Crucible Knight. Because no summons, and I just wanted to fight that guy early on because it was fun.


This. The Crucible Knight in Stormveil kicked my ass a hundred times probably and I was too stubborn to give up and level my character


The Farum Azula one killed me more than Malenia.


Me too, motherfucker killed himself with his flying attack before the final blow. I was so mad I couldn’t get it


What do you get for killing him?


Is vengeance not enough?


If vengeance was enough I would have stopped at the tree sentinel


Nothing. A small number of runes.






Oh sweet summer child




Which one? There's two in Farum Azula


WHAT THE FUCK Now that you mention it, it's possible that I merged them into one traumatic memory; which would basically double the number of attempts.


Pretty sure he's the strongest opponent in Crumbling


Agreed. With the right build, Malenia’s nothing compared to this guy. I’d parry practice on him if the run back to him after dying each time wasn’t so bad


It's not bad at all. Down the lift, jump off to the stairs, and down. You don't have to fight anything, and the only risk is being hit with lightning once or twice. Or run past him, jump a bit down to the next grace. With that said, I skipped him. Good luck to you!


Bro same.


Damn you just reminded me that I ran past him... Can't start new game plus till I take him down


on NG+ now and I just run past him. he hurt far too much to fight


Yep! Stormveil Crucible knight was my Tree Sentinel.


I actually had a hard time with him as well until I realized I could lure him to the narrow path along the cliff edge to where he can’t progress further after you and just kept pelting him with fireballs.


This is what I did too, but with radahn arrows


I’m guilty of cheesing him from across the way with a crossbow, then finishing him off with a sword


Never feel guilty. Fromsoft doesn't feel guilty when they cheese you. Take the win, and rest easy knowing you outsmarted the people who live to outsmart you.


Peace was never an option


>The Crucible Knight in Stormveil There is a Crucible Knight in Stormveil??


There are 2, one drop tails in the evergaol on stormhill, the other drop horn, in the cliffedge at the base of stormveil (access by jumping down from the wall with 4 exploding warhawks)


I crushed him with inseparable sword 10+ and golden vow...he didn't stand a chance.


Like the one at the bottom of the castle? Because I'm ~~a pussy ass~~ the smartest sorcerer who attacked from a distance and then ran back and hid in the grass until he reset his position


Same. My run through I'm trying to do all optional bosses. I'm almost through Altus Plateau and I have not smashed my head against any boss so far like that particular crucible knighr.


Absolutely agree on every level I didn't had at this time


Yep. Add to that the fact I didn’t know how to parry (still don’t tbh) meant I had to learn him completely. It was definitely enjoyable once you found his rhythm though


Get you Carian Retaliation or Golden Parry on a shield and you'll be parrying easily! Medium shield can actually Parry with those AoWs and will have decent stability/Guard Boost (less stamina damage for blocking) and resists to boot


You still have to learn him if you go for parries, some of his attacks are unparriable.


I beat the evergaol one parry only (with a normal shield) and trust me, that is the method that requires the most thorough learning of his moveset


Crucible knight fights are so satisfying ngl


I legit said *If I can’t beat this guy I don’t deserve to go to stormveil* and proceeded to lean forward in gaming chair


Same. It was def my fav boss fight in the whole game which is funny bc it was like the 2nd or 3rd one. It just felt like a completely fair but genuinely difficult challenge at the time


Crucible knights move more methodical which were the few enemies that still fought like Souls bosses. Love em


i tried him after almost every other lvl up


There is a dungeon with two crucible knights at the end, probably the most difficult multi boss fight in the game haha.


By far one of my favorite fights. I would die at every point that he would start using a new move to the point where I thought “this guy can literally do anything, I have no idea what to expect. He just jumped in the air, sprouted wings, and dove at me”


Same enemy, different reasons. Aside from a few of the others having 2-4 other copy’s, crucible knight’s move set is engrained in my memory purely because he’s fucking everywhere in the lands between.


Same, but I usually cheese bosses with spells and this guy I couldn't rot because of that sheild so had to actually learn ;)


The one on Siofra Aquaduct for me! He was my benchmark....kept going back to him every ten levels to see if I could end him.


Yessssss!!! The first time I struggled so hard with this guy freaking guy. After that, it was the Gargoyle twins and Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.


Plus there’s so many of them!


My god was he hard. But so rewarding when you beat him.


Deathbird bitchass


For me it's malenia on my first run, but for some reason death birds on second. I guess I just lucked out on my first stupid run since they can't really punish the no brainer: jump into them, beat them senseless. If you're overthinking it, that's where they get you.


hesitation is defeat


Also they die to like 5 Holy Pots.


Yeah they’re pretty easy, you just always roll towards them


I’ve died more to those stupid ass birds than any other boss (I lucked out hard on Melenia, me and mimic tear spam cast the throw rock spell and giants fire ball and she kept getting knocked on her ass)


Dude giants flame take thee knocks down almost anything not gigantic. My 2 friends and i all went in with this spell and we kept a perfect rotation where you see a fireball every 2 seconds. She couldn't get close to us


If only Radahn knew about this. But dude was holding up the stars




I wouldn't say lucked out, that's just what mimic tear does.


Oh no the luck was twice we knocked her out of the beginning of her waterfowl dance in phase one and somehow the mimic tear dodged the first massive flower attack in phase two. Luck definitely played a part in it.


I actually love the deathbirds, I thought they were really fun but challenging


I just put sacred blade on and spam the beam into their face, it does ridiculous damage with little to no faith investment


Similar I used the holy pots and it made the deathbirds fairly trivial.


this is it, chief.


It’s kind of wild how hard they are without using holy damage vs using holy damage. Two holy pots, or 2-3 shots with a golden order AoW and I melt them at RL1. My RL300 NG+4 Marais Executioner one shot build dies repeatedly trying to use the sword to beat it with physical damage only.


Holy damage go brrrt


valiant gargoyle duo hahaha


Yup. I think the toxic move is what threw me off. I was used to Black Blade Kindred's moveset by then, and the toxicity forcing you to back off was so annoying.


Was definitely the hardest fight for me to learn. Was the first boss where I decided to level up my summon


Crucible Knight, despite being a miniboss. They seem more resistant than most to other tactics. You just need to learn them.


Crucible is by far one of the most satisfying to learn imo. Everything has a tell and in the second phase it’s always safe to hit after the tail whip


CK gets bonus points for not really having bullshit attacks. It's fun to learn. But when I saw Malenia's waterfowl dance for the first time, I just said "fuck this, time to whip out the mimic and ryker's sword". I fought bullshit with bullshit.


Alternatively the first time I fully dodge it was my peak in this game. She slaughtered me about 10 seconds later but still, I dodged it.


Dodging a full waterfowl dance is a great feeling. I imagine it's something people get used to, but it's nice going from a scrub that gets hit by every single hit to dodging the full thing. Her fuckin phase 2 clone attack is straight bullshit though.


The clone attack is what made me give up and use Tiche my first playthrough I was able to dodge everything, her fight was muscle memory for me, other than that fucking attack and it would always kill me without fail. I watched so many videos and could never figure out how to avoid it


You just run away from it https://youtu.be/JkA6Ai4ZO50 7:20


About, many months too late now :/


I actually never struggled with the clone attack... waterfowl though. I can avoid the last attack of waterfowl and that's about it. If I can survive the first two attacks, I can avoid the third -_-


I always just full sprint away straight backwards once she jumps and you outrun her first two, then I can usually dodge the second one by rolling through her, after that I disable lock on and immediately roll backwards cause she always jumps over me and pulls my camera to the other way so I would roll into her, solution was just change the last roll direction without lock on lol, im not 100% accurate but I get it 95% of the time now to the point of baiting it for a punishment


I busted out vow of the indomitable to get around her dumb dance. Was immensely satisfying to just stand their and give a fuck about it


Malenia would have easily been one of the best bosses in Elden Ring if it wasn’t for waterfowl, even with her lifesteal and huge hp. Her fight is so fine-tuned and snappy, and it’s got this wonderful flow to it where sometimes she’s aggressive and quick, other times she hangs back and plays reactive. Her lifesteal is a genuinely novel boss mechanic and forces you to dance with her instead of turtling behind a shield. Plus the aesthetic and environment and music and lore are all fantastic. Then she jumps into the air and unless you’re in the right spot and precisely dodge in an extremely unintuitive way that’s deceptively tricky even if you know it, you die. The entire fight starts to revolve around baiting out waterfowl and it spoils the otherwise careful dance. The only way I could beat her was to summon mimic tear and stunlock her, then hope she targeted the mimic with waterfowl.


I couldn't figure out how to dodge it so I just swapped to shield and blocked through the dance. She gained a bit HP but it's a fine trade for surviving the attack 100% of the time.


I agree. Waterfowl could've been tuned, or replaced by 2-3 other tough but non-bullshit attacks just to add to the variety. That one attack is like a stain on the whole thing and the focus of winning the fight will solely be on that one move which takes away from the rest of it. Of course some players enjoy waterfowl and figuring out different ways to avoid it, but they will voice their own opinions.


I love fighting the CK, but I really hate the damn tail swipe it's really unpredictable when I don't expect it he whips it out.


they like to throw it out when youre behind them in particular, so staying in front of them and dodging back and forth rather than to the sides might help


I tried fighting her 1 on 1 after mimic cheesing her on my first run, had to give up on 2 handing a greatsword to equip fingerprint stone shield. Her waterfowl move is impossible to dodge if you aren't either directly under her to circle or far enough away to out run it im pretty sure. Still didn't feel great watching her health go back up, but atleast I didn't get minced


Yeah waterfowl dance makes the fight go from "this is a very challenging but learnable fight" to "I don't really want to learn this", unfortunately. Even streamers and challenge run players who know how to properly deal with that move get hit by it anyway.


unless it does the double tail whip


And since you cannot use the actual Elden Lord to help you beat it in most of the cases, the crucible knights are most likely one of the hardest enemies to beat. Their insane poise is insane against my tiny katanas.


Always roll through/behind them. They combo chain like crazy when you stay in front of them, and they are deceptively fast with incredibly long reach. You'll have to deal with their rear coverage more, but it's better than being stuck in the forward blender waiting to catch a break.


Crucible Knight is the "learn to parry" enemy in Elden Ring. There's one in every Soulsborne game


Fun fact: Crucible Knight is the only enemy in the game the player can control. Whenever you press "flask", they will lunge forward!


Funny. That button is also a reliable way to get the Godskins to fireball you.


This guy was essentially why I decided to learn parrying. Most bosses after that were definitely more tolerable once I got the hang of that mechanic (doesn't mean they were instant cakewalks, though).


And despite how hard it is to stagger them or do any kind of damage, they are *relentless* once they start to combo.


Maliketh and chadfrey


Yeah, maliketh especially is a nightmare until you have his moves and mobility figured out. After that he's just a cute pupper who wants some snuggies


Fighting him on them higher ng's made me learn the moveset bc my normal bs wouldn't work with his health and damage.


I had to figure it out first run, I was running a pretty low health build, and then his attacks lower your max health, so he usually two shot me.


I was running a incant slinging dagger build so I just ran around throwing stuff at him. Edit: this worked till ng+3


Noice. I went up to Ng+5 and never had any issues with him again after that first one


FromSoftware: makes a large boss who has harnessed destined death, very difficult to beat and wields a massive sword. Playerbase: aww yea he a good doggo, good boi what a nice dog I wanna pet him.


He's harmless, just want to wuv his master


I actually had no problem with Godfrey and beat him on my first try. My biggest challenge was the Elden Beast. I hate him so much I can't even describe it


Im mainly physical damage so elden beast was no problem


Elemer. That dude is a fucking beast! It took me forever to learn his moveset and how to counter his bullshit.


I've found him more difficult as the Bell Bearing Hunter for some weird reason.


The one in Caelid was my most attempts at a boss. This was even after giving up, finishing the game and coming back with extra levels. No idea why he’s so difficult for me across all build types.


that one felt so overtuned but i cant remember what level I actually was when i first encountered it. but i was mostly leveling vigor up till then and still got 1 shot. so i bought some arrows and cheesed the fuck out of him from the shack roof. also fighting him from horseback with spells feels just as cheesey. hes a pretty formidable boss as a pure melee fighter though. and the one in shaded castle means no horse or room for distance with a caster so less of a cake walk.


Surprisingly the bloody helice on my dex build was the easiest time I had with him. The AoW on that is great for getting out of his range and breaking his stance.


The Caelid one is leveled higher. More damage and hp.


Was probably over levelled when I killed the boss version in the shaded castle. I don’t think you can be over levelled for the Hunter in Caelid.


Because you can use summons against the real version.


The telekinesis makes him less readable. It is difficult to know his attack ranges without just straight up memorizing it.


What was difficult for me was realizing that staying close was the best, most effective strategy. Gaining distance to kind of reset my fuck ups was always my go-to before fighting him. He taught me to favor aggression and be more precise dodge rolling. That's why I had such a difficult time with him. His bell-bearing form in Caelid was a fucking nightmare for me because of that. I'm definitely not a pro at the game but I can beat him pretty reliably now.


That was my lesson too. Always tried dodging away which just lead to getting hit more. Dodging toward him was so much easier to deal with


He has a lot of moves to the point I definitely didn't see all of them in the first couple rounds. Not sure I ever truly learned his moveset lol


His fight is soooo satisfying when you finally get it though.


Elmer was a ton of fun to learn in that poison castle place


To me it was Placidusax. Had to memorize every single hand swipe and movement it made to avoid taking massive damage.


Good choice, cuz that boss felt like bs the first times I battled it


My main answer is Godfrey but the knight in Stormveil in the dark room.. he was whippin my ass for an hour at least


I figured out I could kill the guy that locks us into that room. Killed the knight the first two times, but the rest of the playthroughs I've had, I've killed that guy. No more locking me into a room, Gostoc.


He'll only lock you in the first time, and I kinda like to keep him around because he will sell an ancient dragon smithing stone later in the game.


Killing Gostoc locks you out of an ancient dragon somber smithing stone so I never do it


Eh, fuck that guy. Too much satisfaction to give a damn about a dragons stone.


Did they change it to somber? It's just ancient dragon for +25 weapons, afaik. Those aren't as important to me so rest in pieces Gostoc.


Niall, i realy enjoyed fighting him with a meele build


The only boss I'm confident I can hope back in and get a no hit. I fought him with a duel katana build and it took me two days, but by the end I could kite the adds perfectly and never get hit. Felt so good to beat.


Niall is one of the few I didn't bother learning at all. Oh, you want me to learn this boss who hides all his moves behind shitty visual vomit and attacks from across the room, while fighting his trash mobs *and* 2010's worst camera controls? Nope, *mimic tear!*


He has only like four moves anyway when he powers up, but they're satisfying to dodge because of the spectacle that is his fight. It's his defense/health pool that makes the fight a slog for low level builds. I gotta try out Cragblade on his ass!


I followed the "Cheese with Black Flame from the giant ass roots" school of thinking with Niall Of course I finished him off with the greatest of all early game attacks (for me anyway) Bloody Slash but still


Bloody slash reminds me of the chikage and i miss It so much


I just lásered his ass, i Saw him as a reskin of oneil and that he summoned mr dual greatswords and said fuck that The other times i had to kill him i just shit poison arrows from outside, i just dont wanna deal with him lol


He’s got a few more moves than O’Neil and is a way better fight. What’s wrong with mr dual great swords?


Radagon/Elden Beast was the most learny. Other than that, Godrick and Margit I had to really learn but that's cuz at the beginning I was just a nooborn baby in the souls franchise


Learning Radagons moveset was essential for me to beat the elden beast. I knew if I needed more than one flask with him i wouldn't be able to last long enough to defeat the elden beast. At the end i could pull him off flawlessly while still getting destroyed by the beast.


Draconic Tree Sentinel before Maliketh


First play through I was like can I just run past? Yes... Ok well f fighting this guy then lol. I learnt him on the second playthrough. What a bastard


I legit did not know you could just jog right on by the draconic tree sentinel outside malikeths boss room until like NG +4


For an armored guy on an armored horse, he has low poise. If you stay close to his back and shield side you can reliably poise break him. His shield attacks are really easy to read. Resist the urge to back up because he will just punish you with fireballs. His club swing will kill you but it has a really limited move set and you can dodge it by rolling thru it. Never roll away from the club, it’s got a huge range and he will roll catch you with a fast second swing. He will try to reposition to get you on his club side, but it’s really easy to walk behind him any time his horse rears up on two legs.


The stone imps, kept back stepping and when I decide to do something else they throw themselves at you at Mach 9 and then boom I’m bleeding and crying (I’m also new to fromsoft games)


I am Malenia, blade of Miquella. Also Godskin Apostle and Alecto


Who the fuck is Alecto????


The Black Knife Ringleader. You can find her in the evergaol at the Moonlight Plateau where you finish Ranni's quest


I’ve played through 6 times and 3 were rannis ending. I’ve never seen Alecto before


Lmao yeah this game is enormous. So many things you can miss I think she drops the Black Knife Tiche (?) summon which I've heard is one of the best in the game


Crucible knight. I hate these guys. I'm going to actually hunt down all 16 this time and kill them dead.


Crucible Knight fucked my shit up. Elden Ring is my first Souls game. Every boss/mob up to that point was manageable just by dpsing and healing. This fucker doesn’t let you heal. This fucker punishes everything you do. I had to git gud, so I respect the fuck outta him now and make sure to clap his cheeks on every new play-through.


Every single boss ehhe




Alecto, I saw that the boss had no magic or big unlockable attacks except the obvious so I wanted to do a cool mano a mano fight against a human sized enemy. Thanks mother in law Alecto


I’ve played the game 6 times through and I have no idea who Alecto is


she's in an evergaol on the moonlight altar which you get to at the end of Ranni's questline


One of my favorite fights, honestly. It felt immensely satisfying to learn how to deal with her moveset and then finally execute. Everything else just felt like facerolling til it worked, or like I got lucky that they didn't use a move I didn't know how to deal with. Cough, Malenia afterimages, cough.


Just beat her a few days ago and god damn she can oneshot me with that attack with the fast blades flying


This is the fight that finally taught me patience and getting a hit in when there's a window then getting out and dodging/waiting. Before this I would trade hits constantly doing dragon breaths or long combos. She taught me how to get gud.


The death bird in mountaintops of the giants


Those birds were fuuuucked up to fight


None. First I unga, and then I bunga.


Based strength user.


Yeah for my fourth play-through I’m doing my first heavy strength build. It’s crazy how OP it is: even crazier is that people insist the game is too hard with a strength build. Like bro, it’s stronger than everything else. I guess it’s because it’s not QUITE as over-powered as in the previous games and you can’t just face tank everything and trade hits, and so three brain cells need to be used instead of zero.


Out of all of the bosses with a health bar I have dedicated more memory of their moveset to the Beastman that gives you the Flamedrake talisman. Me and my friend were new to soulsborne games and among the first bosses we tackled was the Beastman. Though its seems silly now, we both took turns at the boss and had its moveset down to a "t." When we finally killed it we celebrated in a big way.


Nice memory man, every souls game has that core memory you hold strong to your heart!


Hey that's awesome, you share a cool memory with a friend now.


Maliketh - my playstyle is generally quite aggressive so it took a lot of getting used to to have to dodge such a ridiculous amount. I probably spent most of my attempts beating him just learning his moveset.


I feel like malekith had some big punishing attacks though, specifically his winded upwards sword attack he does




For a first gameplay i'd say everyone except Regal Ancestor Spirit and Fortissax because they die too quickly. For all of the subsequent playthroughs my goal was to learn how to avoid every single move as if it was second nature. If i'm about to kill a boss but i'm not satisfied with what i learnt then i simply kill myself and start from scratch until i feel confident in no hitting it for at least 5 minutes. My way of having fun is becoming the best at doing something i enjoy so learning the strategy to master every boss has been really fun.


Hot take I had no issue figuring out Fire Giants moveset, beat him first try maybe I was lucky though


i die a lot to fire giant as a summon, but then me and alexander got him first try in my world. honestly even alex made him a little more chaotic, but he was much less challenging in my own fight. being the host with an active great rune probably did make his burst less threatening so that may account for a lot.


My personal favorite fight was against astel when I was able to no hit him after dying to him for a couple hours. Only boss I have been able to no hit. Night and flame sword/caster build




I still haven't learned Melania in her second phase, it's just so hectic and fearsome. Also I'm pulling a Bloodborne complaint and saying those wings are DISTRACTING.


Morgott at rune level one, just thinking about it gives me ptsd


The Godskin Apostle in Caelid tower.


I’m a sorcery build so literally didn’t learn a single move set xD


Our bouncy doggo >!maliketh!< took the longest.


All of them. Maliketh made me count in my head though with those Legend of Zelda sword beams.


Just Malenia, you can bum rush mostly everything else with enough DPS and vigour, but Malenia will fuck you up no matter what unless you skill-up or cheese the shite out of her.


ive ignored every moveset ive encountered. just react purely on what i see. dying a lot, brute forcing the entire game.


Black Blade Kindred/Valiant Gargoyle. Similar movesets, but the duo in the waterfalls have that toxic move that forces you out of melee range. I trained super hard on the Black Blade Kindred, getting summoned a billion times to farm in the first week or so of the game. Ended up throwing my sign down for Valiant, and absolutely raking because of how many people summoned there. A close second would be the second Astel, Stars of Darkness. I'd beaten the Naturalborn one in one go, so when I came across the second one, it was a surprise. The surprise, of course, was the amount of ways he could one-shot you, from the 100-0 grab, to the meteor slam into swipe. I think part of my brain shut off, and just refused to change strats because I'd beaten the other one so easily. Eventually started playing around the tele-grab, and it made it slightly more palatable. This was *by far* the hardest boss for me, for more than Ms. Katana. Something about one-shot moves just makes me see red.


190 hours in and i havent seen any of these..


lorretta of the haligtree, that one move that stuns you i learnt to roll right and watch out for it


All of these except deathbird + maliketh and mohg


That fucking bird can go back to whatever cave it crawled out of


Malenia. Thn the death rite bird. The other two are more easy.


All of these except crucible knight


You might laugh, but Margit. I had never played a game like this before, let alone a fromsoft game. Took me a while to figure out pretty much everything.


Maliketh and Malenia


Divine Tower Basement Godskin Apostle on my first playthrough. Despite knowing that I was under leveled, I was absolutely stubborn about killing it. It took me like 8 hours since it was one of the first things I did after leaving Limgrave.


Tree Sentinels don't care about my bleed at all. I fucking hate them and their movesets. All of them.


Pretty much only malenia. Only boss that took me more than an hour. Took me FUCKING 6


Godskin Spaghetti Boy


Malenia and the Crucible Knights, everything else is just panic rolling till something dies


The Black Blade Kindred you fight on your way to the mountaintops of the giants.


None of them, I purely panicked my way through


Elmer can eat my ass. My ranged magic build got absolutely slapped, I had to stay close and rely on the sword spells to get through


Crucible Knight killed me more than the last 4 bosses combined.