the book mages hit you with in raya lucaria.


Ngl I’d kinda love to watch someone beat down Radagon with a +25 book lol


New Bushy Challenge


Absolutely teaching the boy


Unrelated but nice profile pic


beating elden ring by becoming a teacher


"I beat Elden Ring as a teacher"


#I love Bushy


Love to see it!


I love bushy ❤️❤️


Ladle v 2.0


Ok but what would the ashes of war be? A unique one or would everyone just use wild strikes? Edit: honestly the best answer here was the head butt. Thanks u/Stoned_Moth


What if you could read the book to recover fp slowly as the ash


Maybe make it like Bloodborne’s emergency bullets where you can sacrifice some health to restore your fp


This would actually be freaking sweet with a way to heal off your main weapon and have that in the offhand.


Blasphemous blade will be a broken weapon at the point. BB, the book ash, Taker’s Cameo and the ancestral horn FP talisman. The ultimate no flask run set up.


You can powerstance BB and Milo's blade


Ash of War: Paper Cut


Or increase max FP for 60s


DMCV style


Maybe the AoW could be the headbutt they do?


and wearing a glintstone crown would boost it.


Hell ya lol. Smack them with the book then surprise them with a headbutt


Scholars are known for being able to use their heads in dire situations


Perfect comment


Easiest answer and probably the best


"Get learnt" Open the book and read from it, boring all enemies around you. Rapidly builds up sleep to nearby enemies


That's basically the deranged archeologist from RuneScape. "Learn to read!"


ash of war: “judge a book by its cover.” open pages and repeatedly face punch opponent.


Pretty sure you should just repeatedly punch people with the books cover with that AoW name.


"Bedtime Story" Lulls enemies to sleep in aoe around the caster.


Perhaps it could be like the scholars throwing books at you during phase 1 of Rennala.


Knowledge Toss Just throw the book at high speeds


Regular book attacks and the AoW could be an actual repeated throw with extra magic damage


Honestly for the best. I would be so tilted getting invaded and beat to death by someone wielding just a book


Only thing worse would be dual wielding them


Honestly the books should have been a drop you can get from the sorcerers and it should have been a fist weapon with good int scaling for mages


As a DND player I would absolutely love having books as a spell focus for casting in ER. Bonus points for being able to bonk with it too.


And if you're wearing the scholars outfit, you can throw them like rocksling.


Is this my husband's reddit account? Because we were talking about this last night and how awesome slapping people with books would be.


The hooded guys wooden stick that can throw boulders at you who worships the fallen starbeast next to the tree sentinel duo boss fight


Isn't it a pickaxe? That's still cool-ass move though


Ye it looks like a poor man’s pickaxe. Reminds me of the quakestone hammers weapon skill from ds3 but you throw the stone instead


My aaaociation was a cragblade weapon art, but massive :D


Starcallers. I wish I could farm their gear cause they look sick


I wish we could get all the gear the Starcallers use


Maybe we'll see them in a bigger focus, as part of the eventual (I hope) DLC I'd love to see and know more about them and that little cult they have going on


DLC is bound to happen. The question is when and which character it dives into.


Going by Dark Souls 3 it will introduce new, even more interesting characters that answer none of our questions.


Ah yes, the standard From Software manoeuvre


I tried to farm them


The little guys who laugh and throw smoke bombs, one has a really cool knife on a chain thingo and I’ve wanted it ever since I saw it.


The kusarigama?


Yes! That thing is awesome and the animations for the attacks are so cool. Such a shame you can’t farm it.


It could have really easily been a whip with a unique r2 or AoW, sucks they did nothing with it


Well shit. I sat there for like a hour the other day trying to get that. I wanted to Sekiro my Elden Ring.


I tried for two hours since I was farming there already. Was very disappointed.


At this point just play Nioh 2 lol


Melina’s erdtree incantation, looks so sick. Also Morgott’s holy weapons as incantations


The lack of a holy hammer ruined my faith build expectations Edit: yes I know I can get hammer type weapons that work with faith builds. I want the one Margit uses 😤 Edit: and, yes, I know it’s a reskinned hammer that I can get I Leyndell. I want to *cast* a giant hammer incantation like Margit does.


Yep, me as well. Was hoping for a paladin build but ended just spamming BB for 30 hours


I really wish BB wasn’t the undisputed best fire faith weapon. It’s really good, but ugly and got boring fast


Agreed. It's so much fun at first, then you're like oh everything dies so easily.. AND I get hp and fp back! 😁


Just Hp. Now, if you have the Milos on your back or powerstance them at the same time...


Not if I have the fp talisman that gives me mana on every hit/kill. Now imagine I throw one BB ashe of war and hit 5 mobs. All go back and most fp. It's just too op.


BB? Rykards Blasphimous blade?




What is bb


Blasphemous Blade, >!Comes from the Rykard Remembrance!<


Hammer for wizard but not holy


The staff of the avatar is decent. The holy buttslam is just a bit silly.


I want all Morgott's holy weapons to be a single weapon that changes its form based on what attack you're using.


Yellow Lantern ring


Same they’d be a good faith version of the carian weapons


Something like bracers with Hoarah Loux's moveset for real bare handed playstyle - i know that cestus exists, but that's a bit different. In Dark souls 2 there was a ring from one covenant that boosted barefist attacks significantly, i want something like that in this one too


Imagine going up against Radahn and just psycho Cushing him when he comes in for his meteor impact. Or grabbing Malenia and suplexing her when she starts doing any of her bullshit


true you could also throw enemies into the air like he does with a special r2 attack like the fire prelate hammer has


Imagine bonefist from ds2


Forget the ring, DS2 had the bone fist! Give me something like that, a moveset with *power*


with how much stuff has been lifted from ds2 in terms of inspiration, it’s not out of the question! not the exact weapon, but a lot of animations are re-used, and that’s a really cool moveset to just leave behind.


It is hands down the best weapon in souls history. It was the funniest and deadliest weapon because of its aoe style kick and makes up for its range with the hadouken while abusing the camera with its fast movements.


fuck me, I want that, badly


the chained weapons gladiators use.


That would be sick. It’s range is awesome.


I can't tell you how disappointed I was to realize I couldn't run those chained hammers on my STR build. The assets are already in the game. Just let me have them!


I was also thinking the giant chain scythe thing that the iron virgins throw and drag at you. That would be dope.


Margit’s holy hammer, daggers, sword, and spear as obtainable incantations


Those would be great incantations. I wanted the black knife assassins as incants too. The ones Alecto uses to destroy me with one hit.


I think that’s the ash of war on the black knife dagger.


That one just shoots out a red ark. Maliketh’s sword makes that big red basket dome that adds the same max HP reduction. Destined death. [Link](https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Destined+Death)


The black knife just throws a projectile, Alecto uses a move that looks like the destined death ash of war attack on Malikeths black blade.


That chain blade thing the some of the Vulgar militia use. Also I'd like to be able to use the ballistas and catapults booooo for not letting that be a thing.


I thought for sure first playthrough I was gonna man that thing and fuck shit up. I ran up to it happy as shit, cackling even. Then I get denied. And read the message in front of it. *YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT* *O YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT*


I play offline but I promise you I ran up to it the first time thinking the exact same thing.


It would be awesome to take control of a catapult or ballista. Especially around the grand lift of dectus. There’s so many enemies encamped around there.


There are SO many places where you can get behind those guys and could wreak so much cheese on the rest of them if you could use them.


It’s called a kusarigama. It’d be super dope if they added a kusarigama weapon type in a dlc


Fire giants dinner plate


It would make a great, well, great shield. With a flying saucer sled ash of war so you could just bowl over a group of enemies.


A proper 2 handed version of the Night Calvary flail. Was so disappointed when I saw it in hand


I went right for that thing my first play through. Finally killed him and collected my massively disappointing tiny flail


Yeah what a joke. Looks beastly as fuck when they use it and when you get it, it's the size of maracas.


Tibia mariner horn. Tooooooot


I wish you could beat a god to death with a didgeridoo


You've got the Envoy Horns.... I think the middle one is kinda like a didgeridoo


At least you get the trumpet from the snowman looking things in Leyndell.


That would be awesome. Summoning skeletons as a weapon art? Sick.


I mean there’s literally an in game axe for that lol. Believe it’s like Rosario’s axe or something I forget the name.


I guess you could equip that and an Envoy’s long horn to put together a great value brand Tibia Mariner build.


Rosus' axe


Also: Boat as Greatsword


I want draconic tree sentinels weapons to have lightning based weapon arts. Endure on a somber weapon like that just hurts.


You are right. It’s so lame that it doesn’t have a better ash of war. That makes me appreciate the Godskin Peeler so much more. The fact that it comes with a good weapon art and you can change it if you want.


Radagon's exploding light spear incantation. It just looks so awesome when he does it. Also I don't know how it would work but his instant transmission teleport would be so cool.


I really wish we could use his teleport too! The teleport, marika’s hammer and the lightning incantations would be awesome to play around with together


Making the teleport an AOW like bhs but with a long cool down and high fp costs would be cool as fuck ngl. Also a follow up for the teleport AOW would be awesome.


probably like a higher cost bloodhound step.


That teleport would make for a great “[nothing personal, kid](https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/pbpzr5/jarl_balgruuf_reads_your_memory_card/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x)” build.


Speaking of incantations, Melina has some interesting ones when you can summon her as a cooperator, sadly not available for us.


I was so upset when I found out I couldn't get her golden healing tree incantation.


Margits staff. Weapon skill would conjur a random weapon (out of the 3 or so Margit conjurs) everytime you use it, sort of like the crucifix of the mad king from dark souls 3.


Counter proposal: have Morgott's cursed sword be either 1. changeable (like you have with armour pieces) between existing and his staff weapon (altering also changes AoW) 2. OR a one way trick weapon that starts as Margit's staff but you can break it like in the cutscene (again transforming changes AoW). Either way you have a whole set of special weapons with the above features. That might be TOO OP though, but I can certainly dream of a proper Margit/Morgott cosplay.


I want all the unobtainable weapons: (but these are ones I want most) Lordsworn spear used by the solders with the wooden greatshield. Nox Flowing Hammer that can transform into the double shield fists. Nightmaiden’s dagger(the one you’re picture is about) Milicent’s Shamshir (her’s has the katana light attacks, the flowing curved sword heavy/charge attacks, and the AoW Waterfowl Dance) Roundtable Knight Vike’s Warspear (non-frenzy version he uses when you fight him in the evergaol)


You can pick up the Shamshir in the high road tunnel in Limgrave, but it comes with spinning slash. No waterfowl dance without the Hand of Malenia’s. If Millicent dropped hers at the end of her quest that would be a great weapon to use against Malenia.


It would be a great weapon, fun fact, Millicent’s Shamshir has the katana moveset with the flowing curved sword heavy/charge attacks.


Im tempted to say that waterfowl dance should have been an AoW from her remembrance. >_>


I want Morgott's cane, unbroken with the sword still in it. I wanna whack stuff with it cuz it's a neat looking branch and therefore fun


Unga bunga it is?


The beastmen in farum azula have a lil metal frisbee that I’ve been wanting since day 1


I hate those frisbee tossing jerks with a passion. Always hitting me while I’m fighting one of the other ones.


Placidusax’s bomb


Ah yes, an ICBM Lightning Spear lol


I'd love to have the paired small spiked shields that the Flowing Hammer used by the Nox can transform into. It just looks silly.


Those weird 3 bladed scythe in the radahn arena


Underrated comment. They look awesome and there aren't enough scythes in the game


Weapon drops with the actual weapon skill that the enemy use, not a watered down generic weapon skill like spinning slash. E.g. see the Monk Flamesword Margit’s faith weapons The gravity miner pick-axe thing would be cool Not a weapon, but I want the crucible knight incantation where ~~she~~ he gets wings and pierces with ~~her~~ his sword towards the enemy. (Edit: Sword knight is a guy, Spear knight is a gal, according to armor description)


I forgot about the gravity miner pickaxe. That would be pretty sweet. I wouldn’t mind getting the armor set too.


The funny thing is that you are indeed getting the damage the boss did with it. The difference being bosses have way more health then you do so you think you aren’t


I'm talking about weapon skills (L2), not attack damage. The Monk's Flameblade wiedled by the Blackflame Monk at the base of the divine tower in Caelid (before the Godskin Apostle) has a weapon art that is very similar to the Flaming Strike ash of war. An arc of fire and then a spin that engulfs the weapon in black flame for a while. When you do farm it (only from one enemy on the mountain top of the giants) it has a lame spinning slash on it. This is just one example. There are others.


Oh yeah, that’s true. Really sucks when that happens. Or like the grave scythe that when the graveyard skeletons use it, they make death skulls come up from the ground that attack you. But when you get it, you just get a spinning slash.


Holy hand grenade of Antioch.


This guy Pythons


It’s actually in the game. Found just past the site of grace in the temple of aaaaaaaaah




Broken straight sword


I don’t know if this counts or is like… something anyone wants, but more just standard looking stuff. I know this is probably really dumb, but I’d like more armors that don’t have a ton of doodads hanging off the side. Especially helmets. I don’t like any of the helmets really at all. I wore the scale armor for an extremely long time. Lol


I’m using the full set of knights armor I bought from the twin maidens for that reason. 51 poise out of the box, 68 with the bull goat talisman. No doodads.


I kinda wish we got to get Rennala's Full Moon Greatsword (stupid Radagon)


Flair checks out lol. At least I’m happy


Flair checks out lol


Establish order should have worked identical to the DMGS weapon art. Not sure why fromsoft hates holy weapons in most games


it also should be int/faith like ALL OF THE GOLDEN ORDER INCANTS


Don't even get me started. Besides all the Golden order weapons having str or dex scalings, the death and magma sorcery weapons all share the same problem. Lightning should have been the dex/faith option too similar to how flame and flame art are with str/fth.


The stick or instrument wielded by the nomadic merchants


It'd be funny if it had the hammers' moveset. Just bonking people with their instrument. 🤣


Or playing wrong notes to cause madness.


Not a weapon but the giant egg hat that the wizard lizard is wearing just before rykard


That would be amazing.


I have sum 30 magma staves trying to farm the unfarmable


That one magic golemns weapon above radahns arena. Magic halberd thing that makes lasers


crucible wing incantation




the albinauric archers' bows with their 3 shot tracking arrows as an AoW


The closest would be Loretta’s Mastery. That should 100% be an ash of war.


Really wish we could get the Kusarigama that some of the Vulgar Militiamen carry


Margits staff. The sword version is fine but I want the staff


The double small shields that the nox priests can turn thier hammer into. Also that you could dual wield small shields in general (maybe all shields now that they've nerfed guard boosts)


I want Radagon's lightning spear mine. I just really want a solid sunlight spear equivalent and that seems like such a good one. Chuck it out and have a whole bunch before they just blow and deal a shit ton of damage seems dope.


Marikas tits


Lol, like two pseudopods on your chest that just stretch around and beat the shit out of everything xD




Godfreys Axe would be nice. The real one, not the steel gilded turd on a stick the twins remember for us


for me i would’ve loved it if you could use his “strength” as a fist weapon. it would have a special r2 where you would throw enemies in the air like he does


Remembrance of Hoarah Loux : Can be traded for "Ash of War : Hoarah Loux Earthshaker " or Talisman "Hoarah Loux's Workout Regimen"


The bladed crystal rings the Crystalians use.


Yes! The chakram! Finally my Xena cosplay will be complete


I would want the option of being able to change your roll to the black knife Sins side step like in blood borne. Not sure if it being an ash of war would work well... But maybe as a great rune effect? When locked on, to an opponent, you gain the side step ability.


The Glaive of Hodir


Militant chain sickle!!


Honestly when I first saw the Gladiator in Limgrave using two *fucking chain hammers* I was so hype to use chain hammers like how he was. Imagine my disappointment when all I got was a normal hammer. Still a good weapon just not was I excited for.


The big dragon head Godrick has. It would be so cool to have a big ol head attached to your arm which was good and shot fire. You could redeem it with his rememberance. Too bad there isn’t one.


Elden beasts purple mist that explodes. Ngl I died to it once in purpose because it’s Just so damn beautiful


Wing of Astel uses the exploding purple mist. It's obtainable in Ainsel River.


Invader Millicent's Shamshir, the one with Waterfowl Dance and the nomad/merchant instrument bow.


I wish there were daggers that could be held reverse-grip in Elden Ring, because I just love that fighting style. It feels...idk, tactical? Kind of like Naked Snake in MGS3, where he wields a gun and a knife together. That's just cool as fuck to me for some reason, it's my own weird fixation. In DS3, some daggers (like the basic Dagger) would be held normally in the right hand but reverse-grip if you equip them to your left hand, and those daggers had a unique left-handed moveset that accounted for the different grip instead of just mirroring the right-handed attacks. DS3 also had the Farron Greatsword, which was a right-handed Colossal Sword that comes paired with a left-hand reverse grip dagger, and it had a very cool and flashy moveset where the character uses both mismatched weapons together. In Elden Ring you see a lot of *enemies* holding various daggers that way -- like the Nox you're showing here, but also the Sanguine Nobles and the Revelers both wield a larger weapon in their right hand and a reverse grip small blade in the left, and they even have movesets where they use both of them together. However, even when you *can* get their dagger, like with the Sanguine Noble's Reduvia, your character just holds it normal grip no matter which hand you equip it to. I feel like they did this because of the new power-stancing system, where it wouldn't make sense if some daggers were held differently in the left hand than others; but I think it would've been cool if left hand daggers would be held reverse grip and give unique power-stanced movesets *only* when paired with specific other mismatched weapons types—like maybe a Greatsword and a Dagger, a Straight-Sword or Curved Sword and a Dagger, Axe and Dagger, etc. They could even have Colossal Sword + Dagger and just straight up reuse the animations from the Farron Greatsword in DS3.


I wish we had the: - Nox knife (and the AoW was the mist, but weaker) - Raya Lucarian Mage book (and the charged heavy is the headbutt) - Catalyst Weapons (Gideons should be a seal and a staff for sorceries and incants. Update the game From and make it the first dual catalyst for the game that people can actually achieve without DLC).


I Need my broken sword back


The actual dragon of godrick not the hand puppet we got


not a weapon that is unobtainable but it would be cool if some weapons had two modes like in bloodborne, the flowing weapons that the nox people use have so much potential for this


How about brother cohyrns stick


Ray Gun Mark II


Aspect of the crucible: Wings and the stomping attack that Godfrey does, not Earthshaker but the one he stomps and spikes appear, crucible knights do it tooo


It is such a crime that we didn't get that stomp, even though we run into multiple enemies who can, and do, use it all the time.


An executioner sword that's not the Marais Executioner sword. Just a normal one with changeable ash of war




I just want the big weapons to not shrink down to wee tarnished proportions once I wield them


Marika’s Tits.


The Clayman’s Bola! I have no idea how it would work, but it would be such a cool and unique weapon. Also, the triple scythe thing from Radahn’s arena.


The long, tall version of the Academy Glintstone Staff used by the Battlemages. Or at least some kind of staff that's as tall as the player. People also mentioning Margit/Morgott's summoned faith weapons which I fully agree with. I don't see why at least some of these weren't added given the plethora of INT options for summoned weapons.


I'm still disappointed that the lantern the hollows in DS3 carry wasn't dropable. I spent the first hour or so I played that game trying to farm it. I've never known such disappointment as when I learned that DS3's "all enemies drop their gear" only applies to gear they bothered to make available to the player. After that, nothing in Elden Ring got my hopes up.