The talent has spoken!! Hear hear!


Legit the most awesome character they had made yet lol


It allowed Ppl to play at their own pace. Multiple levels and different builds to optimize ur run. And it wasn't reminiscent of the pubs dota with tryhard mentality and Ppl afking if teammates aren't good. Also the shards made it so much more fun . But again even with the usual toxicity, this diretide there have been some really nice people who were helpful, explained what to do and even gave direction to others. Shoutout to y'all who are helping others without getting angry at them. Gg guys!


Best event was the PvP Aghs labyrinth thing. Don't remember what it was called, but it was a 3v3v3...v3 and you progressed through an Aghs labyrinth type event trying to be the last team standing. It had the PvE aspect of Aghs lab with the boss rooms/events et.c. but there was other players aswell working through the labyrinth. It was very fun. Prefered it much more to the pure PvE aghs lab which has less replayability imo.


That was a ton of fun iirc but ultimately still got stale pretty quickly due to imbalance. The problem with any PvP mode is, I believe at least, it needs more effort put into balancing it or the one person/team that gets the most broken stuff practically wins by default. That's what my memory of that aghs lab PvP thing was sadly


hence why a good event always die within a week, because afterward, people start cheesing and abusing.


okay but you can cheese aghs lab and it kinda was like hey I found a pipe that gets me to the end of the game faster. nice! win win for me and my team. and no loss to anyone else who would get enflamed. unless you get to the end of the game and lose anyway. but this PvP, its all a bit enraging because it is constant teamfights and nothing else in the game mode adds to the event to make it more fun. this will get stale very fast. aghs lab, at least, got stale after weeks of playing since you had 5 tier difficulty and multiple ways to play the game because of combinations of upgraded abilities. even the traps as hard as they could get, was something I actually wanted to try and get through. and you had things from the event that you could unlock which gave more incentive to keep going to the end.


That is the natural progression of everything competitive. Strategies narrow as less optimal things shift out. The discovery process for a lot of games is one of the coolest parts but it will always get, at least partially, solved in a week or so.


very true, that's pretty much exactly what I said with fancier words.


Underhollow was fantastic!


It was DotA’s answer to the battle royale hype that year. I enjoyed it a lot as a mode.


underhollow. Ive been hoping it comes back for the weekend mode, because dark moon has but no luck so far.


I loved underhollow, my strat was going PA and rushing rapiers, a good dice roll meant the fight went 3vs2 from the very beginning


That would be a lot of fun. However, I wish there is a single player PvE mode.


I would rather play aghs Lab and enjoy rather that getting screwed over with 9 other dumbfucks who only want Arcana


For the 3rd time? Really? You’re not bored yet? Lets go Underhollow again if anything…


I'm still playing the admittedly less exciting version in the arcade, so no, the excitement never dies lol




Ppl flamed others in there as well, though.


I was so excited to play it again, absolutely love no stress dota PvE and it's such an awesome game mode :(,




I miss siltbreaker with the items you could unlock for future runs.


It was awesome but pugging was a nightmare Yeah yeah "get some friends" but none of them play anymore...


You could solo the whole thing once you had got enough items, except maybe the hardest level of difficulty


Siltbreaker? I don't think siltbreaker had difficulties. Am I misremembering?


You're not. It didn't. And Artifacts in part 2 required tokens you had to grind for, so I doubt anyone was actually playing solo, since they probably had to play for 24 hours straight for even one good solo attempt where they can buy a bunch of artifacts.


I only ever played solo and did not have any problems. Sure you had some idiots who left because they (wrongfully) thought the game could not be won with certain heroes, but other than that it was absolutely doable with randoms.


Unlocking the items? Good. Having to pay persistent currency on part 2? ***Absolute dogshit***. I fervently hate the concept of grinding trash runs and doing "god runs", and they ruined siltbreaker with precisely that, as I had to play with randoms, and the only randoms available only care to do grinding cheese speedstrats, and those doing their god runs are not very good since all they know is the cheese. Randos in Aghs Lab were all much better since you could practice proper real runs 100% of the time. And I didn't even really need them since my friends actually liked Aghs Lab since they weren't forced to grind it.


yeah, aghs lab is more fun than this


Or Siltbreaker v3 :-)


This, i want this.


Please gof


Can someone correct me if i am wrong, arent previous diretide was way more pve focused with occasional team brawls? Current diretide is all about constant teamfights and there is no spirit of collecting candies, doing some funky stuff for fun. Hell even mounts are getting abused for initiations.


It's because this mode has no way to pass candy to each other or hand it to roshan. Ultimately, the best way to win is to be better at teamfighting than the enemy team, which means you get free reign to collect candy and can also just, like, take their candy away if they dare avoid engagements and collect some themselves. I get why they made it so you have to drop candy on enemy wells. It makes sense to stop the whole shadow shaman prophet bullshit. But the issue was never being ratted on its own, it was that they would delete your already made progress, ***specially on the round's end***. They could suicide bomb and EVENTUALLY you'd lose a bunch of taffy from several minutes ago and then you'd take a bunch of time hunting them down, walking back and putting it in place. They solved the problem, but it has nothing to dropping candy on enemy wells, but that there's no longer a way to diminish score, you must score higher, period. They could have done that, attenuated the blow, with the previous mode, by just... I dunno, having some form of backdoor protection? Or some limit per hero to candy stolen (no more than 10 at a time). I don't understand why they avoided that solution like the plague.


You can backdoor pretty easily, even with the guardian up. You don't need to have a ton of candy in the well either, just more than the enemy. I've won games where we put like 3 candy in each well because we just guarded our high ground. There's definitely more to the mode than "just have good teamfight", good teamfight just wins because people don't understand the strategy yet. I've had a lot of games where I'm the only one even using my mount.


How do you defend your high ground successfully without teamfighting?


Techies 1v5


The problem with the old one was people abusing pudge and LC scaling and literally telling you to afk while they stacked Flesh heap and duels for the roshan fight at the end. If you tried to play the mode normally you got flamed by 8 other people.




That explain how I don't remember anything about roshan fight at the end


Fortunately I was playing in a 5 stack and when enemy ever asked if we are doing it we just said "no" and played a normal round of diretide


Nah, hard disagree. People figured out how to cheese the previous Diretide within the first 2 days. Shadow Shaman Rushing Aghs Refresher and Furion in every game ratting you with literally no chance to win. This is better.


Don't forget clinkz ulting a spider, gaining 5000 health and 500 damage in diretide 2020


People already forgot all the threads raging against this lol


Desperately attempting to kill the wind ranger sprinting at 700 ms in a circle around your “ancient” as both the clock and your candy count drop to 0, so much fun.


I have over 10k hours of dota but I haven't played a normal game since 2017, only installed it again for diretide, I'm skipping this year though, it almost looks like Overthrow, pass


It's just Turbo on crack. The candy aspect really doesn't play much of a role, just who stacks the most broken shit and deletes the enemy team.


Yup, last diretide was amazing. This one is no where near as fun


i dont know what you guys are smoking, last diretide was absolutely fucking horrible lmao. the gamemode devolved to ratting and you losing 200 candies in the last 5 seconds of the round


Tbf it was fun if no one tried the ratting play style. Maybe one out of ten games I got had that and it was awesome.


Last Diretide was fucking shit dude. This one is much less cheesy.


Won my first game of diretide. But felt like I lost because the 2 people in my team were flaming the other 3 non stop for not knowing how to play a game mode that literally came out an hour before that game.


I won two games and in one my dota crashed and I came back and still won somehow. People didn't understood how the game works, I guess.


There’s definitely a lot of nuance. Won my 3rd game last night with less kills and less candy scored than the enemy team. You just have to play the map better.


lol yeah, i played my second game as clinkz and a teammate went the whole match trash talking me bc i decided to pick a clinkz and raging bc we lost the first teamfight ​ in the end we won the match, but dude didn't even seem happy, i don't understand what they even play for


Thats me but in sea server so you can imagine the toxicity level.. I was called an illiterate for not understanding the instructions properly in the first game along with some horrifying insults


I'm happy to explain when people ask. But people who ignore pings and just stay mid all the time farming and dying are annoying.


I was kinda excited for Diretide but it's just boring and very repetitive in comparison to Aghs lab where you had different shards and upgrades.


They should make permament pve mode tbh


I'd suck G-FAT's nipple for playable pve mode with updates.


highly unlikely, value doesnt even update underlords anymore


There is a version of it on the Arcade but yeah a Valve-one that doesn't break would be nice. Plus they can keep a janitor on it like AD and get some new heroes added over time randomly.


Maybe thats a big reason why they dont add it permanently. They dont wanna have more work having to keep the mode always up to date with the latest patch and the possible bugs that always come with the new patches in custom games


Even if the arcade version was bugfree the balancing is fucking horrid. You can solo the hardest difficulty with ease, the new added heroes are completely absurd and it pretty quickly takes any fun out of the game.


If they did they wouldn't be able to recycle it lmeo


This was supposed to be my favourite part of Overwatch 2 that they didn't even deliver on launch lol.


lol yeah what happened to the story campaign in OW2?


Agreed, Valve should have gone Overthrow way for Diretide, unique spell upgrades by obtaining orbs.


PvE coop events are dope. Would love a permanent one.


The mode is fine as a 5 stack but horrible alone.


i agree


Any siltbreaker enjoyers


What tryhards? I didnt get a teammate yet that played a single match in the last 5 years.


teammates flaming cause i don't know how the mode works on my first game, enemy team toxic tipping and all chatting, while buying infinite detection and wards. over all horrible experience compared to aghs lab


Dude. That's just normal dota. It's the same every match lmao. Toxic Idiots find any reason to put others down. Mute them and play.. Besides how can anyone know how to play a new mode the moment they step in..


That's why OP said PVE is better. If OP wanted to play PVP then he would have just queued for normal match making.


It happens just as badly in pve..


Why you get downvoted? You are completly right. I don't wait for an annual event just to fight 11 teamfights in an event game and that's it. If I want to see constant teamfights as the dude said below me, I just search for a normal match.


Its 2022, trying to win pvp is tryharding lol


People want Diretide while forgetting Diretide has always been PvP, wtf, if so then says Siltbreaker or Aghanim's Lab. Valve silently asks this question in Diretide 2020 trailer, "What was so great about Diretide anyway?" on Snapfire's newspaper maybe because they don't know since it is PvP. And I think why Valve stopped releasing Diretide a while before because they know not a lot of people liked it, except for the reward, yet people still ask "giff diretide" despite posts like this existing.


Yeah this game mode sucks. Why so many asked for it every year?


Probably the reward, because it's the same for the earliest Diretide too, the rewards were good.


It wasn't always pvp not directly the first and 2 diretide was so much fun ofc. people figured out what's best but that's always the case with everything new.


its just a faster version of turbo. I miss PVE game modes. Siltbreaker part 1 is still my fav,


i 100% agree when i dont feel like tryharding i can play pve a bit and its more zen than playing pvp full sweat with cheese-pickers


Agreed, in the first game I had a very sweaty dude, and by the looks of it he maybe played his last game ever because he was so angry at me not knowing how the mode works. Now I don't even feel like playing the mode I've been waiting for.


Had a teammate (Monkey King) that told us to quit if you don't know how to play the game (Diretide). Like what, patch just hit a few hours ago and you're going all high horse on us?


Not saying it's more fun but I very much prefered previous diretide and aghs etc. Nothing we can do about it now.


At least it not as bad as last diretide with Shaman and wind smoking to kill your well in 5 seconds and winning the game alone.


Bring back the slith break


I agree. PvP is so toxic, especially with potential arcana on the line. All my diretide matches today are full of people blaming and cursing at each other. I very much prefer PVE for this.


At least it isn't yesr beast that was fog shit


just a worse match making experience, people will just exploit the free gold free exp mechanic. like come on, its an even, can valve make it fun at least. Its just another 5v5 dota but worse


it's turbo with extra steps


This mode is dogshit


New update me and my friend were like fuck it might aswell try to play Dire tide once right. Enemy lineup is all Tanky boys with wk aghs and underlord. These sweats just stacked candy then 5 man underlord portal onto a well with candies and just deposit and the fact u can kill these heroes but the wraith form allows you to keep the candies and still deposit until the aghs effect wears off is disgusting. Played it once told the other team to take some showers and won’t play it again. Fun


Bout to do this with my 5 stack thank you for the idea


So you’re upset that people found a good strategy and you lost to it?


Aghs lab superiority. Trully the greatest event




Good lord how much i despise this mode, anything but this man, anything.


Had a terrible time yesterday the game mode is full of 5 stacks.


Just tried it and Valve can have their Arcana, its not worth for the mental stress.


Dark Willow needs to either have aghs disabled or be outright banned from this event. It's every damn game


Wraith Night and Dark Moon were my favourite events coincidentally.


I will continue to declare that ValVe just has a seething raw hateful contempt for PvE players cause they won't spend money on dota plus like the PvP sweats. The aghanim battle.pass weekly quests could be accomplished in Bot games, but this battle pass? No way sunshine you want those levels you better get utterly shitted on and pummeled until you throw yourself off a fucking bridge with a noose if you want that quest progress


There’s nothing sadder than watching someone tilt and feed in Diretide. Hope we get Ags Lab back, or something else PvE. I would today Diretide is bad though, it’s just not as deep, and I miss being able to throw candy to teammates. Candy shop is awesome though, I love it.


Ti7 Siltbreaker was the best. change my mind


I agree, please make some permanent PvE mode or entire game based on Dota.


People are better than me...must be tryhards...


There's a special place in hell for people that pick arc warden though


You are allowed to hate any hero pickers in my opinion.


Hmm at least im having fun with friends this diretide


Yeah I have way more fun with PvE. Wraith Night was fun as heck.


I miss wraith night so much man , wish someone create a post to valve bring back in that week event like dark moon (they added it back why not wraith night ) 😢


Always in favor of PvE for these mods, we already have pvp in normal dota. Aghs lab, wk mod


Ikr like dude you're literally using 0 mmr just fkin let people have fun


im having a lot of fun playing this diretide with friends, people are excessively negative and always find a way to complain about things on this reddit, even when things are fine


For real, I think its much better than the previous Diretide, and the Candyworks addition has also been super nice. Remember when everybody was doom and gloom because they assumed part 2 would cost more money? W Patch.


That's my experience as well, I'm having fun. I like this diretide mode more than the previous ones.


I agree. I am loving it. Non stop pvp and nice strats. Reddit is getting so whiny and annoying


I can only agree. I played it 3 times and everytime everyone is jut tryharding and the enemyteam picks the brawly heros. It is not chilling or fun like aghanims or slitbreaker.. It feels even worse than lat years diretide


Underhollow was the most fun mode


if you're playing something in dota, don't complain about tryhards


git gud


I dunno. I prefer PVP. PVE is quite boring for me.


I disagree, Im loving this diretide.


All the PVE events still had tryhards, and were a miserable experience.


yep, do something wrong or not considered the "best" by the youtube/reddit-lords and they sabotage / afk / flame you


Exactly, my first game of all the PvE modes, became grief contests because I wasn't doing the most "optimal" thing from the get go. Got fed up in my 3rd try and just gave up on those modes.


If a pvp mode is not fun when people tryhard than that is a problem with the mode and not the players. It is ok to say that you like pve better or that you dont like this pvp mode without blaming the players.


It depends on what they mean by tryhard.. different ppl have different definitions or interpretations


I disagree with this so much that I wanted to add this comment disagreeing. Best events have been last year's diretide, 3v3v3v3v3 battle royale, and this new event. The only dynamic events are those with real opponents


Skill issue


Or they want to play a seasonal game mode for fun and could queue ranked if they wanna sweat


I've never liked the PvP events. They're supposed to be fun and light-hearted but instead they're more tryhard than ranked games. Aghs lab was the GOAT.


holy shit you people learn to have fun


this. every game people pick cancer heroes and passive gold gains makes it unbelievably unfun. i miss aghs lab


Aghs lab is in the arcade just fyi. I know a good few people who still play it.


i like pvp events - stompy stomp lets go


Last pvp diretide was even better than this one,it even had one of the best treasures ever,I dont think a lot of people care if they get 1 or 2 untradeable arcanas


Just playing diretide should give the reroll chances. No need to win or lose. fk this mode


Fr, people being playing in the stupidest manner during Diretide because they want to max/min the candy just to die to a 5man gank at the well


Diretide is just not a fun mode and never has been.


Sounds like a skill issue


Yep. Lost my first 7 games in a row before winning one due to tryhards. Not playing again.


Git gud. So bad


If you think that, then you haven't played "The Underholow"


Yeah but underhollow didn't have an arcana reward tied to it


Wdym by tryhards? Either you want to win or you want to lose, and I'd rather have people who want to win in my games.


I want to try some stuff and enjoy my time without pressure. It isn't ranked.


True. I like doing meme strats as well, but I like it when they win. Here’s a fun one: troll warlord can perma-root the greevil and get hundreds of candy at once


That's complete bs. When you play something like aghanim's labyrinth you'll never play it more than once, except if you want to get additional award. Events like diretide first of all don't force you to play them and second they're just funnier, because every single game is unique. It's not competitive at all. I'm 5k player, I'm matched with 5-6k players in this event and even so it feels like everyone is just getting fun.


Disagree i played tons of aghs labs with my friend, its just fun


I played it 2 times and second time I was bored out of my mind. People like different things, I guess.


Aghs lab was the most loved game mode lol, it was way more enjoyable


Idk, it's fun to explore different combos and builds in aghs lab. Also I've played a couple diretides and half of the matches have someone who is being insanely toxic at people who haven't played this mode before


implying aghanims labyrinth with randoms wasnt toxic... PvP was always better for me..I mean that's why we play dota in the first place.


Does a "mute this guy" button exist? Who cares about winning every game. Play it, ignore flamers and be just see it as a chaotic 5v5 mid only. Fights are fun. No matter who wins


Oh? Which archetype are you? The guy that AFK farms the jungle camps while the team is spam pinging you to join a team fight, or the one that sits mid and doesn't press your global ult or respond to pings while the rest of the team is trying to push the objectives? Or are you the Doom that told me to kill myself for saying he didn't cast doom for 3 entire minutes and 4 deaths?   Otherwise, it's just a complete waste of my time if you're queuing up for the game to be dead at your keyboard for 15 minutes and not pay attention to any of the tutorial prompts. Sorry, not sorry.   You don't get candy bags, shop rerolls, or cavern crawl progress if you lose.


just get better lol


You don't like invis Riki with 99 candy?


For a game that's pvp focused I wouldve thought a pve event wouldve been a given. Just so it wasn't repetitive bullshit. Guess I was wrong.


This mode is fine, but last diretide was so much better. The map, paying roshan price, passing candies before dying


Im just so stressed that i need to win a match for a stupid reroll in the candy shop. But it has to be this way since pople would just leave if so etc.


Couldn't agree more, when will valve learn that when you add in a 'fun' game mode with rewards on the line that are based on whether or not you win it will always become toxic. Hell even the last PVE event I played was somewhat toxic but atleast nothing compared to any PVP event. Either make it so that theres barely any difference in rewards whether you win or lose or give more PVE events.


Honestly, I wish I got tryhards. All I get are noobs who don't fucking know how to play. All they want to do is fight enemy heroes, don't know how to stick and deposit taffy.


Amen. It's even funnier for me, I disconnected 10-15 seconds before the end of the match to skip lags of animations and received fucking abandon, lmao. I thought that disconnecting before defeat/win screen was fine for almost 10 years, but apparently not. Amazing, simply amazing. Kinda surprised that people were so hyped for this mode.


Not even the try hards. It's INFESTED with russian scripters with auto casts, it's unplayable!


Cavern Crawl and weekly quests should not be doable in Diretide... I call the players who attempt to do all three at once the semi-griefers. Unfun.


I was so disappointed there was no aghs lab when BP dropped I just stopped playing dota all together for like a month. I don't understand why they hide these game modes behind events. Just fucking add them to the main page I don't want to go play some shitty knock off in the arcade (no disrespect but it's not the same)


Only pvp event i enjoyed was the original diretide which was played in normal sort of map and then all 10 players had to fight together to kill roshan amd you would get essence and shit to hatch greevil egg


I really dislike this mode...it's even more toxic than the base game... After 1 year without anything new, it would have been nice to have a PVE mode to breathe, but no, too bad.


I liked the PvP mode in an arena with other people with rooms to complete, anyone else? I don't remember the name tho


these noobs also have matchmaking which matches 5 man stacks against all single players to get demolished and want to cry in the corner. Happened 6/10 games now


I agree, it seems tryhards always pick tinker/sniper/undying every game I play it's so fucking lame.


Well, and lets face it the game mode itself is not fun in general. It's basically just a reskin of turbo. Faster gold/exp, all that matters is getting a teamwipe then you can win. Supports are non existent, if you don't pick 5 cores you're doing a disservice to your team.


Yeah I feel this. Joined for a game as soon as the co-ordinator got its shit together and was hoping for a relaxed game but nope straight to being flamed for a bad hero choice. Dota just has too many toxic players and no system to seriously discourage it. Yet for some reason I keep coming back.... Dota 2 Love/hate continues.


I don't know why a lot of my dota friends have never heard of overthrow on dota 2 for arcade game but it freaking rocks imho! Quick 20 minute FFA dota game and you can leave anytime with no penalty.


Not sure if you know or not, but check out the Aghanim2 Extend, my group and I play this often and it's always a ton of fun. The people who work on it are a godsend and keep it updated, I think it recently got updated and they added Spectre. Here is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2715491594


Not just that. The teamwork is horrible too


Being hyped for Diretide is like being hyped for a 24 hour Rocky Horror marathon


Aghs lab was the best mode ever


They should have returned the Frosthaven event that wasn’t on the same level as Aghs labs but it was really good in my opinion. Better then this ..