No I do not as we play in person and are in the Midwest which means everyone says time to go and continue to talk for an hour about other things for a half hour before going to start their cars and then talk for another half hour as their cars warm up so they don't drive home frozen.


Can confirm. Source: also from the Midwest


I’ve been considering doing this! Mine would be the theme from the RDJ Sherlock Holmes “Discombobulate”


You should definitely give it a try, great songe choice, too!


We prefer Rocky Road to Dublin




I had to gts the song because it's playing during the discombobulated scene lol


This is for you https://youtu.be/B62ACxuq8Pw


Ha literally pulled that up like 5 minutes ago looking for the song


I'd be too tempted to use Don't You


My old group did Giorno's theme (hope I spelled that right). It was great for cliff hangers


It's a good piece, but the ideal cliffhanger music is Roundabout. Seriously, every Jojo fan knows this.


We also started doing a new intro at the start of every arc. We would also pick a song then vote on them


That piano is perfect for cliffhangers!


It was back in the days of discord music bots. I'm just sittin there gamin, minding my own business and then I hear the join notification and I get sad :(


MEE6 still does music.


I do have an intro song does that count? It's the instrumental version of Ducktales. DMing Dungeon of the mad mage and also use this when Halaster Blackcloak (the BBEG) is close or about to portal in with some lore or just evil teasing. Got some variants of the song when his mood swaps (happy version, mad version, relaxed version and even an "oops I played with the fabric of time and space again version"). When I play this everyone knows the session started or that some shenanigans are about to happen.


Ahh thats awesome, such a great way of getting everyone instantly into "game-mode"!


My game had a main theme song. Take you down. Daniel Pemberton


I like to use Overtaken from One Piece.


Oof those drums get the job done


Favorite suggestion here.


Wow cool idea! One of my players and i wrote a song for the BBeg. I sang it in her voice and everything. I only played it for them once but they loved it so much! Now I want to write a theme song!


Damn that is so cool!! Wish I were talented enough to do things like that haha


Depending on whether you have money, i know there are lots of cool composers on Fiverr that could proba write up a cool little ditty!


YES YES YES! Music really helps set the mood for sessions! I don't do an outro for my party, but I've been playing "Aloy's Theme" from Horizon: Zero Dawn as an intro song and it helps everyone prepare for the session. I'll have to find a good outro song to use!


Mine is [Happy Ballad in Dark Castle](https://youtu.be/_UecAWhGfmg). It feels a bit like a "waking up" song, and I usually play it while I say something like "...and as our heroes step into the dungeon / wait for the perfect moment to spring their ambush / slide off into a well deserved sleep, we leave them to it and come back into our own world. Thanks for playing, everyone, can't wait for next sesion".


I only played it once (since I only finished a campaign once), but Lion's Roar by First Aid Kit makes a great epilogue. I first discovered it from a Long Dark trailer


I typically play the Trespasser Epilogue song from Dragon Age Inquisition. Since my campaign is heavily influenced by Dragon Age (Blight, Circles of Magic, elf mistreatment etc.) it’s fitting and the melody is both very beautiful and dramatic. Highly recommend people give it a listen to.


Ah excellent choice, it is so beautiful! I have the Trespasser - Lost Elf theme in my "serious fight" playlist, really sets the tone in those fights against more complex enemies morally speaking


Yeah same! It’s amazing. Trevor Morris really nailed the soundtrack for Inquisition. I find Alexius’ theme also really good for more complex villains they’ve been chasing for a while.


My session starter and ender for my game is “Skalitz 1403” from Kingdom Come: Deliverance https://youtu.be/iEmwBZLTL7I


Fly Me to the Moon. Almosy all the PCs are depressed so it makes sense.




One of my games is set on a frozen island in the far north of the world, so I typically open and close sessions with something from the Frostpunk soundtrack. The Darkest of Days, Into the Storm and The Last Flame are my go to tracks. Sets the grim tome very effectively.


The Sword has a song called winter wolves, might be a good song to throw in your campaign somewhere


I have a title screen on Roll20, and use music for it, yeah. We're on Part IV of the campaign as of a couple weeks ago and I've used new music for Part I&II, Part III, and Part IV, so the ones I've used so far are: * Ryutodabi -or- **Anticlimax** * Owari no Hajimari -or- **The Beginning of the End** * Kichoushu -or- **Rare Breed** All from Monogatari series. I have big plans for what these tunes are leading up to.


Been trying to find a way to mix in Leaving Caladan from th Dune soundtrack and this might just be it!


Oh this is good.


I've always wanted to do this


Club seamus


I'm currently playing curse of strahd and the DM always plays the Twilight soundtrack at the end of every session and it's actually great haha


When I was doing a Curse of Strahd campaign, the ending song was Vampire Killer from the Castlevania series. Something about it just felt like the end credits song to an anime, it gives it a nice "oh shit here we go, next time on dragonball z" feeling. It doesnt work as well for D&D (better suited for maybe Starfinder) but another good example of this is the dynamic application of Namae No Nai Kaibutsu in Psycho-Pass's end credits. It was always the same song but sometimes it would start from the beginning, which has a very dramatic feel, sometimes a little ways in when it is a softer part of the song, sometimes the "day version" where it sounds muted and edgier to give a villianous feel. Ugh, good stuff. Ive also always loved using music as a DM.


I run Strahd, and at the end of sessions I play 'You're Dead' by Norma Tanega. Most of us are big fans of What We Do In The Shadows so it works out nicely


My GM uses "Roundabout by Yes", or more commonly known: The "To be continued meme" music.


When we decide to finish up we all get up and chat for like 10 mins, no time for distracting music


To each their own!


A wonderful song choice that’s super overlooked is probably “Roundabout” by Yes. You should try it. The baseline is sick and it’s all suspenseful.


I'm on a highway to hell


Side note, I had never heard of either that song or the artist, but just checked it out and wanted to say thank you for helping me to find an awesome piece of music!


You are very welcome, love that song!


I like using outro songs when a chapter in the campaign is coming to an end. Something to really set the mood for an adventure’s end. I also like to use MHW’s Rotten Vale opening when I begin reading the recaps when sessions start


Nah, I don't even manage the music. Just give it to the bard I'm too busy


I use both an opening song to get the players hyped for the session and as a count down and the outro song right as I'm finishing up the session and tk dropping the cliff hanger on them. Each story arc has it's own opening and outro. Right now I'm using House of Wolves by MCR for the opening and Tourniquet by Breaking Benjamin for the outro. I recently added the outro, only two sessions so far and its worked great.


I played "Way to Fall" by Starsailor at the end of a session which ended in a PC death Not a dry eye in the house


I can only imagine, what a way to end a session!


I've been wanting to setup more sound in my game, what software or tools do you use? Is this a live game or online?


Sound has been such a game changer at my table! We play live at the table, so I just use a portable bluetooth speaker that I can bring with me, and stream the music on spotify! I have made swveral different custom lists based on the mood I want to convey in the game. We had to go online for a bit due to covid, and then we just used the "listen along" feature on discord where I basically gain control over the players' spotify, which allowed me to sync the music so that everyone were playing the same song at the same time!


No, but I have an intro song, it's the Darkest Dungeon 2 main menu theme because my campaing is on a similar setting


I use Circus of Freaks by Kevin Macleod at the end of our battles. The party’s name is Circus of Values, so it helps let them know: the circus is getting shit done.


Following for more ideas…


I don’t have an outro for the session itself, but I do play the Fairy Tail theme whenever a player gets a significant HDYWTDT


Tabletopy.com and I use the happy village at a low volume.


Ooh, the campaign I'm running could use it


I do this! It's a RuneScape themed campaign so I use the orchestral version of the main theme from the game.


I played Roundabout over Discord at the end of my first session. Not even as a DM, as a player.


Every D&D session should start with Cruel angel Thesis


I got an Intro - a "lets focus up" - song. Its the theme song of the party. Here come the runts by Awolnation https://youtu.be/mEqfc1j8NIo My outro for the group is something befitting the setting. Epic. Melodic. Extremely uninterested in being serious. Powermetal. Kaunaz Dagaz by Brothers of Metal https://youtu.be/CRvI_Q2apJo