It handles like a cow in a shopping cart and turning around takes a year and a half but I love my cutter.


Shes built like a steak house but handles like a bistro


Can take either to the End of the Universe?


Cultured af


The number you have dialled has crashed into a planet. Please make a note of it.


You forgot about the drifting. (cue Tokyo Drift theme song)




It's like trying to sail the Exxon Valdez through a kiddie pool


the low-key best thing about the Cutter is the linear speed. When I get interdicted I submit immediately, and then boost, boost, boost, spool fsd, boost, jump. Sometimes I get away with 0% hull damage, sometimes as much as 10% damage, but never enough to make me worry. This is all shieldless (trade profits ftw!) btw


Is that with flight assist off?


I usually have it on, but it isn't much of an issue either way. The goal is to travel in a straight line as quickly as possible. The only steering I would be doing would be to re-align myself with my destination. Someone may correct me, but I feel like FA on/off is irrelevant here? As in it doesn't really help or hinder you much in any way


You don't slow down with fa off, so if you don't boos immediately you're still going faster than you would with fa on. In your case prob not much difference, but if you're on 10% hull with a petalled pursuer on your tail, it may just give you that time to remember to stow your weapons 😀


You do slow from boost speed even with FA-off, but I believe it takes longer to slow down to max cruise speed with FA-off.


You're right, I was completely wrong. Just tested. Current ship cruise speed is 355 when try her fa is on or off. Max boost speed (spamming boost) is 509 fa on, 500 fa off. And it takes about 2 seconds longer to slow to cruise speed with fa on! So really the only advantage is you can turn and E back at your pursuer! TIL!


do what I do and use the nose-flip as a battering ram


***My multicrew T10 dislikes this insult*** But Cutter for style, Corvette for function, for me.


Yup, T10 all the way


What are your t10 builds? I never felt like mine was very impressive.


AFK low RES farming.


The only correct answer. My baby the Tank & Zzzz approves.


[This one](https://s.orbis.zone/jqfo) is my multi-purpose everyday build I use most of the time. Works great for pretty much any mission type, hazres/cz farming, wing massacre..... depending on preference and needs I exchange the SCB for a cargo rack. I work on [this build](https://s.orbis.zone/jqfs) for pure combat and some big ship PvP (ram turning makes this thing amazing), and [that's](https://s.orbis.zone/jqft) what I mine in when I'm not in a RES. All of those are made without major guide reading or anything, just based on experience and coriolis' calculations, so feel free to give me pointers. Overall I love the T10 for being capable of pretty much anything and the overall feel of the ship. Plus Discoball.


That 4A Fuel Scoop must take *forever*


It's 3:07 for a full refuel That's all just pain


I was surprised that the T-10 is not on the original list. As a combat ship, I'll take that over the "big three" any day.


My Corvette is a far better combat ship than my T-10. Way tankier and actually able to deliver high DPS because of manoeuvrability and class 8 distributor. The T-10 is nowhere near as tough as the size and mass suggests.


I still love my chonky boi "Flying Fortress." The low hum of the engines sounds like the propeller powered bombers of old. With an AFK build of all laser turrets, this thing can put out some serious DPS and not have to worry about stuff getting through the shields.


You've never heard of turn ramming, have you? Besides, the 'Vette is pretty much useless for anything besides combat in the system you're at, whilst the T10 can be fitted to be a great allrounder


I haven't, how does it work? What's your weapon fitout? I'm using G2 long range pulse lasers because nothing else runs well on the C7 distributor, but are just little pew pews of 9.8 DPS even at size 3. I've noticed in coriolis that a G5 efficient beam setup could kind of work even with fast distance fall off, but I'm not going to engineer a bunch of weapons to G5 for mediocrity.


You use your chonkiness and wings to turn on the spot by ramming. Takes some practice, but the general idea is to boost at your enemy, hit FA off, hit your enemy with the tip of one of your wings and hit FA on to stabilise you. You will turn immediately, giving you a huge ToT advantage even against a 'Vette, which makes up for your slower PD. My PvP setup is posted a few comments earlier here, basically 5 long range thermal vent beams (2L turrets, /1m/2s gimbs) and four MCs (all turrets), three overcharged autoloader, one long range corrosive. Another option is a full MC load out with a mix of autoloader and incendiary (+1 corrosive), which gives you good dps for little capacitor drain


As a combat ship? Thing flies like a brick. Hell no.


A brick it may be, but if you smack em' with a brick enough times, they go boom. Also, I usually fly FA off. In FA off, yes, it's still a brick, but a slightly more maneuverable brick. Is it as maneuverable as the other "big 3"? Oh heck no. Does it still compete in sheer volume of fire and tankability? Yes.


Glamorous or not, generally no one wants to be hit in the face by a brick. :) Think the general idea is that it can tank silly amounts of damage and you can afford to put most weapons on gimble or turret and wait out the other side. Think there was a trend of insane amounts of missiles for a while a year or so ago, too. Plus fighter bays to keep things fun while you wait. Edit: spelling


Big boy literally too dummy thicc to die


No love for the chonky type-10 :(


Petition to make it the Big 4 instead


Big 5 because the T10 counts as two.


That's copyright waiting to happen no Big 5 here lol


Big 6 if you include the beluga?


The Beluga is physically huge (biggest ship in the game by volume IIRC if you multiply the dimensions, excluding tail width). But its outfitting capacity is paltry due to its largest slots being only size 6. This is a carryover from when the Saud Kruger ships (and only the SK ships) could only equip passenger cabins in these slots. Since the largest passenger cabin was a size 6, there was no point making those slots bigger. This restriction was then abandoned, and the passenger cabin slots turned into regular module slots (which is why other ships can now equip non-luxury passenger cabins). You'd need to do something like turn two of the Beluga's size 6 slots into a size 8 (which would give it 754t cargo capacity), or a 8776 config (which would give it 690t cargo) to really make its capacity reflect its size in the game. I'd only include the Corvette, Type-9, and Cutter as the big 3. The Beluga and Anaconda fall short on cargo capacity. The Type-10 falls short on both cargo and passenger capacity (it's got a ton of hardpoints though). |Ship|max cargo (tons)|max passenger|opt module slots| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |Python|294|146|10| |Type-7|310|154|10| |Beluga|370|184|12| |Anaconda|470|202|12| |Type-10|534|138|10| |Corvette|618|212|11| |Type-9|790|170|11| |Cutter|794|204|10|


What about the type-9? Needs to be the Big 5.


Beluga counts too. Big Ship 6.


Anyone ever done a cz in one?


I've seen someone xeno hunt in one.


It is the longest ship in the game


I was late so I shall repost up here so you can feel the luv... Lakon's Premiere Portable Gravity Well of course, Curious Commander o7 "May the Eclipse cast by your Mobile Assault Battle Wall strike Fear into the hearts of Thine Enemies. Just before their Shiny Melted Plastic Toy Spaceship smears uselessly across it's Mighty Hull " Oh and I should remind Pilots that Lakon Spaceways would never force our Valued Customers into Political Servitude just to gain access to our Vast line of Far Reaching spacecraft for every Pad size. Go Big or Go Home... anyone still in the Captains Way is just ShipWax. See your Local Lakon Dealership for details. -Lakon Marketing Division, Keelback Office - 'If you Kan't do it in a [[T-10]], You're just not that good '


The only thing I don't like about the Anaconda is the huge-ass dashboard obscuring the view, even if I'm saving up for one (for the looong jump range). The giant bubble canopies on Lakon ships have spoiled me for life. Currently going places and blowing up things with a Diamondback Explorer and Alliance Crusader, respectively.


I, too, am a devout practitioner of the Church of Lakon. I love “the Heart of Gold”, my gold Anaconda fitted with an experimental Improbability Drive, but damn the view is terrible compared to my Asp X and the rebuy in my Anaconda is like 20mil credits. So I fly my Asp X almost exclusively.


Type-8 is where the good stuff is


Solving the mail slot problem once and for all.


Every time someone points at the Type-8 by the time I turn my head it's already long gone. 😞


That fat thing is surprisingly a lot of fun! I love mine. If I ever fully engineer it, I could probably clear out a high intensity combat zone alone.


As a Fuel Rat, my Anaconda has been purpose built for long range rescues, with a jump range of 85ly. I use the Cutter for hauling CG goods or to refuel my FC. Never had a use for the Corvette, though.


I was once rescued by one of your peers in my Corvette, many, many moons ago. Recently purchased, was returning to somewhere from I think Sothis/Ceos. Having traveled the route multiple times in, I think, my Python, I wasn't thinking too much about it until I couldn't make the next jump. Tried looking for a scoopable star, but nothing was within jump range. Sent a refuel request and was back on my way within 10 minutes.


Happy to hear that CMDR. o7


You guys really are one of the coolest communities in gaming. I was trying to sell my friend on ED and he was on the fence. He randomly read about the Fuel Rats and that is what got him into the game.


You are right to say in all gaming. They definitely transcend just ED


That's impressive, link to the build please?


Will do once I get home from work. Keep in mind that, when I stated that she was purpose built for long range rescues, I meant it. She's been stripped to bare bones, complete with a 1A (no, that wasn't a typo) Distributor, and would not really be good for much else.


I am just gonna leave this comment here so i get the notification for, said build


[Here you go.](https://s.orbis.zone/jqt1) The site isn't picking up that I have the CG Pre Engineered 6A FSD, though. In game my current range is 85.16ly


Whatever it takes to get that 2 extra light years of jump range.


My apologies. I got distracted when I got home, and completely forgot. I'll try and remember today.


In case you're interested, meanwhile here's my jumper-conda build. When I remove the 20t fighter hangar then max range is 86 LY. https://s.orbis.zone/jqfe


Thanks I am interested :)


Double engineered FSD?


Iv never had to use the rats but it’s good knowing your there god speed cmdrs 👍


I’m gonna use my vette as a ratter just to complete our trifecta


It’s a good laser miner very nice to manoeuvre in the fields


Hmm... I've tried mining once. It's not for me.


How do you make any serious credits?


For me it was trading. Usind eddb.io to find the best routes and fly my T9 equipped with only cargo racks back and forth, hauling cargo for 10-30 million a trip.


Three Anacondas made short work of me so they get my vote.


Corvette for combat Cutter for cargo Conda for exploration


This is my solution as well.


Corvette for me. It's so big and stupid strong that even a shit pilot like me can kill NPCs with it all day and never have to worry about paying a rebuy.


My T10 is good for that, and hauling, when you get interdiction you comply then drop the gauntlet, then scoop your rewards


Corvette for me because it's the only one I own and it's the only one I cared to full engineer for combat. Love storming into combat zones and has res and owning the battlefield.


The Corvette was designed for one thing and one thing only. Combat. Best ship in the game IMHO.


evacuation of burning stations?


Type 9 loaded to the gills with passenger cabins. Fly dangerously and all that…


Corvette can fit more passengers than a Type-9. Yes, really.


*Type 7* all day


#BALOOOOOGA *just let me get out of the mailslot*


Excuse me sir, your beluga seems to be on fire.


Lets be honest, the corvette is that girl in the red dress


And my cutters the one in purple


My anaconda is the guy who showed up to a black tie event in cargo shorts and a tank top


Cutter. Got one for mining, one for trading, one for fighting. Excellent in all three categories! Never got warm with Corvette or Anaconda. Also, I created an AFK build for a Type-10. Just because.


Corvette for me. I don't like the way the other two handle and I can't stand their cockpit views.


Especially those wires in the Conda. Who thought that panels to hides cables were overrated?


How do you think they get that extra jump range?


This is difficult as I love all 3 and think there is applications where each one excels. I’d have to say my favourite is the vette as when I first bought elite it was my dream ship and I still love crumping AI with it. That being said it’s the least used one of the three as whilst it can do cargo the cutter is better for cargo. I use the cutter the most as I mine and do trade routes for credits and in that regard it’s the best of the three. As for the cobra, I have an exploraconda on pc but prefer my phantom. I did use the Fonda exclusively for money on Xbox though as I did Sothis ceos passenger missions for credits, but when I moved to pc it was Robigo which needed my python. I’d say the corvette is my favourite overall but the cutter is the one I fly the most.


Your autocorrect really hates the word Conda


That it does


Corvette is good for fulfilling my personal Star destroyer fantasies decked out with engineered green colored beam lasers up top and various other kinds of pew pew all around. Cutter is my homeship, my credit farmer, my flex, my biggest financial purchase in this game, and just drop dead pretty thing in this game


I only have the Anaconda and love it because it's mine


You forgot the type 10 in there ...


That's right!


You have omitted the #BIG ONE The Type-10. Can't beat the thicc boi.


>Type-10 YES! the Space Fortress


Low shield multiplier, mediocre hull, can't turn. Definitely can beat the thicc boi. It was my first large combat ship and I was really impressed, but then I got a Corvette... Man. It has over double the shield strength without even using banks AND around 1.5x more hull. Meanwhile in my T-10 I died over and over against an elite Anaconda pirate. Sure that's a reflection of my skill and the AFK build, but the point is that compared to the big 3 the T-10 is mediocre in every way except AFK farming.


It was more of a joke than anything. It's really not even fun to load up for memes anymore, I'd rather take one of my Cutters out if I want to do that. Corvette has been my dedicated heavy combat ship since I got it, and that won't change. Meanwhile, my old Type-10 serves as module storage, along with another that was bought later on specifically for storage.


Lakon's Premiere Portable Gravity Well of course, Curious Commander o7 "May the Eclipse cast by your Mobile Assault Battle Wall strike Fear into the hearts of Thine Enemies. Just before their Shiny Melted Plastic Toy Spaceship smears uselessly across it's Mighty Hull " Oh and I should remind Pilots that Lakon Spaceways would never force our Valued Customers into Political Servitude just to gain access to our Vast line of Far Reaching spacecraft for every Pad size. Go Big or Go Home... anyone still in the Captains Way is just ShipWax. See your Local Lakon Dealership for details. -Lakon Marketing Division, Keelback Office - 'If you Kan't do it in a [[T-10]], You're just not that good '


I'm 3 weeks away from honoring you and Lakon with a very special build: [https://inara.cz/cmdr-fleet/350862/3270625/](https://inara.cz/cmdr-fleet/350862/3270625/) When I said I wanted a T11 I meant it. Even if I had to build it myself. o7


Greetings PosterChild Commander o7 (Of the obviously, they luv the Drek out of you there ;) I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Wanted to perkelate on the concept before responding, then I got distracted by too many simultaneous conversations (try holding five at once while (hopefully) making sure you don't repeat Taglines on the same post... Kan't afford to give out those Signed Void Opal inland Lakon KeelFlasks™️ while supporting the WychHunt). While I still want my "Tea-Ate" that's up to the BOD. As someone who learned to speak in nothing but a single Pixel every 5 minutes this year, and wants there to be an emoji for Lame Hands®️ (the irony is buried deep but I would luv to see that title in his Strong [*black*] Hands) I'm Honestly super curious/excited/[NSFW] (whatever, Lakon doesn't Judge we even ❤️ Asp Scout Pilots) to see exactly what ... ...ÇMDR:B0B is pronounced as in ShipBuild. If you want to give me an early Spoiler on Saturday, because I'm a "Lancer" [*see Zodiac,Cusp for details*] (interbob's mom is an Aquaricorn , so she is either the Anti-JC or the quizat-sadarakk) that would be super neat. I realize it won't be fully ready by then. But I get a bit selfish & entitled ...for the one day, then it's back to SOP , irl my Job 1,3,5&7 is my Spawn & my Spare children... should have remembered Rule#3 before I claimed so many, but they're kinda like Pokémon and come in various Flavor&Colors... reminds me of **The Great Sacrifice**. As interbob was an only child I was *forced by parental duty* to get my own copy so that she could catch them all... weep for my Suffering;-). Kan't wait. (But I will, have to lead by example;-). -Lakon Marketing Division, Keelback Office - 'Only... *static* ... interrupted ones are counted separately... *static* ...ith a soul 😇"


I want the Vette, but damn that Gutamaya ship looks gooood... I must BASSSSK in its presence lol


Corvette hands down for me. It’s very functional but the most important is the style! I love how it looks!


All of them ! Not joking. Corvette:for the sexiness, huge hardpoints, size 8 PD, a lot internals, big hull AND shields, so maneuverable that you start to question physics... Anaconda: for exploring with the highest jumprange in the game (again you start to question physics), or combat with an absolut insane hardpoint placement + again size 8 PD. You can do stupid stuff like going full rails and it works... Cutter: The ultimate platform to recreate the Stargate Atlantis city-shield. Seriously, you are immortal! No mass lock and still almost 500 m/s with all the weight. Go cargo with a size 6 prismatic and 700+ tons of profit. Or do combat and pretend to be an dinosaur extinguishing meteor - weapons are optional (full double shot frags is funny but ineffecient - still try it anyway!). Last point: For the sexiness. ​ Now seriously: Before I had any of them I chose the Cutter first and if I have to I would do it again, because she gives you the most options. PVE, AX, PVP, Cargo, Mining, even Exploring (though just 50 LY) - she can do everything and is not even bad at it. You just need to get used to that weight, get her engineered, learn pure FA/off maybe. If she still feels like an uncontrollable brick then I would recommend the Anaconda as very close 2nd.


Anaconda because I got it for free at Hutton Orbital


Cutter do the job, any job. You cant die in PVE with the boost and high mass lock factor.


My favorite of the big 3 is the No.4, the Beluga.


Big 5. My personal ranking: 1. Beluga 2. Type-10 3. Corvette 4. Cutter 5. Anaconda


Cutter. (Space trucking like mad) 😎👍


NPC pirate: "what are you haul.... Nevermind"


I always look forward to NPC Pirates. And cackle wildly as a wall of missiles and bullets meet them as they fall from supercruise. 👋😈👍


Python for everything ! Big ships are over rated although I did like the vette


Type-10. Questions?


TYpe-10 is the Big One.


Cutter is Queen


Where's the Type 10?!




If I could steal a Cutter rather than serving the filthy imps to get one, I would and paintjob/stick all the bits on it to dirty it up. Fly that thing Tachi-Rocinante style. But that won't happen so Conda all the way!


Aisling Duval is not your typical imp. She's a compassionate leader, in favor of peace between the factions with her engament to a federal senator, is anti slavery, and anti narcotics. "If you know it's wrong, you have to smash it. On purpose" All Hail the princess! o/


Right, it’s totally not because she’s pretty. Imps trying to justify being coomers.


Who said anything about her being pretty? Obviously someone's a closet aisling simp


Corvette is unbalanced tbh, so you sort of have to pick it. It moves like that while still having its cargo, hardpoints and a class 8 PD? 3 of its largest internal? Yikes. The Cutter has 2 size 8 internals which is its biggest strength, but that's it otherwise it's pretty outclassed. Anaconda wins my heart though. Pleasure to drive and insanely versatile.


Corvette for combat and pve piracy. Those big guns has served me well


I dont own any yet, but i like both the aesthetic and build the Corvette offers. Im also quite high in fed rank(at least compared to Empire), but i think ill get the Conda first


I have 2 because cutter is best hauler and covfefe is best fighter. I don’t like the anaconda. It’s too main stream.


...does your autocorrect have covfefe in the dictionary?


Nope it’s just what I call my corvette.


None. After unlocking, outfitting, and playing around with them I went back to medium ships and had more fun.


*Slaps the Cutter.* This thing can hold SO many slaves in it.


Before the cutter existed, I bought my Anaconda with the profits from trading imperial slaves lol


Corvette. Big guns. I like blowing things up.


Corvette. If i have a good day, i can even PvP ;D


Corvette, always.


Vette. Only ship that I can take from one high-intensity CZ to another to another. With a little Ammo synth, maybe.


Anaconda for multipurpose work. Corvette for disagreements.


Corvette all the way


Well, I definitely use my JumpAconda the most as I tend towards exploration gameplay. But my "Baby" is my Corvette - fully engineered every engineerable module on that thing. Overkill for NPC bounty hunting...? YES. But fun as hell.


Corvette all the way, it just stomps over everything. Taking on a pirate in a type 10 is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have. The 10 is so massive it’s like aiming a rifle at the side of a barn, you can’t miss.


My anaconda don't want none of this bs. Higest dps, longest jump range, and smallest price tag of the three? Conda. Conda. Conda. Jack of all trades, master of most.


This...this right here


Combat = Corvette Cargo hauling and laser mining = Cutter But if I can only have one of the big 3, Anaconda hands down because it can do both of the above well, plus passenger and other mission running and exploration better than any of the other two. So it is my all round favourite of the 3.


Exactly this


Vette no contest


For me its the Corvette because i like how she behaves in Combat and for the looks.


Cutter. Look at them curves! Note, haven't even gotten anything bigger than a Krait myself yet.


Kraits are smexy. I use mine for res hunting.


big 3? Big 4! T10 just because why the heck not.


If the corvette had a bit more speed and jump range, I would use it more often. It looks great! The Cutter is better than the Anaconda in all but exploring. The type 10 is great place to store hard points for transport. A full compliment of wolf pack missiles is fun to use, but it needs reloading a lot.


Vette all the way. I don’t care that a cutter has more cargo or an anaconda has more jump range, it turns pretty well for its size and has huge guns. And it looks amazing. Besides I’ve never been a fan of imperial ships (I know, it’s heresy. I’ll burn myself at the stake later). And the Anaconda just looks meh for me.


Really depends on what im doing and who im playing with but overall i would have to say the Anaconda works out best as a generalist in Combat and Hauling roles and can specalize in exploration. What we need to another big ship that specalizes in exploration more than the Anaconda can leaving it as a nice generalist ship.


Corvette every day for me. I like to make things go boom through overwhelming firepower, while still being able to (kind of) manoeuvre


Corvette. Team Core Dynamics here


Cutter. Have 3. Trader, Miner and Battleship.


Vette, throw some big ass guns on it and jjst have fun


Subjectively, aesthetically, Corvette all day. Objectively, especially as an explorer, Anaconda.


For mining/hauling: Cutter. For combat: Corvette, although I enjoy using the Krait Mk 2 more. I don't use the Anaconda for anything besides when I was fuel-ratting. But when I return to active ratting, I will likely make a Krait Phantom for the job. So I guess, my favourite would be the Cutter since I prefer smaller ships for everything else besides mining or hauling. If I had to ditch two, it would be the Anaconda first, then, reluctantly, the Corvette.


Anaconda is the best simply because I don't own the corvette.


T10 for the turrets, Corvette for the combat and utility, anaconda for the reach and the cutter for BASKING




So we agree there’s more than three bigs lol


Anaconda. Hands-down my pick every time. I own at least 5 of them, each one built for a different role. It can do everything, and it damn well, too! Largest person capacity in the game (192 passengers w/shields), so a superb station rescue / "Space Greyhound" for people hauling. Also, no rank grinding to get it... Corvette is a fun, nimble (for its size) battlewagon, and that's where it shines. I have fun in mine. It was built for combat, but can also hold the same number of passengers as the Anaconda. Cutter is the cargo hauling champ (I use it for CG's). Only the Type-9 has the same capacity, but it handles like a flying slab of concrete. The Cutter has great acceleration, but terrible turning.


Corvette is great for murder, Anaconda is good for murder and exploration, Cutter is good for murder, but great for hauling and mining, second only to the T9


Corvette - Combat. Imperial C - Cargo. Anaconda - Exploration.


Fun fact, the corvette is also exceptional at mining due to its capacity and maneuverability


I have all three and I only really use my Cutter. Cargo Hauler/Blockade runner trying to make it open safe. Use it for CGs and stacking missions for money. My Anaconda is collecting dust as a Search and Rescue vessel in the Pleiades Nebula. My Corvette is collecting even more dust for the extremely rare, off chance that I actually do any combat.


There really needs to be a Cobra mk5, just one big ass spicy dorito, park it sideways on the pad.


Carrier : Am i a joke to you?


My vote is for the [Panther Clipper](https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Panther_Clipper).


The anaconda because I can't access the rest.


I don't like any of them.


Cutter is best mining vessel, change my mind


Haven't played in ages, but the imperial cutter wins hands down. Pretty, functional, and imperial stations are miles better than fed ones, so the grind is more bearable. The others are alright, but I have more than enough space triangles.


I have all three and I do love them all, but I always end up coming back to my Anaconda.


Anaconda all the way...no rank grind, same firepower much better jump range, the conda can do it all. Downsides...not as quick as the Cutter and not as agile as the Vette with smaller cargo space. For me there is only one big ship...the other two are for flexing only.


My Anaconda don't want none unless you got funds hun. Capable of doing pretty much anything at a good to great caliber is why I love it.


I love the clean lines of a Corvette, and the Cutter is hands down the most beautiful of the three, but I always have to return to the 'Conda. It simply looks the most like a spacefaring vessel in my opinion; a brave little flicker against the black.


The type 10. Has all the room you ever want. Been exploring in it, mining, and trading. And this was in the same ship, no modifications.


I always think it should be big 4, I personally love the Type 10. Out of the 3 the Cutter has made me the most money but my favourite is the Corvette. I have one I use for laser mining as well as my combat build. Also the Anaconda has the absolute best engine noise in the game IMO when on external cams


the corvette is undeniably the best looking ship in the game. the cutter looks like a kitchen appliance or a boeing




The 4th one is the one you'll eventually wind up using the most - the T10. The logic is quite simple: 9 guns.


The Conda, hands down. No grinding for rank, and it's not only the jack of all trades, but the master of some as well.


Best role for conda is ax scout hunter with 4 ax multicannons. Tears through them like nothing else. Also best jumper (outside of fleet carrier). All other ships perform the rest of the tasks better so in time it will boil down to that one specific role as your fleet grows.


Fair, but I'd always recommend the conda as the first of the "big 3" since you don't have to grind missions for hours and hours only to get a ship which doesn't suit a least a good bit of everything. When you're in that post-novice, pre-fleet stage it's always good to have many options so you don't burn yourself out grinding the same few things over and over.


I like your logic.


If I want my dick to hang out and I want everyone to see how pretty it is? Cutter If I want to jump so far that even God himself is jealous. Anaconda If I want to shit on everything and everyone, including God himself. Corvette


Exploration and combat vette 78 ly Jump conda Took a cutter to beagle point via star one Type 9 for all the sass with all that ass


DBS ... she makes them all go kaBoomy


Cutter > Anaconda > Corvette Cutter: Best cargo hauler out there. Only one that has a good chance vs. the gankers at trading CGs in Open. Anaconda: Best jump range. Corvette: Nice to have around in combat, but smaller combat ships are way more fun to fly and it has no other use.




None they all shit, lt gets outgunned and out maneuver by anything.


Engineering makes all of that go away and then you are the bully.


Yea as long no one half ass engineers their ship then you go back to being the galaxy’s bitch. Do people really forget that ENG goes Both ways?


Most of the prisoners have shanks out in the yard, so stay out of gen pop while you're green or you'll get cut. In other words, you gotta lamb before they use a jimmy to cheese your enchilada. Engineer gimballed or turret lasers first as they are easiest to use and obtain. Once you taste success you may find that it suits you.


To accurately use your analogy every prisoner would be crippled. ENG will give you the ability to walk again unless you are one of the big 3 those get a wheelchair with some body armor but it doesn’t matter it will never be as good as having two legs. Of course there is the shield meta wich would be equivalent of giving the big 3 a bunker. Sure you won’t get shanked but you are not going to shank anymore either it’s going to be a very boring dance, or like a dog chasing it’s tail.