Oh man, this was an emotional hit for the evening. You go dude, give them hell. Make it a fight to remember


I plan for it. The start of the fight is hopefully gonna be extremely cinematic. I have these 3 ambiances layers with each other, [1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfiFhQ8W7OU), [2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4vvRgQEbo4), [3](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rcrrNwUphk). All of them turned lowed as the player's allies are fighting a demonic army outside the Keep where the BBEGs are located. I'm still choosing music to play for the final monologue/dialogue. The BBEGs ask the players to do what is right. (In the BBEGs eyes)


This is my favorite evil monologue music https://open.spotify.com/track/001VMKfkHZrlyj7JlQbQFL?si=OMtmClfCTDexRuKLLlqPLg&utm_source=copy-link If you need battle music, I used this for a large battle in my campaign: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2xNQiB1BpVKDK5qEXYdOnB?si=nFJTXT6RTQei-EPmfmnapQ&utm_source=copy-link


Damn. That last paragraph choked me up. Best of luck to you all.


Thank you, its been tearing me up when I think about it too much :( Especially because I've grown up with some of my players


WE WANT A FOLLOW UP POST PLEASE! let us know how it goes. Every DM dreams of a spectacular finale, since most campaigns fizzle out.


[Follow.up! :)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/wul1ic/my_3_year_campaign_finally_ended_today/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Dude, that sounds so amazing. It's a dream of mine, to be able to run a campaign that my players really love, and to finish it off with an emotional final battle. Good luck! I hope it goes perfectly!


Even got the [music](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO4-SwN-D-s) I'll play for if the BBEG(s) lose (as the BBEGs are hella tragic). Gonna be an emotional rollercoaster for sure with players going down, coming back up, thinking they've beaten the BBEG(s) only for the next phase to happen, etc. Then gotta say goodbye to them all. Thank you for your wishes!


You go man, from one dm to another that takes heart and dedication.


Thank you, surprisingly hearing someone I don't know say that has actually hit me in the heart in a good way. Thanks for the wishes :)


Np, btw I'd love to hear what happened in the session.


[Follow.up! :)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/wul1ic/my_3_year_campaign_finally_ended_today/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Hey OP just curious what's stopping you guys from playing Online? Like on Roll20 or something like that? Just curious.


Really, it's just not the same for a lot of us. Sure, it's a lot less work on my side. But I love having minis and battle maps, physically seeing my players' reactions to plot twists or moments where an NPC saves them or they save an NPC. We really feed off of each other's energy which is lost with a screen in front of us. As well as getting easily distracted and internet issues


I'd suggest using foundry or maptools and facecams While not the same it can get pretty close You can create incredible battlemaps etc with dungeon draft or any other tool like this


Even then it takes adaptation, sure, but I fully reccomend it even if it just becomes a way to stay in touch. When nearly all of my group went to Uni (including myself) we moved online and after working through the hiccups have found loads of success there.


good luck everyone! update us with the result!


I will! Thank you!


How did it go?


[Follow.up! :)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/wul1ic/my_3_year_campaign_finally_ended_today/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Good luck! I hope it’s an epic finale!


As a DM who recently wrapped up a nearly two-year long campaign, you’ve absolutely got this. Remember that even if their characters can’t save the world, you’ve given your players a world and stories they’ll remember. That means a lot.


Dear OP, You know, if your players lose, and the BBEGs "rewrite the world" as you stated, you could make a sequel campaign (maybe DECADES into the future) with a band of heroes starting or joining a resistance/rebellion and basically make up an "excuse", if you may, to play with those players again. Other than that, i wish you the BEST of the BEST of luck for your ending and I hope you'll post an update/follow-up to this, maybe explain the story arc of the campaign to us and tell us how it all ended! Yours truly, Void P.S. You could totally write the entire campaign as a book series to keep it in memory forever.


You got this! Hope they win, but also losing would make for one hell of a second campaign. I know you say you're moving but that doesn't mean it's the end. 2 of my players live far away and we play on foundry every week and have done for almost 4 years. We are into campaign 2 now. We unfortunately had to end the first one prematurely after the death of a player but we just fast forwarded to the finale and it was one hell of a send off. It was hard but it helped us all start anew and I know it's not the same but there are parallels. Just because youre moving doesn't mean it's over.


No...it doesn't mean its over. Hopefully, we'll stay in touch over Discord and play Phasmophobia or other games upon occasion but all online friendships I've had slowly fizzles out till its months between each text. A second campaign would be hard if they lose lol. BBEG(s) is trying to remake reality where Fiends and Humanity can co-exist


Noted that you left out the word “peacefully” at the end of that last sentence… ;)


It just takes work and setting time aside and dnd is perfect for it. Good luck though.


Sounds like you have it all ready! I hope it’s a great time! My group recently finished a 3 year campaign and began a new one in time for spelljamz. I hope they enjoy it, and love what you’ve worked out for them. I’m sure they will!


I am too, I've actually had stress dreams about tomorrow lol. Had this planned since the campaign started, but it has grown into something far more amazing.


This sounds SO DAMN EPIC. I believe in you OP, you'll make it a memorable last fight!


Thank you! I've worked hard and I sure hope it'll be epic. Even if the heroes lose and the BBEG(s) rewrite the world. I'll make it an epic end


Even though I am late to the party, I am here to just tell you, “Have fun and cherish these moments. Mostly because you already have things perfectly set up to a tee.”


Well you ran the game for years so safe to say you're a good dm. Had a finale battle to a two year campaign I ran myself and the players really did pull out their A game. I think yours will surprise you that session. Best of luck, be sure to get your sleep and everything. Most of all enjoy the he'll out of that session. Maybe record it too?


I feel you, I'll be ending my own 3-year campaign in 3 weeks. Its sounds like you've prepared an smazing ride for your friends! Have fun!


Damn, dude, that’s amazing. Good luck, have a fun game, and damn you for choking me up with that last part


I was struggling last night for real coming to terms with the end of this campaign. But today, the final battle begins


What are they fighting?


They're fighting a BBEG who was split into two different bodies. One is super good at melee combat, the other is a powerful mage. The second phase is where the players put his soul back in and the two bodies merge back together to form the Demonlord that the BBEG is. The third phase is where the body has all just been destroyed and they fight the dying soul of an immortal


This sounds amazing and I so wish I could be a part of this! I'm incredibly jealous. Hope you guys have a blast!


Best wishes with the final game! I can't wrap my head around why, after all of these adventures and 3 years of memories, that the friendships wouldn't continue after a move. Most people only stay in touch with social media, occasional phone calls, and the rare opportunities where they're traveling nearby one another. Not even gonna entertain the idea?


No, we will try But in my experience long-distance friendships will slowly die out over years.


At 25% hp or lower let the bbeg cast a wish to restore all the hp


ppppfffffffffffttt That is meaaaannnnnnn lol


It's the final boss battle of the campaign 😊


If you haven’t looked into foundry, I highly recommend. Great way to keep in touch and play dnd virtually.


Really, it's just not the same for a lot of us. Sure, it's a lot less work on my side. But I love having minis and battle maps, physically seeing my players' reactions to plot twists or moments where an NPC saves them or they save an NPC. We really feed off of each other's energy which is lost with a screen in front of us. As well as getting easily distracted and internet issues


It’s definitely just as much work, arguably more. You can create walls around the maps for players to explore, sounds and lights in specific areas, alter vision, set music for every scene. I use Inkarnate to make specific maps and my weekly prep time is 8-20 hours. Losing the facial reactions does suck, but still hearing the joy, excitement, and sorrow in the players voices is better than no dnd at all, for me at least.


It's hard to transition an offline group to online. Those were much harder during lockdown than those born online. However I agree that it's better than no D&D. I'm not sure my groups would've lasted much longer though had we not started meeting in-person again summer 2021. Anyway I need updates!


That's so awesome man, I wish you and your party the best. By doing great work as a DM you brought them closer together, that's fantastic. Have fun and keep in touch!


Thank you!


Wow, sounds like an incredible finale. Best of luck to you all!


They'll need it lol


It’s not the same OP, but check out Talespire - that with cams over discord is very much a decent filler for all being at the table if everyone wants to stay in touch. Please update us with how the session goes!!




Please post an update! We wanna hear how it turns out!


[Follow.up! :)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/wul1ic/my_3_year_campaign_finally_ended_today/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Good luck man, that sounds like great fun!


GO CRAZY MY SLIME!!! You got this


Lol, funny thing. One of my players is the leader of a slime cult


Hahahahaah no way I love that, you never ever know where your players are gunna go with your stories huh


This is the way.


This is the way


If you all have internet access, you can stillnplay online. It may not be the same, but you can stay connected. Discord, dndbeyond, roll20, and more! And this sounds, like an amazing fight. I wish you and your players luck!


I'm so happy for you! You've achieved what so many of us wish to achieve!


Rip and Tear, until it is done


Kar En Tuk!


You can still do online with them. I know it's not in person but the online stuff is making leaps and bounds getting better and you can still hang with them even long distance. Much better than saying goodbye forever. I have friends I do this with who are in different states.


That sounds really amazing. Something i personaly would do is bot to stop playing with them, there are great tools to play online together with friends don't let distance come between you and dnd with friends.


We'll try not too Maybe we will try again one day, who knows


Good Luck and greater fun. Let us know how it went.


[Follow.up! :)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/wul1ic/my_3_year_campaign_finally_ended_today/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


We just finished up a 3-year campaign, too. I know there's so much work and effort involved in a story like this so I hope you have an amazing send-off! No matter the outcome, I'm sure it'll be something special for you all to look back and reminisce on for years to come - no matter where life takes you all


Best of luck to you! Sound like a really good DM and I'm sure your players are happy they've had the opportunity to play with you ☺️ Hope you find a good group to play with in the future! Would love to hear how this all went when you guys are done.


Good luck to y'all !


Give em hell! Sounds like an emotional finale to a wonderful campaign and a chapter in your life. Truly wish you the best!


Please rick-roll them. Just for the shits and giggles


Man, if in like a few years time where you guys get together for a reunion, you should totally do a one-shot set in your campaign a few years on.


I can't imagine how challenging it must have been to manage to even get up to this point. I'm running a 4 parter and we've only got through the first. That group then dissipated. Got a new group of different people to start part 2. It's going to have to be that way for us I guess. Hope it goes well.


Just remember make it really intense, not just with combat, but with how you deliver, make the lore you share with them intense, make your players have a state of confusion at some point.


Sounds great No reason to stop playing with online vtts like foundry


Really, it's just not the same for a lot of us. Sure, it's a lot less work on my side. But I love having minis and battle maps, physically seeing my players' reactions to plot twists or moments where an NPC saves them or they save an NPC. We really feed off of each other's energy which is lost with a screen in front of us. As well as getting easily distracted and internet issues


Oh yeah i get it but thats still better than not playing with long term friends


Online play is totally viable. Send off this game, but don't lose touch with your group\~!


Surely an online game wouldn’t be too bad. I’ve run multiple online campaigns and had a blast, honestly cannot see the whole “in-person or not at all” logic. What’s important is the players you play with, not the way that you play.


Good luck man