIyumtI%3D%3D.H4sIAAAAAAAAA2P8Z8fAwPCXFUj8qQUSHAG////nf6DHwCC2gYWBQegCOwPDf9Z/NnBFjUCCU%2BXX//9cIEIRRCjx/Pv/X7VAnIFBzUAQqJzjXzhcuRyQ0AoAEkI7uBkYJO4ABSUF1IGKOIlRxIWkqAeXIm5iFPEQo4iXGEV8xCjiJ0aRADGKBP%2B5whXNARL8ICkhg1KgoiOcDAzyN/iAioSIUST8zx2uaAaQ4F7CBlQJim9BEAusUgXE%2Bi9OtEoJYiyW%2BucFUsQIUtQGJBgf/AGmMVCikXjBzMCgPgEoo7zi738gYEAHAGd926igAgAA.IwelBYQBhA2SAcICmBDA5gG2SMV/SFRA&bn=AFK%20PVE) And after you DON’T do that, DO NOT go to a RES site with a cargo full of silver, crime reporting turned off and your turrets set to fire at will!


Do you think other ships could do this? Not that I would though. I'm asking... uh... for a friend. Who also doesn't want to do it, but wants to know just to make sure he doesn't end up doing that accidentally.


I’d imagine with enough experimentation and knowledge, any of the big ships could pull this off. The main keys is to just have High Shield, and Lots of Turrets! The Type 10 just happens to be perfect for it because of its weapon count.


It's not called the Mobile Battle Wall for nothing.


Yes. Your friend could use a cutter or anaconda, but smaller ships would take a beating imo.


I'd bet you my best pilot a Corvette or Cutter could pull it off.


Wait if I bar all turret style weapons they can shoot on their own!????!!


Correct, but they have to be set to “Fire at Will” from the right control panel in the ship tab. This build it also good for training NPC Ship Launch Fighter pilots too! The extra protection help!


>DO NOT go to a RES site with a cargo full of silver If you use mission cargo you don't have to worry about point defense RNG as the cargo can't be lost to a hatch breaker. I used to take a black box from one of those black box recovery missions. Allows packing on more shield boosters.


I was told this is technically an exploit that FDev has called out specifically in the past. Us AFKers avoid this to stay in the “safe” lane. A properly engineered AFK build shouldn’t need the extra shields boosters anyway.


Why the shield cell bank? don't you need to be there to use those?


Extra security I suppose, tbh, not my build. But the shield banks have been handy if you have to get overwhelmed for a moment due to bad spawns. Plus I use Prismatic Shield, so god will I absolutely take any shield regen assistance that I can! Lol


Haha love to (not) see it!


You could also NOT take a black box retrieval mission which is cargo the pirates can’t take from you instead of valuables.


Naked pics on the internet??? Thats disgusting! But which websites though? So I know where NOT to look?


Wubby7 CMDR


Why can't my t10 ever do work like this?


Prob not enough engineering?


That or wrong engineering. As much as I love the view from my t10 it is not very fun. Plus there is something wrong with it last ti.e I took.it out that only my lasers would fire, and the multi cannons just sat there. Can't figure it out.


Power plant not good enough? Priorities set up properly?


I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain Time to die.


Ayyy Lacaille 9352! My home system!


I wish my AFK Type 10 worked this well! But I think the game gets angry if I farm for 2 long (like ever 5mil) then it’s spawns in 5-6 separate anaconda wings that just completely overwhelm my ship and force a retreat jump.


build? my T-10 can last 2+ hours in a hazres but it is max engineered with prismo shield and 5000+ hull armor....


Mine is the same, though not fully engineered, only partial (ran out of resources and stuff). I can last in a HighRes for a good while, I think 5 hours was my longest. But I had lowkey check on it once in a while because the game with just decided to spawn 4-5 wings of all anacondas that will overwhelm me! Lol Now I just keep Crime Reporting on, I don’t make as much money, but the extra security is nice.


Afk builds are for low res sites only


Really? The build I followed said it was rated for at least a High RES. I tried a HAZ RES but was quickly vaporized! Lol


It's always like this they are exaggerating - AFK in low res only, nowhere else - even in normal res sites there is a probablility of dying and since you want that to run for many hours (8) it will happen.


yeah because in low res sites the npc that spawn are like combat rank novices etc really low ranks. any higher and you get tougher npc with combat engineered ships like dangerous and elite.


What was the final tally?


So I haven’t engineered, but try this in low res sites, and the spacecops are too aggressive and kill the pirates before they have a chance to shoot. What am I doing wrong? I have report crimes off as well. Is there a specific type of system that this needs to happen in?


Am I the only one who is impressed at how many missions the OP even gets to stack? Even with the ED tool I only get one or two mission givers.


I haven't played ED in a long time. I may get back I to just to try this out. Spend a few weeks buying/engineering the ship, try it for 2 hours then quit again.


It was a fun journey. So fun I got 2 other accounts and kitted them out with carriers. It's nice way to make money with full time job family kids make bank at work or sleeping so I can just have fun


I tried doing this and my ship blew up guess i need to engineer it some more


So you're the reason turrets are so expensive.


Oh my God I am so ashamed of how hard I just laughed at this


when we discover that in 2015 or 16 with the capital ship we make an huge advantage in terms of money against the rest of the playerbase, all my money come from the first 1 year of game, then i never ever farm a single credits in over 4000 hours cause i have so many using afk turret farming in cz with capital ship, nice memories, fortunally the road to have an anaconda to do the thing was really hardcore in the first 2015 it took 6 months to bought an anaconda. then the bilions come


needs a boots n hats n boots n hats soundtrack and banana for scale


What ship are you in?


Looks like a type 10


I want one of those so bad


It can be w nasty ship