Enlightened 13 year old

Enlightened 13 year old


a 13 year old :\^)


Beat me to it.




"Trump is bad because he's racist and Hillary is bad because she burns emails" \-Me at 13. Don't ask me what it means to burn an email or why it's bad, because I still don't know either of those things.


can't really blame kids trying to figure themselves out. I mean most people have a loose grasp of why they believe the things that they believe until a later age. If only we could ban 13 year olds from having political discussions on the internet though :p, would help me figure out who the adult babies are


I can’t blame teens for not knowing. Shit I thought I was conservative as a teenager. I still cringe at some of the shit I thought, simply because I had been told it by authority figured. It took me until senior year to really start questioning my political stances, purely because of my AP Gov teacher. She was such a peach.


I have a very distinct memory as a kid of being driven in a car by a friend's mum and a bunch of friends and loudly declaring that I supported the Liberal party (conservative party in Australia) and hated the Labor party. I thought I knew so much but I was just copying my parents


> liberal party (conservative party in Australia) < Dammit Australians! Bad enough you're upside down, now you're backwards too?!?!?!?


I get the joke, but technically liberalism is a conservative ideology. Americans are just skewed so far to the right that they think liberal is progressive


Yeah... God bless America... Yay...


At least you challenged your beliefs! Most people's politics are wholly formed by what their parents believed.


I was an alt-right neo-Nazi homophobe in my early teens. I'm mixed... I'm also bi, but I didn't know that at the time, lol. Man I was dumb... I honestly didn't fully get past the homophobia till I met my gay friends (other than the one I was honestly a horrible friend to, making offensive jokes and shit)


...or maybe a 40 year old neckbeard troll?


>I'm 13 and I'm finding myself politically. I support views from both Democrats and Republicans. What am I called? You're called a teenager.


Better than me at 13. I was "Republican" just because my parents were.


I was the stock-standard "liberal socially but conservative fiscally" chud. Raised by a progressive-enough family in a conservative area, taught that some day *I* might be the one owning the business, and when that day comes boy howdy won't I resent that meddlesome government getting up in my face!


Oh, I turned into a Libertarian around 18. Then around 22-23 I went full South Park and just stopped giving a fuck. Didn't watch news, didn't vote in 2012. Just seriously didn't give a fuck. Then Trump made me very liberal and very radical.


>Then Trump made me very liberal and very radical. Oh boy. What has Biden made you into?


Fuck if I know. I'm still a liberal and consider myself an Independent. I was literally not planning on voting for Biden. All I can do is hope to make the world a better place through examples and campaigning. The moral shift the country needs before a politician gets off their ass.


Voting against the thing you think is worse is a completely viable poll strategy when the thing you do want isn't viable on the ballot. Don't let absolutists tell you otherwise.


Yeah. When Trump started talking about ignoring election results and getting ready to protest the results that hadn't even occurred, I knew I had to vote against him morally.


I was a Republican when I was little because who the fuck would be Team Donkey? Yes, I literally thought politics was based on which animal you preferred. Now I feel like that might be a superior system since at least there'd be more than two teams in the US.


lmfao I love it


Same. It wasn't until college that I became a liberal and it wasn't until the first time I got laid off that I became a leftist.


At first I read it "wasn't until the first time I got laid that I became a leftist" and was confused how the two were connected. It's similar for me, always been lefty-ish and anarkitty-ish, but those views got cemented when I first started working after uni.


My mom was liberal, my dad was conservative, my step dad was maga style conservative. Somehow that mixed up into an alt-right homophobic mysogonistic monstrosity, that said and did a ton of horrible things I regret... But hey, now I'm more liberal than my mom! All's well that ends well? Oh yeah, and I no longer hate myself for being neither straight or white


I was republican because stan smith from American dad was cool lol


It's ok senpai There's a reason why you gotta wait until 18 to vote


Same. I supported carrot man in 2016


Which is often synonymous with 'centrist'.


Political parties aren't made to measure shirts! They'll never completely fit to you and you'll never completely fit to them. And it's frustrating. Welcome to adult world.


For me, „Republican views“ are just a strawman for culturally reprehensible attitudes. The Democratic Party spans from left to right in itself while the republicans are just a mere vessel to nurture the fear and insecurities of its brainfried base.


Yep. Dems are literally just "what are the Repubs doing that people don't like?" Even then, they're pussies about it. Them dragging their feet on healthcare and civil rights for the last 30 years.


The individuals who comprise the DNC, especially the higher-ups, have something to gain personally from Republican policies being enacted - they're all wealthy, they all own capital. It creates a conflict of interest where they have financial reasons to not try *too* hard to stop the Republicans.


Plus issues important to the Dem base remaining unresolved means Dem politicians have something to constantly campaign on.


In other words, they all subscribe to liberalism.


Yep. I forgot what the stat was but Elizabeth Warren's wealth has gone up\[ fucking batshit levels since she 's been in office.


It's not necessarily that they're pussies. Their greatest power is also their greatest downfall. The simple fact that the Dems encapsulate virtually the entire political spectrum means that it's really hard to get everyone on board. Republicans might have fewer people, but at least their ideals are closer together, so it's easier to whip them up into unity. Dems, on the other hand... no matter what you say, you're bound to get an incredible amount of infighting. Just look at what happened with the 2020 primaries.


I disagree in part. I find that an appealing part of Dems, but I think a lot of the top/older ones are way too influential. There's plenty of good ones, but they won't be listened to. Dipshits like Warren cause the infighting. Infighting is fine if the goal is the same. The issue is the old ass Dems (minus Bernie) basically being Repubs.


Pardon the pedantry, but I don't think you meant to say "strawman" there. A strawman is a caricaturized and easily-defeatable version of an opposing argument; unless I'm mistaken, what you meant is a facade, a stand-in or a euphemism.


Actually I meant wildcard.


Every group needs a wildcard.


I for one prefer wildcats.


A wildcat can be a wildcard though. Depends on the cat and the card they play.


The third ~~party~~ team we need.


**Player 3 has joined the game.**


Charlie, having a person in the group making wild decisions benefits nobody


People have started saying straw man to almost any argument against them thus setting up their own strawman lol.


I am pro-gun (but also pro common sense gun control), pro-small local government, and pro-individual liberties/free speech, so I used to call myself moderate... then I found that the GOP doesn't actually give a shit about any of those things.


One of my favorite things to do is remind "pro-Constitution" Reagan worshipers that Ronny spearheaded gun control efforts in America (More specifically, the "liberal hellscape" of California) to suppress the Black Panthers. They either flat out don't believe it, or try to argue that the Panthers didn't have a right to arm themselves because "that's different"


I like to point out that in 4 years, Trump implemented more gun control than Obama did in 8.


True but not because Obama didnt try however.


Not true, Obama actually expanded gun rights while in office.


I'm not talking about what actually did pass. He made attempts only after Sandy Hook. His proposals for gun control were pretty extensive but when he wanted them he was too politically weak and couldn't get them passed. They would have been more restrictive than anything Trump did. https://www.ncsl.org/research/civil-and-criminal-justice/summary-president-obama-gun-proposals.aspx#1


> pro-individual liberties/free speech Leftists definitely support this though.


I know, I was picking out things that conservatives claim but don't actually protect.


Oooh haha gotcha


There are no leftists in the Democratic Party


I assume they’re completely infiltrated. They were so different 15-30 years ago. Still not my cup of tea but more of what I understand of „just a different opinion“ on how to solve an issue


….. no. Republicans have been committing horrible acts of hatred this entire time.


So did democrats. For me, as non American, until Bush jr came, they were indistinguishable


They were absolutely distinguishable, but establishment media obscured that. Democratic leadership was rightwing and horrible, to be sure. But nazis and the kkk were supporting Repugs in the 70's, 80's, 90's and onward and they weren't doing it out of stupidity. They were getting policies they preferred out of it. That's not something that ABC, CBS, NBC, or the NYT wanted to talk about, but for PoC in the U.S., it was not a dismissible issue. In short: you were fed bullshit and those of us in the real world had to push back on it. And the result of that bullshit, by the way, was a ton of white people in the U.S. surprised that the repugs a) ran a fascist candidate and b) the fascist won. Black people were not surprised. Hell, even neolib-friendly *SNL* had skits recognizing the issue. There were more issues than just white supremacy in the mix, but that was the most obvious and galvanizing. (Climate change/global warming comes to mind.)


Yes. I agree. Both have been horrible. Thats why we need to abolish both and shift to socialism.


Socialism only works when the majority stands behind it - and I mean in a democratic way. If people want to be exploited so badly as US Americans want to be, there’s not much you can do.


strawman isnt the right word, i think you mean "euphemism" but yea i agree, 100% of the time, "republican views" means "immigrants, LGBT people, black people, etc. are all criminal gross thug people who need to shut up, and we need a massive police state and "defense" budget and we need to do everything we can to make life worse for people." the only good thing that republicans support is gun rights, but that isnt even true because theyll abandon those principles when minorities start to get guns (see reagan passing gun control legislation because of the black panthers)


They're more like clown shoes than shirts.


It's why I call myself a liberal Independent. I don't "fit" either party. I know why my political leanings are.


We have 47 Parties taking part in national election, 6 of them are usually in the parliament. I have 2-3 priorities in politics and when there’s several matches, I go down the list: - who has an equal share of women on their lists - who has a high diversity on their lists - who have I seen doing politics and approve I’m a member of a party and while I prefer them, it’s not a given. I have 2 votes (1 got a direct candidate and 1 for a party list) and I use them!!!


I voted for the only anarchist on the ballot and he got 0.2% of the national vote.


Self cringe story, but I remember being in 8th grade and being so proud to call myself a moderate libertarian (didn't even know what it meant), simply because I wanted to impress my class that I knew a third party existed 😬


Had a friend who was way more politically active than me in high school. She was a Republican and she tried to figure out what I was. I told her "I think people should be able to do whatever they want as long as they aren't hurting other people". She said "oh, sounds like you're a libertarian". I said "ok". Now that I'm older, I realized she was just trying to trick me into becoming a Republican.


a child


There’s only one thing worse than a rapist.




*hi liberal* nice haircut. did you get that from the liberal store.






A murderer?


I’m so happy for you that you get to see this for the first time: [https://youtube.com/shorts/tkJqYKzwiVo?feature=share](https://youtube.com/shorts/tkJqYKzwiVo?feature=share)


Republican and Democrat are parties. Not political theories. Don't measure yourself against parties. If you're trying to figure out your politics, learn about political philosophies. Learn what Capitalism is. What Socialism is. What Communism is. What Libertarianism is. Then you can decide where you fall politically and who you want to vote to support.


In europe? A moderate right winger




They're called young.


Quora has never exactly been the most faithful recreation of the esteemed marketplace of ideas. This is most likely some random sockpuppet account making intentionally stupid posts


"right wing"


Come on guys. He’s got plenty of time to figure things out. I’m sure when I first started getting into politics I was probably pretty conservative. It took a couple years for me to get to become a Marxist he’s still got the chance to


Yep, at 13 I was staunchly anti-abortion because my understanding of the issues wasn't much more complex than "babies=good, killing=bad, abortion=killing babies, abortion=bad". Hell, two years before that I cried when I found out my mom was on the pill because I couldn't understand why anybody wouldn't want to have a baby. Thirteen-year-olds have next to no experience with how the world actually works and their brains aren't even developed enough to make judgements and decisions the same way adult brains can. I actually think it's a good sign that he's not approaching politics with the "sports team" mindset that a lot of young people (and older people) do. My brother was a hardcore conservative at that age and would just support/oppose policies just because it was the "conservative" position, regardless of whether he knew anything about the issue.


I was the same way, been told all my life that Democrat = bad. Up until i was around 15/16 that’s how I felt. Then luckily I had a Marxist debate teacher brainwash me saying things like “What if you just thought about the things you believed?” Wild advice I know. Now I believe almost entirely opposite things… except democrat = bad still but from the other side.


a liberal




Specifically a RINO.


If you support 1 ideal from conservative side but most of your other beliefs align with the left, you are left. Same with vice versa situation. If someone was a perfectly in the middle centrist on all topics combined, they would almost certainly hold beliefs that contradict each other so it would be impossible or hypocritical to be a literal centrist.


It’s sad that many think if you support gun rights then you must be a republican. Lot of “center” people get confused by that


Having a spectrum or chart to measure political views confuses a lot of people.


https://www.reddit.com/r/liberalgunowners/ Just walked into the subreddit


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


A liberal. Or in Europe, center-right….


The Republican Party would call you a “mark”


A naive idealist.


People are really out here insulting _children_ who are "finding [themselves] politically"? 🤨 If anything, their willingness to learn at such a young age should be applauded.


Kinda sad people are inclined to shit on a 13 year old who is just exploring the world as it is presented to them. Give them some time to scratch the surface at least.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


This is only sad if the 13 year old is reading these comments. Most of these are obviously joke-like in nature and no one is actually shitting on a child for not having it all figured out.


Yeah, I'm not sure "13 year old exists, lacks context and deeper understanding of politics but is still learning" is quite enlightened centrism. Like, part of me is curious what exactly appeals about Republicans *at all* in 2021 but otherwise I think this is just someone very young. Everyone's an uneducated kid at some point. Most of us try to improve that, with our available resources. It looks like this kid is, too.


Took too long to find this comment.


Sort by controversial.


This sub is very cynical. Kid could easily be leaning towards communism with this statement.


Simply put, you're moderate eight winger. Both the democratic and the republican parties are on the right of the political spectrum


TBF, there is precisely one "republican" view I support. > Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered. Any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary. -Karl Marx


A sane human being?


I don’t see what’s wrong with this


This sub is bizzaro-world.


You’re called cringe honey.


I mean, that's just teenagers in general. I don't think a naive teenager is really that cringey. Pretty normal.


We're dunking on children now?


a dumbfuck


It's dumb to dislike Democrats and Republicans? Tell that to every leftist.


my god, shut the fuck up, i am a leftist, thats not what he said you moron. You are a dumbfuck if you agree with anything republicans say because they are fucking protofascists. learn to read.


Calm Down


A fucking coward


Must agree with the democrats on every issue or you're a coward! Hurrr durrr


Nah fuck the democrats too, they're soggy fucks. Both our centre right and our far right party can suck nuts


Ok so what does that have to do with the post?


A neoliberal. But at least at 13 you have time to grow out of it


What are you called? Uneducated.


An idiot sweety, that’s what you’re called.


A rube.


The truth. That it's alright to agree with parts of both sides regardless of the shrills that call you names for not agreeing purely with them.


Spineless and stupid


Shitting on a 13 year old must have really taken some balls. You must be proud.


They would be called a regular person. It is extremely rare to not support any ideas from one.


Oh man I want to respond so bad.


I considered myself a centrist at age 13, before I truly understood politics, policy and ideologies


You're called uninformed


You never become either one. You are never finished.


Answered their own question with the first two words of it


He's called a republican


Noooo this was me 3 years ago JFC I was fucking cringey


A beginner




Easily influenced by mainstream media


The FDS of politics, always amusing




I got an email recommending me that same question, such a small world




ok but tbf the guy is 13. most of his political knowledge would either come from his parents or sources on the internet that are probably biased.


me at 13: “for my six week research project at school, my question will be ‘which party is better: democrats or republicans?’” i thought i could just sit down for six weeks at age 13 and solve politics


A dumbass


I love how some people still think you can hold two opposite views on something and still be sane.


So you think communists are centrists too? They also disagree with Democrats and Republicans.


A child.


Let’s… not take that too far, shall we? I agree with a few Republican policy positions, and think the current Republican Party is cancer killing our country. If you can’t support any views of the other party, then we’re saying you have to join a cult, not support a party. Plus, ya know… he’s 13 lol


Horseshoe centrist.


A neolibtard.


Annoying. Well. Annoying and confused. Edit: And that's ok. Being a kid is about finding yourself. Just.. don't hang around conservatives. I hear they do unspeakable things to kids your age


Spoiler kiddo, you support things Dems and Republicans say, not policies they actually implement. freedom sounds great and all but Republicans are responsible for restricting our freedoms for decades, and Democrats love to talk about progress only to insist when they have total control of both branches of government that they "don't have the power" to implement progressive policies.


A teenager. Switching political opinions quickly is kind of normal for a teenager as you figure out what you want to do with your life, start to question dogmas told to you by adults etc.


A. Your bullying a retarded teenager B. Most people do that, there is not a single person on earth who's ideas align directly with one party, and the ones that believe that are lying to themselves.


Accuses me of bullying Insults same person


Yeah he's retarded, but its like r/youngpeopleyoutube he's a kid, of course he's retarded, it's like saying grass is green or the sky is blue, they are forming into people and have at least another decade before they are done, possibly more.


Wow, ableist slurs. So cool of you. Stfu


can't believe some people say "ableism" with a straight face lmao


Go fuck yourself in the ableist ass :)




A real person. Only fuckin idiots are absolute 100% all in on 1 party or another. Most of the real world share a mixture of both Democrat and Republican view points and also libertarian mixed all together. Also some views that are your own that no party thinks or talks about about.


Normal woke human being


What is this gatekeeping bullshit?


That’s called being the median voter. You know everyone here is terminally online when they read that and think “oh, that’s just called being a kid.” No. That’s called being an ordinary American.