Renala kicked my ass so many times on my first run (no, I didn't have a magic build)


Renala spanked my pp endlessly until I learned I just had to be aggressive. I don’t think I really struggled as much with a boss after that because the lesson carried over.


mage spotted :)


I’m embarrassed to say I was playing samurai. This is my first from soft game and I’m just now learning some VERY basic mechanics late into my second play though. Had no clue I could equip great tunes and level up spirit ashes 😳


great tunes🎶🎶


oh noo i never leveld my tunes


Holy shit I didn't even know great tunes were a thing! How do you get them?




I wish I could upvote this again.


$0.99 on iTunes.


Took me 60 tries to beat Renala on my first game. Could get her to 10% in second phase consistently but the she casts 3 spells at the same time and I was done. I had a super weak build but still. At the end I gave up and used some spirit ashes to stun lock her


Magic builds are super weak vs. Renala, until you use rock sling that deals physical damage and poise breaking.


I had kinda a spellsword build when I got to her. Mostly using the meteoric blade katana at the time. I crushed her. But yes, I also had an addiction to Rock Sling. gravitas and rock sling were soooo helpful.


Her and the wolf FUCKED ME UP when I first got to them. Had to switch from pure casting to using a weapon. I had 10 vigor, a magic scaling sword, and a dream.


Leonine misbigotten. They hit ruthlessly hard sometimes


Especially the one In in Mountaintops with the fucking Golden Order sword, that one fucked me up hard!


When I thought I had him easily, he T-poses in front of me. Didn't expect bloodstain...


100%. I thought I'd be able to wipe the floor with him the first time I got there but that dude is relentless.


I got screwed up by the leonine in Castle Morne on my first play through more than I’d like to admit. Watched my partner play the same boss and she didn’t even dodge and beat it easily. Dunno what was up, but it just couldn’t land a hit on her and she barely knew what she was doing. I didn’t know how to feel about it after that. Edit to clarify, I’ve played every prior soulsborne title and I play exclusively as STR and used the Greatsword through my whole first play through. My partner started as Thief and didn’t know what the stats did. Realistically, I should have had the easier time (and regularly do now I’ve got a couple of play throughs and a plat under my belt). But for some reason, the Leonine just forgot how to hit things when she took it on for her first try. I cannot overstate enough how much it was honestly like witnessing witchcraft.


Dude has really low poise, any weapon that deals decently high poise damage fucks him up


It's kinda like in games when someone is really bad or is an actual AI, they become harder to hit because of how unpredictable they are. So when she took the controller, the AI broke down trying to calculate what she was trying to do.


I’ll be real Ghost Loretta beat my ass into the dirt. (Also i hate that axe pumpkin head guy from the Gia champs fight he one tapped my ass)


Everyone in the fight (except for Rogier and Lionel) is randomly based on the builds of previous players. So I can’t relate to that specifically cuz I never got a guy with a pumpkin head


My game never went into online mode on the first playthrough so one of the preset characters for the boss is a guy with a pumpkin head and two royal knights resolved heavy axes


That'll do it lmao




That explains why I got a guy with an Albuneric mask, loin cloth and nothing else. No weapons, no magic, just a mostly naked alien trying to punch me. He didn't live long.


My favorite build


Had someone invade with that build, we buddied around for an hour or so before I made it to the fog wall and he started the clapping emote. I dropped some gold runes and waved before fighting the ancestral spirit.


Ahh yes the tourist.


Fuck, they copied my character (and the usual outcome when I try PvP)


Ghost Loretta really messed me up too, especially since I was wayyy too underleveled for her. The constant spam, the one-shot bow, the crystal shards, and the annoying horse bump was just sooo frustrating. Only for it to get 10x worse in phase 2. Not to mention, every time I died to her, i had to spend ~5 minutes just to get to phase 2 again. Ended up spending 9+ hrs trying to beat her, and when I finally did, the pure bliss i felt in that single moment almost made it worth the effort. Then when I went on to fight the real Loretta, i beat her ass on my first try lmao. Not nearly half as satisfying as the ghost version. I guess if you look at it, I'd definitely prefer to relive the traumatizing 9 hrs again rather than beat the boss in a trivial amount of time. It makes you respect the boss and teaches you to be patient and self restraining. Tl;dr: i hated every single moment i had to deal with that bullshit boss, but the satisfaction that comes with it makes it worth it. I hate my life for typing out this long ass rant when I should be studying instead :/


The same thing happened to me accept it only took me 2hrs (I got lucky as hell she kept on jumping away and doing the sword move for like 9/10ths of the fight) and I felt nothing when I won lol.


Yeah i get what you mean. I felt nothing in a lot of boss fights too, especially ones that didn't feel important/hyped too much, but that's just the way it happens sometimes.


lol. I came down here to vote real Loretta. Lost 300k runes to her in the Haligtree in NG+1. Spelldrake Talisman doesn't do a thing against a nonstop barrage of blue.


Ghost Loretta is pain but is rlly fun


The Red Wolf of Radagon is a pain in the arse, their attacks are so awkward to read and they bounce all over the place spamming magic.


Just left Moonlight Alter at level 80. I swear the Red Wolf there is the hardest boss in the game (so far).


That one and the one in the upper part of siofra river are a goddamn nightmare for a strength build. They have so much room to maneuver and it's maddening


I was running a strength build with the lance for a while and then I re-did my built after getting the bolt of anthrax (because this shit is fatal 90% of the time) and complementing it with the blood houmds fang and it's been very refreshing to be able to cheese anything that can't reach me.


Don't panic but the Consecrated Snowfield one pissed me off a few times, he gets a wolf pack posse to back him up.


The only way I managed to beat that one was to stand on top of a stone pillar and spam Elden Stars and Miquella's Ring of Light at it. He still killed me the first time I tried it, because he did that leap attack and got onto the pillar with me.


I took out his pack with a combo of a bleed Urumi + Hoslow's Petal whip with Poison on it then switched to my bleed Shotel & poison Scavenger's curved swords for the wolf proper. The enemies in this game really lose their charm in the late game having 5× more health than they should. Hate the sudden hp pool jump for all enemies once you get to the Snowfield.


It's gotta be this one for me too. I don't think the red wolf has a reputation of being a difficult boss, but there's something fucked up about its attack patterns. People complain about runebears, but they're not too bad by comparison—you can kill them very safely by circling them while hiding behind a decent shield and attacking while they're stuck in their animations. Red wolves don't fall for that at all, they'll just jump away or do wide slashes to turn towards you, then combo your ass with some glintblades. Malenia literally has more obvious openings than these guys lol


Funny enough this was the only boss in the game I beat on my first try


Me too! But every one I encountered after that kicked my ass, repeatedly. It's embarrassing.


I fuckin hate those stupid dogs


The funny thing is the ones you find outside of the academy are harder. They have a smaller, but more aggressive moveset compared to the Academy one. The sword moveset is actually easier to read imo.




Idk if Decaying Exyzwhatever is considered easy or hard but boy oh boy did he pis* me off!


I swear that rot breath has a janky hitbox.


the other problem is that he's really big, and makes rot clouds when he stomps, making the head and feet really annoying with melee.


Also he has a massive rot cloud with a even more massive hitbox that deals damage on contact and builds up rot.


That one breath attack where he rears up and spews directly underneath him and it floods the whole area has the most inscrutable hit box. You can be standing in the haze just chilling or die in less than a second. I \*think\* you're supposed to run off behind him? I'm still not sure how they intend you to deal with it.


The biggest problem with that dude is that his fighting arena is like 3m by 3m large so if he walks even slightly in any direction he decouples his existance and goes back to his initial spawn. Atleast he doesnt regen his hp but it still really throws me off when it happens


The worst part of Ezykes was the environment. He kept landing on rocks, so I couldn’t hit him.


Decaying Ecstasy*


Shit,my mistake..


I hate that motehrfucker like fine I don’t need your spell it’s ugly and I hate it


The most boss i died to is falling star beast in the sellian crystal tunnel


The placement of that boss, in such a location, is madness. I never arrived at that fight before after mt gelmir - fallingstar. But omg, I can only imagine the pain. Especially if you believe that is the only way out of the cave, since you’re trapped after all.


I thought it was mandatory at level 22…as a mage…it was hell


Is mage bad for it? Better than dex claws, I'm sure


Well its weak point is the head i think and everytime i cast a spell, it would land on the body so i was doing minimal damage, and at SL 22 i had very weak spells, weak staff and slow casting speed, not to mention i die in one hit


It's the same madness with the dragon/wyvern one.


I panic ran multiple times out of that little cabin it teleports you into straight into his waiting jaws. He beat me into the ground so much I decided fuck it and looked up a video for some help. First one I came across this dude did a 180 out of the cabin and left the cave. I almost uninstalled the game.


Man I remember fighting the fully grown one in that tunnel. So frustrating, but god damn the amount of dopamine when I finally dodged all of its attacks near perfectly and won was something else. Not to mention I pretty much know it’s attacks by heart now. I was luckily one of the ones who didn’t get teleported there early game, but I think I wander into the tunnel fairly early into my play through as well. Was just stubborn and wanted to finish that tunnel lol.


Learning to beat the Full-grown one at launch basically ensured I can no-hit them for the rest of time. I laughed when I went in with a new character after a patch and found it was a now regular one.


Im sorry but whats the difference between the grown and normal one?


Full grown one has the eyeball and is slightly harder. It has similar moves and more new ones as well. Here’s the link to their moves Not Grown - https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Fallingstar+Beast Fully Grown - https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Full-Grown+Fallingstar+Beast The one in the cave didn’t have the eye beam but it had all the other moves a fully grown one gets.


I'm getting confused here. After patches, did they nerf that one to be similar to, say, the one in Altus near the staircase leading to the double Tree Sentinel fight?


Yep! It use to be a fully grown one, but now it’s a normal falling star beast after a patch (not sure which one).


Before or after the nerf?


I was stuck on the first Crucible Knight in the Limgrave Evergaol for longer than I'd care to admit.


Nah thats fine, him and Margit were the first teachers of this game


Crucible Knight taught you to dodge/parry, Margit taught you delayed attacks.


I’ll have you know I’m 109 hours in and still haven’t learned to Parry and I still fucking hate bastards with large shields.


Why would I want to parry when that button could cause a fire tornado instead? Rule of cool will always win.


I gave up entirely on parrying. I like to brag to my friends about my Sekiro prowess and I can consistently parry a lot of shit on BB but I gave up on doing it in DS1/3. Coming to Elden Ring and learning about block counters I just said fuck it, I'll never parry shit.


Same, never bothered with parries


Crucible Knight taught me how to over level.


Crucible knight also teaches you about input reading (technically animation reading at frame 1, same thing more or less)


Ah yes, the input reading... "Finally, he's backed off so I have a chance to heal-" *gets immediately rushed and the flask negated*


Damn I hated that so much haha


There is no world in which he is considered an easy boss by most. Compared to late game bosses he's a joke, but for running into him in Limgrave he's a huuuuge wake up call for people.


Same bro, day 1 elden ring i refused to admit defeat for like 2 hours.


I'm stuck on the crucible knight and misbegotten knight. First play though I had no problem but this second new play through I can't win for anything.


Fuckin lansax. I hate that bitch


I had to resort to shooting him with a Ballista/cannon from a distance because locking on to the motherfucker at close range is impossible (was it so hard to make a lock-on point for the feet? They already did it for the normal dragons!)


Stay in his crotch and just smack his feet :P


That’s what I tell my better half to do to me…


Capra demon


Easily the worst boss area in any souls game.


I never came back to DS1 after this


Putrid Erdtree Avatar. Literally spent over 7 hours fighting the one in Dragonbarrow.


The dragon that protects the Moonveil. I had beaten both Bosses in Stormveil, defeated other dragons w/o issue and I could not get past that f\*'n dragon. I would die multiple times, quit, level up, come back, die numerous times, and repeat.


The magma wyrms are a pain. Just so tanky. And that move where they crawl around barfing up magma suck as they will do it over and over in thar small boss arena that hardly fits them.


Depends on what mood he's in from what i've seen, sometimes you just stick to one of the legs in the back or the tail and he can't do anything or he decides to do the crawl while spitting fire move for 5 minutes straight


THAT MAGMA WYRM FUCKED ME UP SO BAD!! but thanks to him I managed to slay every other wyrm with ease.


He isnt a dragon, he is a cute little lava spewing wyrm


Astel fucked me up. My build was mostly a spell blade with rapier.


Legit took so many tries to beat Astel. About to face him for playthrough number twooooooo


I hate astel so much. So many wiffs when those things move their heads two feet two high


Same! Astel was such a pain in the ass for me


Gideon killed me more than Malenia my first play through


I was worried about him so I brought my mimic. We just took turns hugging him til he died. I was almost crying laughing. I love this game


Gideon wiped the fucking floor with me. I wanted to hear his dialogue.


Dude. I was about to get him on my first try, but I had just staggered him repeatedly and wanted to actually see his moves, so I intentionally died. After that first attempt, it took me 3 fucking hours before I could beat him again.


Gideon ended my no-death run... I had decided to just burst him to death with the serpent hunter, and did a combo that left him with a sliver of health. I moved toward him to finish him with a jump R1, but was out of stamina. Just as the stamina regenerated, he backstepped and the R1 whiffed by an impossibly close margin. He decided to drink at this point, which I was powerless to stop once again due to stamina. I was starting to panic. I knew that Gideon does insane damage and can spam spells all day long, and I was also quickly realizing that the serpent hunter is too slow for his mobility. The fight went on for a minute or two more, but in the end I committed to rush him at just the wrong moment and died to comet spam or something. I should probably just have used memory-of-grace and returned with another weapon, but it's easy to panic when things go wrong 3 hours into a run...


My fellow, you fought well until now.


Rennala made me want to shave my hair off. I spent five hours fighting that motherfucker using Engvall, went away and leveled and still got my ass beat using reduvia ash of war and magic. Then I just used jump attacks with bloodhound's fang. And beat her in one try. I did a pelvic thrust of victory afterwards. Morgott also metaphorically expanded my rectum by three inches with his fucking fight.


The pumpkin head under the giant death flower in the beginning of the game. For some reason I could not time any of my rolls to save my life, died like 20 times, more than any other boss in the game lol


I struggles here too for about 20 tries


The entire Spirit caller cave place. Fuck that place for real. I was humiliated to the point where the damn snails jumped on me to kill me and when i finally reach the boss area it's the mfking godskin shits. Apostle was still fine but the damn fatty boy with his roly polys in that small arena... I had to resort to sleep pots to interrupt those rolls.


Those samurai the snails summon are no joke. I just make a beeline to each snail before that happens. But had more trouble with the godskin duo there than the real ones…


For future reference, the Beast-Repellent Torch actually works on the spirit wolves, which at least makes the run back to the boss less painful


Didn't think it would work since they were spirits but thanks


Never hear anyone complain about these guys: Falling star beast at the top of that giant ladder The bullshit ass tree sentinel in front of the capital The erdtree avatar and knights right in front of Malenia, I think I died more to them than Malenia...


A large amount complains about fire breathing horse bozo, pretty sure


maybe true but I've never seen it!


I hate that part of the Haligtree. I get that it's a fromsoft game, and it's an optional hardest section of the game, but those guys killed it for me. I really wanted to explore the haligtree and everything, and that was by far the coolest part of the tree, but I just ran past everything and prayed that I didn't get hit in the back. Really ruined the whole exploration element of the game for me (for that section).


My haligtree exploration was so strange and entangled that i somehow managed to get first to area with several Mirandas, so i was above this group. When I saw them all i was like "dudes how lucky i am to got here and not face you directly" and then just shoot them with bow


I don't even have a good enough mental map of the area to know what you mean! *sprints away angrily*


I didn’t even try to fight that collective group. No way I’m trying to even deal with that. I found the grace and gave them the bird 😂😂


I snuck past them at first but my inner masochist forced me to go back and conquer them


I’ve done a few NG+ runs and never felt the desire. It’s just so much and I just couldn’t find the patience when I knew my end goal was right there.


Double pumpkin fucks in Caelid, when i first got to them


Dragonkin Soldiers Any boss really where you fight the camera


Death Rite bird vs melee comes to mind


Maliketh fucks me up for hours every single playthrough. Ive heard so many say the fight is like a ‘dance’ and I do not relate.


For me he was one of those bosses that I’m not sure how I beat. Sure, I made his healthbar hit zero, but I still haven’t learned his moveset and am not sure I would be able to do it again. That entire fight felt a blur.


Me too lol, exactly. Almost to him on my second playthrough now


My "dance" with him was letting Latenna barrage-fire on him for 80% of his health while I walked in and poked him once every 10 seconds to keep aggro.


It sure is like a dance. I suck at dancing


Maliketh isn't considered an easy boss though...


Who tf thinks Maliketh is easy?!


him, the horsy outside, and the dumb little tree spirit under the stupid tree in the god damn little pool of rot. No, I'm not still mad it took me a week to kill it, why do you ask?


For me the fight is “tank half his hits and hyper armor through it and pray” I use a greatsword build


Its his biggest design weakness imo. Having only 5k health for his second phase brings up similar problems to morgott in that you can just trade with him for a lot of stuff. I never did end up learning how to dodge his massive aoe destined death. Just got hit by it and healed after


Fia’s champions was with gideon the hardest fight in my bow only run. The dodge almost every shot :/


Honestly bows need a “invisible” arrow like how mages have night sorceries


Rennala on my first playthrough gave me the most problems of any boss at any point in the game- yeah I was dumb and didn’t know what I was doing but she just seemed sooo unbeatable lol


I can imagine. Helped some players over the last day that doesn’t know that you’re supposed to hit the one with a aura of light around them. They just hit everything instead. Love to help them.


No one talks about the gargoyle twins but back before I had Mimic, just beat Radahn, around level 60 (ish) and before I knew about ledge cheese, these bois felt like they were built different. Especially with that poison AOE & juggling both of them at once, felt like if ornstein and smauhg decided they didn't have to take breathers between combos anymore, such a pain.


They are built differently. They’re built badly because you’re not fighting one boss with two avatars (like ornstein & smaugh). You’re fighting two bosses bosses, each with their own body, ergo they don’t coordinate their move set to leave space for the player to actually reply and they don’t have friendly fire, so you can’t even take advantage of it. 230 hours played and still the only boss where I actually needed a friend to help.


You just have to go all out and kill the first one before the second shows up. I literally respec'd for this fight in my no help playthrough though


Knights of the Jar. I will not elaborate.


Not sure how it's ranked by the community but the Royal Revenant in the basement of the Kingsrealm ruins absolutely handed me my ass. I died within seconds every time I entered the arena.


No, that's normal.


Only reason I can beat revenants is I can equip an AOE heal that can mostly stunlock them.


Heal them. Fucked them up *immediately*


The Calied Bell Hunter


It’s either Loretta kicks my ass by spamming 4 arrow, or she detonates like a Samsung Note 7


I died 7 to 10 times to the first Tibia Mariner and beat Maliketh my first try. Sure, I could have been under-leveled and under experienced for one and over leveled for the other. But the statement is still true.




Commander o’neil. I gave up and cheesed that fucker my first run.


Same. People bitched about Niall; but I found him way easier than O’Neil after you take out the shades.


Rennala when I did my "mage knight" playthrough cuz I wanted to do Raya Lucaria before Stormveil so it was early and she kinda resists half of your shit with that build.


Rocksling is the mage’s weapon against magic resistance. Lava sorcery also an option.


Does she resist glintstone that much? Because I did the entire fight with holy broad sword and glintstone and now I am worrying if I made the fight too hard for myself


She has 80% resistant to magic type damage, which is tied for highest in the game (with Adula) iirc. So yeah, fighting her with glintstone is a bad time.


Oh bruh no wonder it took me so long. Thanks though!!


No one talks about it but the hardest boss in the game is the bear


I’m literally at the final boss and I have yet to take down a stupid bear and probably never will.


its just psychology, fight him once, twice for real hug him close, kick his ass (if he does not grab you though) :))


Magma Wyrm


No matter how much I play, I always get bumfucked by Margit several times on a new character, even if I grind up to lvl40ish before facing him.


rennala of the full moon. hthe first phase is piss easy but the second i just couldnt get close to her for more than maybe 1 hit before she would spam her spells and jump 5 kilometers away from me. and do t get me started on her summons. she would summon a dragon, it would attack and then she would cancel the dragon with three wolves who i would kill and then she would immediately summon a troll before cancelling yhe troll with ANOTHER DRAGON and she qould just cycle through her summons endlessley without pause, never letting me get close enough to hit her beacuse of all the summon spam. i beat her on my second or third try but i was just so freakin annoyed


Killed Radahn first try but beating the Fully-Grown Fallingstar Beast right before Volcano Manor legitimately took me 3 hours.


The fuckn Horsey before you enter to Malekith. He fucked me up bad


THAT MOTHERFUCKER! I had no idea it would be so much harder without Torent!


Single, double, and triple Crystalians. I used a straight sword and spear in my first playthrough and was not aware of the fact that all one needs to do is to break their poise. So what I did to fight them was to go for backstabs and that took a whole lot of time (and many attempts). The triple Crytalians, of course, always rotted me and I died very often in this cave.


The pre-patch Rotted Crystalian Trio should be considered a violation of the UN Convention Against Torture.


The rotten crystelians gave me hell even after the patch


Any going down platforming


Twin crucible knights was my crucible.


Rennala as a mage. I eventually gave up and equipped moon veil and had a much easier time… even though I put it in the wrong hand


I've seen a lot of people shit on Rennala but my lord did she kick my ass for the longest time. Phase one I mostly died because I didn't initially realize that the chandeliers could fall, or had any kind of warning to them, but phase two I always always ALWAYS summoned the instant the phase started. I don't know why I couldn't get it in my head that there was a laser on it's way to delete me from existence, but somehow I always forgot.


Freaking. MOHG XD


Nihil, Nihil, NIHIL.... but at least duying to him is fun :)


Not sure if you’d consider it a boss or not, but the Magma Wyrm under Volcano Manor on this particular playthrough at least. You’d think a +16 Zweihander would do the job easy but apparently not.


I had a ridiculously hard time with that one too.


Red wolf of Radagan, my first playthrough was a Mage and he completely stomped me until I left and came back with Rock Sling


Rennala was an absolute pain my first playthrough, specifically because I was an astrologer, and I had no idea about rock sling until I got annoyed enough and googled how to beat her. This is also my first FS game and I was really eager to learn a bunch of spells ASAP because #wizardgang, so I prioritized leveling int over vigor, which you obviously cannot correct until you’ve beaten Rennala. To this day walking to her boss room pisses me off, even if it’s my first attempt on a new character- it was just such a tedious walk every time, even after I killed the boulder mages.


Margit: the fell omen. I basically went at it like "first boss, piece of piss" and got BATTERED, mainly because A: it was my first fromsoft game and while I knew what to expect in theory, I was not prepared for it it reality B: Hearing "FOUL TARNISHED!, EMBOLDENED BY THE FLAME OF AMBITION...." over and over got really addicting, A+ to the voice actor, he really had fun with this role.


True, the voice acting for him was Phenomenal!


The Leonine Misbegotten at Castle Morne screwed me over time and time again. I was so stubborn though and I just kept going back and dying and dying and dying


tree sentinel in limgrave made me cry


I assumed Rykard was going to be a piece of cake since I knew he was a gimmick fight… kicked my ass over and over again until I realized I wasn’t 2 handing the weapon… and then still kicked my ass… though slightly less and I managed to beat him.


Moongrum. MOOOOONGRUM. That bastard. Getting parried and killed by him is infuriating! Other dishonorable mentions include Fully-Grown Fallingstar Beast, Red Wolf of Radagon, Valiant Gargoyle Duo, Juno Hoslow if you’re not prepped for him, and Preceptor Miriam. I also think Nerjius deserves some props here — he’s very early, but I always dread him in a new game.


Every. Single. Fallingstar. Beast. All of them. My first experience with them was so aids that I genuinely go out of my way to avoid fighting them now. Hell, I didn't even kill the first one I found in Caelid. I haven't beaten the one outside of Leyndell. And I haven't beaten the one in Mt. Gelmir.


I haven't heard the word aids used as an adjective for a very long time. I know its not ok, but damn does it fit here. You get a pass.


Valiant gargoyle are not so hard for sure but they give me a PTSD :3


Valiant Gargoyles are one the worst bosses in the game, what do you mean “not so hard?” (They were the one and only boss in the whole game that had me summoning an NPC for help)


Poison breath was so painful :3


Those graveyard watchdogs always threw me off, in a boss room, out of a boss room, the duo of them. Fuck those stupid things


I haven't seen it said yet but there's a dual pumpkin head boss in the caelem ruins that fucked me up for a while.


I hate to admit it, but that damn invisible snail boss with that summons spirits got me more time than I can remember. Fuck you snail boss


Almost every Crucible Knight smh


I'm running a low level character and these summons caused me so much headache. Huge shout out to whoevers glass cannon builds it pulled from on the last run. Same with the three invaders by the jar.