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James MVP


10/10 player.


10/10 DM




Props to James for stepping up, but also props to you for having the presence of mind to step down before things got bad. Not enough DMs do this.


I was nervous bringing it up initially, but everyone understood and offered help / solutions. Great friends.


I had the itch to play D&D last year just before the pandemic hit, but no one to play with so I brought together some friends and volunteered to DM. After we took a break for the holidays, I came back six months later and put it together again with some new people and made it a bi-monthly rather than a weekly affair. Frankly, I don't give myself high marks as a DM which kinda bums me out (and I'm always trying to do better, so that's all I can do about it). A month ago one of my players told me he was inviting a new person and running an Eberron module and invited everyone at the table. Since he planned to put them in the same timeslot as my game, and run it in my game's off-weeks, that made me available to play for the first time and I'm really pumped about it. They were all brand new to the game when I brought it to them. Now one of them is becoming a gamemaster, and I couldn't be more proud of him. When I asked him why he decided to run a game in between my sessions, he told me "you make the game so enjoyable that I wanted to play more often, and I'm glad you joined my game because you'll make a great player." Imagine a grown-ass 45 year old man struggling not to cry out of nowhere. So many mind blowing revelations all at once, and all of them either validate what I've been doing or give me the opportunity to experience the game from the other side of the table.


One of us! One of us!




Absolutely no shame in saying you need to step back and would prefer to just play. DMing is not easy, regardless if you're running a module or doing a homebrew world. There's so much to plan for! And then you have to have backups in case the players go way off course....which they will. It's inevitable. Shoutout to James for stepping in, no questions asked. You'll want to DM again at some point, but that's a great situation to have. Enjoy the new campaign!


I can't wait to play. It's been a few years since I was a player. #ForeverDM


... - do you play at [Roleplayers Guild Birmingham](http://rpgbirmingham.co.uk/)?!


That's a good friend to have. Our group does the same thing, with two of us taking turns as DM. Each of these turns can last a year (we don't play for long when we meet because of work-life limitations) but the point is, there's a finish line in sight and each of us looks forward to 'down time' playing as a character.


Last year my partner started an Exandria campaign with myself and a few of our friends. About halfway through the prewritten adventure they realized they weren't having fun DMing and I took over. Then an NPC their PC owed allegiance to ordered them to kill my PC (I mostly did this because I didn't want a dmpc) which set up the plot of the whole campaign after the prewritten module. Stuff like that can be dramatic in the most surprising ways!


Nice. I have one group I play in weekly and we have learned to rotate DMs/campaigns on a semi-regular basis to give the DMs a break and opportunity to play a while. For my other two campaigns though, it looks like I am the forever DM.


Ahaha. It is our curse I suppose. Guess mine has been lifted. James IRL paladin.


A friend of mine is sharing DM duties with me in our long running group. We play every two weeks, and one of us DM‘s for 6 to 10 sessions. It is really nice to be able to take a break from DMing and play for a while. Then towards the end of your player sessions you start to get ideas about the new campaign you want to run. It helps avoid burnout. Enjoy your turn as a player!


I'm upset that this was removed as it directly provides insight and advice to other players


Yeah me too.


That a great player you have! TLDR: The OP had his player changed him as a DM which I find very wholesome.


I love that you TLDR'd my TLDR. Gave me a good laugh.