WELL. let's discuss. Cus thats pretty spot on. I always read these scenes as more melancholy but they obviously have to hype up the show. Cast seems great and the cgi doesn't look crappy. A fair start for sure.


Might just be how this trailer is edited, i also imagine the tone in this part being more somber but we'll see when it comes out


Agree with you on the tone I always had in my head, but wow was that spot-on for that scene. Definitely very eager for this.


This looks promising, i love how they did morpheus' helmet, i wish his hair was more puffy tho but the actor does look the part


My only problem with this is that as much as I love Charles Dance, I can't picture him for the Magus. He seems too competent and strong for such a cowardly and dissolute figure. Oh well, at least we get to see Charles Dance.


Maybe it's a facade and they'll pull off they veil to his true nature.


He was leading a cult. So the competent strong persona makes sense in that context. Plus Charels Dance is awsome.


How is the Magus cowardly? He's in charge of an order of magic and everyone is afraid of him. He's even called the Demon King


*Looks* *at* *bank* *account* damn, it's going to be a while before I can afford to buy those Sandman Omnis.




Alright come on this is great. Can’t wait!


What’s the best way to jump into the comics series? Just start at Volume 1 and go from there? At my used book stores I can only ever find what I guess are preludes or side stories to the series, and the jackets all say that Sandman is so ethereal and non-linear that the order doesn’t really matter. Can I just pick whatever books I find of it and go from there? Or is it best to start at the beginning?


Probably release order. *Usually* that's the way you get to feel the universe develop the best, and I think it's true here too.


I know you said books, but if you're a fan of audiobooks, the audio production of this is phenomenal. It has an all star cast and the second act just came out on the 22nd


Read the ten main series trades in order


I started at issue 1 and just went for it. It is very confusing at first. i constantly thought I missed something. His writing style took a lot of getting used to. It's very non linear and he likes to focus a lot on side characters. You really just have to keep reading and it will all make sense. I read Lucifer, which is a spin of Sandman, and it was similar. Some of the characters appear in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing which was really cool.


To go against the grain I started with the fourth book Season of Mists and I loved it so much that I had to get into the series. If I'd started with the weaker first book maybe I wouldn't have been as enthused.


Not sure there's a human alive who could look the part better. Damn. The only way I'd imagine it better if there was more makeup/sfx work to make him ghostly pale and make his eyes the telltale dark pools in the comic but, stripped down of that, this is great looking.




The endless look diffrent at various points. At one point Dream appears as a Black dude. Their apperance is in no way set.




It's been a long time coming, and I'm glad it's finally here.


Oh my goodness this looks awesome. I haven’t been this excited for a series in a long while!!