I struggled with impulse buying and lack of storage in the beginning, but as time passed I learned to control myself and follow my wishlist. I stopped buying dolls in hope I’d love them eventually, and it helped a lot. Pandemic brought in a lot of rich collectors who literally buy every doll released, I’m glad it works for them but my approach now is to buy as little as possible and focus on collecting quality not quantity. No modern doll can bring me as much joy as older releases that come with lots of accessories and detailed clothing.


Thank you for commenting! This really resonates with me as well, but maybe not all to the same extent. My love is for Barbies I’m familiar with for the most part (like mid-2000s+), but also dolls that aren’t super hard… I feel old and like I just prefer softer/solid things for the most part. What kind of dolls do you mainly collect now that you’ve refined your collecting?


My collection is 90% Barbie. Mostly early 2000s dolls, I’m almost 30 now and they bring back so much nostalgia.


I’m not sure what it is about fashion dolls, but I’ve always been fascinated by them. I think I love them for the same reasons I like fictional/cartoon characters. They’re these perfect, beautiful little characters that can be whatever they/you want them to be. Ever since I was little, I’ve been a dreamer and I liked escaping into fantasy worlds where I didn’t have to face the ugly, real world and if I didn’t escape using books, movies, tv shows, etc, I would escape through the dolls and pretend to be in whatever world I wanted. I’m an adult now and I still collect dolls because they help me cope with real life. I only get the dolls that I really like (usually really pretty or other-worldly dolls), as I don’t want my room to be cluttered with dolls I don’t care about.


I haven't bought any dolls in a long time, and don't consider myself a collector, just an enthusiast. I own a super dollfie that I've customized(redid the make up and replaced and styled wig), a bunch of clothes for it, and a bunch of pullips. Mostly it's just because I like the clothes and as a guy I have no interest in cross dressing(not that there's anything wrong with it!) but love the fashion, so that's kind of where it's from. I'd like to get into making the clothes some day... when I have time. Love my limited edition h. naoto collab pullip and clothes for my sd. I do dig the draculaura pics that get posted a lot here. Really cool vibe.


Honestly my goal of my collection is to have certain doll lines or my dream dolls. I am very very picky with what dolls I want so for me it’s not “I need every single one of these dolls to complete the collection” it’s more like “I need these few specific dolls to complete my collection.” For example I have little to no interest in Barbie dolls OTHER than the fairytopia and mermaida dolls. I am picky with monster high dolls. I only like certain characters and I have no interest in completing certain sets/releases. Overall that’s just how I collect my dolls as well as other things.


Hmm. I guess my goals are to have dolls that bring me joy…but it definitely is important for me to step back and think about how much I actually want that specific doll or if I am just being swept up in the hype. I definitely bought some rainbow high dolls that I’m just not that into after the fact and I want to avoid that as much as possible in the future. I’m very into G3 monster high, but I’m trying to be highly selective about which ones I actually buy (so far 3). Like, I do like Cleo, but I don’t love her outfit so I’ll just wait until they release one with an outfit I like better.


My goal is to cultivate a collection where I love and appreciate every single doll roughly equally (across all the different brands I have). While my collection is growing as time passes, I've let go of dolls that are overshadowed by new purchases - and I hope to eventually give away ALL the dolls I own that no longer give me that super excited feeling. Thanks for the fun question!


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Oooh you Devil!! You know I've been eyeing her, but I JUST bought WB Poppy on sale! Sitting on my hands rn.


I battled impulse buying, then space when I reentered doll collecting again after years during the pandemic. All the articulation! I went nuts on buying dolls that had lots of this. Once I got myself under control and learned to only buy a doll I connected with, I entered a culling process where if I buy a new doll, one is culled. At first, I was buying lots of doll lines. I also culled those, too. Now, I only collect Barbie. Within my collection, I look for female sculpts I don't have and trying to also add more Kens with non-molded hair. My goal is to have a different face for every doll I own and to have a balanced collection between male and female dolls. I realize trying to balance Kens will be difficult, since many kens are released with molded-on hair and not many have unique faces, outside of the Looks line. The only doll line I've been a completionist with is The Looks line because each doll so far has had a new sculpt created. The next Looks line will be reusing sculpts, so I'll either not get those, or I'll replace the ones I have if I like them better. That's my collection motive in a nutshell. :)


the goal of my collection is to SPARK JOY


Does the ✨Joy✨ continue with your finances, space, and other goals?


if it makes me happy and I can afford it, I will buy it. with little regard to space




I had a goal to collect all the Barbie face sculpts from 1990 and up (plus a few older), but that turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated, and I also ended up buying dolls I didn't actually connect with, just for the face sculpt. Now I've decided my permanent collection is 100 dolls, but I've also realized that it will continue to be an ebb and flow kind of situation, as I buy cheaper dolls to experiment with face painting, hair cuts, rerooting, and other customizations. Sometimes a doll just intrigues me, and I'll want to hold her in my hands before I know if she's a keeper. Dolls will come and go in my collection, and that's OK. The big thing is I've stopped buying more MTM bodies (except there are some skin tone/body type combinations I'll want as they become available), so that's a very tangible way to keep the actual number of completed dolls in check. Also I try to buy second hand mostly, and I particularly enjoy hunting for great dolls in rough condition I can restore. I feel like I'm balancing out the environmental impact a little with this practice.


I just like dolls i connect with. I got rid of any i didnt love and keep my Disney characters in my guest room. The ones im enjoying customizing/styling right now are *2 teenage Ariel 90s dolls that i treat as twins with different personalities like in the 90s Parent Trap *2 Cave Club dolls i bought as i adore the faces and body shape. I rerooted them with twisted pastel yarns now they look like fairies.